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crosswords puzzle answers 11/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 11/11/2016

___ sch
___ Motel
Yearbook div
Wrigley's field
White of the eye
West Coast N.F.L.'er
Warranting a heart on Instagram, say
Vegan milk source
Turn tail?
Trochee's counterpart
Sugar lover
Staying put
Statement akin to 'Have we met?'
Start of some Southwest city names
Skeptical rejoinder
Singer Goulding
Ranchers' enemies
Producer for Bowie and the Talking Heads
Part of many a rural skyline
Only three-letter constellation other than Leo
One might take you in
Noted bomb in a longtime war
No longer stuck on
Most baleful
Line up
Like Hawaiian shirts
Jet settings
Hook remover, perhaps
Headlines, for short?
Give for a while
French toast
French crowd?
Former Soviet leader Andropov
Film title role for Tyrone Power and Brad Pitt
Father of Harmonia
Fast-food debut of 1981
Extended interview components
Energy qtys
Emperor after Galba
Drives off
Driver's visual aids in bad weather
Dispensary measures: Abbr
Denver's ___ University
Crop circles, e.g
Criticize in no uncertain terms
Civil engineering projects
Certain blackjack
Bridge unit
Blue hue
Block letters?
Big name in auto parts
Big coverage provider
Basic order at Domino's
Bar activity
Bad way to run
Amphibian once associated with bad spirits
Actress Shire
'___ gratias'
'Sketches by ___' (1830s work)
'I messed up … what of it?!'
'Huh, how about that!'
'Go ___ ways to a nunnery': Hamlet – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016#sthash.buKisoNx.dpuf

Zaragoza's river
Working, like jazz musicians
Where many angle for a catch
When, casually
What gibberish makes
Verizon subsidiary
Textile factory container
Takes a breather
Surprising setback
Sleep under the stars
Singer who has never done a tour
Rub the wrong way
Queen-conquering quartet
Prefix with sphere
Prefix meaning 'outer'
Plagued (by)
Piece of grass
Peruvian coins
Perrier produit
Painter Lichtenstein
Painful pang
Oxygen user
Owners' documents
One of the von Trapps
Olive or lime
Nowhere near medal contention
More than -er
Lusty feeling, with 'the'
Lovely Longoria
Letter-shaped hardware store item
Lamb moms
L-Q separators
Kind of bond or column
Killing it
It may be crude
Informal 'Shall we…?'
Incorrect but common baseball abbr
Idle talk
How Montana is #4 among U.S. states
Highly skilled
He took part in the overthrow of King Farouk
Gourmet Garten
God, in Gatineau
Future billionaire, perhaps
Forest moon on which the Ewoks live
Fam member
Estrada and Satie
Dramatic centerpiece in mystery novels
Dorm supervisors, for short
Defeat soundly
Cpls. and such
Convert a very short putt
City with almost no cars
Caustic solutions
Causing one's lips to pucker
Brief moment?
Be a gawker
*Think carefully about one's vote
*Start of a scolding phrase
*Literary action, sometimes
*Heard (about)
*Find solace, as with new knowledge
'Won't you let me?'
'Well, looky here!'
'The ___ on you!' (quip after smashing an egg over someone's head)
'Take a shot!'
'How come you haven't…' retort
'Able was ___…' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016—Paint-by-Numbers#sthash.tdiVUdZN.dpuf

___ Ness of Scotland
Worker's respite
Wilson of comedies
Vice president who resigned
Type of bean (Var.)
Traffic court penalty
Top flight terminus?
Toots one's horn
Tooth pain
Tiny present-wrapper
The least bit
The Blue Jays, on scoreboards
Spare in a boot
Small dinner crumbs
Share one's thoughts
Set free
Salon supplies
Rapid, active commotions
Quick on one's feet
Puts in stitches
Prime-time time
Prepare to swallow
Prefix with 'physical'
Penned up sows
Opposite of giddyap
One push-up
O. Henry's 'The Gift of the ___'
Numbered composition
Not here
Mysterious puzzle
More than a mere movie
Low dam over a stream
Long, narrow cut
Less taxing
Late Rooney of '60 Minutes'
It may cover a sore spot
Holiday egg drinks
Hand shears
Grassy plain in Africa
Governor in Mogul India
Give off, as light
Give a hoot
Frozen drip
Floating trash hauler
Financial analysis (Part two)
Financial analysis (Part three)
Financial analysis (Part one)
Express disapproval
Dog show reject
Crescent horn
Contents of Pandora's box
Climbing vines
Classic Clavell novel
Chanel of fashion
Caustic drain-cleaning liquid
Catholic prayer periods
Carpentry tool
Canal locale
Broadway's Annie, for one
Breezed through, as a test
Blood of mythical gods
Baseball scoreboard trio
Bare one's soul
Available, as beer
Auto body corrosion
Address of Washington National Cathedral?
'The Raven' writer's monogram
'George of the Jungle' creature
'Do ___ others as …'
'Beetle Bailey' barker – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016#sthash.0DvLE6UD.dpuf

