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crosswords puzzle answers 12/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 12/01/2017

___ doll
___ Conference
Words following 61-/62-Across, appropriately
Word following 35-/36-Across, appropriately
Word following 1-/4-Across, appropriately
With, to Renoir
Where annoying things stick
What you might accidentally try to put your head through when getting into a sweater
Well-known octet
Voice-activated assistant
Vents frustration
Tiny bit
Times when musicians don't play
Throw on the floor
The scandal of Watergate, essentially
Subject of some prep classes
Subject of an old wives' tale?
Spanish article
Something a shopaholic might be in
Some piano music
Some are named after presidents
Slipped by
Santa ___
Route follower
Put a finger on, in a way
Pulling a prank outside a house
Pours a certain way
Pity evoker
Out of bed, in a way?
Onetime CW sitcom
Ones attending to patients, for short
Old video game maker
Not clued in
Marketer's start?
Like Mr. X, but not Malcolm X
Leader of the pack
Japanese flower-arranging art
Its postal codes start with K, L, M, N and P – but, oddly, not O
Its distance is measured within a meter
It could carry a tune in the 1950s
Instrument in swing
How things typically are
Gulf of ___ (waters off the coast of Djibouti)
Government stance on texting while driving
Going 'Huh?!?'
Give meds
Fruity libation
Entree in a shell
Edwin M. ___, war secretary under Lincoln
Coffee shop offering
Cleaned just before drying
Called from a stall, say
Brewing need
Big brand of sports equipment
Atomic clock components
Antacid brand
Ancient physician
'___ how?' (words of disbelief)
'Well, I guess'
'If you ask me …,' in texts
'Dude!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017#sthash.z3CEDO5S.dpuf

___ to be tied
___ Minor
Word with 'yesterday' or 'again'
Word with 'that special'
Use acid creatively
Strange vessels that take up space?
Some Yellowstone beasts
Site of indoor drilling
Sail-extending pole
Residential overhang
Replaced guns
Put up with
Pronoun for a group
Popeye's time off?
Passover feast
Orchestra woodwind
Not just won't
Northern state
Music breaks
Ms. Gabor
More on the ball
Monarchy in the South Pacific
Mausoleum container
Mattress support
Make sock holes disappear
Make impure
Make an effort
Major happening
Long-running Broadway play
Lock necessity
Living expense, for many
Lexington legend
Letters of inflation
Legendary soprano Lily
Large extinct bird
Lab burner of old
Kind of contrast
It's kept in a pen
Issue a challenge to
In fashion no more
Herring kin
Has possession of
Hardly in an abundant manner
Hair removal option
Gives a new name to
Fowl gals
Fir tree dripping
Enter, as a room
Engaged in a diatribe
Discard the habit of
Description used at the Vatican
Decisive time of 1944
Crowd disturbance
Crouch in fear
Colorado skiing mecca
Case for small toiletries
Captain Comeback's 'Jaws' villain wouldn't be dehydrated with ..
Captain Comeback thought that two clouds in love would ..
Captain Comeback couldn't get a light outdoors because of ..
Came up
Business parts of knives
Buckaroo's bucking bucker
Big car, briefly
Be an omen of
Barriers in badminton
Bangkok currency
Australia's gemstone
Aahs' counterparts
'___ have to do'
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy sheriff
'Catholic' conclusion
'American Idol' judge Cowell – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017#sthash.iZsSpHWR.dpuf

___ Paulo
Worker's reward
Wired extension
Widened, as a bore
White mushroom
View from Orleans
Union member, until 1991: Abbr
Unappetizing chow
Typographical runover
They're picked in Hawaii
Succotash half
Stylishly upscale
Stuck, in a way
Sound of despair
Smart one
Scheming clerk of fiction
Savannah grazer
Rustic abode
Running bills
Rip apart
Put together haphazardly
Provide an address
Professor's goal
Product protest
Pres. advisory group
One for whom everything is black and white?
Offering remarkable service?
Military propaganda effort, for short
Mental blunder
Memento of a scuffle
Maker of Steam n' Mash potatoes
Machiavellian attribute
Lodging option
Like some artifacts, thanks to radiocarbon
Key to the exit?
It often follows you
Home of the Burj Khalifa: Abbr
Henry Jones Jr., familiarly
Hardly in agreement
Fraternity letters
Forecasting aid
Fingered, informally
Entirely accurate
Dropped the ball
Die dot
Complete attention
Cloister figure
Chicken's squawk
Brand that may cause brain freeze
Boudoir attire
Billy, once
Begs for mercy
Article start, in journalism jargon
Alternative to a blessing?
Add numbers to
1992 Michael Crichton bestseller, and a hint to four answers in this puzzle
1980 NFL MVP Brian
'___ out!'
'The Plough and the Stars' playwright
'She's a Lady' songwriter
'Jumping Jack Flash, it's ___…'
'Cheers,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017—Brighten-Up#sthash.XoQ3uhzB.dpuf

