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crosswords puzzle answers 09/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 09/11/2016

Zion National Park's state
Word before moth or cab
Walk like a tosspot
Two of the heart's chambers
Trimmed back
Tom of 'Happy Days'
Title in Uncle Remus tales
Thurman of 'Kill Bill'
Three-star U.S. Army rank: Abbr
Tailored wear imparting confidence
Subj. for those working the angles?
Sorvino of 'Mighty Aphrodite'
Some exam graders, for short
Shaq in old RadioShack commercials
Scout's job, briefly
Rapper Snoop ___
Proofreader's 'leave it'
Popular fleece-lined boots
Playful response to a zinger
Persistent desire
Passionate desire
One of the friends on 'Friends'
Old French coin
NPR's '___ a Game'
Muscle group targeted by Pilates
Munch between meals
Muesli morsels
Movie featuring Ben Affleck as a C.I.A. agent
Many a Charlton Heston movie
Long Island airport site
Literary figure of speech
Like occasions of celebration
Library catalog ID
Islamic equivalent of kosher
Infield fly rule play
In the know about
Halloween accessory
Hair-raising experience
Gallery-frequenting writer
Ferber who wrote 'Show Boat'
Farm female
Falls into a La-Z-Boy, say
Do one better than
Dixie, with 'the'
Cribbage or croquet needs
Cornmeal bread
Copier paper buy
Come together
Classic chocolate syrup brand
Clamp shape
Church choir selection
Chimney sweep's target
Born yesterday, so to speak
Belly flop effect
Atlanta university
Angry look
1992 Clinton campaign song
'The French Connection' drug
'The buck stops here' presidential inits
'That hurts!'
'Star Wars' droid, informally
'Me too!'
'It's the real thing' brand
'Free Willy' creature
'Don't be ___' (Google motto)
'Cosmos' subj
'Coach, nab a few of those curfew violators' [M.L.B.]
'Coach, make sure everyone's here' [N.H.L.]
'Coach, get those guys a little ice water' [N.F.L.]
'Coach, get ’em to today's game' [N.B.A.]
'All My Children,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016#sthash.tTfiOUxU.dpuf

Where to conform, as the saying goes
What the number of candles on a carrot cake signifies?
What causes the center of the dough to rise?
Water-breeding creatures
Vogue competitor
Undoing word
Turns back, at Ellis Island
Trades jabs
Tails off
Sure way to do in your oxen?
Supporters' responses
Start working
SoHo neighbor
Soft shots over the net
Soaking spot
Sick as ___
Show appreciation, in a way
Shape-shifting god
Secret rival
Run out of steam
Ripe quality
Relieves oneself of watermelon seeds, perhaps
Reagan's 'Star Wars' program: Abbr
Rayburn and Raimi
Publisher that bought the rights to Webster's dictionary
Pop's daughter
Playful bite
Pharaoh's symbol
PC parts
Passed and then some
Parisian's pain
Outcome of a wake-up call
Noble aims
No longer a fan of
Musical drama performed in masks
Member of a select group?
Lennon's love
Large antelope
Kyoto currency
Kit Carson Home makeup
Kapukahehu Beach setting
In accordance with
Home of a certain farmer
Hillary rival
Harper's Weekly cartoonist
Green spots
Graffiti signatures
Gothic novelist Radcliffe
Go up
From the thrift store, perhaps
Frank holder
Fill up
Faux pas
Ethnically offensive
Editor removing a story before it can run?
Draft card letters
Doesn't sit by
Colombian airline
Cash compartment
Car radio buttons
Bring in
Blissful feeling
Bark of a deadly puppy?
Abyssinian or Persian
1969 role for Dustin
1952 Edna Ferber novel
'Know what I mean?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016—Why?#sthash.KEr0f8Su.dpuf

