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crosswords puzzle answers 09/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 09/12/2016

With 39-Across, teeth-cleaning aid
Where Roger Ebert's reviews appeared for 47 years
Web feed?
Virginia Woolf's given name at birth
Things steeped in tradition?
The Magi, e.g
Tennis star nicknamed Le Crocodile
Team 'spawned' in 1993
Take off
Suddenly changes direction
Street cart offering
State for the record
Song sung to Lilo in 'Lilo & Stitch'
Some hosp. tests
Shake on the dance floor
Sender of a billet-doux
See 53-Across
Say, say, say?
Registered, as a complaint
Received high marks
Player of Molly on 'Mike & Molly'
Pair on Mississippi's state quarter
One serving a function
One of the 'Big Four' thrash metal bands
Move up the ranks
Mont Cervin and others
Man ___
Little rascals
Like tritium and triplets
Like some roars
Like a rained-on parade
Kind of yield
Joined the fray
It reacts with H2SO4
Home security measure
Hit with the bill?
Got rid of
Goes unused
Giving a name
Gist of a Dear John letter
Gift on el 14 de febrero
Gets one's feet wet
Flask material
Female hip-hop fan
Excessively tan
Ed promoters
Dreaded dermal development
Cross swords
Change affiliations
Certain trysts
Between ports
Affection from a pooch
'The great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition,' per Adam Smith
'All right already!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016#sthash.zH2oi6ac.dpuf

Wyo. neighbor
Workout wear brand for women
Word on either side of 'de la'
With 39-Down, a famous fifty
What a flash mob does
Whale food
Weather map line
Very, poshly
Twist ending feature
Traffic stopper?
Tiny amount
They'll never amount to anything
The late Mrs. Mikhail Gorbachev
The Dutch like to smoke it
Stylistically following
Stuff in steins
Star's home
She-bears, in Barcelona
See 38-Down
Result of failed diplomacy, perhaps
Resort feature
Ravel's 'Daphnis et ___'
Quarterback Russell Wilson, notably
Positive or negative energy
Played the triangle
Pilot producer
Personal coach
Pat around a wheel
Part of the former celebrity couple 'Bennifer'
Oprah's best friend
Mythical piper
Musical nostalgia
Movie computer
Move ashamedly
More than mattered
Morales of 'NYPD Blue'
Mini marcher
Magazine whose name is an abbreviation
Loud sport
Long-term agent
Lena of 'Havana'
Las Vegas show
Jack up at night, once
How some bonds are issued
Green squares
Gloomy fellow
Genus for jackals
Express, as a grievance
Every governor of California, while in office
Either of George's pair
Doe that's a female
Do as the Romans do?
Dangerous partner?
Collette or Tennille
Business consultant's phrase
Bodily pair
Blonde shade
Blinking thing
Bela Fleck's specialty
Artist with a museum in St. Petersburg, Florida
Aimee or Manfred of music
'You're oversharing' in three letters
'Who's there?' response
'MADtv' alum who played a police chief on 'Sleepy Hollow'
'Isn't that true about me?'
'I'm grossed out!'
'First of all…'
'Early' or 'late' person – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016—Word-Search#sthash.mCssSot4.dpuf

