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crosswords puzzle answers 07/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 07/12/2016

___ Duncan, Obama education secretary
Working diligently
Vogue competitor
Used to be
Unlikely to ask someone out
Things that may be locked or sealed
Takes over
Subj. for many green card seekers
Square dance party?
Spy communication spots
Specifics, slangily
Some street scenes
Some are restricted
Slacks material
Sam Adams Rebel ___
Question asked with an open mouth
Pop open, as a bottle
Org. that investigated Al Capone
Only four-term prez
One of two in 'Hamilton'
Obese 'Star Wars' character
Munch Museum's city
Mombasa is its second-largest city
Mexican tourist city known for its silver
Many, many years
Like either word in the answers to the five starred clues
Like an epic fail
Jaded feeling
I.S.P. whose logo contains a period
High-end British sports car
Girl in the fam
Fried ___ (Southern dish)
Form an impression of
Florida senator Marco
Final authority
Essayist's starting point
Eponymous Belgian tourist locale
Does something naughty
Disposed (to)
Diminutive, fashionwise
Designated dwarf planet since 2006
Dermatologist's concern
Certain female soldier
Cattle thieves
Bug that thrives in the winter
Border with many posts
Bluff-busting words
Blows the whistle
Bird on Canada's $1 coin
Besides others: Abbr
Back end of a horse
Adirondack chair part
Actor Penn of 'Milk'
A.P. Latin reading
*Something to make up
*One of a dozen for a sweetheart
*How Clayton Kershaw pitches
*Expense independent of production
*Decathlon event
'___ momento'
'Sure do'
'I pity the fool' speaker
'I don't give a ___'
'Frankenstein' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016#sthash.q2AhN92h.dpuf

Valuable discovery
Twentieth anniversary tokens
TV's Longoria
Tribe allied with the Fox
Thiessen of 'White Collar'
Terrier tracker
Tablet buy
Swimmer Thorpe
Sweet drinks
Sushi selection
Straighten out
Story no one's on top of?
Spot for studying cultures
Singer nicknamed 'The Velvet Fog'
Sigh at a spa
Shed tears
Sharp angles on fairways
Roadway zigzag
Request from a con artist
R&B singer Bryson
Pure and simple
Price additive
Pound sound
Portal with a Bing search field
Pickup shtick
Pekingese or Pomeranian
Packed house, initially
Outmoded objects
Org. with badges
One of 150 in the Bible
Neighbor of Braz
Narrow inlet
Movie reviewer's no-no
Minor mistakes
Midriff muscles
Memoirist Nin
Main, e.g
License info
Leonidas's kingdom
Leaves for the afternoon?
James, John or Jude
Italian ice choice
Inquisition charge
Inlaid item
Homer's neighbor
Hefty item
Hard to define
Govt. mtge. source
Ed Norton's workplace
Drywall holder
Diner table bottle
Devil's collection
Court sessions
Couple of smackers
Cleopatra's killer
Chorus member
Challenges for a speech therapist
Brief break
Assistant who says 'In the cloud, no one knows what you're wearing'
Aid for sandcastle builders
Act the gossip
1970 American League MVP Powell
*Popular search engine results
*Penguin's home
*Mexican deep-fried pockets
*Honest intentions
'You're a riot!'
'Thereby hangs ___'
'I didn't need to know that!' in three letters
'Follow your instincts,' and a literal hint to the starred answers
'Finally!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016—Gut-Feeling#sthash.M4VHaT51.dpuf

