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crosswords puzzle answers 12/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 12/11/2016

___ lion
___ car (British station wagon)
Works in a conservatory?
Traditional White House visitors
The first thing to try (and hope for the best)
Start to fight
Stable environment?
Something to take for a break
Some DVRs
Sinatra/Bennett duet on the 1993 album 'Duets'
Security Council vote
Sea spirits
Ring sport
Riled (up)
Rap's Flo ___
Protected, in a way
Prefix with -tonic
Precept about idol worship
Possible recipient of hand-me-downs, informally
Part of a blue book?
Overnight letter?
One getting tipped at a fancy supper club?
Old city in Kyrgyzstan
Not even
Newport rival
Moved quickly aside
Moscow Olympics boycotter
Marine ___ (presidential helicopter)
Liverpool-to-Leeds dir
Literary terror
Lachrymatory agent
Knocked silly
It's west of the Indian O
It's for starters
Has a brush with the law
Grant and Adams
Front desk collection
Eponymous scent
End of a match, in rugby
Emergency contact info
Dub … or rub
Director of the first film to win all five top Oscars (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay)
Died (down)
Deal breaker?
Comparable to a strawberry
Common database system program
Comment upon hearing good news
Code part
Back space?
Aussie critters
Application ending
America East Conference town
Acting willfully?
6'11' Kanter of the N.B.A
'The art of making a point without making an enemy'
'That's tough'
'Just wondering'
'Dirty snowballs,' to some astronomers – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016#sthash.Mwq2n69g.dpuf

Zika-tracking org
Working again, and a hint to the hidden companies in this puzzle
Wishful feeling
Windmill component
Where the Bundestag meets
Warehouse concern of a video game giant
Vengeful feeling
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Tyson stat
Turin attraction
Trip odometer button
Totally shellacked
Total bliss
Time's 2007 Person of the Year
They're numbered in NYC
They're noisy at night
There are lots of these
The Onion forte
Temper tantrums
Tempe sch
Tante : Paris :: ___: Madrid
Taiwanese computer brand
Studied nefariously
Stone and Stallone
Square meal?
Sports fan's getaway sponsored by a retail giant
Source of chutzpah
Semicircular shape
Select groups
Second of a Latin trio
Scathing insult
Samoan capital
Salary scale
Rubbed raw
Put the kibosh on
Pull-down target
Publicly condemn
Produce provider covered by an insurance giant
Prime meridian std
Pres. from Texas
Prefix with atomic or athlete
Popular tablet
Pinch in the kitchen
Perjury committed by an electric auto giant
Performs as a guest
Penelope's peripatetic husband
Pandora selections
Page on screen
Org. with many schedules
Orange vegetable
Orange coat
Novelist Allende
No longer together
Mycobacteria, e.g
Most sunburn-prone
Morale-boosting gp
Miss World accessory
Meter reading
Louisville slugger
Lose intentionally
Lock clasp
Locations for surfers
Location of many blocks
Lipstick color
Like the knowledgeable staff of a computer giant
Like some JFK flights
Like some hard rolls
Like movies on HBO
Lightly scorch
Leonardo's 'J. Edgar' director
Lab subj
Killer in 'Antony and Cleopatra'
Its highest point is Cerro Chirripo
Iron pigment
Introverted folks
Good point
Four-time All-Star Jose
Forum wrap
Fleming of fiction
First king of Israel
Federal budget bloater
Fashion's Perry
Face on a fiver
Einstein Bros. offerings
Egg source
Driver, for one
Director Wertmuller
Didn't just pass
Damon of 'The Martian'
Court figures
Country music's Steve
Cornet feature
Continental coin
Comb maker
Cold discomfort at an electronics and entertainment giant
Chapel figure
Census starter
Capital with ferry service to Copenhagen
Came to a crescendo
Call from a kid
Caesar of TV
Bud supporter
Bucks, e.g
Brutal review
Browser button
Brother of Artemis
Blueprint info
Big name in little suits
Better qualified
Beatles girl who 'made a fool of everyone'
Austrian's exclamation
Arthur with Emmys
Arkansas governor Hutchinson
All-out attack
Alarmed utterance
Aids in a scam
Adjective for 81-Across
'You may now relax!'
'Twilight' heroine
'The Fifth Element' director Besson
'Tapestry' singer whose endorsement is sought by a footwear giant
'No problemo!'
'Night' writer Wiesel
'Money ___ object'
'Hold on!'
'Hell ___ no fury…'
'Evil Woman' band
'Absolutely!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016—Keeping-Company#sthash.aZ24jJn3.dpuf