Words of negativity
Words after 'step' or 'Wanna bet'
When leaves leave
Vino region
Type of wooden shoe
Try again from the start
Tribesman with the most pull
Tree part
Traveler's rest
Thunderstorm product
Their year was only 260 days
Suffered a deep cut
Sts. relatives
Some scarves, coats or sweaters
Skin opposite, in sports
Shared deep feelings
Responds to massive applause
Potential frat member
Poe subject
Place for a natural mud bath
Part of a long race
Onetime U.S. capital
One-fifth of any limerick
One in deep thought
Old-style computer screen
Notice at a distance
Not the originals
Nonlethal shooter
Needing directions
More than a nonconformist
Like Santa's suit on Christmas day
Letters summoned by a 911 call
Letter adornments
Jellied marine delicacy
It can be cast off in a flick
Is possessive?
Insects on hills
Incentives, essentially
Ice cream scoop holder
Get one's money's worth out of
Get off the deck
Foolish strategy (Part 3)
Foolish strategy (Part 2)
Foolish strategy (Part 1)
Far less trusting
Extinct nitwit?
Enjoy the taste of
Elusive Himalayan creature
Diwali celebrators
Dissolute man in fashionable society
Didn't waste a meal
Decimal system name
Court plea, sometimes
Con artist's doings
Cellular stuff
Boxing legend
Bird's bill
Binding proclamations
Big name in oil
Before, before
Be welcomed in
Bad way to be profiled
Architectural wall support
Apostle Paul, previously
Always, to a poet
Abbr. for a list of names
'___ pocus'
'___ in victory' (alphabet lesson)
'Ready when you ___!'
'My Name Is ___' (sitcom title)
'Heads up!' and the like
'Go, home team!'
'CSI: Miami' star David – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016#sthash.m4zzL5mZ.dpuf

ZipRecruiter.com posting
Yawn-inducing sort
Water pipes
U.S. coin since 1938
U.S. cent depiction, 1959-2008
Tyne of 'Judging Amy'
Trident-shaped letters
Tree with heart-shaped leaves
The O'Hara estate
Tachometer letters
Suffix with opera or concert
Suffix with billion
Store with a meat slicer
Stone for many Libras
Sphere or cube
Some draft orders
Sierra ___ (African nation)
Shore of early TV
Seized auto, for short
Scrabble formation
Run for, as public office
Roll call vote
Ripken Jr. in Cooperstown
Rich with foliage
Retort to 'Am not!'
Reservoir filler
Remove the peel from
Prop for Judge Judy
Product of Santa's elves
Pigeon's call
Petty of 'Tank Girl'
Petting zoo animals
Org. that 'tracks' Santa
Occasional hockey result
NBA great Shaq
Nastase of tennis
Musee Rodin city
Much of an atlas
Miss Poppins
Minnesota player
Michelle of the LPGA
Meryl of 'The Iron Lady'
Melon throwaway
Lionel offering
Lindbergh takeoff point, 1927
Like Hamelin's piper
Lennon's 'Double Fantasy' partner
Instamatic camera maker
In apple-pie order
Huck of fiction
Hold back, as a laugh
Haw partner
Hard-to-find guy in kids' books
Hand that beats ace high
Had an abode
Gumbo vegetable
GM line discontinued in 2004
Facebook button
Express one's view
Design detail, briefly
Deal negotiator
D.C. newspaper
Crockett's last stand
Clairvoyant's start
Chained-down items in banks
Cards with photos, briefly
Cadets' sch
Big Band and Victorian, for two
Applying color to
All the rage
Aleve target
A long way off
1950s campaign button name
'The Walking Dead' channel
'The History of Rome' author
'Peter Pan' dog – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016#sthash.UeFrhqtf.dpuf

Won't go near
With 46 Down, fine towel fabric
Wistful word
Where Samoa is
What the longest answers each have two of
Video game pioneer
Trusted one
Time for egg rolls
Termite predator
Takes another crack at
State since 1876
Spruce up
Spots for yachts
Sphinx, in part
Sphere of influence
Some Parliamentarians
See 52 Across
Really bad
Prosperous period
Professors' career paths
Priest's post
Poetic adverb
Place for a "day"-cation
Pacific Rim religion
Obsessed skipper
Not budging
National park near Bar Harbor
Miller protagonist
Men behaving badly
Medio de dos
Made fit
Lunar region
High-tech detectors
High anxiety
Harper Lee, e.g
Foolish ideas
Encroached upon
Emphatic denial
Easternmost I-90, to natives
Dickens alias
DC-based alliance
Curling surface
Curator's bane
Corduroy feature
Copyright page ID
Community centers, for short
Collins of cocktails
Certain drum set
Center starter
Carrier to Copenhagen
Capital of Delaware
Candidate, at times
Call attention to
Big Apple's "bravest," for short
Beach shop souvenirs
Barber's obstacle
Awed by
Android ancestors
A cost of leaving
58 Across of Ryan in 2012
2006 Court appointee
"Whichever you like"
"What happened next?"
"Pagliacci" pieces
"Bob and Ray" and "Car Talk" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016#sthash.UanzCosb.dpuf