Yorkshire port
Under oath
Trim and touch up
Sure winner
Stowe villain
Star hurler
Smallest South American country
Skipper's post
Singer's instrument
Sheen, in Shropshire
Sells online
Runs away
Royal decree
Rio Grande city
Retired NFLer, e.g
Resting on
Reporter of the comics
Recent season
Prim and proper one
Prefix for modern
PINs, in part
Piece of animation
Overly demanding
Out of the outbox
One way to think
One side
Omelet option
Olympic gymnast, often
Ole Miss rival
Noble gas
Mark's replacement
Mall adjunct
Mail HQ
Lister's letters
Likely to happen
Light wood
Hearty parties
Hatrack features
Handsome guy
Floral neckwear
Flight deck announcement
Fish dish
Falls as ice
Fallon predecessor
End a debate, perhaps
Cry of dismay
Cry of dismay
Cry of dismay
Court figure
College department
Clued in about
Cereal squares
Car buff, informally
Burnett of CNN
Become hazy
Beats by a nose
Arizona State locale
All, at first
Actress Kendrick
Academic challenge
"You're terrible!"
"Time out!" hand signal
"Nicely done!"
"Fear of Flying" novelist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017#sthash.rKfQojp2.dpuf

Yellowstone sights
Utter collapse
URL part
Treaty partner
The whole shebang
Test models
Tennis champion Steffi
Surrealist Magritte
Subjective newspaper piece
Strange sort
Stooges and blind mice
Some desserts
Some carpenters
Small advantage
Skirt features, sometimes
Silkwood portrayer
Shower makeup, sometimes
Shelf bracket shape
Shake, so to speak
Scull need
Scottish pattern
Saudi Arabia neighbor
Sash go-with
Roo's pal
Private's bed, maybe
Prefix with mural
Point on a radar screen
Phrase of agreement
Pertaining to birth
Part of some recipe titles
Paralegals, e.g. (abbr.)
Or follower, at times
Mule's sire
Motivational cries
Lowly chess piece
Look through a keyhole
Lessen, with 'down'
Legally responsible
Leave the dock
Its code is ORD
Indian prime minister Jawaharlal
Hill runner
Gypsy ___ Lee
Gutless wonder
Guatemala native
Geometry term
Future hatchlings
First name at the O.K. Corral
ESPN's Hershiser
Enticingly unusual
Eldest son on 'Family Ties'
Drug cop, slangily
Down at the mouth
Doral positions
Decorator's suggestion, perhaps
Dallas Cowboys emblem
Cycle without soap
Cyberspace visitor
Cozumel currency
Costume accessory
Computer fodder
Catchall abbr
Bernie's songwriting partner
Alley group
'How Deep Is Your Love' group
'Get my point?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017#sthash.BcRNXzBm.dpuf

Weaken, perhaps
Wartime prez
Twin Cities suburb that hosted the 2008 U.S. Women's Open
Start a correction process
Special Forces trademarks
Some Samsung TVs
Silly bird
Shoot down
Secret competitor
Russo of 'The Intern'
Ripped off
Revolting word?
Red cup brand
Put in order
Proofreading mark
Potato, e.g
Plane read
Pen user
Passage for the birds?
Part of a royal flush
Order with tzatziki sauce
Nickname for late-night host O'Brien
Miss America runner-up?
Miner matters
Mexican buffet feature
Mark's successor
Madison Ave. agent
Look after
Longtime Utah senator Hatch
Little Jack Horner's dream?
Like some oil rigs
Legendary horse tale setting
Lawn disruption
Large grouping
Jack's links rival
Ice cream purchases
Hardy heroine
Golf tournament souvenirs
Gold, in Granada
Goddess of peace
Get around
Frosted flakes
Flight-related prefix
Fishing __
Feudal grunt
Fab alternative
Emulating the writing style of 'The Quiet American'?
Emergency signal
Eccentric Sacha Baron Cohen persona
DuPont acrylic
Discipline with poses
Didn't just think
Cub Scout leader
Country miss
Contact's spot
Carrier that doesn't fly on the Sabbath
Caltech, e.g.: Abbr
Called up
Buccaneers' home
Biological building block
Big man on campus
Area for urban growth
Anastasia __, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' character
'Yay, me!'
'Unsafe at Any Speed' author
'The parent of revolution and crime': Aristotle
'Tell me about it'
'My bad'
'Amadeus' narrator – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-12-2017#sthash.mPjljmjv.dpuf

Working with a lathe, say
Word after teen or matinee
What beatniks beat
Waiting area
Visibly terrified
Turned a deaf ear to
Tire pressure meas
Times Square's Manhattan locale
Ticked off
Swimmer's unit
Stroke gently
Source of roe
Source of pressure, maybe
Shoe sole attachments
Saw with the grain
Salt Lake City collegians
Rural skyline sight
Ride a winning streak
Recipe direction
Raggedy doll
Puccini pieces
Prince of Darkness
Peyton's quarterback brother
Pelted on Halloween
Pageant crown
Ostrich cousin
Org. with many 7-footers
Org. with HQ named for George Bush
Org. with a Tour
Org. that banned DDT
Org. that arrested O.J
On the ball
Old timer?
Most sleazy
Marquee gas
Marlon's 'The Godfather' role
Man of many morals
Lucy Ricardo, to Ethel Mertz
Low point
Light as a feather
Lens holders
Lego brand for toddlers
La Brea goo
Kilmer of 'The Doors'
Keystone State eponym
It's a thought
Involves by necessity
In the loop about
Half an iPod pair
Gymnast Comaneci
Goldilocks sat in his chair
Gawk at
Flood controller
First name in TV talk
Fight site
Eye medicine units
English cathedral site
Endure a penalty, in board games
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Drive to nowhere in particular
Did a marathon
Deli bread
Cub Scout group
Crystal-lined rock
Ceremonial splendor
Casaba or Crenshaw
Campaign highlight
By means of
Aromatherapy spot
Andrew Wyeth's model
Affiliation of DDE and RMN
2016 Literature Nobelist
2-BR listing, maybe
.jpg or .gif file contents
'___ we there yet?'
'Not to mention . . .'

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