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crosswords puzzle answers 11/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 11/12/2016

___ point
___ dixit
___ bloom (result of fertilizer pollution)
Without a doubt
Was horrible
W.W. II danger
Vibrating device
They go about two feet
Terrier carrier
Tea Partiers in Congress, e.g
Target demographic for Hot Wheels
System that was called 34-Across before the Internet
Symbol for density
Squeeze (out)
Spock's rank: Abbr
South American corn cakes
Source of the saying 'It is more blessed to give than to receive'
Something you might have a gut feeling about?
Something to bank on
Small newt
Small monetary amts
Skimobile, informally
Site of the infamous Hoa Lo Prison
Siri : iPhone :: ___ : Amazon Echo
Rod user
Rids of vermin, in a way
Reply to 5-Down
Releases, dramatically
Realtor's goal
Quaint contraction
Quaff in Middle-earth
Purported rural shenanigan
Property recipient
Portrays feelings
Police broadcast, for short
Pickup truck's capacity, maybe
Personal datum: Abbr
Peddler's stock
PBS's '___ Can Cook'
Part of the names of four state capitals
Part of Dixie: Abbr
Painter Jean
Opposite of paleo-
Opposite of fore
Opponents of the Protestant Reformation
Onetime title for Bernie Sanders
Object that was called 100-Across before electronic documents
Not belonging to anybody
Not as lax
Nickname of a 'Game of Thrones' dwarf, with 'the'
Mass, e.g
Mark of success in business?
Main points
Look for business?
Like the planet in 'Dune'
Like snakes
Like many wedding cakes
Light-colored wood
Leaving word
Jackson 5 #1 hit
Ice Bucket Challenge, for one
Horror and mystery
Home of Haleakala National Park
Helper: Abbr
Happened to
Gridiron gains: Abbr
Goal for some dropouts, for short
Go for
Giving heat?
Former attorney general Holder
Food that was called 53-Across before Twizzlers and the like
Figure skater Cohen
Fever fit
Fastener that was called 80-Across before a rounded design was implemented
Entertainment category that was called 97-Across before talkies
Dummy symbols in ciphers
Drag away
Doubter's question
Dialect that was called 22-Across before the age of colonialism
Dancer Duncan
Court reporter, e.g
Concept that was called 36-Across before research into the square root of negatives
Common word in insurance company names
Coins that pay for passage over the River Styx
Climax of many a fantasy novel
Cinnamon candies
Charles, par exemple
Caesar's 'Commentaries on the ___ War'
Cackle from a greedy person
Belonging to the highest level
Believes (in)
Bee follower
Be an agent (for)
Argument-ending reply
Apple alternatives
Apparel also called clamdiggers
Airport figs
Aids in filing
Agrees to fight
Ages and ages
Actor Bruce
Activity that was called 111-Across before pesticides
'___ even'
'The Simpsons' girl
'The Real Slim Shady,' for one
'The cauldron of Democracy'
'Tell me how you really feel!'
'Rosy-fingered' Greek goddess
'Oh, jeez!'
'O mio babbino caro,' for one
'Me neither'
'Good enough'
'Go ahead, I'm listening'
'Fernando' band
'Brown Sugar' band, with 'the' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-11-2016#sthash.E40HWQnB.dpuf

White-hot anger
Way to alert rabbits of impending danger?
Virtual letter
Uses steel wool
Urban creature visiting from the mountains?
Ump's scream, sometimes
Toward the safe side, nautically
Text of an opera
Supposedly protective trinket
Strong, lightweight wood
Stable female
Small bills
Ski run on dense snow
Sick-day workers who aren't sick
Serving some purpose
Search with just the hands
Room divider
Rio contents
Ranch newborn
Proof of the largest feline's sloppiness?
Poetic name for Britain
Pirate's leg, often
Pharaoh's land
Part of mph
Org. endorsing toothpaste
One who worries excessively
On, as a Victorian lamp
Nocturnal horned creatures
Mythical man-goat
More recent
More like a used sponge
Miss America event
Maturation process (Var.)
Mass transit vehicle
Makes less tight
Louisiana subdivision
Like some salsa and cigars
Like an unused sponge
Give a valedictory, e.g
Get ___ of (grasp)
Get prepared for the big game
Full of current events
French 'goodbye'
Fix dishonestly
Firefighter's safety device
Filled with wrath
Eyeballs, in romantic poetry
Explanatory comparison tool
Edible missile
Cut with no bones about it
Curtis of cosmetics
Courageous sneak thief in the jungle?
Clairvoyance, e.g
Brown bird that feeds on insects
Bread for the catcher?
Blue billiard ball's number
Binded with something circular
Before, to and fro
Aviator's estimate
Any show shown again
Air head in California?
About half the answers on simple tests
Abbr. seen on a discount clothing rack
'___ Joe Black (film)
'___ about time!'
'Where ___?' (confused one's question)
'I'm Sorry' singer Brenda
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' ('64 film) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-11-2016#sthash.ZXzfpEjb.dpuf

