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crosswords puzzle answers 11/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 11/01/2017

___ strike
___ place
With 55-Down, form of the contents of the circled letters
What 'to forgive' is
Turns on, as notifications on a smartphone
Tough to grasp
Three or four
Talks like Sylvester
Suffix with ranch
Spray-paint, say
Spotted at the prom, perhaps?
Spanish baths
Smartphone download
Short and thick
See 11-Down
Scorpion, for one
Rent-___ (security guard)
Prefix with -morphic
Port city at one terminus of the Appian Way
Poi base
Pet store purchase
PC drive insert
Pale lagers
Org. whose magazine was once called Modern Maturity
One may be bitter
Object of admiration
Not in a knot, say
Music often heard in Bollywood films
Moscow news source
Mop & ___
Mid-16th-century year
Mickey Mouse's dog
Like winters in Antarctica
Like all primes except 2
Light beam bender
Lead-in to boy or girl
Lacoste product
Junior's senior
Jazz singer Carmen
Infomercial pioneer
Inflation-adjusted econ. stat
In the past
Historic 2016 Obama destination
Highish bridge combo
Food Network host Brown
Fitbit datum
First Canadian M.L.B. team
Farmworker in a Millet painting
Ernie Banks, to fans
Enter an altared state?
East ___ (Norfolk and Suffolk's locale)
Deli option
Cross initials
Cousin of FWIW
Constantly moving
Concern regarding a litter box
Co-discoverer of the contents of the circled letters
Co-discoverer of the contents of the circled letters
Close of a parental veto
Clean, in product names
Cigarette stat
Children's author Blyton
Broadcast time
Baseball's dead-ball ___
Ball of yarn
Attack on a walled city, maybe
Apothecary container
Add bling to
Absolutely nobody
18 Louises
'I had no ___!'
'Gute ___' (German bedtime words)
'Enough said!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017#sthash.uFJUxTlf.dpuf

Word before pay, day or bay
Winter home, of a sort
Way to sway
Waste watchers' org.?
Univ. staff
Took it easy
They're hard to get out of
Surprised sounds
Source of advice
Sought a seat
Small trace
Skater's stunt
Singer DiFranco
Shoulder adornments
Short solo
Senators' home
Salt source
Rhine tributary of Switzerland
Release pent-up emotions, or what the starred answers can do
Put away
Put a roof over one's head
Puffins' kin
Projectile in a comedic fight
Place for a night out
Pig's pad
More than mewl
Merger announcement?
Makes unreadable, in a way
Maker of Speedmaster watches
Like an evening gown
Less refined
Knocked on the noggin
Keep from being perfect
JFK guess
House work?
Houdini's real name
Home to four billion
Hard-to-read type
Grounded flyer
Grazers on the Serengeti plains
Getaway destination
General activity?
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' director
Frisky org.?
Fire fighter
Fashionable monogram
Epoch division
Emblem of Scotland
Economical, as writing
Dull sound
Drop in the ocean
Drive away
Debate side
Debate side
Dawn drops
Costs of certain campaigns
Cosmo, e.g
Constantinople coin
Combo's performances
Cologne article
Cologne application
Canoeist's activity
Bray bit
Birds, biologically
Best replacement?
Bean topper
Be under the weather
Balkan capital
Ankle covering
Analysis topic
*Yellowstone attraction
*Post-workout refresher
*Its home is on the range
*It departs from Platform 9 3/4 – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017—It's-a-Gas#sthash.sMo1mpKA.dpufWord with 'frog' or 'year'
Weeper's need
Was at one time, but ___ now
Valley of vineyards
Those that get on one's nerves
They stand against
Taxing mo. for many
Stuffed down one's gullet
Strong smell
Splash about in a little water
Society page word
Small, fruity candy
Shout at an obedience school
Rock salt is one
Pro wrestling locale
Prefix with 'chute' or 'trooper'
Place for a race horse
Ought to
One of the Great Lakes
One of the Fates
On the house
Old Trevi Fountain coin
Noted ski resort
Mortar container
More than merely in love
Mo. with 31 days
Miscellany or collection
Military commission
Make one's exit
Like glazed-over eyes
Like a flared-out dress
Like a cold-sufferer's voice
Like a ballerina or gymnast
Large Australian birds
Kinda wet
Kentucky Derby unit
It might grow to be a mushroom
It can raise a lot of dough
Irritate and then some
Innovative and then some
In a rational, coherent way
Implant deeply
Hydrangea, e.g
Humbert Humbert's temptress
Ho Chi Minh's capital
Having wings
Give a task to
Get off the beaten path
Full extent
Fish with long jaws
Entertainment of old
Eggs in a science lab
Easter-hunt link
Divide into piles
December purchase for many
Data unit
Cubic measure of firewood
Completely blows away
Chased after, as a detective
Cab money
Bullets, briefly
Bonnie and Clyde, infamously
Blood of the Greek gods
Betting probabilities
Best man's oration
Bakery buy, sometimes
Any credit card balance
Accused one's defense
Accessories, to a salesperson
A tiny part of this?
'___ Brockovich'
'Wishy-___' (indecisive)
'Scream' actress Campbell
'It's ___ cry from …'
'Bummer!' to Shakespeare – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017#sthash.tFEhsFq7.dpuf

