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crosswords puzzle answers 09/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 09/05/2017

___ tweed
Was vaccinated
Was the clue giver in Pictionary
View furtively
Tip of the Arabian Peninsula
The second 'S' of MS-DOS: Abbr
Terre Haute sch
Teenage skin malady
Takeout food together with a Netflix movie, maybe
Swedish aircraft giant
Swahili master
Start of the fourth qtr
Sporty Mazda
Social adroitness
Skateboarder's incline
Seed cover
Secure some urban transportation
Rocky glacial ridge
Relatively cool red giant
Radio host John
Radar response
Qantas Airways symbol
Puts up, as a painting
Prepare for someone's birthday, perhaps
Practice boxing
Poses a poser
Politico Gingrich
Plains tribe members
Pitchfork point
Pinch in the kitchen
Oscar winner Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club'
Organ part
Org. for top-notch H.S. students
Obsolescent desktop accessories
Noted berry farm founder Walter
Nod off
Nestlé bars filled with tiny bubbles
Neighbor of Vietnam
Mushroom variety
Main role
Look upon with lust
Look upon with lust
Like the number of games in a 'best of' series
Letter between zeta and theta
John of 'Saturday Night Fever'
Jacob's biblical twin
Hollywood's Diane, Buster or Michael
Hit with a Taser
High-pH substance
Give up on, in slang
Garfield's foil in the comics
Garden amphibians
Frowny looks
Engine capacity unit
Drink with crumpets
Direct, as a collision
Decorative pitchers
Deborah of 'The King and I'
Cut (off)
Complete the negotiations
Class that covers Reconstruction and Prohibition
City between Gainesville and Orlando
Buy and sell, as stocks
Briefly put pen to paper, say
Breathing problem
Barn topper
Amber Alert, e.g., for short
'Swan Lake' article of attire
'Hogan's Heroes' colonel
'Hello' singer, 2015
'Don't touch that, honey!'
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' figure – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-9-2017#sthash.UvitgI4D.dpuf

Writer Ferber
Uncanny knack for making money
Two-time loser to Dwight
Twinings offerings
Top bond rating
Took the title
Throw water on
There are a lot of letters in this answer
Tagalong's cry
Symbol of sturdiness
Sweater setting?
Spare tire settings
Slippery surface
Showing poor taste
Shoe shade
Set the price at
Scrabble square
Sch. about a mile from Harvard U
Ryan's 'La La Land' co-star
Rounds, say
Roadwork markers
Ring feat
Radius partner
Portfolio listing
Polishes off
Poker payment
Opera segment
One who supplies another's income
Offshore oil platform
Mineo of 'Rebel Without a Cause'
Middle son on TV's 'Empire'
Least racy
Lake that feeds the Niagara River
Kennel club reject
Indicator of fitness
In jeopardy
In an absolute manner
Home of Mindy's houseguest
Got wind of
Get better
Gather together
Firmly attached
Facetious 'Got it!'
Engine cover
Down Under hoppers
Descartes's conclusion
Cuzco native
Cut from the same cloth
Crude oil measure: Abbr
Copier annoyances
Citi Field player
Casual quality
Captain with a whalebone leg
Cafeteria stack
Burns or Barrie
Border on
Big money amounts, slangily
Biblical shepherd
Base for some hors d'oeuvres
As one pleases
Artistic inspiration
Archipelago piece
Archaic verb in an O'Neill title
Antlered animal
Animator's sheet
Altar answer
About 2,205 pounds
1949 hit for Frankie Laine
'___ girl!'
'This ___ my day!'
'Ring around the collar' brand
'Much obliged!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-9-2017—Empty-Boxes#sthash.z4wZYqTP.dpuf

Willing to bet on one's own business instincts
What many labs are used for
Well-thought-out strategy
Venetian blind piece
Using few words
Unicycle feature
Thing for legal drivers
Target of red polish, often
Take flight from the police
Steep, flat-topped hills
Skirt's fold
Sewer's creation
Problematic kids
Prepared to drive on a golf course
Prefix with 'knock' or 'freeze'
Perk of being a star
Pass a bill into law
Paper measurement
Pajama fastener
One who suffers for a cause
Old musical strings
Not shallow
Nanny ___ (babysitter checker)
Mountain range between Europe and Asia
Mount Everest-to-Beijing dir
Monetary risk for speeders
Mini's opposite, in fashion
Meals in bowls
Marked by rude shortness
Location, as for a concert
Like excellent brandy
Like after-school activities
Lightly fry
Laurel's partner
Land of leprechauns
Kitchen nook
Juvenile newts
Johnny on the ___
In the thick of
Himalayan humanoid
Half a ballroom dance?
Gross-weight deduction
Great Lake name
Friendly nation
Fish similar to cod
Fib distributor
Fall in winter?
Evans, Lavin or Blair
Easter flower
Drive away and scatter
Designer Perry
Cure for gray hair
Creature like Shrek
Commotions of yore
Come into view
Cold weather ailment
Coat for seriously cold weather
Blue ___ special
Blends or combines
Bits of downy material, e.g
Big-event thresholds
Best way to unload stock
Beginning for 'sent' or 'vent'
At the head of the line
Animated Flanders
Aluminum sheet in the kitchen
A beast of burden
4 p.m. in England, traditionally
2002 Winter Olympics state
'Now' or 'long' starter, once
'Devil' island just off of Australia – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-9-2017#sthash.koF3025f.dpuf

