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crosswords puzzle answers 08/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 08/02/2017

[Oh, well]
Withdraw slowly
Where Kellogg's is 'K'
Watts of 'The Impossible'
Visa concern
TV's 'Remington ___'
Terminal info
Supreme Court action
Stereo component
Some, along the Somme
Shrek creator William
Reggae grew from it
Pie chart lines
Part of many carrier names
Paris's ___ de Rivoli
Opening at the post office … or, when read as three words, a hint to the answers to the starred clues
Often-overlooked email parts, briefly
Office PC connection
New York hub for Delta, briefly
Meditative exercises
Meaty lobster part
Material for a warm sweater
Martini & ___
Longtime host who wrote 'Leading With My Chin'
Like thinking about thinking
Like refrigerators, at times
Leaps on the ice
Late hours, in ads
La Brea goo
iPad ___
Heavenly object
Hall's partner in pop
Former Dodge
Fire-breathing monster of myth
F.D.R.'s last veep
Eighty-___ (toss)
Dr. or Mr
Did home work?
Commercial lead-in to pass
College honcho
Collection of bets
City destroyed by Godzilla
Caterpillar's Illinois home
Call from Juliet
California wine valley
Café lightener
Bottomless pit
Bottom topper?
Bottles marked with a skull and crossbones
Bill fatteners
Bahamian capital
Auto designer Maserati
Attachments to juice boxes
As per schedule
Ancient markets
1/48 of a cup: Abbr
*Teach Dick and Jane's dog new tricks?
*Great Plains plaints?
*Cramps from posing too long?
*Command like 'Let me be direct: Get lost!'?
*'Get Silverstein on the phone now!'
'You're oversharing!'
'Picnic' Pulitzer winner William
'Oh, ___!'
'La Marseillaise,' for France
'I kid you not!'
'Better safe than sorry' and others
'Are not!' rejoinder – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017#sthash.NsbcjZFU.dpuf

___ effort
Wrist connection
Words of feigned enthusiasm
Word on a Ouija board
Winter woe
What tees cover
Wee ones
Waits in the recording studio
Victims of some viruses
Tuna, at the sushi bar
Triage ctrs
Trailing plant
To the back
They come before big days
Surrounding glow
Steakhouse order
Spa offering
Side effect of steroid use
Round cheese
Riviera resort
Reverend known for 'bird watching'
Relaxed manner
Pro's charge
Private employer
Prefix for graphic or logical
Plucking need
Playground retort
Phishing attempt
Pate covering
Mint family plant
Mark's successor
Marbling in meat
Makeup of many casks
Like Jack Benny, famously
Kill, as legislation
Kill, as legislation
It comes from the hearth
Interminable wait
Iberian invaders
I trouble?
How 'a rose by any other name would smell'
Hosp. pic
Have a sleepless night
Hardly touches, at the dinner table
Generally considered
Female with a sheepish expression?
Email subject line abbr
Currently owing
Center of concentration
Cathedral city of Cambridgeshire
Cartoon character with a horse named Nightmare
Brief time
Blistering reviews
Big finale
Big 12 sch. that's the home of the Wildcats
Big 12 sch. that's the home of the Horned Frogs
Bagged leaves
Backwoods brawler
Back-to-back episodes of an HBO drama?
Back-to-back episodes of an ABC News program?
Back-to-back episodes of a Neve Campbell series?
Back-to-back episodes of a Jon Cryer sitcom?
Back-to-back episodes of a Dick Van Patten dramedy?
Amy's sometime co-host
2004 Olympics host
'To the stars,' in mottos
'The Name of the Rose' writer
'I don't recognize that name'
'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' director David
'Didn't I tell you that would happen?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017—Binge-Watching#sthash.c9OweNAU.dpuf

