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crosswords puzzle answers 08/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 08/01/2017

Worked farmland, in a way
Word with 'bug' or 'cross'
What ushers hand out, sometimes
Was finally in the swing?
Trim a photograph
Tighten a text
Thrilla in Manila figure
Things on many bucket lists
Thick soup-cream concoction
They may be on deck?
They follow theme songs, often
Super-Shuffle link
Starts to lag
Starts to crash, as the stock market
Smallest possible lead in a baseball game
Small stringed instrument, informally
Ski run of densely packed snow
Shortening in some recipes?
Score that someone needs to break
Rum ___ Tugger ('Cats' character)
River of Missouri
Pertaining to the feel of a fabric
Permission-granting word
Pens that are a mess
Paperwork task
Palindromic doctrine
Packaging weight
One working a torch
One with powers of foresight
One finding it hard to pass the bar?
Not likely to brag
No-turning-back time
Narrow backstreets
Mortgage provider
Miner's paydirt
Metcalf or Piper
Male or female, e.g
Male archer
Low-lying wetland
Like creaks at midnight
Like a tale that's hard to believe
Like a shrinking violet
Letters that go around on the road
Letters on a motor oil can
Lady's undergarment
Kind and concerned for others
Jazz type
It provides an inflated feeling of pride
It could be your shot in the arm
Inexact amount
High, rocky hill
Hard-___ (stern)
Handed-down tales
Gridiron unit
Females with warm coats
Extinct avian
Exhibited mercy toward
Established religious ceremony
Equally scarce
Drinking toast
Discharge from the RAF
Dastardly Roman emperor
Copy, in office-speak
Cool, to the older cats
Comstock load
Chris Davis, for one
Chocolate cookie brand
Canal or lake
Big commotion
Bartletts and boscs
Aspen lift
Approximation (Abbr.)
Antelope with a stubby nose
Andy's doll counterpart
A in Athens
1986 BMX film
'Pale' beverage – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-8-2017#sthash.CgZV8F5C.dpuf

Youth rec centers
Where some buy used LPs
Vietnam Memorial designer Maya
Use a Singer
Typewriter type size
Two-faced Roman god
Tubular pasta
Toadies' replies
Threaded fastener
Tahari or Saab of fashion
Surrealist Joan
String quartet instruments
Starting from
Spring up
Snack often eaten inside-out
Sluggish mammal
Six-sided bit of hardware
Singles bar delivery
Sinclair who wrote 'The Jungle'
Rival of Alamo and Dollar
Resistance unit
Place to summer
Pitchfork part
Party memento
Part of A.D
Pal of Jughead
Overplay a role, say
One of the Maritime Provinces (Abbr.)
Old airline with 'flying boats'
Nina of 'An American in Paris'
Nightwear, briefly
New Balance rival
Moneyed one
Magnifying glass part
Like the king of beasts
Lifeguards' locales
Letters before omicrons
Legal seizures by the IRS
iPhone dots
India's untouchables, e.g
In a crafty way
Horatian work
Holds dear
Grow dark
Geek Squad caller
Garbage vessel
Full of zip
Flirty lass
First lady Nixon
Faux fat in some chips
Fare on many class trips
Fairy tale huffer-and-puffer
Edible part of a peach
Do KP work
Do a crossword, say
Direct deposit payment (Abbr.)
Digilux camera brand
Dental restoration
Declare solemnly
Cry to a matador
Cow-horned goddess
Convened anew
Columbus' 1492 destination
Color named for a duck
Brigadier general's insignia
Bit of beauty pageant attire
Bigwigs, briefly
Big name in printers
Barn dance
Archenemy of Superman
Apple Store buys
Albert who wrote 'The Plague'
A Seven Sisters college
'___ just me?'
'Popeye' tyke
'Little green man'
'Do the ___!' ('Figure it out!')
'Comin' ___ the Rye' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-8-2017#sthash.Kpj9J0DK.dpuf

Word on some Finnish money
Without assistance
Wimbledon ender
Wife of Jupiter
Well-versed, from the French
Vermont ski resort
Unsuitable for youngsters
UFO pilots
Tiara relative
Threaded fastener
Taurus preceder
Take a risk
States of mind
Some IRAs
Some autobahn autos
Solemn affirmation
Slightly open
Sleek fabric
Silicon Valley city
Shaping tool
Service organization founded in 1917
Remote battery, often
Refuse to allow
Reduces restrictions for
Really long time
Put something over on
Pulverizing tools
Prom rental
Press for
Powder in some printers
Pop up again
Phone-bill add-ons
Philosopher Descartes
Pershing gave up the pursuit of him in 1917
Pennsylvania port
PD alert
Part of Steinway's logo
Painter born in 1917
One who hears "You've got mail!"
Olympian aggressor
Novelist Quindlen
Not moving
Norse pantheon
National Leaguer
Muse of history
Movie innovation first shown publicly in 1917
Monarch who abdicated in 1917
Minute amounts
Minute amount
Milk, in Mexico
Mauna __
London Blitz ordeal
Literature Nobelist of 2016
Likewise not
Like some wine casks
Last to finish
Lacked, informally
Keats and colleagues
Islander gaining US citizenship in 1917
Island bought by the US in 1917
Is a braggart
Invent, as a phrase
Infomercials, for instance
In the cooler
In a snit
Hill inhabitants
Henry Ford's son
He first wrote of Middle-earth in 1917
Hardy novel setting
Haciendas, por ejemplo
Golf goof
Give a hint to
From port to starboard
Frat letters
Former couples
Forbidden things
For the asking
Fly balls' paths
Finnish money
Feudal domains
Extreme degree
Essence of marinara
Entryway component
End of a kids' song
Emphatic type: Abbr
Early Welles medium
Earliest stage
Eager beavers
Doctor's prescriptions
Do away with
Difficult duty
Devoted follower
Deep voice
Declare void
Crunchy lunches
Comic singer who made his first records in 1917
Comedian making his film debut in 1917
City near Sacramento
Cheerios sister brand
Certain mine extraction
Burnett of CNN
Buckaroo, at times
Boy from Bogotá
Big name in game rules
Bamboo, for instance
Aviation prefix
Author Jong
Assist feloniously
Arm of the sea
Apple voice
Anatomical trunk
Alternatively, in texts
Actress Teri
A while back
102 Across being
'90s tennis star
"The African Queen" screenwriter
"I shoulda known that"
"I already know him"
"Green" prefix
"Flintstones" barker
"Even Now" singer
"Ahhhh . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-8-2017#sthash.6GPql04n.dpuf