Whom Lennon wedded
What the police uphold
Use oil spiritually
Turn sharply and suddenly
Trigonometry term
Tools can hang on it
Tiny bit of work
Thousand pounds doubled
Stuck in mud
Struck hard, Bible-style
Southwestern grassy plain
Small drum with a fife
Small corner stores
Show with varied acts
Shoestring tip
Sheep matriarchs
Seed covering
Scratch the surface, e.g
Relinquish, as property
Rage or craze
Radar-screen images
Quite a bit, in slang
Q-Tip, e.g
Psychic's claim, often
Possible, as a plan
Perused again
Pasta serving request
One at the front of a bobsled
Not in a package
Negatively charged particle
Musburger of sports broadcasting
Mozambique neighbor
Molten rock
Little rascal
Like an enthusiastic fan
Like a creaky door at midnight
Legendary actress Turner
Japanese sash
It modifies in grammar
Important part of a parachute
Important organ
Hr. segment
Held the deed
Hearing or taste
Hawaiian stringed instrument
Hardly talkative
Guitar attachment
Giraffelike animal
Gets ready, as to perform surgery
Gain offsetter
Fond du ___, Wisconsin
Five-alarm, among chili enthusiasts
Feline attractor
Extremely embarrassing
Elevenses drink
Dinosaur trapper
Common tree
Christmas tree decor
Certain hockey position
Celery units
Can material
Arm joint
AA candidate
90-degree shape
'___ got an idea'
'Do ___ others …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016#sthash.h7lpi95H.dpuf

___ Hawkins Day
Wise about
Visual illusion genre
Tough spot
Tool that's tightened
Tavern orders
Targets of a Stooge poke
Tale with a moral
Symmetrical necktie knot
Spelling of 'Scream 2'
Sound from Big Ben
Social stratum
Slippery swimmer
Sign of sainthood
Refuse to budge
Reason for an 'R' rating
Real McCoy
Rainless forecast
Prefix with form or verse
Place for pampering
Pieces for prima donnas
Pelted on Halloween
Org. in 'Snowden'
Nobel Institute city
Motion-carrying votes
Moral failing
Maui memento
Male that gobbles
Made off with
Luau bowlful
Lip balm additive
Like seawater
Like a bluenose
Levi's Stadium player, familiarly
Latish lunch hour
It's up a flight
It prompted the Boston Tea Party
Injection reaction, perhaps
In a supervisory capacity
Have a lapse
Guitar great Eddy
Greek architectural feature
Glob on a potter's wheel
Glass of public radio
G-rated oath
Former Microsoft encyclopedia
Firewood chopper's implement
Edinburgh native
Ecol. watchdog
Done by a choir
Dole (out)
Difficult duty
Dictators' decrees
Craft in Disney's 'Pocahontas'
Cousin of the saber and foil
Couldn't keep a secret
Common tattoo honoree
Cineplex beverage
Chili con ___
Cherry variety
Certain glee club members
Campus ordeals, briefly
Bullfighter's cape color
Bit of sunshine
Beefy bovines
Batting average or body mass index
Badminton barrier
An OPEC member
American coin since 1794
Adroit maneuvering
1975 Elton John chart-topper
'Take off, tabby!'
'Presuming this is true . . .'
'Independence Day' invader
'Fear of Flying' author Jong
'Damn Yankees' choreographer Bob – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016#sthash.L6A2rPUQ.dpuf

__ spumante wine
__ and wherefores (motives)
Wipe clean
What casinos' best customers get
West, on a map
Wasted, as cash
Very mean
Unwind from work
Took a photo of
Synonym book
Sudden burst of wind
Subtle glow
Stubborn beast
Sound of surprise
Son of Noah
Smartphone message
Shorthand expert
Sheltered inlet
Scrabble pieces
Red gemstone
Provide banquet food
Prince William's mom
Powder in a printer
Political event
Pizzeria cooker
Pencil remnant
Pay no attention to
Optimistic wish
Moves smoothly
Moose cousins
Minor quarrel
Mesh with a group
Marquis de __
Mardi Gras follower
Light and breezy
Leaning Tower city
Lawn tool
Lauder of makeup
Kind of coffee, for short
Kettle vapor
In need of sanding
Hunter at a party
Home for a hawk
High point
Heating duct
Hammer target
Guys who write
Goes parasailing
From China or India
FBI personnel
Fallon's "Tonight" predecessor
Crystal ball readers
Corn-picking season
Computer owner
Coffee dispensers
Clear, as a clouded windshield
Clear a mess
Childish comeback
Care for
Brown hosiery shade
Boggy ground
Bird food
Big name in cranberries
Besides that
Author Jong
Aromatic herb
Angler's spool
Actors' platform
Actor Baldwin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016#sthash.fnVZd2jJ.dpuf

