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crosswords puzzle answers 12/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 12/12/2016

Wrench type
Wraps up
White house way up north
Type of male deer
Travel from place to place
Toque wearer
Thing for a carpenter
That lady
Swerve, at sea
Sunday after the Sunday you sing, 'Auld Lang Syne'
Starting number of baseball players
Songs for one person
Some strong whiskeys
Serving a purpose
Scalp production
Santa's sackful
Rinse and spin
Raccoon's cousin
Provoke with words
Provide with weaponry
Prince in India
Present, as a proposal
Peruse a book
Part of an angler's gear
Overly adorable
Outwit, as a posse
Opposite of 'to'
Opening on a one-armed bandit
Many times, old-style
Major blood vessel
Like the runt of the litter
Legendary Fitzgerald
In a short time
Handy mortar trough
Goals for telemarketers
Give a loud speech to many
Funeral fire
French river valley
Finger-pointer on a poster
Female relative of 47-Down
Consort of the King of Siam
Clemens' pseudonym
Certain female family member (Var.)
Caustic etcher
Bubble bath ingredient
Board used by a manicurist
Become broader
Beautiful wading bird
Beatles hit 'Hey ___'
Batty, south of the border
Audition (with 'out')
Atlantic eagle
As expected
Apple center
Aluminum product in the kitchen
Almost midnight
Airport info, informally
Agendum, e.g
2,640 feet, to a miler
'___, Caesar!'
'___ where prohibited'
'With ___ in sight'
'Where' attachment
'What ___ could I do?'
'Ol' Man River' composer Kern
'Golden Rule' preposition
'Cogito, ___ sum'
'Charlie's Angel' Ladd – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016#sthash.m30oaXcO.dpuf

Wedding vows
Ticklish "Sesame Street" Muppet
Think about
Tenant's expense
Tea alternative
Sudden impulse
Stun gun
Strike, as at a mosquito
Stare at
Spiral-potatoes side dish
Speak one's mind
Spanish appetizer
Soup-serving utensil
Smooth and stylish
Smell bad
Small rug
Sheep sounds
Share a border with
Salty bodies of water
Piece of dinnerware
Picked up the tab
Patronizes, as a restaurant
Passports, for instance: Abbr
Paper fragment
Out of town
Opera solo
Not as expensive
Necklace ornaments
Narrow cuts
Midterm, for one
Mexican's emphatic assent
Mexican coins
Leaf-gathering tool
Is the right size
Hurricane center
Highways: Abbr
Highly uncommon
Helpful hint
Help with, as a crime
Having no warranty
Harness strap
Film-set boss
Feeling blue
Faces of watches
Emmy or Oscar
Eight-piece band
December song
Dark brown potato
Copenhagen citizen
Circle-shaped fried sides
Chilled spaghetti side dish
Chew like a mouse
Center of an apple
Call a halt to
Bro's sibling
Break sharply
Bit of sunshine
Auto splash guard
Auto fuel
Annapolis sch
Add ice cubes to
"__ upon a time . . ."
"You __ kidding!"
"Boston" side dish – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016#sthash.wFfAzANS.dpuf