___'Pea of cartoons
___ Kan (Alpo rival)
___ fit (flips)
With full judicial participation
Winner of eight gold medals in 2008
Valletta's land
Try to punch, perhaps
Start of many a play
Skater Midori
Secret assurance
Schedule D item
Satisfied sigh
Rolling Stones hit of 1968
Renfrew refusal
Remington rival
Prog. listing
Pot grower
Pine for
Pensacola's place, briefly
Overnight sensation?
Org. with many arms
Minor place?
Maturing in stages, as investments
Make a bad impression?
Lithium-___ battery
Line of fashion?
Leaves for a drink?
Least done
It's a living
Head, in Cannes
H.S. health course
Go downhill quickly
Floral arrangements
Fed. crash investigator
Fabled race loser
Eel, at sushi bars
Drip source, at times
Desktop graphic
Cultural value system
Cravat holder
Con game
City on Cook Inlet
Choice words
Carry the day
Carmen of jazz fame
California peak
Big name in ambient music
Biblical fact?
Betamax creator
Barely made, with 'out'
Avert, with 'off'
Arp's art
Apple debut of 2012
Antiquing material
Adverse fate
Ad ___ committee
A piece of cake
A foot wide?
'___ in Calico' (jazz standard)
'Waterworld' girl
'The Big Bang Theory' theme song band
'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' auth
'Raging Bull' subject LaMotta
'Happy Days' eatery
'C'mon! Be ___!'
'A Death in the Family' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-8-2017#sthash.UzgMNrxZ.dpuf

__ step: deceptive hoops tactic
Yorkshire river
Yellow __
WWII venue
Winning Super Bowl III coach Ewbank
Wine center NNE of Monaco
Where Java may be found
Wharton deg
Warning to Bo Peep that her sheep are really hiding nearby?
Variety show
Treeless tract
Times for vespers
Thug's thousands
Third of seven: Abbr
The Tigers of the SEC
Stunned accusation
Start of a tribute
South of France
South Dakota, to Pierre
Small change
Slithery squeezer
Slip cover
Signature Southern vegetable
San Francisco/Oakland separator
Rwanda's capital
Romeo or Juliet
River to the Fulda
Reach a high
Radar or laser
Quaint stopovers
Put up with
Put on
Protected, as from prosecution
Prince Valiant's son
Pride and prejudice
Polo Grounds legend
Pitcher's pride
Paragraph in a lemon law?
Outlaw Kelly
Onetime California oil town
Nursing a sprain, perhaps
Nicky of 'Boston Public'
Needle holder
NBC show since 1975
Must choose among less volatile investment options?
More frothy
Medicare segment
Marching orders?
Literary fold
Knock for a loop
King of France
Kind of prof
Kimono closer
Jour's opposite
Italian counterpart of the BBC
It's used for some trips
It's south of Eur
It's a long story
ISP alternative
Invite for
Infant dressed for rain?
In a tough spot
House of Lords member
Honor society leader?
Holds firmly
High esteem
Have a good day birding?
Green need
Go around in circles?
Go (for)
Gives off
Get hot online
Flaw-spotting aid
Fever with chills
Faulkner's '__ Lay Dying'
Eyeball-bending work
European automaker that was originally a sewing machine company
Espionage asset
Drops the ball
Didn't just criticize
Crew member
Cooper's creations
Come together
Clan clash
City on the Dnieper
Chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad
Cavaradossi's 'Recondita armonia,' for one
Card collection
Car from Trollhättan
Canterbury's county
Called the shots
Bygone bird
Bring in
Bounce back
Bossy remark?
Basis for evaluating an archaeology dig?
Bas-relief medium
Balancing pro
Away from the office
As to
Art Deco artist
Amer. Samoa, e.g
Agatha contemporary
After-dinner drink letters
Accountant's initialism
2016 A.L. Manager of the Year Francona, familiarly
1999 'A God in Ruins' novelist
'__ the fields we go'
'__ good name is ne'er retriev'd': John Gay
'Yea, verily'
'Wide Sargasso Sea' author Jean
'When leaving the beach, hose off your feet before putting on your shoes'?
'The Sage of Concord'
'The King and I' role
'His,' to Bierce
'Hey … over here!'
'Got it'
'Goodness gracious!'
'Good going!'
'Foucault's Pendulum' author
'Fine' holder of fish?

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