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crosswords puzzle answers 07/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 07/02/2017

World Cup sport
With 57-Across, Queen's place
With 15-Across, 'Don't delay!'
Warning initials above an Internet link
Villain's vanquisher
Twisted humor
TV news deliverer
Track-and-field event
Title for two Clue characters
Teri who played Phoebe's mother on 'Friends'
So done with
Snowman in 'Frozen'
Site of the first-in-the-nation caucuses
Shake one's booty
See 5-Across
See 47-Across
Repeated word before 'pants on fire'
Queens' place
Queens' place
Queen's place
Prominent Dumbo features
Pointy stone used in early Native American weaponry
Place divers explore
People often caution against reinventing it
On edge
Off-roaders, for short
Oafish sort
Muscle toned from push-ups, informally
Mexican dish served in a shell
Many a Donald Trump announcement
Make bread
Lovey-dovey sound
Loser to the tortoise, in fable
Interest rate setter, with 'the'
Inflame with love
In a relaxed rhythm, musically
Hung around
Hold together
Heart of the matter
Grander than grand
Four-term prez
Fish eggs
First place where Napoleon was exiled
First coat for a painter
David ___, philosopher influenced by Locke
Cookie that's often pulled apart
Condom material
Common street name
Comic strip sound from a drunkard
Chest of drawers
Charges for some Madison Avenue firms
Central points
Broadcast part
Bedside buzzer
Bear whose bed was too hard for Goldilocks
At any point in history
Asian river whose name is one letter away from an Ivy League college
Annual Austin festival, for short
Animal hide
A cat is said to have nine of them
2014 Super Bowl performer
1993 football movie starring Sean Astin
'The ___, the Proud, the Marines'
'The Grapes of Wrath' surname
'That's a ___!'
'See ya'
'Masterpiece Theatre' network
'Let's Get Loud' singer, affectionately
'Ergo …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017#sthash.dR3uCvlz.dpuf

Years, to Pierre
Wildlife-spotting opportunity
TV teaser
Trial for a serial ogler?
Top hat in Monopoly, e.g
Tie up
Thpeakth like thith
The NCAA's Huskies
The Jetsons' dog
Sudden burst
Smell awful
Skilled job
Sch. for young ones
Rope on a ship
Regards with disgust
Radius, for one
Rabbit groomer's boutique?
Proper behavior
Program file extension
Pricey eggs
Platter half
Places for laces
Oval Office figure, familiarly
NYC subway overseer
Note above fa
Nonetheless, informally
No longer outstanding
Naked forest predator?
Music's Horne
Maj.'s superior
Like some divorce settlements
Letters before gees
Incompatible with
Hollywood's Lupino
Hitcher's hope
Hibernation spot
Held in reserve
Gail of 'NYPD Blue'
Friend of Harry and Hermione
Former NFL wide receiver Burress
Flyer with a forked tail
Flood refuge
Fishing sites
Find charming
Fielder's flub
Feature of Bert on 'Sesame Street'
Fan sound
Familiarize with a new situation
Egyptian port
East Coast hwy
Earn a treat, perhaps
Drank heavily
Cutlery for athletes?
Crowd in old Rome?
Cooking magazine for snobs?
Comfortably inviting
Chinese class tests
Cannes contenders
Came closer to
Call off
Busy activity
Builds a nest egg
Bonny belle
Begin confidently
Baby Gap buy
Airline headquartered in Amstelveen
'While that may be true…'
'Little Shop of Horrors' hero
'In ___ face!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017—Ere-Now#sthash.m7IMH7Do.dpuf