Young seal
Wordlessly expressed boredom
Wedding notice word
Weather phenomenon seen around the Golden Gate
Very, in Versailles
Upper echelon
Up in the air
Throwback style
Thing that might be qualified as a 'goodie'
Thin, to Thicke
Temple University athlete
Spurt out
Sound in cow town
Soft cheese
Slackers who live for the slopes
Skin care brand
Short-sleeved shirts with collars
Security problem
Sault ___ Marie
Recovery place, for short
Quick look
Pseudonym preceder
Proceed unsteadily
Photo caption of singer Stevie writing a song?
Photo caption of singer Patti looking around?
Photo caption of singer Freddie getting out of bed?
Photo caption of singer Doris in repose?
Paying down
Orange mirepoix component
One of five on an 18-wheeler
Ocular malady
Northern lights milieu
New Zealander
Move from side to side repeatedly
More pretentious
Messy mass
Memo opener
Like a violent R-rated movie, say
Like a gentle G-rated movie, say
King, in Portuguese
Karmann ____ (sports car)
It flows through Florence
Horace's 'Ars ___'
Home to a girl from Ipanema
Great happiness
Got on in years
Got a load of
Evening, in adspeak
Escapee from Miss Gulch's basket
Ending with centi- or milli-
Cuban-born jazz great Sandoval
Corrida charger
Container weight
Circle segment
Campus near Beverly Hills, briefly
Campaign pro
Café au ___
Burdens for a roadie
Boston Garden legend Bobby
Backyard amenity for cool weather
And others
Actress Hayworth or Wilson
'What a week!'
'Get off my case'
'Anyone can ___' (chef Gusteau's motto in Pixar's 'Ratatouille') – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-9-2016#sthash.5pvwgYRb.dpuf

Woolly mama
Way behind buildings
Troy story
Trojan who survived the sack of Troy
Traditional golf pants, and a hint to why certain puzzle answers are wrong
Toyota model
Swallow one's pride
State bordering six others and the Canadian mainland
Sitter's charge
Shark feature
Sensitive subject for some
Santa __
Rumble in the Jungle setting
Round orders
Powerful pair
Powerful Detroit group
Pound sound
Plain awful
Pine __
Piano part
Photoshop maker
Parliament of Israel
Outside: Pref
NCAA hockey semifinal group
More than skinny
Mascot once awarded a Doctor of Bovinity degree
Marks with two intersecting lines
Late __
Jessica Rabbit feature
Inuit home
In dire straits
Hostile place
Hide in a crowd
Gutter sites
Grass components
Grafton's '__ for Alibi'
Fought, in a way
Former Texas Rangers manager Washington
Fishing needs
First name in impressionism
Finicky sort
Extraction target
End of an Ernie Banks catchphrase about doubleheaders
Dutch vodka brand
Course for some U.S. arrivals
Contests whose competitors stand in place
Confused sounds
Composer __ Maria von Weber
Company with a Taco Club
Coin receivers
Clinton's instrument
Chuckle online
Checks out
Charged particle
Caustic potash, e.g
Casino area
Campus org. revived in 2006
Bounty title
Borneo swinger
Blues singer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1987
Bill's future, maybe
Bhopal locale
Beats Electronics co-founder
Average Joes, e.g
A tie may be partly under one
2014 Olympics city
'Amen to that!'

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