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crosswords puzzle answers 08/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 08/11/2016

Winter Palace resident
Wall Street inits
W.W. II naval craft
Voting against
Tale of adventure
Surgeon's supply in the old days
Something worth waiting for?
Sign of sadness
SFO postings
Send packing
Sallie ___
Rice or Curry
Ribbed pants, informally
Realtor's big day … or what each word in the answers to the starred clues can do
Queen of the Jungle, in comics
Pumas and panthers
Pulitzer-winning poet Conrad
Private eyes, in slang
Places to buy furniture to assemble
Petrol unit
Penitent person
One who's new on board
Number of hills in Roma
Nielsen of 'Airplane!'
Neighbor of Mich
Name repeated before 'Wherefore art thou'
Minuscule div. of a minute
Member of a mixed quartet
Meeting of Congress: Abbr
Marathoner's concern
Many a Punjabi
Like many Craigslist items
Like many bar bouncers
Lawyer: Abbr
Las Vegas casino with a musical name
Kipling's 'Follow Me ___'
Innocent sort
Humorist Bombeck
How people with colds may speak
High spirits
Has control of the wheel
Grand Canyon sight
Gift on a 10th anniversary
Garlic lover's dish, maybe
First instrument heard in the Beatles' 'She's Leaving Home'
Erse speaker
Dinner at which everyone does the dishes?
Deer, to a tick
Conger catcher
Cent gent?
Cause to swell
Carefree adventure
Capital of Iran
Bulb units
Be of use
Asian body of water that's now largely dried up
Annual sports prizes
Actress Thurman
1982 sci-fi film with a 2010 sequel
*Sloth, for one
*Place to buy paint
*Highly antioxidant beverage
*Force from a hiding place
*Carolina wren, for South Carolina
'___ had enough!'
'Whose woods these are I think I know' has four
'MMMBop' band
'Give me an example'
'Bravo!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016#sthash.Ek65Root.dpuf

Yield to pressure
Where polls generally close earliest
Watering holes
Wash. neighbor
Walt Whitman's '___ the Body Electric'
Veto of a proofer's deletion
Unseat, in a way
Tylenol target
Towel embroidery
They have a lot to offer
Teri of 'Tootsie'
Tapped image
Take place
Sturdy material
Stock holder
Slacker address
Skywalker's father
Sister who may be an only child
Shipboard crane
Seth's son
Recipe instruction
Polling place?
Playwright Ibsen
Number of presidents who resigned
Not that
Not for
Mother of William and Harry
Money for Amer. allies
Meg fraction
Martial arts studio
Major League family name
Kriegsmarine vessel
King, in Calais
Key next to Q
It might generate some interest
Into pieces
In need of a massage
Idyllic spot
Ice cream parlor freebie
Group stereotypically wielding torches and pitchforks
Grammy winner Natalie
Graceful steed
Gitmo setting
Geometry calculation
Foil alternative
Flow out
Floating chunk of ice
Flag feature
Election analyst Silver
Cuzco's country
Creme-filled snack
Completely exhausted
Commuter's charge
Colt, e.g
Choose not to participate
CEO's degree, often
Carnival attraction
Business salutation
Bogart's love
Bayh of Indiana
Bag of groceries, perhaps
Artist's inspiration
Animated style
2012 also-ran
2008 also-ran
1988 also-ran
1972 also-ran
'Moon River' lyricist Johnny
'Miss Saigon' lyricist Richard
'Lou Grant' actor
'Garfield' pooch – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016—Out-of-the-Running#sthash.8vPgeonP.dpuf

