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crosswords puzzle answers 07/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 07/05/2017

___ studies (college major)
___ of Solomon
___ buco
Word said three times while smacking the forehead
Word before or after 'down'
Vessel often stowed upside down
URL suffix
Tyrion Lannister of 'Game of Thrones' and others
Three-pointer shooter, usually
Texter's 'Wow!'
Test site
Tassel movers
Suckers' succors?
Start printing
Spa accessory
Some Wall St. deals
Some ancient writings
Skin dyes
Russian peace
Rose's love on old Broadway
Robert of 'Tender Mercies'
Ride offerer
Reporters' group
Rapper topper
Primary imperative?
Post-marathon feeling
Place for a pie to cool
Party bowlful
Part of an underground network
P.R. task
Overly fussy
Ottoman's partner
One working on the board?
On, as a horse
Old pop
Off-week, in football
Oct. pennant race
Nudges, in a way
Not go out of date, say
Not blown up
New York county with Lake Placid
Little racer
Like Uncle Sam
Like the 30 Rock building
Like some light wood
Light wood
Lady Gaga's '___ This Way'
Kylo ___ ('Star Wars' villain)
Keystone officer
Kachina doll makers
Jones of CNN
Job with spreadsheets
It may be whiffed
Injure badly
In unison
Hooter or honker
Home to King Philippe
Half of a score
Golden calf, e.g
Goes over
Go (for)
Go 'boohoo'
Gillette ___ Plus
Gefilte fish fish
Galley propeller
Funny Amy
French title
Force on Earth, informally
Food items often served with 76-Down
Float in the air
First sentence of a news story
Fantasy fiction readers, e.g
Family girl
Due + sei
Divvy up
Dead man walking?
Cry to a cop
Cry of jubilation … or guilt
Country star Jackson
Condition once called 'shell shock,' for short
Color of el mar
Chinese city known for its terra-cotta warriors
Cheese sometimes paired with pinot noir
Carry the day
Bygone NBC drama
Butter in South Asian cuisines
Bulked up, in modern lingo
Boston college
Blue symbol of Delaware
Award category word
Astronomer's sighting
Artisans' group
Arnaz of 1950s TV
Animal avatar of Thoth
Actor Elgort of 'The Fault in Our Stars'
Acronym for a class taught over the Internet
2008 Obama catchword
'___ Lang Syne'
'___ et veritas'
'___ all good'
'Your will to serve must be mature / To be this keeper of nature'
'Why don't we?!'
'This mensch looks up and shouts 'Delish!' / While downing snacks with real relish'
'This may have been the umpire's doing; / Now sliding home is easy going'
'The Iron Lady' star
'The Adventures of ___' (European comics series)
'Stop right there!'
'See-saw, Margery ___' (old nursery rhyme)
'Right now, it's fine, no five-star food, / But this dessert will soon be good!'
'Peanuts' boy
'Kate Upton strikes an alpine pose / And belts this out, with naught to lose'
'Just be cool'
'I know my girl enjoys her youth / When this fine sound escapes her mouth'
'I have this duty on my farm / To look as chickens keep eggs warm'
'Go down this hallway: There's a couch / If what you seek's relaxing touch'
'Celebrity Jeopardy!' show, briefly
'Al ___ Lado del Río' (2004 Oscar-winning song)
'://' preceder – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-7-2017#sthash.DUsIK9vn.dpuf

