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crosswords puzzle answers 10/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 10/01/2017

Where 'Hamlet' opens
Way too uptight
Up to, informally
Twosome in a Shakespeare title
Trial figures
Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g
The year 1002
The whole ball of wax
The Panthers of the A.C.C
Switch from plastic to paper, say
Sounds of disapproval
Something to do immediately after waking up
Social standing
Slaps with a court fine
Setting for simmering
Rules in force in England before the Norman conquest
Robt. E. Lee, e.g
Prom night rental
Police dept. alert
Pioneering computer of the 1940s
Perfumer Nina
Part of L.G.B.T
Nut jobs
Notable time period
Not just bite and swallow
Moves heavenward
Mouths, slangily
Mimic's ability
Metric measures: Abbr
Largest U.S. univ. system
Julio is part of it
Josephine who wrote 'The Daughter of Time'
Items on a to-do list
Insider informant
Hedren of 'The Birds'
H.S. students getting ready for college
H&R Block V.I.P
Grand Marnier flavor
Farm female
Fair-hiring letters
Eleanor Roosevelt, to Theodore
Dollar bill, e.g
Disc-flipping board game hinted at by a word ladder formed by the answers to the nine starred clues
Creator of a logical 'razor'
Corporate raider Carl
Composition of dunes
Coastal raptor
Buildings in a Washington, D.C., 'row'
Brown ermine
Book between Galatians and Philippians: Abbr
Big name in cameras and copiers
Baltic capital
Another name for 23-Across
Albanian currency
Airplane seat restraint
Actress Vardalos
Actor Paul of 'American Graffiti'
A few: Abbr
*Sedimentary rock
*Pinocchio swallower
*Other side of a 23-Across piece
*One side of a 23-Across piece
*Formation of poker chips
*Celery unit
*'___ England Slept' (1938 Churchill book)
'Who's there?' response
'Now I get it!'
'Congratulations!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017#sthash.Mi3wNcML.dpuf

___ Cruces, New Mexico
Winter Palace residents
Whitetail, for example
Visibility reducers
Verizon's biz
Vegan's protein source
Tree of the birch family
Tire grooves
Tick off
Throw water on
Third letter before epsilon
Third letter after epsilon
Tennis call
Swiss mathematician
Sushi fish
Spacesuit part
Shining example
Seriously impressive
Ricotta is made from it
Punch lines?
Popular fashion magazine
Playthings for the gods
Play with fire
Pint in a pub
Passing notice, briefly
Part of a drum kit
Opposition member
Not yours or mine
Not genuine: Abbr
Narrow, like some bridges
Mustachioed 'Simpsons' character
Material for a smelter
Making rapturous
Makes a misstep
Macduff or Macbeth
Less experienced
Keg attachment
It's hard to say
It's considered worth taking
Hersey's 'A Bell for ___'
Has no tickets left
Has as a tenant
Grifter's specialty
Firm up
Farm female
Eponymous hypnotist
Dunham and Olin
Disappearing lake of Asia
Depleted, as profits
Degrees for foreign attys
Court award
Coffee variety from Hawaii
Become wider
Bald boy of the comics
As reciprocation
Andrea ___ (ill-fated ship)
Aboard, for a Mariner
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?'
'Come ___, the water's fine!'
'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' writer Dahl
'Am I talking ___ wall?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017—Endgame#sthash.6g2OCsHe.dpuf