What to do when following a pattern
What people wait to hear at a wedding
Turkey serving, sometimes
Tolkien beast
Still-life pitchers
Stand by for
Some dwellers of the Australian Outback
Some cells for women
Smiles from ear-to-ear
Smashes smash into it
Small singing groups
Sheepish farm animal
Septet plus one
Segal who wrote 'Love Story'
Respiratory noises
Reach a place
Provide, as with some quality
Powerful shop tool
Ones expecting special deliveries
One cubic meter
Notable 'Bed-In for Peace' participant
Not hale
Netanyahu and namesakes
Need water
Most recently produced
Masculine pronoun
Makes a concession
Love mo
Look down one's nose at
List of restaurant options
Lacy mat
Kurt Vonnegut, to Geraldo Rivera, once
It's boring
Holes in the head?
Hinders, as a drain flow
Her relative?
Get one's brain back on track
First step of a contest
Fight divisions
Father of Indira Gandhi
Ecrulike shade
Dropped in the mailbox
Dressing type
Double-bonded compound
Do personnel work
Dishonest speaker
Cut by 50 percent
Countries of origin
Cosmonaut's home in space, once
Computer's main circuit card
Common British drink
Comeback sound
Bread in 15-Across
Brainstorming products
Boat maneuverer
Black-and-white sandwich cookie
Biblical verb ending
Believer in karma
Beer, after a shot
Beatles' '___ in the Life'
Battery contents
Ark's landing place
Ark quorum
A quart and a little bit more
A lot of a trade-in?
23-Down relatives
1-Across' country, often
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'Give that ___ cigar!'
'Big Brother' host
'Aka' kin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016#sthash.XHPkdiN5.dpuf

___ good deed
___ diem worker
Where the candidates have been until today
Syllable from Curly
Stack snugly
Spanish bar snacks
Simple Lionel layout
Serenade the ump
Scratch-off game, perhaps
Salespeople, briefly
Russo of 'The Intern'
Roll-call call
Ritz cracker look-alike
Remove moisture from, as herbs
Ran into
Quite capable
Quark's location
Prepares for impact
Prefix meaning 'inner'
Poseidon's realm
Ponder, with 'over'
Plant science (Abbr.)
Phone no. follower
Paving block
Overseers of today's procedures
Overplay a role
One of several won by 'Hairspray'
One of 12 by Debussy
On the crest of
Observer of today's proceedings
NutraSweet alternative
Mob informer
Minor quarrels
Massachusetts cape
Major ATM maker
Ltr. accompanier
Legumes in soups
Largest Greek island
Just hanging around
JFK estimate
j topper
Item on a doctor's wall
Instant craps wins
In need of directions
In essence
I, on 26-Down
Holder for a hot dish
Hirsch of 'Speed Racer'
Heap kudos on
Harry Potter pal Weasley
Harold of 'Ghostbusters'
Getting-off-the-bus place
Fire truck tool
Find a new tenant for
Felix of cartoons
Eye lustfully
Evidence of a gas leak
Deuce topper
Datebook entry
Dadaist's field
Dadaist Jean
Convention center show
Co. with brown trucks
Busy person, today
Builder of a paper nest
Brandy-based Greek liqueur
Belt overhang
Basted, perhaps
Baja border city
Au ___ (in gravy)
13-Down, e.g
'Politically incorrect' Bill
'On the other hand . . .'
'Halt and Catch Fire' channel
'Can it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016#sthash.hJajPypn.dpuf

Work a loom
Woman with an inheritance
With no warranty
Very detailed
Used to be
Try out
Thick seafood soup
Tax form IDs
Take to court
Tacks on
Supermarket pathway
Suffix meaning "believer"
Start of a challenge
Spanish cheers
Softened, with "down"
So-so grade
Sit for a picture
Sent a duplicate email to, for short
Seafood soup
Seafood sandwich
Sailor's assent
Raggedy doll
Putting to work
Put an __ (stop)
Prosecutors: Abbr
Professional charges
Prepares a gift
Picnic invader
Person, place, or thing
Pepper grinder
Pep up
Peach center
Opinion survey
OId college cheer
Nun's attire
Mexican seafood sandwich
Meted (out)
Makes simpler
Make illegal
Made sharper
Made a goof
Jay once of "The Tonight Show"
Japanese "bar" food
Hourly charge
Has debts
Group of civilian soldiers
Gave medicine to
Free-for-all fight
Fragrant wood
Fix, as a shoe
E pluribus __
Defeat decisively
Crossword column heading
Cozy diner seating
Compete in a race
Castaways' spots
Cape Cod codfish
Cancel out
Ben Franklin's bill
Belly muscles
Beam of light
Banana skin
Anthem or ballad
"__ seeing you!"
"Scram!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016#sthash.Qo4gEpJy.dpuf