___ constrictor
___ blanche
___ Aviv
Word on some doors
Word before and after 'de la'
Victorian, for one
Type of sweater
Three things behind a 'door'
Three things behind a 'door'
They get into jams
Strikes lightly
Start for 'ible' or 'itor'
Some Starbucks picks
Smashed bits
Small food crumb
Singer Grant
Sign of things to come
Shout from a happy operagoer
Sewer rodent
Schmear necessity
Saintly quality
Rolaids rival
Restaurant's atmosphere
Rd. relatives
Quaint lodging
Pretty awful
President Truman's hometown
Prepare for a wintry takeoff
Pound of poetry
Pole on a boat
Palillo of 'Welcome Back, Kotter'
One not seeking work
On the Atlantic
Not just pudgy
Not clerical
Major network
Major heart artery
Love, to Stevie Wonder
Long-tailed creature with large eyes
Legendary singer ___ King Cole
Legendary jazz singer Fitzgerald
Instrument with a double reed
In the company of
Homer's epic about Troy
Have, to Shakespeare
Girl in Scotland
French explorer La ___
French cheese
Four things behind a 'door'
For the wine-and-cheese crowd, stereotypically
Food smell
Flower with a showy bud
Feet, as measured in poetry
Drink mixer
Dress for an Indian
Doesn't just drink
Do Vail
Displaying happiness
Crosswise to a ship's middle
Creation of congress
Cracked open?
Church bylaws
Christian of fashion
Cape in Massachusetts
Canonical hour
Be persistent
Be an owner
Airline seat attachments
After-bath cover-up
African honorific
'The Natural' Roy
'Horrible' actor Lugosi?
'Goodness gracious!' of yore
'Bed' or 'home' attachment – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016#sthash.lNoaOu8g.dpuf

With 28-Down, legume for Hannibal Lecter
Vegetable with a cylindrical 66-Across
Turkish coin
Treater of Poms and Pekes
Travel like a drifter
To-do list entry
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards
Suffix with Manhattan or meteor
Stringed instrument with a scrolled 66-Across
Stake on a table
See 10-Across
Samuel of the Supreme Court
Salt away
Rickman who played Snape
Retail chain J.C. ___
Quit trying
Proposal foe
Praise to the hilt
Position (Abbr.)
Pooh's feathered friend
Once-sacred slitherer
On the subject of
Offer no resistance
Not stressed
No longer hung up on
Names on Billboard charts
Mythical man-goats
Mustachioed clerk on 'The Simpsons'
Morning brew, slangily
Monster.com post
Like an unswept hearth
Lawn-Boy acquirer
Largish combo
Jedi's furry ally
It's tapped in impatience
Hockey or basketball statistic
Handyman's belt item
Hair-raising stuff?
Great burden
Grazer on Michigan's flag
Generation divider
Fuss, to Shakespeare
Frilly shirt, typically with a laced-up 66-Across
Freeway ramps
Flight attendant's workspace
Fix, as a loose lace
Females in flocks
Feels contempt for
Engages in palm-greasing
Easily tipped watercraft
Easily led
Defeated a la Usain Bolt
Curly tailed canine
Cuban coins
Cover sheet abbr
Counselors' org
Cornfield measure
Cineplex ad information
Carpet cutters' calculations
Car salesman's milieu
Cambridge student, informally
Call onto the carpet
Buttonholes, e.g
Broadway production
Brewmaster Coors
Book copier of old
Beverage container with a label on its 66-Across
Begin the bidding
Barnyard brooder
Arrangement container
Architect's rendering
Anatomical feature referenced in four prior clues
Analyzed grammatically
Acts the Good Samaritan
'That's the proof,' in math
'It pains me to say . . .'
'I'm off, old chap!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016#sthash.AkuKgnRv.dpuf