Yugoslav who defied Stalin
Year-end tune
Wisher's place
Urban renewal target
Toothpaste style
Tomato in tomato paste
Thirteen, for a bar mitzvah boy
Take on board
Sword's superior, in a saying
Styptic stuff
Sturdily built
Steer clear of
Starting lineup
Social slight
Shape of some picture frames
Shallow depression
Sermon ender
Scott who created 'Dilbert'
Scientists' milieux
Runway strutter
Rummy cake
Rich soil
Priest of the East
Ponzi scheme, e.g
Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary
Perp subduer
Pasta sauce business?
Parts of bedroom sets
Not-very-colorful eatery handout?
No longer obsessed with
Movie director's place
Most trifling
Moon ringer
Monastery head
Many English degs
Lou Grant portrayer
Like the Capitol
Like Emme
Lesson in a fable
Knock for a loop
Jessica of 'Total Recall'
Islands welcome
In the cellar, so to speak
Hunter's garb, briefly
Home of St. Francis
Hardly colorful
Guitar accessory
Garage sale stipulation
Female lobster
Fateful mid-month day
Drop, as pounds
Door ding, e.g
Devil's doing
Danish monetary unit
Dam-building org
Cost of a hotel room in Lima?
Completely saturate
Coarse file
Closer's success
Caped sidekick of 1960s TV
Burn the surface of
Bookmarked address, briefly
Blond shade
Beetles sacred to ancient Egyptians
BART part
Bark beetle victims
Banjoist Fleck
B-ball player
Avian track meet events?
Auction site with Daily Deals
Aspirin brand
'Odds ___ . . .'
'Listens' visually
'Hello' singer
'Green' kind of energy
'Burnt' crayon color
'Beowulf,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-11-2016#sthash.A54fLaqB.dpuf

Wonderland bird
What Teslas run without
Very dry
Venue for a play
Vast disarray
UFO fliers
Tried to attain
Traveling circus, e.g
Travel-clock battery, often
Tough-to-pass driver
TMC sister channel
This or that
Theme of the puzzle
Tax write-off
Talks big
Take potshots
Take back, as testimony
Synagogue celebration
Symbols of sturdiness
Suzuki of baseball
Spectrum slice
Space saving abbr
Space saving abbr
Sore spot
Son in Genesis 4
Six-legged indoor pest
Singer LaBelle
Significant successes
Sight from Salzburg
Shell game
Sharp rebuke
Send out
Scandinavian capital
Sauna supplies
Roomy sleeve
Road covers
Rickman's "Harry Potter" role
Rickety auto
Reindeer cousins
Raven's sound
Rap music
Random scribbling, for example
Rabid fan
Quimby of kid-lit
Query re a UFO, perhaps
Pub missile
Prominent period
Prez on a five
Press coverage
Prefix meaning "ancillary"
Prefix for hero
Place for a brake job
Pipeline problem
Phrase indicating emulation
Personnel official
Person from Belgrade
Persian rulers
Patriot of 1776
Patriot of 1775
Olympics dueler
October birthstone
Not made up
Noggin tops
NFL successes
Nescafé rival
National League East team
Name on 62 Across' cover
Mulls over
Mown strip
Moby Dick pursuer
Merit badge holder
Marinara alternative
Lyricist Sammy
Lively spirit
Launches a tirade
Largest living fish
Junction points
Jogging pace
Jazz ensemble
Irked state
In very short supply
Houston ballplayer
Hornets' home
Honolulu-based detective
Hockey great Gordie
Hidden supply
Heavy burden
Group of seven
Give a heads-up to
Get-well program
Get ready, with "up"
Get fast cash for
Get cracking
Geological time periods
Ft. Myers clock setting
From here __ (henceforth)
Forced into sea service
Fit well together
Fictional Frome
Ferber novel
Female in the family
Entry point
Dramatist Henley
Distress call
Despot's word
Delhi dress
Cupid alias
Creative success
Course for a horse
Corp. boss
Construction girder
Committed to carrying out
Cola quantities
Clear wrap
Cheese sold in cylinders
Cellist from Spain
Caddy beverages
Burger topper
Braggart's overabundance
Big name in harmonicas
Big Apple's Arthur __ Stadium
Bake-sale offerings
Ax or awl
Author Ellison
ATM maker
Arch support
Amounts risked
Acid in vinegar
2004 Olympics city
"__ she blows!"
"Peter Pan" pirate
"No seats" sign
"Grapes of Wrath" character – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-11-2016#sthash.U7JztDWl.dpuf
TY's text counterpart
Trick ending?
Trainee of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Tourneys played in Aug
Tornado paths
Top Tatar
Take the ___
Suit to ___
Suffix with opal
Sub follower?
Strong sock
Spends the night in
Some are precious
Shed item
Section of Manhattan
Scriptural analyses
Rival of Century 21
Protected, as a document
Poet from Prague
Plaintive piece
Place to find a bargain
Pie perch
Path with the fewest problems
Ovid's love poetry
Nice ladies
Nagy of Hungary
Miss after marriage
Miffed to the max
Marmalade ingredient
Like a cornered joint
Lies out in the sun too long
Kind of game
Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 2
Just say no
Indifferent evaluation
He supplied the voice for Sylvester
Govt. financial assistance
Go downhill
Denver's Museo ___ Americas
Deer defenses
Cubic Rubik
Company announcement
Certainly no cynic
Celebrate by dancing
Carpenter and Black
Bridge site
Birthplace of Obama Sr
Ben-Hur portrayer
Available in malls
Arabian sultanate
Aquafina alternative
Animal resting place
Alone at the prom
'The Open Window' writer
'Sure' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-11-2016#sthash.1IOnX2ij.dpuf