Wyclef Jean's birthplace
Weak, as an excuse
Upward slope
Traditional cheese in a quiche Lorraine
Throat-clearing sound
Tantrum thrower
Song performed by Frederick and the Monster in 'Young Frankenstein'
Some dreadlock wearers
Smoldering hearth particle
Semiprecious blue stone
Self-help movement of the 1970s
Rug rats
Royal in a jeweled turban
River to the Caspian
Reptilian symbol of royalty, in ancient Egypt
R&B's Redding
Post-punk subculture
One and ___
Neither fem. nor neut
Necessity when it's a crapshoot?
Natasha's name for Bullwinkle
Mojito ingredient
Medicine man's specialty
Meat product that's the subject of a Minnesota museum
Many a furry friend
Make like a celebrated Calaveras County frog
Like sardines and Uriah Heep
Letters on some NYC-bound luggage tags
Latin 'dance of love'
Land 'strip' where 30-Down is the majority's God
Kingston Trio hit about Charlie
Just plain silly
It's on their side, sing the Rolling Stones
It comes between juillet and septembre
Islam's Supreme Being
Hit from the side
Hipster's dance?
Have a moveable feast?
Grain that symbolizes fertility in many cultures
Godzilla or King Kong
Fascinated by
Farmers' tools
Et ___
Drag or alien follower
Dot in the ocean
DMV issuance
Chemist's table salt
Cantabs' traditional rivals
Canary's workplace, perhaps
Calendar page
Be rife
Asian capital that sounds very tense
Alternative to Glamour
Actress who played a stripper in 'The Hangover' and a porn star in 'Boogie Nights'
Aboveground dwellers in an H.G. Wells classic
7UP, for one
'___ on First?' (classic comedy routine)
'__ la Douce'
'The Godfather' actor James
'Let ___' (Beatles tune)
'I Am Not Spock' author
'Famous' cookiemaker
'Aw, fudge!'
'At Last' singer James – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-9-2016#sthash.IUBZowyv.dpuf

__ Kan pet foods
Words starting a confession
Witty Bombeck
Welcomed at the door
Violin protector
Use as a source
Traffic alert
Target Field, e.g
Tach reading
Sushi bar brews
Super-strong adhesive brand
Storybook elephant
St. Teresa's town
Soil-related prefix
Sneaks a look
Sleeping giant
Skip a turn
Shrubs with lavender blooms
Shrewd … and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
Shade lighter than jade
Screenwriter Ephron
Riddle-ending question
Reckless act instigator
Puzzle (out)
Pro shop bagful
Points of view
Picnic soft drink
Perlman of 'Cheers'
Pasta tubes
One-named supermodel
Old Testament food
Numbers game
Nowhere near cool
Nest egg letters
Neighbor of Nor
N.L. mascot whose head is a large baseball
Meryl's 'it's Complicated' co-star
London co-creator of the International Plant Names Index
Lindsay of 'Freaky Friday'
Like Mars, visually
Lawmaker's rejection
It may be a bad sign
Infuriated with
Illustrator's close-up
Headed up
He's a doll
German trick-taking card game
Forum robes
Forensics facility
Finnish telecommunications company
Feeling blue
Extreme care
Exclude from the list
Euros replaced them
Energetic mount
Egg on
Easy-peasy task
Creatures of habit?
Cracks up
Colander cousin
Chew out
Chevy subcompact
Change, as a motion
Cereal component
Calisthenics movement
Bud's partner
Big name in facial scrubs
Bedrock wife
After-school org
Actors memorize them
22-Across level
'Swell suggestion!'
'Shame on you!'
'Now it makes sense'
'Fasten your seatbelts'

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