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crosswords puzzle answers 12/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 12/02/2017

___ Palmas (Spanish province)
Worry of stratospheric proportions
With 42-Down, 'Frosty the Snowman' singer
With 34-Down, longtime public radio host
Wild revelry
What's right in front of the tee?
What a cash-strapped beau might take you on?
Weighty matters?
Way to go: Abbr
Was a busybody
W. Hemisphere treaty of 1994
Utah's ___ State University
Turn aside
Treat for a dog
Traffic cone
Tour grp. since 1950
Topic for Dr. Ruth
Tool parts used for bending things
Toast word
Timeline sections
Those who need sound memories, per Montaigne
Tear apart
Talk wildly
Talk wildly
Take some shots
Swinging Ernie
Super suffix?
Suggestion to a bored short story writer?
Steamed seafood dish
Spreadsheet contents
Sound system?
Something easy, so they say
Some space vehicles
Sobel who wrote the Pulitzer-nominated 'Galileo's Daughter'
Sight at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park
See 8-Down
See 12-Down
Scientist's dilemma regarding work vs. play?
Run out
Roker's appeal before gastric bypass surgery?
Result of a serious wardrobe malfunction at the beach?
Remain undecided
Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe
Pricey French fashion label
Plunger alternative
Photographer Arbus
Pens for hens
Parliamentary support
Pacific island wrap
One with a lot of tweets
Old gang weapons
Mystical doctrine
March movement
Major export of Florida
M, on a form
London tea accessory
Like most 'Quo Vadis' characters
Kids' TV character who refers to himself in the third person
It's a drain
It must turn over to start
It may deliver a punch
Horse for hire
Hit one out
High hairdos
Heart of the matter?
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
Having no room for more
Having less heft
Group's basic beliefs
Greenhorn on the force
Gives an order
Gaming trailblazer
Fuel from a fen
For whom Nancy was first lady
Fleshy-leaved succulent
First name in daredevilry
Fabric from flax
Exhibitor at 1863's Salon des Refusés
Entry on an I.R.S. form: Abbr
Editor's override
Dismaying announcement about disaster aid?
Disapproving sounds
Desiccated ___ Sea
Deputy: Abbr
Dentist's directive
Creature on the movie poster for 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Corp. bigwig
Conveyance for soldiers
Club cousins
Clean with a pressurized spray
Certain rod
Cap similar to a tam-o'-shanter
Building's rain diverter
Breakfast chain
Book reviewer?: Abbr
Blue hue
Bit of cushioning
Berate some guy for getting too much sun?
Beatrix Potter's genre
Bearded animal
Bad look
As yet
Archives material
Altar spot
Alito's Supreme Court predecessor
Ad agency output
Abductor of Persephone
A.A. or AAA
35-nation alliance, briefly
1950s French president René
'What's the ___?'
'Waterloo' band
'That villain in comics has sure gotta be sore!'?
'My only love sprung from my only ___!': Juliet
'Grand Hotel' star, 1932
'A bit of talcum / Is always walcum' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-12-2017#sthash.OMWI76iR.dpuf

Work with patterns
Word with main or blessed
Word with 'blitz' or 'center'
Things to obey
Thanks to the best razors, Max was ..
Surrender, as property
Stand for an orator
Small jazz ensemble
Slog through a stream
Showy shoulder wraps
Rosy part of the face
River bank deposits
Remove secure roping from
Remove all doubt
Racetrack shape
Quite a lot
Quantity of yarn
Prefix with 'body' or 'matter'
Poem of homage
Photographers of celebs, in slang
Parisian currency
Overly confident
Opposed, on a stereotypical farm
One way to unload merchandise
OK to eat
Not a liquid or gas
No one shuns like Max because he gives the ..
Nitro's cousin
New Hampshire's state flower
Myanmar currency
Museum's offering
Mixture or medley
Milk dispensers
Message spelled out in the sand, sometimes
Max bested Buffalo Bill with the ..
Marge's animated neighbor
Main, 34th and Elm (Abbr.)
Love greatly
Lounge around
Little jobs
Like slick roads
Like idyllic country life
Leaves a snowy state?
Jarring surprise
It makes flour finer
Island near Martinique
Hems and ___
Have a dull pain
Gushed forth
Good stuff to find in a mine
Found new tenants for
Former Spanish gold coin
Fathered a foal
Farmland unit
Expression with a protruding lip
Exit, per P.T. Barnum
Drifting upon the Pacific
Daytona participant
Dates arranged by friends
Dance or dip type
Cubic cordwood measure
Course commonly before calc
Could correctly answer
Cosmetics ingredient
Cookie brand
Chanel and others
Celeste of old Hollywood
Cattle poker
Aromatic pouch
Angler's supply
Advanced degree exams
Aaron Spelling's daughter
'___ a high note'
'Finding Nemo' environment – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-12-2017#sthash.soQvg1mn.dpuf