What quibblers split
Went ballistic
Visitor to Earth
Trial setting
Trash bag closers
Toad feature
Take a wrecking ball to
Synagogue scroll
Synagogue quorum
Study all night, say
Squirrel away
Spandex fiber
Some Subway offerings
Some square dancers
Some rugs
Soft, in music
Soft drink suffix
Small fry
Seashell seller in a tongue-twister
Run up, as debt
Ranked player at Wimbledon
Public square
Place for a ship's figurehead
Pickpocket, e.g
Pained expression?
Old Order Amish, e.g
Neutral shade
Move like slime
Mosquitoes, to bats
Milk of Magnesia target
Merle Haggard's '___ From Muskogee'
Mary Quant skirt design
Makes tough
Line from the left ventricle
Like Robin Hood's men
Like an unassisted triple play
Larger ___ life
Lakota leader at Little Bighorn
Keeps out
Jason's ship
Hole-in-one, usually
Hat or hand preceder
Happy hour shout
Get bushed
Gawked at
Gather bit by bit
Gasped in awe
Fruit container
Fizzy drink
First-class passenger's amenity
Fig. that's high for hybrid cars
Fashion's Cassini
Epic tale
Emotional damage
Elbows, but not knees
Egg on
Divot, essentially
Distress call
Descartes quoted in 2-Down
Credit card motion
Cowboy's greeting
Coarse tool
Citrus named for its appearance
Burrowing marsupial
Brewer's vessel
Break into, as a computer
Bench press counts
Baby's early word
Apollo missions
'The ___ and the Pendulum'
'The show,' to a minor leaguer
'Stalag 17' extras
'Cogito, ___ sum' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016#sthash.Icp87WMj.dpuf

Wintry-looking, in brand names
Widespread US chain
Where Fort Wayne is
What Lindbergh flew to Paris
Vicksburg victor
Unpaid balance
Tweet of gratitude
Treadmill, so to speak
Trattoria staple
Top choice, for short
Those opposed
Sub on a set
Strong denial
Strong assent
Show displeasure
Show displeasure
She's told, "We'll always have Paris"
Scarlett O'Hara, e.g
Popular burger holder
Polished off
Poetic adverb
Pig purloiner of rhyme
Pale pink
Out in the open
Org. once led by Heston
Opticalm alternative
One opposed
Ocean State sch
Novelist Gerritsen
Not that much
Not shut out from
Night school subj
Newman/Field film
Mail source
Mag space for sale
LSU awards
LSU award
Like, with "to"
Let pass
Lead the cast
Laptop component
Italian article
Health care VIPs
Health care giant
Harpist's ritual
GRE developer
Garb for Gandhi
For fun, for short
Fixed beforehand
Fish's propulsion aid
Ferry stops, at times
Extraneous ingredient
Erstwhile pie filling
Educational octet
Criticisms, so to speak
Criticism, so to speak
Crime lab purchase
City near Los Angeles
CBS series, 2004-13
Capital symbol, on maps
Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony __ major
Battle cry
Anywhere you go
Alphabetic trio
Airborne pest
Accessorizes – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016#sthash.8CrRuapB.dpuf

Whistler, at times
Vestments, e.g
Vegas opening
TV schedule abbr
Troy Aikman's sch
Supports, in a way
Store selections
Stars have big ones
Spin out of control
Southern breakfast dish
Something different
Some 'Law & Order' roles, for short
Slowly merged (into)
Sandwich sort
Roll out the red carpet for
Red vegetables
Puts in stitches
Prince William's school
Prefix with logical
Popular pens
Parts of pumps
Opening word?
One who ignores portion control
Oktoberfest souvenir
Not very much
Needle point?
Marc Antony's love?
Like a not-too-crisp TV picture
Jezebel's idol
It goes 'pop'
In the sky
In the best physical shape
In reserve
Hosp. readout
Horse fathers
Goes up and down
Getting a lot of attention
Get ready for an opportunity
Gear teeth
Fruit drink intro
Fill to excess
Feeling more isolated
Fall through the cracks?
Exodus commemorations
Exhibit leadership
Dreyer's ice cream partner
Drew on
Delhi wrap
Connect with
Cold one
Builder's selections
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Breakfast cereal
Big Apple inits
Aunts and mothers
As well
Artist who used Central Park as his canvas
Arch locations
:, in analogies
1953 Leslie Caron film
1936 candidate Landon
'The Grapes of Wrath' figure
'A Hard Road to Glory' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-11-2016#sthash.9ubfOE02.dpuf

Write effusively
Where el sol rises
Vienna's land: Abbr
Tree fruit
The munchies, e.g
String quartet member
Some like it hot
Smokehouse order
Service to redo
Roadside shelter
Request before the music starts
Reminder to take out the trash?
Purcell's 'Dido and Aeneas,' e.g
Prepare to remodel, maybe
Prefix with arch
Poet Dove
Pest in a swarm
Passport mark
Part of a hinged-door floor plan symbol
Org. for netmen
Order before the music starts
One of a Chicago duo
New York stadium named for a sports great
Murderers' Row teammate of Babe
Marx with a horn
Like some wells
Like some paper towels
Like Cheerios
Light weight
Leader's domain
It's retold often
It may precede bad news
In addition
Icarus, to Daedalus
Hairy TV cousin
Group of like voices
Greet on the street
Green sci
Go in different directions
Four score, often?
Flowery welcome
Flight status info
Fish-fowl link
Fancy, and then some
Colony occupant
Coiffure style
Chatter boxes?
Bulldozer companion
Bordeaux butcher's offering
Big name in WWI espionage
Beijing-born action hero
Beavers, e.g
Bar employee: Abbr
Assuming it's true
Agricultural bundle
After-dinner gathering
Address bar address
'60s-'70s variety show host
'The Fault in __ Stars': John Green novel
'Oh, ew'
'Lie Down in Darkness' author
'I didn't mean that' key
'Girls' channel
'Frida' star Salma
'Bloom County' penguin

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