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crosswords puzzle answers 10/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 10/12/2016

Workers making lots of dough?
Where you might warm up after a run
U.S. city whose name looks like a form of poker
Trailer for farm animals?
Tour schlepper
Three sheets to the wind
The middle Karamazov brother
Subway ___
Subway ___
Sri ___
Spenders of 100-dinar notes depicting Nikola Tesla
Sign of the cross?
Sicilian Italian and others
Setting for many a political rally
San Antonio-based refinery giant that acquired Arco in 2013
Runner-up to 'Baby Got Back' on VH1's '40 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the '90s'
Rub elbows with, say
Prime minister who helped his country land the 2020 Summer Olympics
Play with an imaginary friend
Plains tribe
Pay off gradually
More than staggers
Medevac destinations, informally
Masthead listing, for short
Little bark
Like Robinson Crusoe
Leader in a suit?
Justice who wrote the unanimous decision in United States v. Nixon
It rocks as it rolls
Island home to the Sleeping Giant mountain
Holiday ball
Hall & Oates hit that asks 'What went wrong?'
Got lippy with
Gogol's Aksenty Poprishchin, per the title
Getting even with
Gallery habitué
Film set schlepper
Fast runner
Extremely endomorphic
Elvira's love, in opera
Election night news
Dissipate, as ardor
Directs (to)
Crawl on CNBC
Comedian who voiced the lead in 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Certain choke in wrestling
Building supports
Baby boomer, e.g., in Aussie slang
Automotive pioneer Bugatti
Analogue of Lot's wife in Greek mythology
Ambassador sent by the Vatican
A.L. West team, on scoreboards
'Summer's joys are ___ by use': Keats
'So ___ happened'
'JAG' spinoff
'Go ahead, you got me'
'And a Voice to Sing With' memoirist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016#sthash.4ef5QwK9.dpuf

Wayne Manor name
Veterans Day month or day
Upper echelon
Trying to seem highbrow
Took in a second airing of
The Horned Frogs' sch
Tex-Mex offering
Tex-Mex offering
Tattoos, in slang
Take to the skies
Stunted, as trees
Start of many Brazilian place names
Stand-up guy
Stallion steerer
St. Louis attraction
Spew pahoehoe
Source of ambiguous answers
Solemn custom
Slanted, as writing
Singer Stefani
Shuffle follower
Seller of Toughskins kids' clothing
RSVP decliners
Printemps follower
Prepared for a punch
Pottery piece
Poetic feet
Picture prize
Performance reward
Part of Wayne Gretzky's setting?
Part of Vladimir Horowitz's setting?
Part of Paris Hilton's setting?
Part of Lewis Carroll's setting?
Part of Gianni Versace's setting?
Part of Fox Mulder's setting?
Part of Doug Flutie's setting?
Part of Bertolt Brecht's setting?
Paris, for one
Pale in color
Painful pellets
Pack train sound
Osso buco base
NYSE listing
Nostrils' go-between
Nine-time French Open champ
Nearly Headless Nick at Hogwarts, e.g
Nautical adverb
Music's Clean Bandit, e.g
More precisely
More apt to be eschewed by macho fellows
Month in Mexico
Monastery address
Moccasin adornment
Moat setting
Lowly worker, figuratively
Loud longhorn
Lord's Prayer starter
Like punches that pack a wallop
Kibbutznik's land
It's south of Eur
It may be made of koa wood
House swallower
Highly styled wigs
Highest degree
Held a session
Hardwood choice
Hardwood choice
Hand over
Group that may have an advantage
Green figure
Getty, for one
George of 'The Goldbergs'
Fruity cocktail
Freeport-based retailer
Fragrant essence
Former Texas senator Hutchison
Flooring calculation
Export shortfall
Door topper
Displays of contempt
Debt indicator
Dark force
Customs act, perhaps
Cry of alarm
Coop critter
Confessional enumeration
Component of a big belt
Class drudgery
City on the Bay
Catcher's work
Castle cores
Capital nicknamed 'la Ciudad de los Reyes'
Cafe location, sometimes
Bob Cratchit's youngest
Boarding place
Bill add-on
Bed contents
Beatles descriptor
Beat at the track
Bake-off needs
Austrian article
Au courant
Attack forcefully
A good day to dye
28-Down, e.g
1984 gold medal gymnast
1974 hit '___ Tu'
13 for Al, e.g
'___ on TV'
'Who ___ to judge?'
'Who Put the ___…' (Barry Mann song)
'On the Beach' author
'Inside the NBA' analyst
'Goodbye, Columbus' writer
'Dancing Queen' singers
'Carol' director Todd
'Brave' princess – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016—Set-the-Table#sthash.EaZlIeTd.dpuf