___-cochere (covered driveway)
Word processing error
Without anyone else
With mouth hanging open in shock
Waste-maker of an adage
Voice in a quartet
Vamp played by Susan Lucci
Vacation destination of daydreams
Tropical trees that yield chocolate
Treats dogs dig?
Tractor-trailer, informally
They have their day in May
Speedometer, for one
Sonnet part
Scotch product
Runs through with a bayonet
Rock bottom
Rising agent in a bakery
Rightfully earned a ticket
Ricardo Montalban's film role in 'Star Trek'
Redbone, Uris or Spinks
Place to hear a lecture
Pilot's guess
Old phone feature
Not on the level?
Movie monster of the 1950s
Move like a hummingbird
Major religion
Lowermost ship deck
Loam deposited by the wind
Length x width, for rectangles
Kindly endorsement and guidance
Keyed instrument
Italian food staple
It's bigger than a quiz
Iota preceder
Impractical dreamer
Hoists a weight
Hardly exciting
Grp. that raids
Features of all golf courses
Eye drops for an unhappy camper
Enjoyed oneself immensely
English cattle breed
Do away with chalk
Destination for Marco Polo
Deliver a falsehood
Cookout treats on sticks
Completely docile and harmless
Colored part of the eye
Certain Eastern European
Bosnian, e.g
Boil inside?
Blows a line on stage, e.g
Bird beak
Bills and coins
Big Turkish title
Belonging to times long past
Beginning of an attack?
Attire in the old Roman Senate
Aphrodite's lover
Any Londoner
Abbr. on a driver's license
'___ you kidding me?'
'___ Miner's Daughter'
'___ Heroes' (old TV sitcom)
'___ Bridges' (TV show)
'Young Frankenstein' role
'Peter Pan' dog
'Permit Me Voyage' author James
'Oh, dear me!'
'I agree, pastor'
'And so on' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017#sthash.vHpoQGXc.dpuf

Work on seams
Winter bug
What some amateurs turn
Veggie for pickling
Toyota compact
Topic for debate
The organic part of soil
The Hope Diamond's 45+
Succeed big-time
Subway entrance
Stand the test of time
Stages, as a Civil War battle
Some wetlands
Sofa accessory
Soap unit
Silky-haired dog
Showing no fear
Satisfied sound
Sales report diagram
Rushed toward
Rubber mice, e.g
Rodeo ropes
Roadside rubbish
Rely on
Red, Black and Yellow
PT boat weapon, informally
Pretend to be
Pitching or fielding masterpiece
Pages with viewpoints
Out of kilter
One of Orwell's working class
On the ball
Obviously contrived
November winner, perhaps
Neck of the woods
Moves at a snail's pace
Moved effortlessly
Like some presentations
Like a teetotaler
Letters at Indy
Laudatory verse
India's first prime minister
In position to be frisked
IBM-compatible PCs
Home of the Acropolis
Gushes out
Gets trounced
Get hitched in secret
Game akin to Crazy Eights
Gambler's IOU
French wine valley
Flock members
Fell with an axe
Far-reaching claim on property
Etchers' supplies
Don't share
Do penance
Did a takeoff on
Desirable way to sing
Creme de cassis cocktail
Credits listings
Clairol offering
Building add-on
Braying beast
Become tiresome to
Be under the weather
Baton Rouge sch
Baseball's Steroid ___
Albatross, figuratively
After deductions
9-to-5 work shift
35-Across, translated
'The Stranger' novelist
'GoGreen!' org
'+' or '-' particle – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017#sthash.uKAYrJ2k.dpuf

__ Baba
Window covering
West Point student
Vote like "aye"
Visit briefly
Very tasty
Utensil for frying
Used to be
Triumphant result
Tiny tree branches
Teheran's nation
Tax expert: Abbr
Taper off, as wind
Takes it easy
Sugar amts
Spruce up an article
Small bite
Small bell's sound
Slight remnant
Ship's course, or alternate puzzle title
Shade trees
Senator Sanders
Saw to a seat
Sandwich meat
Ran off to wed
Raggedy doll
Pretty and delicate
Plane-flying guys
Place to exercise
Person from Houston
Open, as a toothpaste tube
One more time
Oahu and Ireland
Moving aimlessly
Long skirts
List-ending abbr
Letters before F
Kilt patterns
Keogh alternative
Jelly container
Israel's region
Is likely (to)
Is able to
Having a sharp flavor
Grown-up girl
Fuel economy stat
From the sun
French friend
Evening TV news time
Do well financially
Designer Perry
Deep black
Cowboy's rope
Country in the UK
Conventioneer's badge
Coins in Spain
Brooklyn or Manhattan, for short
Between ports
Barbecue residue
91, in Roman numerals
"The buck stops __"
"Tall" stories
"Don't __ stranger"
"Constrictor" snake – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017#sthash.EZM9Rp11.dpuf