___ center (place for a Ping-Pong table)
Works of Keats
Weapon in fencing
Wasn't up to par
Visa alternative
Vegetable that becomes gooey when cooked
Two-door auto
Theater awards
Successful job applicant
Sluggers' stats
Slightest bit
Sicilian volcano
Short ___ (quick work)
Sagan who hosted 'Cosmos'
Reservoir creator
Religious offshoots
Orchestra reed
Ones taking captain's orders
One-named singer from County Donegal
Omega's opposite, alphabetically
Noted rocker/humanitarian
Norway's patron saint
Music genre for 36-Down
Moneymaking part of a museum
Mello ___ (soft drink)
Maestro Kurt ___
Lower part of the leg
Lobbying org. that fights music piracy
Late attorney general Janet
Landing approximations, for short
Knight time?
Item in a golfer's bag
It goes down a fallopian tube
Homeland of 9-Across
High/low card
Great Lakes natives
Go along with a bear market
Garlicky mayo
Friends and neighbors
Friend of Romeo
Formal-sounding commitment
Folk singer Pete
Exams for future J.D.s
English racing venue
Eight, in France
Egypt's capital
Dart (around)
Cookie holders
Conks out
Communication problem … illustrated literally by the black squares before 5-, 19-, 26-, 54-, 65- and 73-Across
Coffee break hour
City NNE of Paris
Choir voice
Chaim who played Tevye in 'Fiddler on the Roof'
Bull-riding venue
Brother of Donald Trump Jr
Black gemstone
Biscuit with English tea
Admit at the door
Actress Ward
A ___ pittance
A sixteenth is a short one
2016 #1 album by Rihanna
'___ the Lord my soul to keep'
'The Star-Spangled Banner,' e.g
'Star Trek' officer with an earpiece
'Now ___ me down to sleep'
'Mon ___!' (French cry)
'Me, Myself & ___' (Jim Carrey movie)
'Make it snappy!'
'Have a taste!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016#sthash.vPJDhNI4.dpuf

Ushers, essentially
Typical amount
Took the wheel
Tijuana tot
There are eight in a fluid ounce
The 'little blue pill'
Test proctor's call
Temperature extreme
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago'
Secretive govt. org
Scathing review
Rubber left on the road
Reverent wonder
Recording studio pro
Quiche base
Put in the overhead bin, say
Pronto, in a memo
Popular Italian scooter
Plane part
Plane measure
Perrier rival
Passing along, around the holidays
Pal of Pooh
Painter Edouard
Orator's delivery
Old place for punishment
Number after zwei
Nez ___ (Northwestern tribe)
Negotiation goal
Name used by the Amazon Echo
Mover's truck
Miss by ___
Meat-and-potatoes dish
Make a bow
Lose traction
Including as a bonus
Hunger indicator
Horror director Craven
Hold power
Historic stretches
Help in criminal doings
Having an elastic quality
Grenade that shatters, for short
Fork feature
Experiencing trouble
Ellie Goulding song from the 'Divergent' soundtrack
Edinburgh natives
Destroy, as financial records
Daringly innovative
Course goal
Come to ___ (finish)
Clever sayings
Classic Japanese drama form
CBS procedural franchise
Caught sight of
Can't do without
Cake coat
Bride's path
Boxer Norton
Author Hemingway
Apple Store buy
1970 Beatles hit
'___ the news today, oh boy'
'___ all she wrote!'
'I'm Just Wild About Harry' composer Blake
'Go away!'
'Don't worry, you can do this!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016—Whisk-Management#sthash.0i4qf6gi.dpuf

___ acid (protein part)
Voted down
Volleyball team count
Vampire, at times
Tango move
Take four of four games, say
Swindler's scheme
Striped cat in a rush?
Stitched border
Souvlaki meat, often
Shop steward's group
Scriptural shepherd
Scouting outing
Put aside for later
Pug's milieu
Provide with sustenance
Prospector's find
Pour water on
Pooh's pessimistic pal
Pixar character with a lucky fin
PC port type
One-eyed Norse deity
One of Tennessee's two state flowers
Noxious emanation
Not yet refined
Newborn Newfoundland
Nearly identical
Musical scale's span
Milky gemstones
Military academy headdress?
Made a rip in
Luau garland
Knotts with a 'nervous Nellie' persona
Knocks the socks off
Knocked the socks off
KenKen calculation, perhaps
In the matter of
In all of history
Honored the judge's entrance
Hip-hopper's headgear
Harp's smaller cousin
Hard Rock Stadium gridder
Happen as a result
Handy hints
Give the heave-ho to
Ghost that haunts kidvid character Pokey?
Flight zone
Fit-to-be-tied feeling
Field sport of ancient Iran?
Expert, slangily
Dreads sporter, perhaps
Dental hygiene brand
Deimos and Phobos, to Mars
Default consequence, briefly
Crooner Perry
Crawler in a colony
Court event
Concoctions in cauldrons
Comedy-routine first baseman
Child's sports outfit
Change-machine bills
Causing goose bumps
Cause of cramming
Caesar or Hirohito
Brimming with information
Biscotti flavoring
Beats by a hair
Ballerina's pivot point
Baker who sang 'Sweet Love'
App-based car service
Any of Mel Blanc's thousand
Anthem contraction
Air rifle ammo
'Your point being . . . ?'
'Cupcake Wars' appliance
'Better Call ___' ('Breaking Bad' spinoff) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016#sthash.T2UWWGj1.dpuf