Word of cheer
Where to find fake doors and windows
Utterance that may evoke pity
Thing cut at a grand opening
The simple science teacher's lesson (Part 5)
The simple science teacher's lesson (Part 4)
The simple science teacher's lesson (Part 3)
The simple science teacher's lesson (Part 2)
The simple science teacher's lesson (Part 1)
Thai language kin
Stiff hairs or bristles
Some fine furs
Smashing Steffi?
Slow-moving marine herbivore
Shaky prefix with 'graph'
Run a sting operation on
Reef ring
Pontius who 'washed his hands'
Pirates' booty
Perfect for the job
Package word for dieters
Ones not likely to break the rules
One honored for a great achievement
On dry land
Nile snake
Move unsteadily
More sharp to the tongue
Male sib
Like the far end of a pool
Like howling at midnight
Insiders' talk?
Infectious bacteria
Indian prince
Had a secretive rendezvous
Gooey campfire treat
Goes in again
Generous dozen, to bakers
Gallery-opening VIP
Flipper or wing, e.g
Flight data, briefly
Fit and healthy
Find coverage for
Famous clinic
Ex, ___ and zee
Enfold completely
Emulate a seamstress
Elf, to Santa
Direction of Earth's rotation
Conclusion that takes things to the extreme?
Communicate successfully
Common cookie type
Color quality
Closes out
Clock standard (Abbr.)
City in northwestern Italy
Certain Eastern European
Casual turndown
British alphabet ender
Bridle straps
Back up at the office
Aunts in Mexico
Astronaut's insignia, in the U.S
Ark landing site
Alda's classic sitcom
Affirmative vote
'Seinfeld' uncle
'Get ___ of yourself!'
'Check this out!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016#sthash.h6Wnh7F3.dpuf

___ out (just manage)
___ mater
___ Arbor, Mich
Wyle of 'ER'
Wordplay from Groucho
With 67-Across, Food Network chef
Well-worn pencil
Walter Mondale's nickname
Vintner's vessel
Use a Swiffer, say
Unlike this entry
Tigers, on scoreboards
The 'R' of Roy G. Biv
Tenth of a sawbuck
Tartan wearers
Tailless simian
Start of the three monkeys' proverb
Spectrum gradation
South-of-the-border cash
Small swig
Slip away from
Shapiro of NPR
Sent by wire
Sent an invoice to
Self-indulgent episode
See 60-Across
Salty septet
Row of shrubbery
Rob who directed 'This Is Spinal Tap'
Retiree from the force
Quick turn
Queen's 'We ___ the Champions'
Prudish sort
Prickly plants
Prefix with corn or pod
Photographer's request
Panera Bread sandwich
Nolan with seven no-hitters
Most common blood type
More cheeky
Mike who voiced Shrek
Media-monitoring org
Mean kid in 'Toy Story'
Maugham's 'Cakes and ___'
Mani-___ (salon job)
Like the flavor of amontillado
Like non-Rx drugs
Like an oboe's sound
Like a dirt road
Like 'The X-Files' episodes
Lee who directed 'Hulk'
Keebler worker
Just-born baby
Ireland's biggest-selling solo artist
Hibernation spots
Hardly strict
Hard to grab hold of
Give a kickback to
Garner who composed 'Misty'
Former congresswoman Bachmann
Film critic Roger
Fabled race loser
Extra-wide, on a shoebox
Expose, as a plot
Elusive Himalayan creature
Did a dash
Deuce toppers
Dean's list factor (Abbr.)
Christie of whodunits
Cartoon mouse Gonzales
Big name in skin care
Be a busybody
All tuckered out
All fired up
A function of a Swiss Army knife
1957 No. 1 hit for Sam Cooke
'Off the Court' author Arthur – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016#sthash.LmMezhST.dpuf

