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crosswords puzzle answers 10/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 10/11/2016

Writer who said 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well'
Words from the fashionably late
Word rhyming with 'ignore' in 'I Am Woman'
Windy City transportation inits
Wait anxiously
Vowelless interjection
Upscale hotel chain
Tiny information unit
The absolute worst
Taxable amount for an investor
Start of a flat, maybe
Star in Orion
Small step up?
Singer/actress Grande
Record label whose name derives from Greek myth
Reagan confidant
Power ___
Plan to leave shortly?
Part of the 'sum' conjugation
Old ship constellation
No matter how
Netflix activity
National Dog Day Mo
Mixed stock
Marvel Comics villain
Many a Parliament Hill staffer
Locale of the sculpture 'La Bocca della Verità'
Little Caesar in 'Little Caesar'
Lighter side?
Key of Pachelbel's Canon
Jockey with a speeding Citation
Jay's place
Its chimes were the first U.S. registered 'sound mark'
It may require gloves, for short
It has much room to grow
How bedroom furniture is often sold
Hornets and the like
History's ___ Affair
Hero in the Trojan War
Grandpa Walton portrayer
Getting tons of calls
French composer Gabriel
Food item often placed in a stack
Fish whose name is a calculator number turned upside down
Feature of a one-armed bandit
Facility at Quantico
Event with a king and queen
Eastern V.I.P
Dear companion?
Dairy Queen order
Covering the waterfront
Course coda
Counterterrorism org
Compound under control by the Kyoto Protocol
Colorful corn balls
Chances left after Slim left town, in a saying
Boy or Girl follower
Barzini and others, in 'The Godfather'
Ask too many questions, say
Alpha dog
Actress Phylicia
Actor Jon of 'Mad Men'
21-gun salutes, e.g
'Who, me?'
'What greater gift than the love of a ___?': Dickens
'Brah!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016#sthash.Ubd0FSk6.dpuf

Trade center
Tony winner as Nicholas Nickleby
Sweater opening?
Surrealist from Barcelona
Supplier of hot water on a military base?
Summons from a tot
Spokespersons for the military fleet?
Spare tire, essentially
Skating move
Skater Midori
Site of Minot AFB
Scratches (out)
Salvation Army beneficiaries
Reward for Rover
Return from the war zone
Pretentiously highbrow
Port on the Arabian Peninsula
Policy for retaining soldiers beyond their enlistment period
Plane in the Pearl Harbor attack
Org.'s kin
Numero di tenori
Nautilus shape
Military unit
Military honorees formed by the letters inserted into the theme answers
Military dog, after the war is over?
Military base that serves as a good model?
Mess hall bunch
Make a lot
Like the visiting team, perhaps
Like the Battle of Aleppo
Like chrysalises
Lightly armored military vehicle
Learn to fit in
KP peeling target
Itzamna worshiper
Island ruled by Morgan le Fay
Instrument settings
Incredulous response to an insult
Hurdle for Hannibal
Holds back
Hired soldier, for short
Hill, in Hebrew
Gunpowder and the like
Gradually weaken
Gp. founded in Baghdad
Get some sack time
Garfield's victim, often
Fight off
Escape, as capture
Eamon de Valera's land
Drive setting
Drive participant
Do the math
Company instruction
Cold War leader
Cheese choice
Cheese choice
Camp intruder
Brand originally called 'Brad's Drink'
Barracks, e.g
Army of Northern Virginia commander
Armada's kin
Allies foe
'The hottest spot north of Havana'
'The fix ___!'
'The Army Goes Rolling Along' composer
'Saigon Bride' singer
'Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin' author
'Agreed!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016—Military-Buildup#sthash.7DdZ2zou.dpuf