___ apso
Use a vegetable peeler
Trying time
Things sung on cold doorsteps
They prosecute perps
Talk like a baby
Systems for making announcements
Step on a popular scale?
Spider, for one
Sound that lingers
Some sedimentary rocks
Some kitchen seasonings
Small tropical lizard
Small bouquet
Sighting before firing
Sicily's volcano
Shares a border with
Sensation preceding a migraine
Russian parliament
Relaxing facilities
Problem source
Pour, as wine
Plant part
Part of a savings plan
Original 'American Idol' judge Cowell
One way to be mistaken
Not on solid ground?
Nineteenth Greek letter
Native of Oklahoma
More sore
Many lipstick colors
Made improvements to
Love to pieces
Liquid dosage amts
Like all perfect games
Lettering tool
Large semi-aquatic mammal, briefly
In a little while, quite a while ago
Hot beverage
Hosiery flaw
Horses: real & imagined
Hanging fold of loose neck skin
Ham sirer
Half a dovetail
Greek goddess of wisdom
Fraternity letter
Forcibly dismount someone
Fleshy seed covers
Fizzy drink
First light of day
Feathery scarves
Fanciful touch
Explosion maker
Dogs: real & imagined
Displaying good posture
Discoverer's shout
Discharged a firearm
Cry of amazement
Continental cash
Construction weightlifter
Circular water current
Busy bee in Apr
Bird's abodes
Bears: real & imagined
Attractive person (var.)
Anti votes
Accept a wedding proposal
'___ have to do'
'Sounds good'
'Now hold on a ___!'
'Magnon' intro
'Dynamic' group
'Don't ___ this at home'
'Comical' dog in the military – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017#sthash.JaNIgda5.dpuf

Windshield darkener
Vote down, informally
Versatile blackjack card
U-Haul rival
Tropical squawker
Tin Woodman's can filler
They're drawn in some tourneys
Syntax ___ (programmer's flub)
Sword-wielding TV princess
Surname synonymous with synonyms
Supersized planter
Summon, as a memory
Strips on some burgers
Spoil the appearance of
Social no-no
Small-screen statuettes
Shower curtain supports
Shelter adoptees
Seekers of a lost child, say
Seascape color
Say 'May I?'
Samuel of the Supreme Court
Rehabber's setback
Rapper born Tracy Marrow
Raid the fridge
Pundits' page, for short
Proof of purchase
Pro ___ (in proportion)
Poehler of 'Baby Mama'
Playbill list
Parlor artwork, for short
Occupies a roosting bar
Nikkei Index currency
Name associated with honesty
Musical set in Argentina
Mean mutts
Maui music maker, briefly
Mary Quant skirt design
Mall Santa, e.g
Lines from Groucho
Law enforcers at Yellowstone
Jet speed word
Infield repair need
Indicators of footnotes
Indiana and Han, to Harrison
Hydrogen's atomic number
Humble reply to a compliment
How 'great minds think'
Heavy spheroid in a gym
He's no gentleman
Hardly lenient
Got lost in thought
Go like a bunny
Gift tag word
Foxtrot, to a horse
Follower of black-eyed or lazy
First lady before Jackie
Finished off
Finds new players for
Exceeded the limit
Enjoy Vail
Custodian's closet item
Crosswords, in the 1920s
Creme-centered treat
Construction site sight
Concert venue
Complicated, as a breakup
Cloverleaf outlet
Celestial light show
Brings up the rear
Boutique or bodega
Blow away
Blender component
Bit of baloney
Armored car robberies
24/7 cash source
'Thirty days ___ September . . .'
'Stop being a wimp!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017#sthash.Cr4FMVor.dpuf

Yes, in Paris
Years and years
Wood-eating insect
Wood beneath train tracks
Wind-driven vessel
Wilma Flintstone, to Fred
Well-__ (wealthy)
Watches for
Tractor-trailer truck
Tiny amounts
Tidbit of food
Tall buildings
Takes a chair
Suffix for luncheon
Stovetop feature
Stopwatch, for example
Sheep's cry
Sgt. or cpl
Run out of water, or ideas
Roe source
Revolve or rotate
Ram constellation
Racetrack shape
Pungent vegetable
Precious stone
Point opposite NNW
Phase near the end of a space flight
Personal journal
Person doing nothing
Pasta topping
Newspaper piece
Nervous feeling
Most meager
Mosey along
Minor mistake
Mac-and-cheese brand
Lively Irish dance
Hole-punching tool
His-and-__ bracelets
Hindu guru
High-pitched woodwind
Has tenants
Group like a union
Gown, for example
Government-issued investment
Glide on snow
French friend
Fishing poles
Fast-food restaurant
Each and every one
Doctors' org
Diamond weight
Cruise stopovers
Cozy room
Coveting things too much
Cooks over boiling water
Commit a theft
Caterer's coffeepot
Brief rainfall
Brief in duration
Breakfast meat
Be dazed
Batter's stat
Baby hooting bird
Auto transmission choices
Arctic ice mass
Apt to spread rumors
Approx. landing hour
Admit guilt, with "up"
"__ we there yet?"
"I suppose"
"How clumsy of me!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017#sthash.wsJ26ZUx.dpuf