___ monster (large lizard)
___ and drop (mouse action)
Word that can precede the first parts of 20- and 59-Across and 11- and 35-Down
Without an accomplice
UNLV part
Too hasty
Tom Seaver, for most of his career
Time of youthful inexperience
Tiger ___ (Bengay rival)
Swellhead's problem
Subtle 'Over here!'
Some Monopoly cards
Some herbal brews
So far
Snowboarding spot
Smartphone forerunner, for short
Sledding area
Showing bias
Scored 100 percent on
Ricci of fashion
Reply to 'Shall we?'
Rep. Kevin McCarthy or Nancy Pelosi
Ravioli filling, perhaps
Ranch figure
Rafael, tennis's 'King of Clay'
Provide an alibi for, e.g
Pre-fight psych job
Plug away
Places for peepholes
Pitchfork point
Paid, as a parking meter
One-sided wins
NYSE launch
No longer fizzy
NFL rushers' stats
New Year's resolution, often
Netman Nastase
Mocking, as a remark
Misspeak, say
Many a Syrian
Loser at the craps table
Like many Russians or Georgians
Leave the old sod
Lake Okeechobee wader
Jousters' mounts
It's considered the first affordable automobile
Interior designer's asset
In the public eye
Hustle or hornpipe
Heavy-duty lifter
Harness race pace
Great ___ (old Boston Common tree)
Give a false impression of
Gears up
Former women's boxing champ Ali
Follow a new job, say
Finished basement areas, perhaps
Corn Belt state
Concerning, on a memo
Chicago's Rahm Emanuel, e.g
Catches one's breath
Captains' notebooks
Candidates for shearings
Can't do without
Burn soother
Bothered incessantly
Bonny miss
Bent item in an office products logo
Bard's 'before'
Banks nicknamed 'Mr. Cub'
Attorneys' org
Attention-getter's spot
Andean source of wool
'You're something ___!'
'World Without End' author Follett
'Frozen' snow queen
'CSI' facilities
'Beetle Bailey' pooch – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-9-2017#sthash.NXq9MGZM.dpuf

__ being (person)
Would-be citizen's document
Woodwind instruments
Welcome words to a hitchhiker
Water faucet
Verse writer
Veggie in salsa
Urban district
Up to the job
Triple-decker cookie
Those people
Syringe amts
Swedish auto
Sunbather's goal
Stare at constellations
Spelling contest
Something optional
Rip to shreds
Rich cakes
Revere or McCartney
Rental contracts
Recent White House retiree
Pulls sharply on
Prosecutors, for short
Police-car signal
Platters spun by DJs
Pine's sticky secretion
People in a discussion group
Paying careful attention
Oolong and pekoe
One secretly wed
Northernmost New England state
Nine-__ battery
Mount Shasta or Mauna Kea
More than half
Money in Spain
Mix together
Lo-cal, on food labels
Legendary outlaw __ James
Kid's sandwich, for short
Is real
Ireland nickname
In person
Hurricane center
Ham-slicing department
Green pasta sauce
Gorillas or chimps
Fruit in a martini
French friends
Foundation's awards
Film legend Garbo
Elevation: Abbr
Eight-person band
Disney World park
Cropped up
Computer storage measures
Compete in a sprint
Catch in a trap
Break sharply
Bowling alley button
Bowler's target
Big-mouthed safari beast
Being borrowed
Before, to a 44 Across
"__ ’em, Rover!"
"To be" or "to draw"
"Once __ a time . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-9-2017#sthash.XXRAinWv.dpuf

__ New Guinea
Yellow-and-white daisy
Wraps up
Work units
Whisperer's target
Up to the task
TV drama whose title appeared on a California license plate
Time to chill, briefly
The Niger River flows through it
The Beehive State
Swamp reptile
Stress, so they say
Spy org
Sports venue
Soft drink size
Sleeve band
Slanted type
Skater's leap
Singer with Crosby and Stills
Shoe undersides
Shipboard affirmative
Sharp flavor
Sense of style
Seasonal sack toter
Scored 100 on
Rummikub piece
Released without authorization
Related to the shinbone
React to pain
Reaches without reading the intervening pages
Pre-Little League game
Nocturnal hunter
No-win situation
Nintendo console
New Year's Eve staple
Mets' home through 2008
Many a fourth-down play
Make laws
Lobbying gp
Like an unfun blanket?
Lewd literature
Key near Caps Lock
Jobs for a band
Inventor Whitney
High point of a home tour?
Gum flavor
Gritty film genre
Goat with recurved horns
Gadget used on carrots
Extinct New Zealand bird
Expression of woe
Egypt's __ High Dam
Deepwater Horizon catastrophe
Courtroom entry
Corset stiffeners
Come out on top
Circle dance
Calm side
Bronze component
British nobleman
Bobbing on the waves
Beatrix Potter's 'The __ of Peter Rabbit'
Attacking the problem
Arcade machine inserts
Activity one might see at a circus … or in the Across answers containing circles?
'__ upon a midnight dreary … '
'Right away!' letters
'Iliad' or 'Aeneid'
'If I may interject … '
'Baseball Tonight' network

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