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crosswords puzzle answers 09/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 09/01/2017

___-rock (music genre)
___ Ticonderoga
___ and wiser
Zeus' wife
Young male viewed as a sex object
Word before congestion or spray
Word before a maiden name
Weather-related stoppage in baseball
Use a stencil on
Unscrupulous moneylending
U.S. weather agcy
Tool building
Thin pancake
State that produces the most corn
Soft mineral
School grp
Result of failure to comb the hair after sleep, maybe … or a feature of 17-, 25-, 49- or 61-Across?
Republican pol Haley from South Carolina
Rarin' to go
Puts on TV or radio
President after Nixon
Prefix with dermis
Praiseful poem
Place to pull over on an interstate
Place to drink lined with TVs
Place for the banjo in 'Oh! Susanna'
Pie ___ mode
Picnic pests
Phony doc
Part of the conjugation of the French 'avoir'
Onetime Volvo competitor
N.B.A. star ___ Irving
Meanie in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'
Made smooth, as wood
Lipton offering
Like favorite stations on a car radio
Like a sheep with all its wool
Land between Can. and Mex
K-K-K-5-5, e.g., in poker
K, in the NATO alphabet
Joy Adamson book about Elsa the lioness
Job that might involve watching the kids?
Is sick
Inits. at the start of a memo
Hooded snake
Gets 16-Across
Genesis vessel
French farewell
French 'to be'
Freezes, with 'over'
Four-baggers: Abbr
Film director Kurosawa
Fencing sword
Exhibit in an anatomy class
English monarch with a 'lace' named after her
Ending on several central Asian country names
Drilling tool
Coat and ___
Bump fists
Buffalo's lake
Black ___ (covert doings)
Beach footwear
Apr. 15 mail addressee
And others, for short
Amorous cartoon skunk
1990s TV series about a murder in a town in Washington
'You ready?'
'So long!'
'No thanks'
'Monsters, ___' (2001 movie)
'According to conventional wisdom …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017#sthash.5V6CzRQw.dpuf

You can part with it
Western writer Grey
Wedding party members, often
Washer cycle
Warm and toasty
Unhappy fan
Undeserved allegation
Uber alternatives
Surgeon with a daily talk show
Suit well
Steven of 'Under Siege'
State with confidence
Stares in astonishment
Stacked snack since 1912
Some A.L. sluggers
Small lie
Shorthand pro
Shark feature
Shallowest of the Great Lakes
Seventh Greek letter
Sch. whose mascot is Sparky the Sun Devil
Post-op stop
Petty peeve
Orangutan, for one
On the run
On the ferry
Old Italian coin
Oft-quoted Yankee
Not that
Noisy patio gadget
Neptune's realm
Music genre for Oasis and Blur
Morning joe
Mining yield
Marx of Marxism
Many a Middle East native
Makes a choice
Lease signer
It's on the house
Instrument often played at memorials
Inflict, as havoc
Honored with a gala
Gmail folder
Get hold of
Frankie of the Four Seasons
Fly high
Fills completely
Drink accompanying dim sum
Deep-voiced singer
Cutting comments
Crushed, as the final
Computer that runs Sierra
Comedian Roseanne
Chef's tool
Cheesy ristorante order
Captain Marvel's magic word
Campout shelter
Blue Ribbon beer brewer
Blot lightly
Bitterly cold
Bite-sized fish rolls
Bird feeder fill
Arizona flattop
Address for a king
A raise raises it
57-Across, to the French
2002 Cy Young Award winner
1992 Wimbledon champ
'Yeah, whatevs!'
'That's fine'
'Stop already!'
'Inside Politics' channel
'Go right ahead!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017—Busy-Time#sthash.UPFW33bd.dpuf