Word before and after 'will be'
Up-and-down flight
Type of army unit
Two ways to get something up in the air
Try again
Three ways to get something up in the air
Three ways to get something up in the air
Things on calling cards?
Thing miraculously parted
Thing in the night sky
The time of your life is yours
The 'loneliest number'
Strategic shot for a tennis player
Stores up selfishly
Some Indian royals
Single detail on an agenda
Sing a love song, perhaps
Room in a casa
Refusing to submit to authority
Reese or Herman
Predetermines fight outcomes
Poem type
Playful, sloppy kiss
Old-style computer screen
Old Ironsides, famously
Not on the schedule
Not afraid to speak out
No longer owing
Network broadcaster's regulator
Mythical god of war
Midwest A.L. or N.L. city, on scoreboards
Lowest deck
Letters in a cell?
Legendary Linkletter
Jim Phelps' TV employer
It's raised on a farm
It makes a splashy entrance
Important part of a computer
Illegal lender
High-pitched flutes
Hallucinogenic tabs
Grand ___ Island
German river, to a local
Frightening things
Eliminate, as chalk
Downs' opposite
Doesn't fall
Do some film work
Dazed or adrift
D.C. wheeler-dealer
Cancun currency
Cafeteria conveniences
Caesar wore one
Building addition of 90 degrees
Boot part
Beer or dishwater features
Beast of kid literature
Author Rice
Assault with too many decibels
Any fruit like an apple or pear
About five ml., to a cook
'60s abstract-image genre
'The ___ Has Landed' (Robbie Williams album)
'Quiet on the ___!'
'Night' prefix
'Neither' go-with
'Desperado' band member
'But then again'
'Behold over yonder' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017#sthash.2xd2Faxq.dpuf

Without peer
Weight-and-fortune cost, once
Walk like a tosspot
Up to the task
Two caplets, say
Twill fabric
Try to block
Trump catchword
Tissue layers
There's one garaged in 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Sunflower yield
Stage offerings
Spring bloomer
Speck of dust
Some Christmas candies
Smokehouse items
Sahara stopover
Rudely abrupt
Respond to reveille
Repeated word for word
Relinquish by treaty
Religious offshoot
Raring to go
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps
Prowling urban feline
Price of admission
Prepare for a concert
Potpie morsels
Potato sprout
Particle in a salt solution
Outdoor dining spot
Opera highlight
Number on a tag
Nautical greeting
Mountain goat's perch
Model in a bottle
Miscalculate or misspeak
Make jubilant
Make impure
Lying facedown
Like a string bikini
Light-refracting device
Lavatory sign
Island near Curacao
Inventor's spark
Impervious to hackers
His and ___
Hint of color
Grouchy sorts
Gripper on an assembly line
Frame for a church window, perhaps
Flea, to a dog
Feature of many Cape Cods
End-of-list abbr
Eastwood of Dirty Harry movies
Dorothy Gale's state
Diviner's deck
Disneyland hat pair
Commuter's expense
Common Easter gift
Commodore Perry's lake
Cloak-and-dagger org
Clay figurines, e.g
Bit of salon litter
Before surgery, informally
Baking potatoes
Backfire noise
Arctic hazard
Any of the Bahamas
Airport shuttle
Abbr. similar to 8-Down
'We've got a problem'
'Sister Act' extras
'No talking!'
'Inside the Third Reich' author
'Chi-Raq' director
'Can't argue with that' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017#sthash.EW1LDB4p.dpuf

Yale students
Yahoo! competitor
With skill
With 39 Across, nothing special
Wet dirt
Unexpected success
Tickled pink
Those two
Tennis great Becker
Tell a whopper
Take flight
Suffix for serpent
Stuff in hourglasses
Stage presentation
Squashed circle
Splashed through a puddle
Specialized slang
Sound of a happy feline
Soldier's lodging
Small liquor container
Short literary piece
Shopper's vehicle
Separately, on a menu
See 37 Across
Sedans and coupes
Saudi neighbor
Right-angle shape
Quick looks
Pub servings
Prescription writers: Abbr
Poems of praise
Pigs' digs
Pass unnoticed
Pact partner
Oscar actress Winslet
Open slightly
Officeholders, for short
Oddly amusing
Nothing special
Nothing special
Not many
Nine-__ battery
Next for the throne
Natural balm
Make ready, for short
Little League coach, often
List of candidates
Keep from entering
Homeric epic
Hold in esteem
Gumbo veggie
Gives forth
Florida Disney attraction
Figure out
Entry through a fence
End of many work wks
Early American style
Dance venue
D.C. team, in headlines
Cry of disbelief
Climbing plant
Checkers move
Casino game
Capital not far from Key West
Briny body
Bank takeback, for short
At any time
Antivirus software brand
"The Barber of Seville," e.g
"That's right"
"60 Minutes" network – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017#sthash.k9ntCuN4.dpuf