Worshipful one
What a fashionable person has
Unstressed vowel sound
Type of seed on some buns
Type of horse race or hat
Tall bird similar to an ostrich
Sudden, fast mass arrival
Song by a guy in a Viking helmet, perhaps
Something to build upon
Some geometric calculations
Shaped like an almond
Reason of shaking hands?
Put on, as a ship
Per ___ (yearly)
Participated in a choir
One way to save old clothes
Old measurement of 45 inches
Note on a singer's scale
Not yet grown?
Not vertical or horizontal
Not out of town
Nickname for thick coffee
Mister in Berlin
Like Howlin' Wolf's music
Kitchen utensil that's full of holes
It can point you in the right direction
It can get you a bit closer
Initiated court action against
Increase, as one's lead
In ___ of (replacing)
How I hope you're doing
Hits the open waters, in a way
Hearty soup
Hawaiian hello
Great financial advice (Part 3)
Great financial advice (Part 2)
Great financial advice (Part 1)
Got up incorrectly?
Got a good look at
Gator's cuz
Gassy, dusty cloud
Fitzgerald, the 'Queen of Scat'
Feeling of the jitters or apprehension
Feature of 21-Across
Emulate a weak tide
Doesn't leave
Decorative fabric used in upholstery
Crude abode
Cookie with more vowels than consonants
Comedic Chase
Coin of Afghanistan, once
Coast or slide effortlessly
Class that may feature some immature giggles
Cheese that's not bad, ah?
Certain print finish
Certain candy bar
Catch, as easy fly balls
Carpentry tools
Capital of Taiwan
Cabbage, dough or do-re-mi relative
Brazilian tourist city, informally
Big-billed bird known for wading
Attempt to weed out, as bad applicants
Arm bone
Angelou the poet
Ancient cousin of the guitar
Aligns properly
'Dear lady' alternative
'Cogito, ___ sum'
'Amo, amas, ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-7-2017#sthash.QenmPddr.dpuf

___ de guerre
Young lad, in Dublin
Works of Horace
Worked like Rumpelstiltskin
Work with a pattern, perhaps
Work at a bar
Upset victory during a long losing streak, say
Try to avoid a collision
There are two in a 5-4-3 double play
The 'E' of EGBDF
Take by force, as land
Take another shot at
Take a time-out
Stone with an Oscar for 'La La Land'
Stationery store buy
Spanish surrealist Joan
Sleeping car features
Siren on the Rhine
Shop jargon
Rock concert array
Really bug
Ran like heck
Pride newborn
Prefix with warrior or tourist
Prefix with 'mom,' in 2009 news
Port of Algeria
Places for mud baths
Places for dips
Piedmont wine area
Pew attachment
Painter of limp watches
Original 'King Kong' studio
One of a die's six
Nigeria's largest city
Mme. Curie
Many early PCs
Lugosi of 'Dracula'
Lucille Ball and Conan O'Brian, slangily
Lotte of 'Semi-Tough'
Longtime label for Booker T
Like the Spanish 'el' (Abbr.)
Like fenced goods
Like convenient shopping
Job seeker's hope
Jimmy Eat World's genre
Jenna of 'Dharma & Greg'
Inauguration highlight
Hurl a slur at
Horatio who wrote of Tattered Tom
Harder to come by
Folklore fiend
Folies-Bergere designer
First lady before Michelle
Feature of many taxis
Fabulist who gave us 'cry wolf'
Eliciting chuckles
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto
Dory propeller
Devo's headgear resembled these
Dean Martin's 'That's ___'
Creator of Mickey and Donald
Coffee table book, e.g
Calif. barrio area
Bocelli delivery
Bit of gossip
Big box stores, e.g
Big Apple retailer
Bedtime request
Baseball cards buy
Apt anagram of 'Sinatra'
Any 'South Park' character
Alternative to UPS Ground
Act the smug winner
'Lenore' poet
'Cogito, ___ sum' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-7-2017#sthash.YdncJYss.dpuf