___ vera
___ of Gibraltar
___ carotene
Wrestling surface
Word of agreement in church
Type of mason
Telekinesis, e.g
Straight-billed wetlands bird
Some big high-school football games
Sofas, dining room sets, mirrors, etc
Small amount of change
Sickle cell ___
Roman Hills total
Roaring online?
Reliable and unfailing
Propel on water, in a way
Postal scale unit
Played a yolk on something?
Plants that thrive in the fall, briefly
Place of cattails
Pig's meal
Opine wildly and indiscreetly
One eliciting laughs
One absent from a stag party?
Old enough to know better and acting like it
Oft-swiveled joint
Offend and then some
Noted Wine valley
Money dispenser
Miscellaneous assortment
Milk supplier on a farm
It dangles in December
It contains an altar
Inactive, as gases
Horse race finale
Honeybunch or sugar
Happy-after link
Happening, to Dr. Watson
Grammar topic
Friend in Spain
First word from a magician
Exotic jelly flavor
Effective garden soil
Drawn-out Pogo, e.g
Double quartets
Discouraging words
Diesel and Scully
Did Indy or Pimlico
Coke's complement, at the bar
Clemens of literature
Check, as a flow
Capital of Switzerland
Built from the ground up
Brains of a PC
Black billiard ball
Big ___ Conference
Bejeweled headpieces
Beaver's construction
Batman and Robin, dynamically
Basil-based sauce
Barbecued item
Bakery offering
Backing strip of wood
Away from to?
Audio setup
Ashcroft's predecessor, Janet
Arranged in columns
Argued in court
Amber wine
'___ and the Detectives' (Disney film)
'The Phantom Menace' boy
'For ___ a jolly …'
'A pox on you!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017#sthash.ZK0rj0fg.dpuf

Without peer
Where you live
Wall-climbing lizards
Valuable holding
Usher's duet partner on 'My Boo'
Ukraine's capital
Try for a Hail Mary pass
Treats on some hotel pillows
Townshend of the Who
Three Stooges sound effect
Talk via keyboard
Subject of a June 2016 U.K. referendum
Sticky-tongued amphibians
Starting from
Spacious bag
Soda-flavoring nut
Screen-to-screen messages
Reveal, as one's feelings
Puts up
Prom suits, briefly
Potato pancake
Planted, as seeds
Needing reinflation
Nearly fat-free
NBC skit show
Nary a soul
Muesli morsel
Monopoly token retired in 2013
Midshipman's grid foe
Mickey's pooch
Mekong River land
Maple output
Low-cost noodle dish
Jack's portrayer on '30 Rock'
Invention's inception
Instrument with parts that share the last names of 17-Across, 10-Down and 27-Down
In better health
Heckler's remark
Hallucinogen-yielding cactus
Hailer's holler
Grey of Western fiction
Greek salad cheese
Goya's 'The Duchess of ___'
Gladden to the max
Gangbuster Eliot
From the top
Follower of the Pied Piper
Filleted flatfish
Etching fluid
Enjoy immensely
Discount word
Debater's comeback
Cry to the cavalry
Cruel dudes
Columbus Day birth sign
Clear sky's color
Chore list heading
Cherub's ring
Cartoondom's Tom or Sylvester
Cabinet drawer part
Beefy gridder
Barreled along
Auditioner's goal
Apple's apple and Target's target
Anne Bronte's pen name
Actor whose final film was 'Gladiator'
A pop
A huge fan of
1994 Peace Nobelist Yitzhak
'Yikes!' of yore
'World of Warcraft' item
'What ___ can I say?'
'Tiny Alice' playwright Edward
'The Butler' director Daniels
'Star Wars' energy field
'Chariots of Fire' highlight
'Both Sides Now' singer Mitchell
'. . . and I approve ___ message' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017#sthash.Rtq4P5ho.dpuf

__ out (gives sparingly)
__ out (allocated)
__ bar (mixes drinks)
__ and ends (miscellany)
Wood-finishing liquid
Whitewater rafting challenge
Video recorder, for short
Vessels like Noah's
Very hard to find
Up to the task
Trapped by routine
Totally wrecks
Took a cab or bus
Toe the __ (do as told)
Tip of an ear
Tiny, as doll-house furniture
Steal from
Staircase parts
Sports stadiums
Slithery reptile
Slip by, as time
Shows with student dancers
Shortens a skirt, say
Short comedic play
Sailor's "Hello!"
Rooster or bull
Provides temporarily
Price-reduction event
Point opposite NNW
Pay out
Owns up to
No longer sleeping
Needing repair, as paper
Most pleasant
Most desirable
Monogram component: Abbr
Makes a wager
Major musical work
Luggage attachment with your name
Lowest choir voices
Letters after kays
Lessen in intensity
Lariat loop
King __ (big ape of films)
Just slightly
Japan's continent
Jai __
Italian vegetable soup
Invoices to pay
In the same way
Hole __ (golfer's dream shot)
Hindu woman's garment
Hand-cream additive
Hair-stiffening products
Gives the go-ahead to
Give off, as light
Gazed upon
Former Italian money
Follows the rules
Fastened with a hammer
Fast-flying planes
Eggs-and-ham brunch entree
Do damage to
Daffy Duck or Roger Rabbit
Cries loudly
Clothing tag
Bubbling over with anger
Brown sushi seaweed
Bourbon cocktail
Berets and derbies
Backyard storage structure
Atlas illustrations
Artificial waterway
After-bath garment
"Here comes trouble!"
"Author unknown," for short – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017#sthash.JeqPTu8A.dpuf