___ hall (campus hangout)
Young bird minding little brother?
Y-sporting collegian
Words given under oath
Woodwind with a conical bore
Where 'the buck stops'
Walked nervously
W.C. Fields persona
UCLA athletes
U-shaped stringed instruments
Syringe, for short
Symbol before a key signature
Start of a bray
Skin-and-bones sort
Silent performers
Shortly, to poets
Shock jock Don
Schedule opening
Scene of a 1979 overthrow
Sauce made with basil
Sandusky's lake
Rooney of 'Carol'
Rod-shaped bacterium
Pub round
Place to build
Parcel out
Ovine utterance
Otis Redding's label
Not very much
Much interoffice mail
Much all-you-can-eat fare
Mowing or raking, e.g
Movie exec's veal dinner?
Move stealthily
Modernist's prefix
Moat beast, for short
Metal-stamping tools
Merit badge holder
Member of a rural kick line?
Mason's surveying partner
Marlee with a 1986 Oscar
Like-minded voting group
Like billiard balls, pre-break
Like an engaged couple
Like a Black Sabbath concert
Israel's Netanyahu, informally
Insertion mark
Ill-bred sorts
Home on a farm
Higher in rank than
Hellenic H's
Grove unit
Group in charge (Abbr.)
Greeted the day
Grab by the collar, say
Gets ripe
Geek Squad member
From Jan. 1 until now
Four-song records, perhaps
Fill with rapture
Fall bloomer
Expose, at a costume party
End of an Italian sonnet
Director Preminger
Directions-seeker's words
Cherry centers
Chaucer pilgrim
Centers of activity
Bocelli delivery
Bishop's topper
Archie or Jughead
All Hallows' ___ (Oct. 31)
2011 U.S. Open winner McIlroy
'Pardon,' slangily
'If all ___ fails . . .'
'Don't ___ and drive'
'Boxcars' pair, in craps – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-12-2017#sthash.URXPd9gA.dpuf

__ Moines, IA
WWII-era pope
What a lot may be filled with
Well-trained unit
Wear a long face
Waterfront walk
Watered down, in a way
Volcanic emission
Vacation rental
Upscale retail chain
Tunesmiths' org
Trite, as jokes
Tough as nails (Mark Twain)
Timid one (Dorothy Parker)
Teen's "My answer was . . ."
Tech's caller
Take a shot at
Strand in winter, perhaps
Some diner-mat games
Some 112 Across
Solitude seeker
Snaky shape
Slight adjustment
Sleigh accessories
Singers on a riser
Similar in nature
Sighed word
Shows zeal
Shoelace snarl
Shaped like dice
Self-love (Coleridge)
Sculpted trunk
Scanned bars: Abbr
SAT portion
Sambuca flavoring
Role models
Reebok rival
Red wines
Rapper Green
Quarterback Manning
Put a hex on
Proportional stat
Prom night rental
Programmer's output
Powered a rowboat
Political deception (Stephen Colbert)
Poker declaration
Poet's sun or moon
Persona __ grata
Perched on
Parliamentary term
Paretsky of whodunits
Opposite of COD
One on foot (Wordsworth)
Office supplies
NYSE debuts
Newspaper production machine of old
Neverland visitor
Nemesis (Shakespeare)
Needle maker
Muesli morsel
Muddies up
Moves like lava
Mice, to owls
Meaningless talk (Lewis Carroll)
Make airtight
Made public
Lowered in esteem
Lion's home
Less adorned
Itinerary, for short
Incite to anger
Inc., in England
In person
Home of many Goyas
Hogwarts potions professor
Hepburn's husband in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Hair conditioner
Gyro bread
Gumbo vegetable
Got 100 on
Gold standards
Gnatlike insect
Genesis setting
Gave up, as a right
Garfield pal
Fridge forays
Fortune-teller's intro
Floral chains
Feel intuitively
Failed rapidly
Estate entryway, often
Erased, as a hard disk
El Greco's adopted home
Discuss in detail
Destructive weapon (H.G. Wells)
Croquet surface
Cries out loud
Creatures in colonies
Cream-filled dessert
Craft store chain
Continental divider
Clickable text
City west of Sun Valley
Chemically nonreactive
Chaos (Milton)
Caused to yawn
Castro of Cuba
Cable installer
Bugle blast
Boils or broils
Bits of cunning
Bit of rushin' language
Batmobile rider
Bargain-bin markers
Ballet skirt
Bad atmospheres
Backyard spot
Author Castaneda
Auction bid of a sort
Arithmetic sign
AMA members
Albacore, for one
Acceptance of opposite opinions (Orwell)
Absorb, with "up"
72 Down product
"South Park" kid
"South Park" kid
"Selma" lead role
"Mamma Mia!" group
"Honor Thy Father" author
"Give Kids a Smile" org – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-12-2017#sthash.39xxlvkd.dpuf