Women's links org
Use unwisely
Uraninite, to uranium
Unable to sit still
Try a sample of
Transcript stat
Town near New London, Conn
Title boy in a Johnny Cash song
The Rockies, on scoreboards
Tempt into wrongdoing
Telly watchers
Taxpayer's ID
Subtle 'Hey, you!'
Stout server
Stickshift selections
Statement of the obvious
Squandered, as a lead
Spilled the beans
Some graduate degs
Scratch up
Scratch from a list
Science of light
Republic of China's capital
Popular Twitter keyword
Pledge's accessory
Place for a piercing
Pique, as curiosity
Physique, for short
Perched on
Passenger's selection
Orchestra's place
One with a shortened sentence
One in boot camp, say
Old Mideast org
Marshmallow-filled treat
Many a summer job holder
Major interest, slangily
Main word in a sentence
Length unit, to 4-Across
JFK's wartime vessel
Italian cheese city
Intellect, informally
Inning divisions
Increase, with 'up'
Icky stuff
Guitar gizmo
Grosse ___, Mich
Garland of blossoms
Garage sale caveat
Gaggle members
Equip with new gear
Dosage amt
Dole's 1996 running mate
Deco pseudonym
Cuts calories
Crummy feeling
Cpl.'s subordinate
Corporation's public offering
Comics bark
Coffee, slangily
Clemson's sports org
Cheese in Greek salad
Casual reply to 'Who's there?'
Brew with cinnamon and ginger, say
Blood fluids
Blacken on a grill
Bit of shooter ammo
Be in the cast of
Basilica recesses
ASCAP alternative
App symbol
Address book no
'___ you nuts?'
'Power' accessory with a business suit
'More than I care to hear!'
'Get my point?'
'Fore!' site – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016#sthash.7E9hXVYN.dpuf

___ Sea (shrinking body of water)
Worker on an hourly wage, often
Wine order, at times
Well-thrown football passes
Vitamin or mineral
Ultimate Oldsmobiles
Texter's 'Then again …'
Tennis star with eight Grand Slam singles titles
Take ___ (snooze)
South American vacation destination, familiarly
Skin cream ingredient
Severs relations with
Seoul-based Soul maker
Scandinavian capital
Sale condition
Pot starters
Plate appearance
Place to practice driving
Penny-pincher, slangily
Pass by
Orange variety
One with a regular habit?
Once again
On foot patrol, as a police officer
Olympics event with a point
Obsess in front of the mirror
Nickelodeon explorer
Neil Armstrong and John Glenn
Milo of 'The Verdict'
Mayonnaise alternative
Longtime Chicago Symphony conductor Sir Georg
Likely to miss the start of
Like some dazzling basketball passes
Life story, informally
Indication of being short, for short
Important periods
Implement that raises a guitar's pitch
Got along
Get hitched in a hurry
Get a passing benefit?
Frat party garb
Extra sessions, briefly
Devoured, with 'down'
D sharp, by another name
Critic who succeeded Siskel as Ebert's partner
Cool, to a rapper
Classic television show starring Robert Young
Child's mesmerizing plaything
Busy, designwise
Bushel or peck (abbr.)
Bryce Canyon locale
Boston's location, to an Alabaman
Blood-typing letters
Blender brand
Big name in batteries
Baseball family name
Attach, in a way
At Dodger Stadium, say
Asian holiday
Apple on a desk
19th Amendment beneficiaries
'High Hopes' lyricist Sammy
'C'mon already!'
'Blue' flower? – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016#sthash.iAUF7fS9.dpuf