__ cuisine
__ agent
Where KO means Coca-Cola
What loners seek
What happens at the southern terminus of Interstate 65?
Western sheriff's aid
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer
Very long time
Venerable N.Y. tech school
Uses a rudder
Tokyo-based airline
Thwart bigtime
Take umbrage
Superficial look
Suffix with concert
Stroke from Venus?
Some tanks
Snorkel and his peers: Abbr
Skulking milieu, with 'the'
Share an opinion
SASEs, e.g
Salmon predators
Salmon predator
Rusty nail liquor
River within Switzerland
Ring legend
Ready to mate
Rather uninspired cocktail?
Rapid increase
Quotable late athlete
Put into words
Property destroyer
Prom limo, e.g
Press secretary under LBJ
Prepare for a dubbing
Power players in state law: Abbr
Pastoral parent
Pair of lustrous Kleenex?
Overreact to spilt milk
OR personnel
Ophthalmologist's procedure
Often censored musical groups?
Of ill repute
Oahu outsider
Network with its HQ in Ottawa
Nemo's realm
Natural emollient
Napoleonic Wars weapon
Make the wrong move
Make oneself heard
Magna __ laude
Little bit
Like 114-Across
Leave town for a bit
LBJ biographer Robert __
LAX report
Landscape ruiners
Label for the Swedish duo Roxette
Jones with nine Grammys
Italian man
It's held in a pen
Iraqi port
How sundaes are often served?
High-speed letters
Head for the hills
Harvest units
Gp. following gas prices
Gift from a lover
Get bluffed out, say
Gambling option in many sts
French 101 infinitive
Former NBA exec Jackson
Fluid transfer tool
First asp most likely to bite when the group is disturbed?
Fine netting
Film series Vietnam veteran
Fancy dos
Familia member
Evaluate symptoms
Eucalyptus, for one
Element #5
Eastern nursemaid
Drive up the wall
Discipline that often emphasizes breathing
DDE's command
Dawn goddess
Cookware coating
Cook, as scallops
Considering identical
Connect with the space station
City on the Ohio and Erie Canal
Celtic language
Cargo measure
Card relative?
Candy served on a corporate blimp?
Canal problem?
Busts and such
Busting org
Bucket list list
Brought slowly (into)
Brie-ripening agent
Brain segment
Bite-size veggies
Bite result, often
Biblical landing site
Barcelona bar fare
Aviation prefix
Auto design element
Audits a course, say
Ancient warship with two decks of oars
Alberto VO5 competitor
Airline with blue-striped jets
45 rpm record pioneer
2005 'Survivor' island
1961 Newbery Medal winner Scott __
106-Down debuts
'The Waste Land' monogram
'That's a __'
'Say it soft and it's almost like praying' song
'Rigoletto' composer
'In spades!'
'I like that!'
'E! News' subject
'Better Call ___'
'As I'm thinking about it … '
'Amores' author
'1984' working class 

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