Zoo staffer
Word from the Latin for "other"
With justification
Where the heart is
What's west of the Sea of Japan
What Ahab's leg was made of
What a ham won't ever be
Way to express affection
Waterslide constructor
Upgraded improperly?
Turn off, as an option
Trebek's first employer as a TV host
Tight bunch
They're not parts of circles
Test fan, say
Taking off
Square root of "cento"
Spots with no difficulty
Specialist's superior: Abbr
Something hanging on an easel
Shake __
Sequel to a 1996 Pulitzer memoir
Sends off
Salt, perhaps
Responded, in a way
Quad, to another quad
Piece of yuletide decor
Parts of clippers
One with uplifting feet
Not inert
Newspaper piece
Muscle car designation
Metaphor for abundance
Means of easy advancement
Material for some bed frames
July 4th reports
Inventor of consumable cups
Inflationary spiral?
Idol, quite possibly
How Balzac said "blue"
Group in a kids' game
Gossips, e.g
Get a banquet going, perhaps
Fruit of some labor
Frequent feeders on Washington lawns
EZ SEED brand
Extra charge for an overnight letter?
Diver's initial concern
Cultures often prove its presence
Cornwall-bound princess of opera
Corner store of a sort
Component of some complexes
Comparatively considerable
Comic-book flapper
Chocolate/cream dessert
Caterpillar in a forest
Bolt turner
Belt's smaller relative
Avionics topic
Audience for a 1963 JFK speech
Advanced coyly
À la
'80s Pontiac – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016#sthash.riBuEGuX.dpuf

Without lagging
Without a dull moment
Where a monarch parks himself
Welcome mat locale, often
Was clad in
Wall Street Journal topic
Visibility spoilers
The Weather Channel visual
Taking vacation
Table or turkey piece
Suit well
Sought advice from
Some ESPN playbacks
Sliders on snowy slopes
Skating surface
Sierra Club founder John
Show of solidarity
Seventh of a 24-letter alphabet
Set, as a trap
Scriptural deluge refuge
Screwdriver liquor
Scarlett O'Hara or Melanie Hamilton
Request to a poser
Rendering of Ren, perhaps
Profession portrayed in 'The Help'
Primitive attraction
Poetic percher on a bust of Pallas
Plus more
Ping-Pong partition
Paparazzi clients
One of the home team's opponents
On task
Needing nourishment
Neckpiece for Yogi Bear
Mr. Smithers, to Mr. Burns
Momentous period
May hrs. in Massachusetts
Marino or Mateo preceder
Maine campus town
Like Bo Peep's flock
Lie in ambush for
Lagasse outburst
Krispy Kreme creations
Justice O'Connor's successor
Israeli firearm brand
Indochina country
Income sources for some srs
Hurdle-clearing action
Hilly range
Hatchet-burying agreement
Getting thousands of YouTube views
Gets a glimpse of
Felt-tipped implement
Fast-food combo item, usually
Far from fearless
Fanzine focuses
Fanged fiend
Energetic spirit
Employee who makes a clean sweep
Double-curved path
Dog show dignitary
Disturbed terribly
Devilish deeds
Car wash device
Bushy-tailed carnivore
Board game booklet list
Bale storage spaces
Autumn chill
Alda of 'The Aviator'
Acknowledge an ovation
40-40, at Wimbledon
1979 Bette Midler drama
'Yes ___?' ('Decide now!')
'What an insult!'
'As I see things,' in comment threads – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-10-2016#sthash.BVP5s8WD.dpuf

Tossing and turning
To a greater extent
The blahs
Test ban subjects
TD Garden skater
Tam patterns
Styron's Turner
Stops on a commuter train
Still saved
Souvlaki choice
Some gametes
Sole proprietor?
Smartphone notification
Sci-fi author Stephenson
Santa __ winds
Plains native
Pedometer unit
Painter Mondrian
Orange half of a comic duo
Only pitcher whose jersey number was retired by the Mets
One of the gang
Odorless gas
New England sch. in Kingston
Mount, as a comeback
Montana's has a plow, a pick and a shovel
Modern opening?
Lopez who played Jiminez in 'The Dirty Dozen'
Like the Kara Kum
Like some appetites
Letter between Whiskey and Yankee
Latish wake-up time
Keats wrote on one
Journalist Whitelaw __
It takes a licking
In recent times
Hustler's request
Hebrew letters
Headache source
Goddess on whose bust Poe's raven perched
Get the word out?
Get ready to hit the road
Georgetown newspaper, with 'The'
Eye care brand
Electoral analyst Silver
Demon of Semitic lore
Death in Venice
Crow heard on tracks
Company whose old factory had a water tower shaped like the company's product
Coloratura Gluck
Certain internet chatter
Canceled a reservation, maybe
Cajun staple
Bright one in a school
Brand on the Alcan Highway
Bear fruit
Bargain for
Bad check letters
2013 literature Nobelist
1988 film noir remake
1980 film with the #1 hit 'Magic'
'Wrong call, I suppose'
'Herbie: Fully Loaded' star 

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