___ Prince (Wonder Woman's secret identity)
___ filter
Word with poll or strategy
Without repetition
Website with star ratings
Upholstery flaw
Undercover cop, perhaps
Trump in diamonds
Tiny toymaker
Testimony preceder
TA's overseer
Surface for relaxing poses
Stole, as gasoline
Stewart or Carew with many hits
Scholastic sports org
Pupil's place
Prefix with sphere
Pester constantly
Part of NCO
Parsley piece
Parking lot opening
Mythical sorceress
Mousse alternative
More than apologize
Money, in slang
Missile housings
Military bigwigs
Love-___ relationship
Just open
Jack in a nursery rhyme
Introduction to a book
In shreds
Hurting the most
Howard known as 'King of All Media'
Hoop holder, at times
Hood's blade
Honey-based beverage
Gossip mag regular
Give out, as tasks
Genesis exile
Frozen dessert chain
Firm abbr
Final tally
Establish as fact
Edifice addition
Early hr
Dog who works as an electrician?
Dog who works as an astronaut?
Dog who works as a secretary?
Dog who takes some time off work?
Doesn't tune out
Colorful salon treatments
Coffee addition
Cast opening?
Burnable music holders, briefly
Brunch cocktail
Bond component
Baroque chamber instrument
At this location
Approximately, in dates
Antlered beast
Alpine refrain
Airline with only kosher meals
Actress VanCamp of 'Brothers & Sisters'
Actress Dawber or Grier
Acrobatic rink jumps
2001 Antonio Banderas film with three sequels
'___ had it!'
'___ Darn Cat!' (1965 Disney film)
'Yeah, a little bit'
'The Great' king of Judea
'Our Lips Are Sealed' band
'Love Is All Around,' to 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' e.g
'If you ask me,' in a blog comment
'Falling Up' poet Silverstein
'Casablanca' gin joint – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-10-2017#sthash.6UrTle95.dpuf

__ Lanka
Yearbook gp
Woodwind instrument
Wine bottle number
What soccer shootouts resolve
Wee bit
Weapon with a tip guard
Watermelon eater's discard
Walk of Fame figure
Verses by Allen Ginsberg, e.g
Upper, in Ulm
TV preview
TV host Kelly
Turntable no
Toaster snack
Time in office
Taken as a whole
Suitcase attachments
Stovetop whistler
Steel girders
Soup mix brand
Smack on the mouth
Slow Churned ice cream brand
Shake it on the dance floor
Senorita's 'other'
Scrabble piece
Scotch go-with
Scarlet letter of fiction
Satchel feature
Saddled (with)
Room with a crib
Random House vol
Publicity ploy
Pretty darn simple
Pop singer Brickell
Pool measure
Pie-mode connection
Periodic table suffix
People with skill
Peaceful state
P-like Greek letter
One on horseback
Not so hot?
Museum hanging
Mention in a footnote
Margarita glass rim coating
Male voice range
Locks on heads
Letter-shaped support piece
Housecat's perch
Hagar of Van Halen
Greets the judge
Free (of)
Four: Pref
Evangelist __ Semple McPherson
Evaluate for tax purposes
Emulate Vesuvius
Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant
Dice roller's exhortation
Dalai __
Curved sword
Cause trouble … and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
Broke up some clods
Applies weatherstripping to
Application info: Abbr
Amount after costs
Actress Thurman
Actor with near-synonymous first and last names
'For real!'
'Deck the Halls' greenery
'Blue Bloods' extra

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