Work on, as a stubborn squeak
Words for the audience
Words between two 'thanks'
Words after miss or skip
With 18-Across, Southwestern cuisine
Web irritants … and what appears in each set of puzzle circles?
Weak cry
Wanting too much
Walk with style
Ulysses threesome?
Tibetan title
Tablets' kin
Swingline insert
State secrets?
Stage performances
Speedy Gonzales cry
Singer Bruni married to Nicolas Sarkozy
See 8-Down
Run a tab, say
Resting place
Rent payer
Registered names: Abbr
Provide with for a time
Pres. sworn in on Air Force One
Population information
Oust, in a way
Oil bloc
OED entry
Museum pieces
Morning cuppa
Montague lad
Marshy lowland
Many a Sundance film
Lucy and Ethel and Thelma and Louise
Luau music provider
Leaves in a bag
Kitchen gadget
Kind of basin
Job listing ltrs
Inventor Howe
Intense dislike
Hieroglyphics reptiles
Hebrew for 'skyward'
H.S. hurdle
Fourth-yr. students
Floorboard support
Faulkner's 'As __ Dying'
Down source
Courvoisier, e.g
Cookie named for its flavor
Comical punctuation marks from the drummer
Church choral works
Chihuahua, por ejemplo
Chef protector
Brand of blended seasonings
Book after Daniel
Blow away
Aromatic necklace
Amounts to
Actor Marvin of 'Cat Ballou'
Action at the front
Act poorly?
2,170-mi. trail terminus
'60s campus gp
'__ Eyes': Eagles hit
'Pillow Talk' actress
'Is it soup __?'
'Do __, not … '
'Angie Tribeca' channel – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016#sthash.2AUh8YU4.dpuf

Voting group
Very clever
Very clever
Very clever
Throat-clearing sound
Thin strand
The Good Book
Tasting like lemons
Take potshots (at)
Table supporters
Super bargain
Summer mo
Sponsored boy at a baptism
Speak ill of
Small songbird
Singer Ronstadt
Ship of Columbus
Shade trees
School glue brand
Rebuke, so to speak
Puts into play
Play for time
Place for pigs
Pearl Harbor locale
Patches up
Parts of a saw
Orderly system
Old Testament queen's land
Norway's capital
Muscle twitch
Moved rapidly
Make furious
Lasting mark
Junk email
Increases, as a bet
Hometown of Columbus
Home document
High-tech ID
Had a bite
Gullible one
Group in a stable
Give an autograph
Gallery display
Fumble in the dark
Foul mood
Former Italian money
Focal point
First in line
Early afternoon
Ear cleaner
Distress signal
Dispiriting experience
Disinfectant brand
Dental filling
Den seating
Deep singer
Cross home plate
Coup d'__
Complaining sound
Cereal servings
CBS symbol
Casual eatery
Caribbean, e.g
Brief swims
Appealed earnestly
Ancient Peruvian
America's uncle
Adjust, as tires
Actress Hathaway
500 sheets – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-7-2016#sthash.Yph5hDlb.dpuf

Word with 'gasp' or 'ditch'
What Shrek is
What an emcee will provide
What a slob is not
Wannabe actor's need
Type of indoor football
Thoroughly enjoying
Thing to strike while it's hot
Talks and talks
Take ___ down memory lane
Study like crazy
Strong smell
Spock's superior
Some jeans
Snakelike fishes
Shut down
Sandbanks in water
Russo of Hollywood
Russian country house
Rock with lots of makeup
Responded to the auctioneer
Rescind, as a driver's license
Poems that honor
Outer limit
One-eyed Norse god
One of the 'Mod Squad' hairdos
Noon meal, for many
Narrow wood strip
Muddy barnyard digs
Motley assortments
Met expectations?
Lose to gravity
Longest sentence possible
Little bit of gel
Like extremely foul weather
Large edible ray
Johnny Five's need
Japanese city that held a world Expo
Innovative and then some
Individual squats, curls and such
Hindu term of respect
Hammerheads and others
Greek Cupid
Great thing to go out with
Get more value from
Gallant charger
Formally declare as true
Fence opening
Employer, sometimes
Drink with lots of bubbles
Double-crosser of biblical proportions
Dirt road hazard
Cold alternatives?
Cobbler's stuff?
Carpenter with the pipes?
Cain's victim
Book addendum
Beverage on tap
Base contents?
Aren't anymore
Annual event featuring frigid water
Abbr. after an elderly general's name
'___ Suave' (1990 hit)
'___ Alive' (Bee Gees hit)
'The Little Mermaid' villain
'Key ___' (Bogart film)
'God's Little ___'
'Get it?'
'Aladdin' figure

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