With 11 Across, aids in identifying mutants
Where Hamilton premiered?
Whence the Wizard of Oz "lifted" his balloon
What Walt Disney World has over 27,000 of
What a hollowed-out tree might be
Wasn't out of it
Was slammed
Was a valedictorian, e.g
Twist, essentially
Traveler's breaking point
Tourist magnet near the Pantheon
Three-sided weapon
Tech higher-up
Target of many a daily paper
Subject of the bio "Good Grief"
Stops slowly, with "out"
State while on a tear
Star starter
Snake __
Smoothie King flavor
Shark cousin
Seven-nation chain
See 39 Across
Second Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Grammy actress after Helen
Rosencrantz or Guildenstern
Returns for not much work
Quasimodo portrayer in 1923
Opposite of "vulgaris"
One displaying some hardware
Not distracted
Needle work of a sort
Near-Earth asteroid in the Amor group
Nation south of Martinique
Nails or bags
Moderate in thought
Like hot outfits
Light music source
Less than frank
Legal retribution attempt
Last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty
Kris Jenner son-in-law
Is light
Hold true
Group in a TLC franchise
Fundamental principle
Find impossible to take
Far from easygoing
European capital, 1949-1990
Ending for 23 Down
City Hall henchman
Chicago colossus once owned by the Kennedys
Changes the subject, maybe
Caregivers' charges
Burgundian variety
buckminsterfuller finisher
Blowout words
Bit of some comet tails
Bit of a zipper
"Cake Boss" competitor, often – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016#sthash.RPak6UAV.dpuf

Word before tank or booth
Whittle (down)
Touch-___ (precarious)
Take to the tub
Take on fuel, in a routine suggested by the first words of 20-, 34-, 41-, and 55-Across
Speak sharply to
Source of some bun seeds
Soft minerals
Snake along the Nile
Snail mail need, often
Sixties hallucinogen
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi film of 1979
Sign of a good restaurant?
Siege site for Santa Anna
Shower affection (on)
Short shot?
Seat of Bolivia's government
Sauce in a wok
Rock concert fixture
Ready for surgery, briefly
Put together
Principal church area
Preliminary model
Prefix with inform or fire
Plotting band
Place with moats and lions, but no castle
Pertaining to
Pack down tightly
Overdone, as toast
On the way out?
New Haven song finish
Muhammad Ali's boxing daughter
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner)
Monty Python's infamous canned meat
Miami cagers
Melt material
Meaningless guarantee
Mark over an 'n' in Spanish
Major cause of inflation?
Listen carefully
Like some shotguns
Judge's domain
It's no picnic
Illegal wrestling hold
Hosp. scan
Hayloft cubes
Guy's counterpart to a purse
GPS offering
Fourth-down play, at times
Fertility clinic donations
Extended vowel sound, as in 'cute'
Entr'___ (theater break)
El ___, Texas
Digestion aid
Deep desire
Cruise ship's stop
Braces (for)
Borscht vegetable
Bireme blade
Bassoon relative
At the apex
At risk of capsizing
Art class cover-up
Aladdin's treasure
2002 Hugh Grant film
'You stink!'
'Come to My Window' singer Etheridge
'Beauty and the Beast' heroine
'Anything ___?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-12-2016#sthash.z8nCwY4X.dpuf

__ door
Wyandot people
Winter air
Wine product
Where member golfers gather, familiarly
Tybalt's house
Tournament pass
Top performer
Strike victims?
Squeeze (out)
Some arena displays, briefly
Small seals
Printer inserts
Prime example
Ponderosa order
Phenomenon measured by the Enhanced Fujita Scale
Performer who must be from 5'6' to 5'10½' tall
Paris green?
One who's not serious
One of two nuclides with the same neutron number but different proton numbers
Old-fashioned investigation
Oater accessory
O'Hare initials
Numbers game
Noncash business
No power can change it
Net user
Me time?
London-based news agency
Like some wake-up hours
Like half a deck
Hall of Fame knuckleballer Phil
Grooming process
Greeted at the door
Goes underground
French roll
French appetizer
FDR program
Estate planner's advice
Essential thing
Elaine's home, in Arthurian legend
eBay option
Dollywood locale: Abbr
Corp. fundraiser
Cookware portmanteau
Contest name coined by its eventual winner
Concerned with good breeding
Cognizant of
Calder sculpture
Burgundy on screen
Broadway seductress
Board member
Baroque composer Giuseppe __
Back up
Axle in a wooden toy
1962 title villain played by Joseph Wiseman
'__ tu': Verdi aria
'The Book of Hours' poet
'Got a minute?'
'Aladdin' prince 

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