__.com (cellular service site)
__ arranger (banker, at times)
Word on the state capitals list
Word hidden "across" the five longest answers
With competence
Will Smith or Betsy Ross
Whirlpool sister brand
Wedgwood worker
Wasn't colorfast
Was perched on
Visa accepter
Venerable harmonica brand
Vegan beverage
Urge to move
Upscale timepiece
UN member since 1977
Two-Oscar actor
Tweedledum creator
Traffic ticket abbr
Trade barbs
Tot's break
Three-time heavyweight champ
The dude's
Teachers' org
Synthetic fabrics
Superfluous extras
Suffix for serpent
Still-life object
Stage director's directive
Sporting blade
Snug shelters
Snuck a look
Slightest bit
Singular sensation
Seek quick stock profits
Scholarly environment
Scattered about
Scandinavian autos
Santa __ winds
Samuel __ Breese Morse
Routing preposition
Rosetta Stone symbols
Retired for the night
Retailer's annoyance
Rain repellent
Quit, with "out"
Pro skaters' org
Principal performer
Prefix meaning "beyond"
Pre-wedding ritual
Potato __ soup
Poodle or parrot
Pointy-haired thing
Poet in Augustus' time
Pickled-pepper picker
Parliamentarily impermanent
Owing a lot
Ostrich cousin
Oscar speech verb
Onetime Israeli foreign minister
Oil-field equipment
Offends the nose
Nothing, for instance
Nile queen's nickname
New beginning, so to speak
Most compact
Military offensive
Mansion worker
Lowly workers
Lone Ranger's farewell
Little leopard
Lee of comic-book fame
Leaves the pier
Leaning typeface: Abbr
Lauder of lipstick
Last space shuttle to launch
Ivy League school
Investment evaluations
Insincere "Sorry"
Influence creatively
Indecisive outcome
Hotshot performer
Hardwood tree
Half a board game set
GPS highlighting
Get support from
Fraternal org
Four-pedal bike
Forever stamp designation
Footprint producers
Fomented, as flames
Fictional mariner/medical man
Fey of TV
Emerson's middle name
Drains of energy
Downhill race
DMV rituals
Distinctive period
Difficulty, informally
Cuts long blades
Crumb carriers
Cream-cheese portions
Corporate coach
Cockpit console
Chicago Bears founder
Casual top
Cartoon caveman
Canvas covering
Bumped into
Bummed out
Brittany buddies
Biblical allegories
Benchmark, in brief
Become frantic
Be decisive
Be daringly innovative
Available from a keg
Art class accessories
Apt to play tricks
Ankle mishap
Anatomical bender
Alias introducer
Adjust to change
"Till next time"
"Grey's Anatomy" device
"Get lost!"
"Arabian Nights" mariner – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-7-2017#sthash.90FRU3s6.dpuf

__ moment
__ Gay: WWII bomber
__ club
__ Buena, town that became San Francisco
Worked (up)
Winery sight
Whole alternative, in Nottingham
West Yorkshire city
Watch word?
Training group
Time div
They go by in a flash
The 3rd Avenue line was the last of them to operate in Manhattan
The '70s, in a Tom Wolfe essay
Take-out order?
Swing wildly
Surgical dressing
Superman player
Starbucks serving
Sprightly dances
Spread out
Souvenirs with three holes in them
Some SLR displays
Snowy __
Site of Mount Olympus
Singer DiFranco
Side squared, for a square
Routine first baseman?
Retired fliers
Resistance units
Put __ appearance
Put forward
Pres. advisory team
Pound foot?
Popular pasta topping
Poetic dusk
Pitch indicator
Patron saint of France
Patch grower
Parts of gals
Org. with lanes
Onward in time
One may echo in an alley
One may be named for a president
Often elided pronoun
Obstructs the progress of
News letters
Name of 12 popes
Mushers' transports
Mount delivery
Manhattan sch
Make out
Like Perot in the 1992 pres. election
Like a quarter's edge
Legal agreement
Italian wine center
It's a long story
It towers over Taormina
It holds the line
Island near Corsica
Is down with
In the cards
Hosea contemporary
Holds up
Gym unit
Grandpa Walton portrayer
Gospel singer Winans
Go after
Get too close to
Get better
Françoise's friend
Fine dining aficionados
Fine dining aficionados
Fill past full
Fed after tax evaders
Feature of many Broadway musicals
Fall mo
Even so
Email ending
Elegantly, to Vivaldi
Ecuadoran province once famous for its gold
Early computer language
Dr.'s order
Cut off
Coup target
Countryman of Gary Player
Continental divide?
Coal-rich German region
Co-star of Bea, Betty and Rue
Chinese toys, for short
Chinese secret society
Champagne bucket, e.g
Chain letters?
Castilian hero
Cap site
Canterbury pen
By way of, briefly
Busy co. on Mother's Day
Bridal path
Bell curve figure
Beatle bride
Batting positions
Banker's bane
Autobiographical subtitle
Architect Saarinen
Apple variety
Amber __
Advanced legal deg
Actress Garner, familiarly
Actress Davis
Actress Blakley
Actor Wilson
A long way off
640 acres: Abbr
2012 Nintendo debut
1975 Jackson 5 hit
'__ Kapital'
'Win some, lose some'
'Win some, lose some'
'When We Were Kings' subject
'I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie' author
'Confidentially … '
'Confidentially … '

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