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crosswords puzzle answers 13/03/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 13/03/2017

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WSW's opposite
What ignorance is, they say
Weight unit on a bridge sign
Water down
Victoria's Secret measurement
Use Listerine, say
Trump's 'The ___ of the Deal'
Tango requirement
Store sign that might be flipped at 9 a.m
Start of a playground joke
Russian jet
Punny description for 17-, 26- or 48-Across
Passionately brainy, say
Organization for Janet Yellen, informally
Opposite of bright
One placing a telephone call
One might end 'Q.E.D.'
Nonsense, as the Irish might say
Michael who played both Batman and Birdman
Like zombies
Lieutenant on the original U.S.S. Enterprise
Leg bone connected to the knee bone
Lawyer: Abbr
Lavish care (on)
Just for Men offering
Jazzy Fitzgerald
It's in the stratosphere
Instrument that makes the cheeks puff out
Iditarod vehicle
Hoppy brew, for short
Hold on to
Halloween's mo
Habit wearer
From east of the Urals
Frank of the Mothers of Invention
Four-time M.L.B. All-Star José
Former British P.M. Tony
Florida senator Marco
Fashion house founded in Milan
Excellent service
Emotion causing hyperventilation
Didn't float
Denim fabric
Colorful aquarium swimmers
Clapton who sang 'Layla'
Chicken ___ king
Chaney of horror
Cause for being refused a drink at a bar
British sports car, briefly
Big laugh
Band with the 2000 hit 'Bye Bye Bye'
Azalea of rap
Atlantic site of strange disappearances
Arduous walk
Alert to squad cars, for short
Aid for a lost driver, for short
A pitcher wants a low one, for short
'___ One: A Star Wars Story'
'___ my words'
'___ Another' (NPR game show)
'___ and ye shall find'
'That feels so-o-o-o nice!'
'No' vote
'Just kidding!'
'Button your lip!'
'As is' transaction – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-13-2017#sthash.drmKykXe.dpuf

___ four (miniature cake)
Young hooters
Wraps up
Worker with a whistle
Vague amount
TV teasers
Tire type
Takes too much, in a way
Start of a formal letter
Spots for contacts
Spoken exams
Slender woodwind
Saint recognized as the first Pope
Ride a ten-speed
Rep.'s rival
Released, as a statement
Really impresses
Rapper-actor on 'Law & Order: SVU'
Quick snooze
Put ___ appearance
Prepares for battle
Praiseful poem
Pothole's place
Philadelphia school
Party bowlful
Parent company of Converse
Painter Magritte
One way to shop
November 11 honorees
Minimal amount
Made nervous
Like residents who have never moved
Japanese film genre
It may hold a flag pin
Indiana cager
In perpetuity
Himalayan holy man
Haul over the coals
Hand over
Gratifies fully
Floral symbol of purity
Flood stopper
Five carats
Eagle's home: Var
Donald, to Huey, Dewey and Louie
Cupboard part
Cry from Laura Petrie
Cruise stop
Cow's call
Computer whiz
Completely reasonable
Colosseum locale
Collaborate with a criminal, in a way
Coll. kin
City section
Brain parts
Book publisher's market indicator?
Book publisher's low-growing plants?
Book publisher's garment for boating safety?
Book publisher's Capitol helpers?
Bequest recipient
Arranged for publication
37-Down's org
'Star Wars' creator
'Once upon ___…'
'My word!'
'Don't panic!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-13-2017—Bookmaking#sthash.2qgokGOi.dpuf

Words with 'self-defense' or 'good faith'
Whispered attention-getter
Way out in the country
Van Gogh had one in his later years
Type of deodorant applicator
Type of boots or dancer
Titleist prop
The mind
Swelling reducer
States of lawlessness and disorder
Spider's trap
Spaces between things
Some common houseplants
Shrek is an animated one
Servant or serf relative
Second quarter's '4,' briefly
Sea-going eagles
Plague-carrying rodent
Piece of concert equipment
Person who's jumpy on airplanes?
Pencil that limits bleeding
Old saying
Negative linking word
Native American shelter of old
More weird and creepy
Maternally related
Masonry container
Making do, barely
Make an incorrect choice, e.g
Make a goal
Madagascar primate
Like history passed along by storytellers
Legendary Hollywood actor
Leave jail prematurely
Lavishes affection (on)
It runs if cracked
Insider's lingo
Infamous emperor
Indoor throw?
Have regrets
Has some chow
Hardwood installer
Gun for the road
Gross, to kids
Grier or Tillis
Grab the wheel
Gala's killjoy
Frees oneself (of)
Feature of vast meadows
Feature of some winter hats
Falls asleep
Eyelid protrusion
Explorer Ponce de ___
Emulate a 'Pac-Man' character
El ___ (Spanish artist)
Eight fluid ounces
DiCaprio of films
Confused, wild fight
Common Polynesian food
Commercial refrigerant
City near Tempe
Circular hairdo
Charles Dutton sitcom role
Certain aerial stunt
Book unit
Annoying bird on a farm
Airborne pest
3,650 days, roughly
'Planet of the ___'
'Nixon in China,' for one
'Long ___ and far away …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-13-2017#sthash.DbxAWfHF.dpuf