Went lickety-split
Wear a black armband, maybe
Undercover agent
Type of renewable energy
TV show that featured motivational speaker Matt Foley
Turn away trash at a landfill?
Train for a UFC fight
Thurman of 'Bel Ami'
Swelled heads
Spaceship Earth site
Some holiday helpers
Solidarity hero Walesa
Relaxing resort
Pompadour and bouffant
Pleasure Island encounter
Play-by-play partner
Play for the San Francisco Bay Bombers
Place with shirtless sweaters
Page of history
Out in court
Orange Crush, for one
One with a password
New Testament villain
Musical starring Debra Messing
Marks that make students mad?
Mario Batali, for one
Mao ___-tung
Many a toy
Make an LP?
Home run gait
Hit the hammock
Had the buffet
Go with the flow
Give a gift?
Gemstone from Colombia
Gave a thumbs-up
Garter material
Freight weight
First responder's headwear, perhaps
Figure in the high '60s?
Feel the same
Dig deep
Dessert with a cherry on top
Denver's Pepsi Center, e.g
Chess piece shaped like a castle
Cheer heard at a bullfight
Charlie and Emilio, to Martin
Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton
Capital of Norway
Campfire leftover
Break down, grammatically
Boston hoopster, briefly
Big name in alternative press
Biblical twin
Actress Mercedes
Absenteeism by the cops
A fight doctor works on them
'___ Abner'
'Yeah … and the check's in the mail'
'Splendor in the Grass' director Kazan
'M*A*S*H' setting
'Independence Day' visitor
'Fragile' band
'Caro nome,' for one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-8-2016#sthash.yf3FbCCt.dpuf

Workable, as an alternative
Words to a black sheep
Water in the Seine
Wagner princess
Verdi princess
Toss of a coin
Took a tumble
Throw in the towel
Swab again
Sporty '80s Pontiac
Shoe polish targets
Russian river
Road in old Rome
Retail complex
Race with batons
Prepare for takeoff
Play a part
Place of safety
Pielike brunch serving
Personal trainer's target
Pennysaver contents
Out of control
One sent back down the river?
Olympic symbol
Old music halls
Novelist Wharton
Note equivalent to E
North Carolina campus
Nickname for José
Molecule part
Metro regions
Martial arts-based fitness routine
Many August babies
Making a cake, say
Loses on purpose?
Loosen, as laces
Like much whiskey
Kindle read, briefly
Kenton of jazz
Jiffy Lube supply
Having financial freedom … and, literally, what the last words of the answers to starred clues comprise
Good—and bad—dietary substances
Golden rule word
Furniture with a lock, maybe
Former 'Idol' judge Paula
Flies off the shelf
Felt sorry about
Emphatic denial
Elected pols
DVR pioneer
Deeply expressive
Catnip or coriander
Captain Marvel's magic word
Camp bed
British brew with a red triangle in its logo
Bouquet __: chef's tasty bundle
Big fuss
Avoid, with 'off'
Author John le __
Annoys persistently
A great deal
48-Across ancestor
23-Across, e.g
*Trailways, for one
*Temporary group for a specific job
*Old West transport
*Handsome guy or gorgeous gal
'__ Rose': 'The Music Man' song
'Oops, almost forgot'
'Metamorphoses' poet
'In what way?'
'Family Matters' nerd
'Any more bright __?'

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