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crosswords puzzle answers 10/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 10/05/2017

Xenophobes' fear
Went off, as an alarm
Unless, in law
Under the weather
Uganda's Amin
Tsunami cause
Tram load
Toy on a string
Took too much, briefly
Suzuki with his first name on his jersey
Supreme Court aides
Supporters of broken arms
Suffix for sugars
Starts the game depicted in this puzzle
Start of el año
Something needed to play the game depicted in this puzzle … or a hint to the six circled answers
Something needed to play the game depicted in this puzzle
Slow-witted sort
Sibling nickname
Shepard in space
Sees regularly
Sch. founded by Thomas Jefferson
San ___ (Bay Area city)
San Fernando Valley community
Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas or Sonia Sotomayor, schoolwise
Rapper with a line of Fila sneakers
Publisher of People
Providence art inst
Prison guard, slangily
President who was imprisoned for 27 years
Post-triathlon woes
Partner of vim
Output from futuristic weaponry
One violating omertà
One atop the standings
Not stressed
More skilled in
Meat in a classic Monty Python skit
Maritime hazard
Low-budget: Prefix
Legendary firefighter Red
Lead-in to lark or dare
Kim of 'L.A. Confidential'
Joule fraction
In vogue
Ice cream bar brand
I came: Lat
Home of the Burj Khalifa
Hägar the Horrible's dog
Get chummy (with)
Gerontology subject
Gaelic tongue
Free speech defender, for short
For all to see
Foot, in anatomy
Facetious subject of many articles in The Onion
Even odds
Ed with seven Emmys
Eastern 'way'
Divider in this puzzle's game
Dishwasher need
Defunct U.K. label
Cover letter abbr
Certain Wall St. takeover
Call after the 72-Across crosses the 16-Down seven times and lands here
Beltway insider
Be under the weather
Avoid a beanball, maybe
Avian source of red meat
Ate in high style
Antenna, e.g
Ankle wrap for an athlete
1960s underwater habitat
1940s spy org
'Star Wars' princess
'Lola' band, with 'the'
'L' train overseer
'Footloose' hero ___ McCormack – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-10-2017#sthash.UISbzfXS.dpuf

Workers' place
Way impressive
Warner who played Charlie Chan
Use as a reference
Treacherous sorts
Travel mug part
Trading area
Tilde key's neighbor
They're concerned with feet and meters
Statue in Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia
Start of a Caesar boast
Start for magnetic or metric
Split apart
Some of it comes from Mars
Sock set
Shape of some faces
Rutger of 'Blade Runner'
Resting on
Put away
President, at times
Pole toiler
Plow pullers
Pick of the populace
Openly confess
Online gamer's annoyance
No longer fizzy
Mother of Hephaestus
Minor row
Military choppers
Milhouse's crush
Long-distance runner Zatopek
Line man?
Kiss specialty
Jiggly dishes
It may have a privacy partition
Humphrey's successor
Hoppy brew, initially
His 'Fire in the Evening' is in MoMA
Hill crawlers
Grilling site
Gossip's start
Good foe
Ford SUV
Extorted money from
Enchanted with
Dubai dignitary
Destinations for the stressed
Defeated by a tiny margin
Cuts off
Container for kippers
Conjugation target
Check line
Chain offering Master Blasts and Coneys
Carpet feature
Butter sub
Big-screen brand
Battle of Cold Harbor victor
Anthem competitor
Adopted the locals' customs
'Surgeons and Nurses Clashed With Administrators'
'Panini Found to Be Completely Bland'
'Our Lady of the Flowers' author
'How sure are you about that?'
'Horse Soldiers Transported by Air Force'
'Building Addition Is Gutted for Renovation'
'A Passage to India' heroine – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-10-2017—Ordered-Headlines#sthash.Jvi7oxGa.dpuf

World Series hero Hershiser
Worked installing stones
What MRI's can perform?
What certain medications might create?
Wallaby kin, briefly
Traveled by Greyhound
Through, in itineraries
Thing drawn in the sand?
The girl
Targets for heating pads
Talk back?
Street ___ (urban rep)
Stable horse handler
Speak gibberish
Some fishing gizmos
Some chess pieces
Skin opening
Sense of completeness
Raggedy, as a dog
Psychic's 'gift'
Priest's garment
President Lincoln, informally
Pig's abode
One spelling for an Arab VIP
Official with a chest protector
Not suitable for children
Not even a little refined
Not a chance, old-style
Nipper the dog's co
New Mexico caverns locale
Nest-egg component, for short
Mumbai, once
Migraine radiances
Marina ___ Rey
Making perfect serves
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Luxury health resort
Luxury auto brand
Like runs allowed by a pitcher
Large heart artery
Kind of Buddhist
It gets bigger in the dark
It can be made up or changed
Indicate by a sign
In the thick of
Hurts or stings
How some things are needed
Hot paving goo
Grab ___ of (seize)
Football rush
Flood-protection embankment
Fertility lab eggs
Feature of a sane person?
Father, familiarly
Farm mama
Famous communication 'code'
Edible root
Drug cop
Character actor M. ___ Walsh
Buenos ___
Became spoiled, as milk
Attributes or ascribes
Atoll component
Appealing thinker to Prince?
Ancestral stories and such
Alaskan creature
'Tut!' kin
'Time' workaholics need
'Mr. Holland's ___' (film)
'Good Times' family
'Give it ___!' ('Quit your yapping!')
'Aviv' starter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-10-2017#sthash.bKP7VUCY.dpuf