___ rule
Wrestler's work surface
Wine sediment
Whips up
Vietnamese soup
Unappreciative straphanger?
Tibetans and Thais
Sweet tooth?
Soccer star Hamm
Say for sure
Santa's little helper
RR stops
Rom. locale
Redding who sang '(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay'
Prefix with pathetic
Poetic foot
Pitcher Hideo who threw two no-hitters
Phi ___ Kappa
One of the Brady bunch
Nashville awards org
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Lose ground
List abbr
Like crazy
Last of a series
La Salle of 'ER'
It comes to mind
Iridescent gem
Informed about
Home of Damascus
Hit with a charge
Hindu retreat
Gap rival
Funny conclusion of a circus act?
Flue residue
Fix, in a way
Exaggerated publicity
Early 20th-century year
Ear malady
Dreadful-sounding 1990 movie starring Kathy Bates and James Caan
Deep ravine
Cry out loud
Columbus's home
Collectors of DNA
Checks out
Characters in the first half of a typical episode of 'Law & Order'
Chapter in history
Chalk up a victory
Carve in stone
Capital of Italia
C.S. Lewis land
Body blow reaction
Barbera d'___ (red wine)
Baldwin who portrayed Trump on 'SNL'
Babe in the woods
Astronomical examination?
Arial or Roman
Apply, as pressure
Actress Kunis of 'Black Swan'
Actress Christensen of 'Parenthood'
1980s missile shield prog
'___ Land' (2016 musical film with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling)
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' author
'That feels good!'
'Sure it is …'
'Somebody's Knockin" singer Gibbs
'Piece of cake!'
'O Brother, Where Art ___?'
'I beg your pardon?'
'How the Other Half Lives' author Jacob
'Better try plan B'
'Barefoot Contessa' chef ___ Garten – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-7-2017#sthash.BD6uLhqc.dpuf

__ Wilson, who played Sam in 'Casablanca'
__ Lanka
__ de Triomphe
Zero or one
Without assistance
Wintry temps
Vending machine feature
Trunk of the body
Thin woodwinds
Subordinate church officials
Submachine gun named for its designer
Sports venues
Sky blue
Shipping route terminus
Sculpted physique, briefly
Religious school teacher, perhaps
Powerful engine
Poem of praise
Pinball excess
Pilot Earhart
Performer who shimmies and uses finger cymbals
Original star of 'Star Trek'
Orchard rows
Oral health org
Online letters
Oklahoma native
NYG rival in the NFC East
Mountain bleaters
Madrid mother
Lyricist Gershwin
Lotus position discipline
Lith. or Est., once
Like teary eyes
Like little, glittering eyes … and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
Light bulb units
Leaning-on-the-horn sounds
July 14, in France
Jefferson, religiously
Japanese currency
Japanese carp
Internet destination
Indent key
In the style of
Historical period
Hawk's claw
Hard luck case
Ham go-with
Graphs' horizontal reference lines
Gownlike Roman garment
Goodyear products
Good Housekeeping publisher since 1911
Golf ball holder
Free from doubt
Eat away at
Business convention handouts
Brinker on skates
Bluesman Redding
Blind strips
Big party
Ball-and-mallet game
Asteroids game company
Actor Vigoda
'Where the Sidewalk Ends' poet Silverstein
'The __ thickens!'
'The Facts of Life' actress Charlotte
'Othello' schemer
'I'm game'
'Billions & Billions' author Carl

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