Yellow, Black, or Red
What's clear in the kitchen
Walter Cronkite's network
Vince of 'Wedding Crashers'
Undertakes energetically
Tree hugger, at times
Touch, e.g
Tiler's need
Tierra ___ Fuego
Tie up for roasting
Take another look at
Spreads news of
Some railways
Solo heard at Arlington National Cemetery
Sir Galahad's dad
Shoveler's challenge
Rust bucket
Rapper who costarred in 'The Cookout' with Queen Latifah
Provider of a bang-up job? (abbr.)
Phil in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Patch to attach, maybe
Overseer of exec. branch funding
Overcomes jet lag, maybe
Org. whose workers get a good look at you
Org. for a large party
One ejected at a circus
Musical based on a Colette novella
Move stealthily
Maine city on the Penobscot River
Lousy kids' game?
Line on a weather map
Like the pope's spring message
King Henry VIII's affliction, it's thought
It's all in Ecclesiastes
It gets you to the station
Insurance concern
Indy circuits
Holy war
Hold closely (to)
Gunky substances
For quite a while
Evidence of a past life
Eliot's 'Adam ___'
Egotist's proclivity
Cpl. or sgt
Course taker
Controversial chemical in plastics, for short
Brief brawls
Bills in tills
Ad-libber's discard
Activity for glider pilots
2013 Johnny Depp role
'___ it rich?' (start of 'Send in the Clowns')
'Let me consider this'
'La Bamba' singer
'Alas, it's true' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-12-2017#sthash.gvsTBvxT.dpuf

__-Wan Kenobi
__ lepton: physics particle
WWII issue
WWII British firearm
WWII alliance
Wriggler on a hook
Withdrawal in 2016 headlines
Whoop-de-__: lively parties
Was beaten by
Voice of TV's Fat Albert
Virus first identified in Zaire
Urban of country
Unit of heat
U-shaped river bend
TV exec Arledge
Trust builder?
Trap that's spun
Transport for Chingachgook
Tolkien monster
Time of one's life
Thick-furred primate
They're spoken in anger
The littlest bit
The great outdoors
Templo Mayor builder
Teacher's bane, at times
Tablet buyer, usually
Suffix with Jumbo
Subatomic particle
Student of Socrates
Streakers in showers
Spot to spot Spot
Sports org. with three major divisions
Spherical opening?
Son of Donald
Some price changes
Site of an ascent
Shot with English
Shares an email with
Serving convenience
Sent messages, before faxes and email
See 25-Across
Schoolyard argument
Rooting area
Result of losing two points, perhaps
Responds to an alarm
Refrigerant trade name
Reach by schooner, say
Quilter's need
Protest gone bad
Pound units
Potato source: Abbr
Pooh creator
Playbill listings
Pigeon hangouts
Petroleum produced from rock fragments
Performed a ballroom dance
Pedal problems
Paper read on the LIRR, perhaps
P-like letters
Oxford college
Ornate arch
On deck
Night noise
Neurotic toon pooch
Nebraska city named for a Native American tribe
My way
Mozart's 'The Hunt,' for one
Monte of Cooperstown
Meat cut
Loser's ad word
Livorno lady friend
Like Jack and Jill, ultimately
Like court testimony
Kyrgyzstan range
Julia of 'Legends of the Fall'
Jazz standard that became an LSU fight song
IQ test pioneer
In short order, in verse
Hyundai compact
Hired car
Hill group
Hard one to work with
Happy hour sponsor
Half of a record
Gremlins, e.g
Gothic novelist Radcliffe
Golfing countryman of Player
Glacial expanses
Get online shopping help, say
Gambling game
Fruit fly or gnat
Flutter by like a butterfly
Fiber source
FDR program
Extend one's Self?
Editors' marks
Edge along
Dunham of 'Girls'
Driven to act
Diminutive two-seater
Descendant of the English Bulldog
Concern for gardeners
Colored tee, perhaps
Classic Fender guitar, briefly
Central points
Cardinal points, briefly?
Canal through Oneida Lake
Border maintainers
Bit of braggadocio
Bit of body art
Bawled (out)
Band accessory
Any one of the NFL's top 25 career scoring leaders
Ahmedabad address
60-Down's info source
1984 Heisman Trophy winner Doug
'Should __ acquaintance … '
'Raging Bull' fighter
'Pinball Wizard' opera
'Oy __!'
'No seats' letters
'It's nobody __ business' 

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