___ Island (hot dog-eating championship locale)
Word in some newspaper names
Word in an arithmetic statement
Woodwind quartet member
When life begins, it's said
Volcano near Taormina
Use an Artgum or Pink Pearl
Undecided, as a jury
Trivial downtimes?
Trim, as a steak
Tree symbolizing might
Totally unskilled in
Tori who sang 'Cornflake Girl'
Top that bares the shoulders
Tiny amount
Time of anticipation
The sun, for one
Sword-on-sword sound
Suitless card
Steinway servicer
Stated clearly
Starbucks size
Stand out from the crowd
Slender, like many models
Signaled 'goodbye'
Showed partiality
Seek the hand of
Rice who writes of vampires
Remark from Groucho
Raptorial bird's Caribbean vacation?
Ranch land measure
Put up with
Preceding, on a page
Posts for some security guards
Places for rubdowns
Period in the Age of Dinosaurs
Pee Wee in Cooperstown
Paul Bunyan's feller
Party with pupu platters
Participate in a primary
Pain in the neck
Oktoberfest band instrument
Movie or restaurant critic
Ming Dynasty artifact
Lorenz who wrote songs with Richard Rodgers
Like lasagna noodles
Ladder part
Knock senseless
In need of irrigation
ILX and RLX auto make
Guffaw syllable
Gave in
Gambling or smoking, for some
Gain altitude
Freed of leaves
Flu symptom
Flirt's signal
Filming venue
Feature of a frog, but not a tadpole
Farmland yield
Exiting dreamland
Eastern 'way'
Easily influenced sort
Dueling pianos song, e.g
COLA part
Clumps of a punk rocker's hair?
Chart-topping tunes
Burned up the highway
Botches it
Bikini wearer's mark
Attribute of an umpire who's quick to eject players?
Archaeologist's find
Air conditioning system component
4 x 100-meter race, e.g
'___ you for real?'
'You are ___' (X's meaning, maybe)
'Paper or plastic?' items – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-10-2017#sthash.Li22c4we.dpuf

__ Kringle
Worker made of steel
Winter bug
Wide smile
Wall coating
Trilogy midsection
Thick fast-food drink
Talk host DeGeneres
Symbol in Tolkien novels
Smooths, in woodworking
Shipboard greeting
Second tries
Scott of legal fiction
Sandwich shop
Recycling material
Pool-race pathway
Playing a fifth qtr., perhaps
Pie __ mode
Physician's "Now!"
Peas, for pea shooters
Pay a visit
Parcel of land
Not worth a __ beans
Nile serpents
Naval noncom
Minor mistakes
Miles off
Mail out
Macadamias, e.g
Love, in Italy
Letter carriers' employer: Abbr
Kellogg's Michigan home
Japanese verse
J. Edgar Hoover, notably
In the sky
Hi-__ monitor
Having sworn to be truthful
Hang around
Go on the road
Giggly Muppet
Final Four org
Feature of '30s autos
Facts and figures
Easy run
Ear cleaner
Director __ Lee
Diamond Head locale
Cry of wonder
Conversation starter
Consumer advocate Ralph
Computer operator
Colt's mother
Clothesless practice
Checkers and pucks
Capital of Peru
Bring together
Bright-hued display
Boston nickname
Blueprint details, for short
Blows one's top
Be victorious in
Bath sponge
Baby kangaroos
At any time
As well as
Actor Baldwin
100 percent
"You don't say!"
"Wizard of Oz" barker
"The show is starting!"
"That's obvious!"
"Terrible" czar
"Simpsons" sister
"And that would be . . .?"
"All right already!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-10-2017#sthash.3UZZNv4i.dpuf

__ Wednesday
__ rally
Yin partner
Word on a sample check
With 23-Across, 'Life of Pi' Oscar winner
Wilder's '__ Town'
Where LeBron plays home games, on scoreboards
Very long spell
Tune for two
Top draft status
Sneaky guy?
Show of indifference
See 39-Down
Rock of comedy
Road trip convenience
Respectful refusal
Put up, as wallpaper
Posed a question
Portable gifts for book lovers
Pops the cork from
Passed down, as folk mus
Part of mph
Off the mark
NYC airport code
Moving vehicle
Mom's demand for an explanation
Miata automaker
Like some smiles
Left base illegally
Lawman Earp
Kitchen spray
Juan's uncle
Jared of 'Suicide Squad'
Iowa college town
Iditarod front-runners … or what both parts of the answers to starred clues can do?
Held tightly (to)
Have debts
Go up and down
Glacial periods
Fleecy boot brand
Exchange rate abbr
Electronic security corp
Edible mollusk
Destinations in Clue
CPR pro
Country singer Lovett
Coop resident
Chopper blade
Charlotte of 'The Facts of Life'
Caution to drivers
Cat, often
Cannes concepts
Came down with
Bugs of crime
Bit of cornfield cacophony
Bicycle part
Be dressed in
Baker's accessory
Attach, as a patch
Antique shoppe adjective
Ancient Aegean region
All skin and bones
6-Down leader
*Suffering harsh criticism
*Member of a 1960s Chinese paramilitary group
*Highway patrol group
*Hard-to-control blaze
*Deep trouble
'Sailing to Byzantium' poet
'Right back atcha'
'One for me, too'
'Mrs. Dalloway' novelist

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