___ Pie (frozen treat)
Wordsworth work
Wise actor William?
What you're trying to do now
Tusker in a Beatles title
Trotsky of the Red Army
Toppers for RuPaul
Tech support callers
Stagnation in the milling industry?
Spots in the sea
Sound judgment
Sitcom Marine Gomer
Silver or salt source
Shopping venue
Shelf occupant of kid-lit
Seamster's line
Schumer of Comedy Central
Said further
Russo of 'The Intern'
Reagan ex Wyman
Ran in the laundry
Pupil of Socrates
Problem-free state
Poker variation
Performing brilliantly
PC 'cancel' command
Onetime ballpark promotion
Mountain road section
Most forward fellow?
Monkey's place, in a kid's game
Maryland's state bird is one
Mark over some Spanish n's
Leprechauns' dances
LeBlanc of 'Friends'
Lawn-patching material
Husky-drawn vehicle
Gym game, informally
Guitar innovator Paul
Gridlock noisemaker
Greedy monarch of myth
Grand ___ Opry
Grain storage site
Google Earth graphic
Glaze over in winter
Gave a hand to
Garment size
Fifth-century attacker of Gaul
Fiery gemstone
Description of the flavor of blue cheese?
Cropped up
Creature in Petco's logo
Common garden statue
Colon or semicolon, in emoticons
Cocoa vessel
Cloned units
Chomped on
Cheap smokes
Causes of slicks
Carry with effort
Caribou cousin
Campfire remnant
Calvin of fashion
Bring to a halt
Belfry locales
Beelzebub's handiwork
Bald spot concealer
Author whose verses inspired 'Cats'
Apple's 'jukebox'
Amused oneself (with)
Alan of 'Bridge of Spies'
Adolescent's woe
A judge may hold you in this
1999 Exxon merger partner
14-Across, for one
'Well, fancy ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017#sthash.AYuPhIPS.dpuf

Wooden strip
Wolfed down
Wine vintage
Web pop-ups
Was ahead
Volcanic output
Universe creation theory
U.N.'s peacekeeping body
U.N.'s executive body
U.N.'s all-member body
Tuna container
Tiny bit of water
Textile worker
Stressful spot
Spilled the beans
Some nest eggs, for short
Sodium or sulfur
Sixth sense, for short
Simmered slowly
Shell game
Sharpener insert
Selling point
Rural hotels
Removed rind from
Remove frost from
Reduce, as expenses
Put to work
Pulpit presentation
Poorly lit
Poker payment
Pick up the check
Pick up the check
PC bailout key
Part of an act
Not quite right
New Cub Scout
Nebraska neighbor
NBA broadcaster
Microwave oven sounds
Matador adversary
Mailing stickers
Lobster cousin
Lathered up
Large scissors
L.A. clock setting
In the thick of
Ill temper
Holds the deed to
Historic time
Guitarist Clapton
Greet the day
Got taller
Goes out with
Folklore monster
Elliptical shape
Electric auto company
Drink daintily
Dracula portrayer Lugosi
Derisive shout
Cozy room
Court sport
Church donation
Chinese temple
Brother of Cain
Big-eyed bird
Are, in Argentina
Airport rental
Admirals' org – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017#sthash.CF3i9Zge.dpuf