___ mater (cranial membrane)
William of ___ (philosopher known for his razor)
Watches, as a movie
Venomous vipers
Up to, casually
Tommy Rettig's costar in 1950s TV
Think highly of
They may be rolled up after exercising
Summer hrs
Stun, in a way
Some HDTV screens
Some community centers (abbr.)
Shiites or Sunnis
Self-confident assertion
Salami selection
Romantic rendezvous
Puppeteer Bil
Portmanteau for dangerous substances
Playground fixture
Pizzeria order
Pitched item
Physics Nobelist Bohr
Peter who played Lawrence
Person heading downhill fast, perhaps
Paper Mate products
Old French coin
Old Detroit brewery name
Newborn with a lovely disposition
Morlock prey
Matthew of 'The Americans'
Made a pot larger
Lt. Columbo's employer
Like an unhelpful explanation
It may help reduce lumbar pain
Hard-to-find figure in a children's book
Gets juiced
Geometric calculation
Fraternity letters
Forms a lap
Forest denizen
Flow slowly
Family outing, maybe
Eeyore's creator
Doctor's suggestion, at times
Do some cleaning up, either at home or on a laptop
Depend (on)
Deliberately delude
Croupier's tool
Chapters in history
Cathedral niche
Caravan stopover
Canine command
Café au ___
Broccoli ___
Boutique, often
Bikini blast, briefly
Base reply?
Aunt, in Acapulco
Alternative to Geography during a long car ride
Actresses Diane and Cheryl
Academic reviewer
Abbr. on an input jack
1958 #1 hit for Elvis
'What's doin'?'
'Three's Company' actor
'The Grapes of Wrath' figure
'Deck the Halls' contraction
'Baseball Tonight' airer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-9-2017#sthash.C24DQho8.dpuf

__ president
Works with flour
Workplace standards org
War-torn country since 2011
Use as a reference
Upstage one's co-stars
Up to, in ads
Treaty partner
Toothed tonsorial tool
To-do list entry
Tavern brew
Take into account
Suffer from overexertion
Some motorcycles and pianos
Signs of sadness
Shakespearean king
Sewn edge
Senior NCO
Sandy shade
Rides for hire
Relaxed gait
Rapids transports
Qatari ruler
Puts money (on)
Pro on camera
Pres. between FDR and DDE
Pre-euro Metz money
Place for an earring
Pays tribute to
Open courtyards
Old West search party
No-frills sleeper
Native Alaskan
Narrow-bodied swimmers
Mongolian desert
Modernist's prefix
Magician's syllables
Looked at closely
Like some rays outside the visible spectrum
Lead or zinc
Lawn-wrecking pests
Kiddie lit monster
Jam session jammer
Israel's Golda
Having a been-there-done-that attitude
Hall of Famer Musial
Grand-scale poem
Got a look at
Google success
Goodyear offering
Goes below the horizon
Flushed, as cheeks
Fire pit particles
Fill fully
Envelope fastener
Employ stalling tactics
Down the road
Cup for café or thé
Commando garb
Cain's victim
British unit of length
Brings peace to
Blowing one's top
Blissful regions
Birth certificate datum
Big sale, where you can find the starts of 18-, 23-, 49- and 60-Across
Air conditioner setting
'70s-'80s band with a steering wheel on their debut album cover
'We Try Harder' car rental chain
'So that's what you mean'
'Relax, soldier'
'My schedule is wide open'
'Just handle the problem!'

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