___ wrench (L-shaped tool)
Wedding acquisition
Voice of Bugs and Daffy
VII, in Rome
Tub toy
Subtly menacing gestures
Stomach-safe pain reliever
Statuesque Klum
Stanza contraction
Some tow jobs
Snapple selections
Skin pics
Send packing
Second half of a cassette
Rentals at Vail
Recipe amts
Prom partner
Professional offers?
Painful back problem
Overly amped
New car sticker abbr
Naut. heading
Mme., in Montana
Metrical homage
Masked combatants
Marie, to Donny
Love, near the Louvre
Like a boring party
Leader's position
Landon who lost to FDR
Kmart merger partner
Justice Kagan
Is in cahoots with
Hoppy bar order, familiarly
High-elevation enigma
Heavy-duty cleanser
Have the special, say
Groups reaping benefits
Goalie's goal
Give off
Fundamental unit of 61-Down
Fringe benefits
Fluid on a dipstick
Fit to be tied
Feeling of dread
Escape the notice of
Epic in which Hector is slain
Durable Goodyear products
Drama division
Drag race sound
Down-yielding duck
Double-helix molecule
Despondent comment
Delphine's head
December song
Cupcake finishers
Cpl.'s superior
Christina of 'Monster'
Celebrity chef Guy ___
Case of the blahs
Bottom-row PC key
Blood bank category
Beyond tipsy
Bay Area player in silver and black
Bar fights?
Area that's part of Hurricane Alley
Answer to a charge
Angle symbols, in math class
Abrasive tools
'___ Rosenkavalier'
'When the ___ breaks …'
'The jig ___!'
'OutDaughtered' network
'Gotta run!'
'Chiquitita' quartet
'Bingo!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-8-2017#sthash.0o7zngkw.dpuf

Without a doubt
Uno y dos
Univ. dorm overseers
Time of yr. for new growth
Thickening agent
Tasting menu portion
Taj Mahal city
Sports doc's scan
Spoon's escape partner
South American capital
Snow remover
She raised Cain
Seals, as a deal
Sandwich filling for a lacto-ovo vegetarian
Sacred lily of ancient Egypt
Rubs elbows (with)
Rodeo need
Respiratory cavity
Projecting window
Program interruptions literally demonstrated by this puzzle's four sets of circles
Police unit
Play-of-color gem
Pertaining to the eye
Persona non grata
One inch = one foot, e.g
Old Renault
Not quite place
Means to an end
Marseille morning
Mark as important
Mantilla material
Lists of nominees
Like most triangle angles
Like logs
Legal thing
Kilimanjaro's cont
Kids' recess game
It may be shaped on a wheel
In that case
Hectic lifestyles
HBO competitor
Have faith
Glass manufacturing dioxide
Genre that influenced Prince
Frozen dessert
French darling
Fave texting bud
Extremely, musically
Dream up
Dawn goddess
Composer who was a CBS reporter
Cold, in Cádiz
Codebreaking org
California's San __ Zoo
Bulk-purchase club
Brings up
Blowout victory
Bk. read at Purim
Bitter __
Biased targets of the Gray Panthers
Bay and gray followers
Australian sextet
Architect Saarinen
Angelic ring
Allow to pass
Airline mentioned in the first line of the Beatles' 'Back in the U.S.S.R.'
African desert
'__ the fields we go … '
'__ Hope': '70s-'80s soap

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