Wyoming's official gemstone
Wrap one's mind around
Wimbledon barrier
Veggies that become pickles
Vanishing sound
Valentine graphic
Unspoken but understood
UK channel
The world, to a go-getter
Tex-Mex treat
Tax submission option
Tanning salon units
Sushi-wrapping seaweed
Sup sumptuously
Sunday school stories
Studied (over)
Sold (for)
Set aside
Send into a snit
Seeded bread variety
Sault ___ Marie
Rocky's foe, in the first film
Rice on bookshelves
Reverential verse
Rapturous review
Pole-to-pole connection
Parks who didn't stand for injustice
Parking garage features
Pained outburst
Org. that certifies detection dogs
On the heels of
Native Alaskan language
Makeup table item
Literary villain whose modus operandi is described by the ends of 20-, 34-, and 41-Across
Kitten's call
Keep from escaping
Jim's portrayer in 'The Doors'
Inventory-clearing event
Ice rink maneuver
Horse-and-buggy sect
Graph prefix
Golfer's goof
Give the keynote address
Futuristic 1994 Van Damme movie
Frosty flakes
Format for 70mm films
Exits angrily
Electric company client
Drop ___ (moon)
Distort deviously
Crusoe's creator
Crocodile's crusher
Creatures in yokes
Coup de grâce
Cook with intense heat
Confident outfielder's cry
Catch a few winks
Camp Swampy, to Beetle Bailey
Be the founder of
Basketballs, but not footballs
Baby beetle
Amble aimlessly
Admission ticket, colloquially
Access requirements
2003 Tony winner Tharp
1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival tune
'Will you permit me?'
'Silas Marner' novelist
'Coffee Cantata' composer
'Check it out!'
'Bossypants' author Fey – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-11-2017#sthash.pIHm7Gve.dpuf

Yes votes
Windows alternative
Wedding figure
TV's J.R. Ewing, e.g
Threatening words
Theater district
Take over
Take down a peg
Swedish automaker
Sushi selection
Stereotypical dawn challenges
Square statistic
Spill the beans
Speaker's spot
Soon, to a bard
Some prosecutors: Abbr
Smooth, as transitions
Shirts named for a sport
Send in a box
Seesaw sitter of tongue twisters
Scorned lover of Jason
Puddle jumper trip
PC feature only used in combinations
Part of CNN
Painter Cassatt
Over-the-shoulder band
Novelist Rice
Newspaper reporter's compensation?
New Testament bk
N.L. player whose home games include a Presidents Race
Moran of 'Happy Days'
Medical emergency alert
Lee who was the top-charting female soloist of the '60s
Landscaper's compensation?
Kibbutz setting
Internet crafts marketplace
Helping hand
Health resorts
Get out of bed
German battleship Graf __
French I verb
Former NYC mayor Giuliani
Flared dress
Fix up
Farming prefix
European cheese town
Dry as dust
Drops in
Drop-down list
Domino's delivery driver's compensation?
DOJ bureau
Diplomatic skill
Cooling meas
Connection point
Comedian's compensation?
Chiropractor's compensation?
Chihuahua cheer
ChapStick container
Bowling alley button
Big star
Bath-loving Muppet
Bass' red triangle, e.g
Baby fox
Actress Thurman
'50s prez
'__ who?'
'__ Been Good': Joe Walsh hit
'Wheel of Fortune' buy
'Taste this'
'Selma' director DuVernay
'I'm with ya'
'All the same … '

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