Where Vikings landed
When Laika the dog became the first animal in space, 1957
What gears and combs have in common
Vocal highlight at the Met
Vitamin A
Use a five-finger discount
Unhealthy thing in the air
U.K. network
Type of hammer
Truth or ___
Took a tumble
Tiny workers on a farm?
Thing stroked in deep thought
The 'U' of UV
Sword handle
Strips in front of one's window?
Sporting wings
Sport for Prince Charles
Sound system of yore
Some are liberal
Solo in films
Skipper's place
Sign of joy or sorrow
Saxophone type
Rope-making fiber
Reed instrument
Put on the staff
Prove to be false
PC memory unit, for short
Opted not to play
Open-___ shoe
One of several near Rodeo Drive
Note of the musical scale
Not conned by
New York canal
Mourner's poem
Midnight light unit
Margarine kin
Leftover meal crumb
King's introduction, in cookery
Italian staple
It's wallowed in
Hinged fasteners
Have canines introduce themselves
Group of six performers
Grig, eventually
Gets out of bed
Former rulers of Iran
Flogging marks
Fleshy seed coating
Fishing rod attachment
Extra energy
Emulate a happy cat
Drink of fermented honey and water
Diplomacy breakdown
Detonate successfully
Decorate afresh
Country bordering home of 25-Across
Cooks clams, commonly
Chicago 11
Cast or tossed
Bulgarian's neighbor
Brief 'despite'
Beat decisively
Backpacker on a trail
Aptitude determiners
Alaskan aborigine
Aahs' counterparts
'___ in victory' (grade school lesson)
'Pennies ___ Heaven'
'Messiah,' notably – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016#sthash.qAFq3VIz.dpuf

Used a peeler on
Touched down
The lion's share
The brainy Simpson
Taurus neighbor
Take up or let out
Supreme Norse god
Squirrels away
Some commuter options
Skater's leap
Shire of 'Rocky' movies
Road construction tools
Rider's footrest
Reports of concern to Vail
Puts on a pedestal
Potato sprout source
Portfolio holding, for short
Place for an icicle
Picked from a lineup
Penn of 'Milk'
Pedometer unit
Paquin of 'True Blood'
Obama family member
Much of Maine's forestry
More than 10-Across
Make progress
Mad ___ hatter
Macintosh and McIntosh
Longest river in France
Like Superman's vision
Like a saved seat
License prerequisite, perhaps
Lecher's look
Labor unions' concerns
Initial, as a voyage
Home to some Egyptians
Highly skilled
Heep of literature
Head infestation
Hawaiian shaman
Hammer end
Fries, to a burger
Free promotion
Fish that swims upright
First word in 'The Raven'
Far from ruddy
Epcot shuttle
Env. insertion
Elizabethan or Victorian
Early rising hr
Drive to nowhere
Draw a parallel
Disgusting stuff
Deck chair part
Clears (of)
Church recess
Cause of beach erosion
Catch on to
Cash in Chile
Break in relations
Big Mac component
Battleship barrage
Barn revolver
Bank's property claim
Ballet bend
Ancestry.com diagram
Advil target
10-Across, vis-a-vis 33-Across
'___ ideal world . . .'
'Peter Pan' dog – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016#sthash.62u89VdR.dpuf

Where huge letters are written
Weigh station visitor
Trump Jr.'s sister
Tolkien villain
Throw stuff at
The Beaver State
Talk-show physician
Superhero squad
Strike zone boundary
Spill the beans
Some phone messages
Shrink back
Shoe preserver
Sesame seed paste
Seek a newer version
Sarge's superior
Real estate stat
Quiz whiz Jennings
Puppy sound
Pumpkin or squash
Prefix meaning "beyond"
Poet's sphere
Perry victory site
Penn with two Oscars
Part of a sock
Opera set in Egypt
One of the Brontë sisters
Novelist DeLillo
Novel designs
Mumbai garb
More despicable
Merchandise ID
Make much noise
Magnetite, e.g
Lets down
It's west of Sask
Irish actor Stephen
How some coffee is served
High school class
Half of a course
Guffaw, in "Variety"
Greenland explorer
Greenish blue
Golden Rule word
Go away quietly
Fund held in trust
Fully matured
Fraternal brothers
Force's training center
Facebook party notice
Except for
ER personnel
El Al's headquarters
Dresses down
Designer label
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Cause of quaking
British schoolboy's topper
Beyond impractical
Become horizontal
Auto adornment
Also mention
Adoption org
A good time
A bunch
1950s war zone
"Sail ___ Ship of State!"
"Merchant of Venice" woman
"Cheers" server – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016#sthash.gKEcO5O5.dpuf