Zoo barrier
Wroclaw's river
Whom Garfield torments
What an antonym has
Unmannerly sort
Unlikely to collapse
Twain title character
Tiara inlays
Those guys
Television, radio, etc
Sue ___ (honey brand)
Soda brand named for a mountain
Signs to heed
See eye to eye
Roll of bills
Reporter's jottings
Ran like heck
Quick for one's age
Put up with
Put off bedtime
Puff a peace pipe
Place to pick up tricks
Place for a yacht
Place for a seaweed wrap
Pillow accessory
Optimistic sort
North forty's 40
Neither pass nor hand off
Neither a yes nor a no, oxymoronically
Misspeak, say
Meat in a Monty Python sketch
Marble with a swirl pattern
Majority in Iran
Madison's neatnik roomie
Lost traction
Like a new penny
Like 'Inverted Jenny' stamps
JFK Library architect
In the past
Homer's middle child
Hexagonal sign of winter
Hawaiian coffee center
Hand-wringer's word
Guarded body part, in soccer
Go underground
Give a valedictory, say
Gillette razor brand
Former Poet Laureate Van Duyn
For the ___ (temporarily)
Fawkes of the Gunpowder Plot
Exhibited, as a condo
Evening get-together
Each, informally
Dutch cheese town
Diarist Nin
Decorator's theme
Dayan of the Six-Day War
Dallas campus, for short
Crossword solving, for many
Creator of Holmes and Watson
Chop into bits
Cheese shape
Cheese covering
Catcher in the 'Who's on First?' routine
Bunker's nickname
Break in continuity
Bivouac chow, for short
Bit in tartar sauce
Baskin-Robbins offerings
Assist in crime
Apple Store buy
'___ our conversation . . .'
'Understood,' to a beatnik
'Science Guy' Bill
'No problemo'
'Don't you wish!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-13-2017#sthash.mwRGFwlM.dpuf

__ so (nevertheless)
Zeus and Apollo
Wise person
Use a phone
Trusted completely
Television award
Tax-collecting agcy
Swelled heads
Swami's headgear
Strong point
Strike, as at a mosquito
Start over
Skeptic's words
Short-tailed wildcat
Shade source
Seasons, as pretzels
Scrooge's shout
Royal decree
Reflections from mirrors
Rebellious uprisings
Really like
Poems of praise
Playing surface for pro hockey
Pet __ (ongoing annoyance)
Pass, as legislation
Opera solo
Night before a holiday
Mosquito attack
Maple or mahogany
Manuscript enclosure: Abbr
Male singing voice
Kris Kringle
Jazz wind instrument
Irish __ (hunting dog)
In a half-hearted manner
Home for a hawk
Hair-salon goops
Gorilla or chimp
Give off
Eye-color area
Elephant tusk material
Elaborate party
Drop into the mailbox
Door-to-door cosmetics seller
Disneyland shuttle
Des Moines' state
Decorative fabric border
D.C. subway
Cry of discovery
Completely confused
Colorful house cat
Color slightly
Cold Russian region
Close with force
Central American canal country
Catch, as a fish
Casino city near Tahoe
Carryall bags
Butter portions
Bring cheer to
Bottom of a boot
Bike's wheel
Bank's addition into an acct
Auntie's daughter
Apple tablet computer
Allowed by law
"Put a lid __!"
"On the __ hand . . ."
"Bald" birds – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-13-2017#sthash.CSQUQTHa.dpuf__ vincit amor
__ up: came clean
__ buco: veal dish
Withdraw, with 'out'
Wiped off the board
Window insert
Where Norway's Royal Family resides
Vermeer or van Gogh
Veggie in a green smoothie
Vase material named for its white color
U2's 'The Joshua Tree' co-producer Brian
Turning point in tennis, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
Took command of
Tie up at the pier
Tanning lotion letters
Some male dolls
Snacked (on) to excess, briefly
Sleep lab study
Seasoned expert
Saddle knob
Restful resorts
Residents around the Leaning Tower
Protected from the wind
Postgraduate degree
Place to keep a camper, for short
Pinup queen Page
Pike or trout
Pics on ankles
PG-13 issuing org
New cow
NASDAQ debut
Nabisco chocolate-creme cookie
Mob kingpin
Mets' old stadium
Mar. 17th honoree
Madame Bovary
Loved to death
Lion's den
Lawrence's land
Last Olds models
Language of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen
L.A.'s region
Horn of Africa nation
Health supplements co
Hair-coloring agents
Greenhouse gas protocol city
Golf hole benchmark
Gloom partner
Genghis __
G.I. doll
Expressive chat image
Dead Sea country: Abbr
Culinary meas
Course including romaine and croutons
Clothing store department
Catch red-handed
Casino big spender
Cars sold at auctions
Cajun veggie
Boston NBAer
Biblical paradise
Army leader
Aim high
Acorn droppers
'That works for me'
'Morning Edition' airer
'Casablanca' woman
'60s tripping drug

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