West Jordan's state
Used indelicate language
Type of energy
Triangular sail
They're checked at LAX
Symbols on a moonshine jug
Substance banned by the EPA
Skin cream ingredient
Sisters of Greek myth
Sir Walter Scott hero
Settle conclusively
Second opening?
School on the Thames
Schedule maker's abbr
Redbox transaction
Rapper in court
Quit chocolate cold turkey?
Pulling no punches
Post-ER destination
Pointing supermodel Klum in the right direction?
Pilgrims' destination
Peter of 'Young Frankenstein'
Periodic Pacific current
Open, as a bow
One-on-one Olympic sport
November honorees
Nonchalant assents
Non-studio pic
Name on a rap sheet, perhaps
Menacing look
Member of a shipboard revolt
Meadow bleat
Many-stringed instrument
Made use of a bench
Little crawler sometimes called a roly-poly
Licensing org
Letter in a dollar sign
Leaves at the altar
Jogging paces
It's orbited by Miranda
It's not worth trying to repair
Issue forth
Improvises, in jazz
Herd animal of the Andes
Hall's partner in pop
Greasy-feeling mineral
Grade that can't be topped
Get all lovey-dovey
Fraught with danger
Faceless cousin of '60s TV
End of a Coast Guard officer's email address
Distort, as data
Copy cats?
Christ the Redeemer locale, briefly
Chicago mayor Emanuel
Calf-length skirt
Barry's love interest on 'The Flash'
Barker or Owen
Andre Agassi, for one?
Alternative to Froot Loops
Admirable quality
About 1.06 quarts
'___ we meet again'
'Star Wars' protagonists
'Persuasion' heroine ___ Elliot
'Just ___ thought!'
'Jurassic Park' beast
'Fear and Loathing in ___ Vegas'
'Check it out!'
"The Satanic Verses' was sooo good!"? – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-12-2016#sthash.j5cmiPER.dpuf

What 20-, 25- and 47-Across all are, in one way or another
Vietnam War protest gp
Venerated image
Thumbs-down votes
Staircase part
Sporty sunroofs
Snooze loudly
Smallest number
Singer for the cops?
Scientologist Hubbard
Rolled-up sandwich
Rice dish
Republican org
Remain undecided
Rank between viscount and marquis
Radio choices
Quitting hr. for many
Quail or turkey, e.g
Proofreader's change
Prefix with economics
Preacher's msg
Poker wager-matching response
Owner's document
One who shuns company
On __: rampaging
On the __: broken
Null and __
Move, in Realtor-speak
Motor City labor gp
Morocco's capital
Mexicali money
Many a Monopoly prop
Mai __
Made heckling remarks to
Lotion additive
Locomotive operators
Like warthogs and walruses
Like Eric or Leif
Lao Tzu's 'way'
Kick out
It has a dozen signs
Intensely eager
In good health
Ice tray unit
Home of the University of Maine
Gridiron adjudicator
Go off the deep end
Former Ford models
Flower painted by van Gogh
Flow-altering dam
Dressed (in)
Double-reed instrument
Do over 60 in Hawaii, say
Divine-human hybrid
Completely engrossed
Burns with hot liquid
Billiards triangle
Baseball card rival of Topps
Bakery employee
'Yeah, sure'
'Rabbit food' course
'Garfield' pooch
'Brokeback Mountain' director Lee

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