Wisconsin town with a namesake children's clothing company
What the ends of 17-, 28-, and 45-Across might direct you to look at
Vietnamese New Year
Valuable deposit
Unpleasant smells
Tweezing target, maybe
Tropical fruit with pink flesh
Trigonometry symbol
The ___ State (nickname for Connecticut)
Tech debut of 2007
Super Mario Galaxy console
Sound from a fan
Sore throat soother
Sit on, as a horse
Silver screen celeb
Side of a doorway
Sales figures
Repeated word in 'Ring Around the Rosy'
Reggae musician Peter
Quick pull
Punk subgenre
Princess of Alderaan
Pricey eggs
People with titles
Part of a seed that develops into a plant
Oscar winner Kidman
Nonverbal greeting
Niels Bohr, for one
Nary a soul
Moisturizer ingredient
Microwave sound
Menu phrase
Make sense, with 'up'
Make backwards-compatible
Lionized one
Like aspirin, briefly
Letter after sigma
Leg up
Lawman played by Costner
Kevin Kline's 'A Fish Called Wanda' role
John Brennan heads it, briefly
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
From Cardiff, say
Former American auto brand
Flip one's lid
Flash on and off
Fire truck attachment
Fielder's flub
Fictional lab assistant
Exam with a logic section, briefly
Derby, e.g
Crew implement
Create intaglio, perhaps
Cooking fat
Codebreaking org
Chip brand
Cheekbone's neighbor
Central American lizards
Brillo competitor
Big name in British museums
Bauxite or galena
Aunt, in Andalusia
Allegro and andante
Add a bylaw to, say
Actor Morales
'The Gift of the Magi' author
'The brain is wider than the ___' (Dickinson)
'Rizzoli & ___' (TNT show)
'Alouette' word
'A Prayer for ___ Meany' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-10-2016#sthash.Y9qWYwOx.dpuf

Williams of talk TV
WBA decisions
Very close
Values highly
They're kept in pens
Tearful queen
Sushi selection
Sun., on Mon
Square, e.g
Spouted vessel
Spanish pronoun
Some den leaders
Soft sound
Silk Road desert
Showtime title forensic technician, familiarly
Short strings?
Sharp weapon
Seventh in a Greek series
Sci-fi award
Scary-sounding lake
Put a new handle on
Pulls a Halloween prank on, for short
Powerful watchdogs
Pop artist Lichtenstein
Ponte Vecchio's river
Police blotter letters
Picnic dishes
Pastoral residences
Part of the fam
Palm fruit
Orange __
Online newsgroup system
NASA part: Abbr
Muse count
Mother in Calcutta
More skittish
Meyers of 'Kate & Allie'
Holiday to-do list task
Goes with
Frequent discount recipient
Former Jesuit school official
Foot part
Florida city, familiarly
Energy org. since 1960
Dependable source of income
Daughter of Polonius
Dash, but not dot
Dark mark
D.C. summer hrs
Cycle starter?
Charlotte __
Certain happy hour exclamation
Borrow the limit on
Bit of TLC?
Bit of 11-Down gear
Birthday party staple, and a hint to this puzzle's circles
Big Band __
Auction venue
Aspen gear
Artisan pizzeria feature
2016 MLB retiree
1954 Best Actress Oscar winner
'70s TV lawman Ramsey
'You __ grounded!'
'The Square Egg' author
'The Miracle Worker' comm. method
'… wish __ a star'

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