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crosswords puzzle answers 07/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 07/01/2017

[Take THAT!]
What a wormhole is a tunnel in
Wearable status symbols
Veil material
Up to speed, musically
Unit in superfast data transfer
Tranquil and minimalistic
Took it easy
Thoughts of wishful thinkers
Synthetic dye compound
Subspecies of a distinct geographical variety
Stealth fighters
Something water lacks
Something to pick a number from
Something on a ticket
Some thirst quenchers
Small stabs
Seed coat
Roach of old comedy
Query about a phone call
Provide direction
Pricey strings
Pre-euro money
Plane wing part
Pick up
Ostracized sort
One taking heat at work?
One pressing the flesh
Old Scratch, with 'the'
Not merely good
Model who wrote the 1996 book 'True Beauty'
Mitsubishi sports car, for short
Many a maid of honor
Literary character self-described as 'poor, obscure, plain and little'
Latin American soccer powerhouse: Abbr
It's what you think
It might reveal what you've lost
iPhone rival
Inits. after a big media merger of 1958
Ingredient in Pringles Light
In the dictionary, say
Imbibed modestly
Hot spot
Grocery brand that's also a girl's name
Gives a number?
Features of many doctor's office waiting rooms
Fall rapidly, as sales
Express starting in 2000
Deeply felt
D.M.V. demands
Court blowout
Company with a buck in its logo
Brief topic
Barbecue chef's coat
Angry Birds starting in 2010, e.g
Alternative to Food Lion or Piggly Wiggly
All-weather convertible?
1990s 'caught on tape' series
'Talk to the hand'
'No hard feelings?'
'Les Mille et ___ Nuits'
'Kinda' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017#sthash.0HYgV85q.dpuf

___ grudge (was resentful)
___ Boy (gin drink)
Ziggy Stardust's genre
World Court home, with 'The'
With reason
Windsor, e.g
What we nearsighted folks need when watching movies?
Westwood sch
Watched some Persians, say
Warden's worry
Unpleasant odors
Unmannered fellow
Trough's opposite
Train to the Tuileries
They're worn on the chest
They may be tapped out
Subject to remedying, as a nuisance
Spiral-horned antelope
Somali model who was Bowie's wife
Slips of paper?
Show audacity
Second of a double-header
Scraping (out)
Running back Bradshaw
Room, to Ricardo
Roberts's 'Pretty Woman' co-star
Rips into
Ring legend
Result of a new moon?
Reaction to liver, for some
Put on cloud nine
Psychologist Alfred
Psychologist Abraham
Propagating wave
Private digressions
Priceline pitchman
Popular BBC show
Place for a raw deal?
Pianist Hess
Philosopher with a razor
Passing notes?
Out of debt
Note providers
Nascar car coverers
Music's Brian
Monkey around the lab
Massage targets
Mary Magdalene, to Jesus
Map out
Man at home in D.C.?
Make faces
Mailed some sweetbreads?
Like some Coast Guard rescues
Like a sprinkler system, often
Kyoto's Golden Pavilion, say?
John's running mate in 2008
Jamaican tangelos
It takes turns
I may stand for it
Hits the roof
Handel creation
Gold: Prefix
Go out with a bang?
Gathering places of yore
Garden fixture
Free of friends
Founder's successor, perhaps
Fort Collins sch
Former Reds owner Marge
Foot bones
Fish with winglike fins
Fearless efforts
Extracted deposit
Exceptional individual
Estonian's neighbor
Enjoy Sundance
Email alternative
Elroy's pet
Earthy color
Early gramophone star
Downward dog, e.g
Docket listing
Djokovic, e.g
Deal breaker?
David, famously
Custody battle participants
Cry of frustration
Crunch's rank
Corvine calls
Concluding bit
Cobbler's material?
Coal tar distillate
Clear sky, to poets
Clapton classic
Checks out
Checks for quarters
Channel branded with a yellow rectangle
Cars with cords
Canceled order?
Bus. bigwig
Browser's target
Brit's bumbershoot
Brief escape?
Book flap feature
Bit of news
Belief in a strong central government
Beavers from New England?
As well
Acapulco uncle
19th-century political cartoonist
1 through 18, on a golf scorecard?
'You crack me up!'
'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' songwriter
'Were you successful?'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'The Da Vinci Code' monk
'Semper Fidelis' composer
'Non, je ne regrette rien' singer
'My turn!'
'Frozen' princess
'Frozen' princess
'Fernando' band
'East of Eden' twin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017—Silent-Treatment#sthash.TsArwAna.dpuf

Word of parting
Word before 'mortals'
Very imposing or impressive
Type of ranch, bro
Type of committee
Type of colony or code
Type of athlete
Tops cakes
Toast type
Tightens a manuscript
Thing attached to an engine radiator
Sweet red pepper
Some British noblemen
Slithering fish
Served and scored, in tennis
Requested earnestly
Quite a bit
Quarterback or motorist, at times
Pulls suddenly
Promise of a future payment
Printing surface
Place of pilgrimage, for some
Opening poker chips
Of the highest quality
Ocean Spray name starter
Native of the Horn of Africa
Native American of Arizona
Move along like a turtle
Monarch of old
Mischievous youngster
Midwest state
Make improvements or corrections to
Made an admission
Long runner on a white blanket
Like sun-powered energy
Like some spaceflights
Like a hot curry
Land chart
Knife part
It could feature four bars
Intentionally fail to renew
Guests on a political show
Group in 'Survivor'
Greek weeper
Great 'choice' for those who have suffered
Great 'choice' for an entrepreneur
Great 'choice' for an athlete
Good chums
Golfer's 'time'
Gallery in London
Food scraps
Flag down
Fish similar to a herring
Feature of some hairstyles
Fan's word of displeasure
Excessive amount
Enjoy and how
Elegant hanging tapestry
Depth charge target of WWII
Corny refuse
Completely lacking funds
Casual's opposite, clothes-wise
Cartel concerned with oil
Capacious bag
Bulky grayish-brown eagle
Boots out
Boleyn who lost her head
Black or fire gems
Bide one's time
African antelope the size of a rabbit
Acorn, for one
About half of all humans
2.2 pounds, briefly
'Up and ___!' ('Rise and shine') – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017#sthash.HsPYZcTl.dpuf

___-trick pony
___-mo replay
___ hall (campus hangout)
Wears away
War zone reporters
Use a swizzle stick
Twiddles one's thumbs
Trident parts
Track meet postings
Totally absorbed
Tomato, as it was once known
Tick off
Tennis great Laver
Stoker who created Dracula
Stereo pioneer Fisher
Statement of the obvious
Spiral-horned antelope
Slow on the uptake
Site of a famous tower
Sell online
Screw up
Rx item
Ruark title that means 'freedom' in Swahili
Role for Cooper or Sandler
Roe producer
Rock's Cream and ZZ Top, for two
Rainbow's shape
Radiator attachments
President with a Nobel
Places for facials, perhaps
Personal ad abbr
Peggy Lee classic
Makes bales, say
Mad Hatter's serving
Like some grins or winks
Like an unwiped dipstick
Lifelong buds, in texts
Labor union demand
James Comey's org
It may fly during a fight
Is behind
iPad screen item
Horse-drawn cart
He caught Larsen's perfect game
Half a score
Gym session with stationary bikes
Get benefit from
Gem State capital
Gasteyer of 'Suburgatory'
Garnet color
Frees from restraints
Fish served amandine
First openly gay U.S. congressman
Fiery gemstone
Feel sad for
Dodge pickups
Did in, mobster-style
Devices with chip readers, for short
Conscription org
Checked out
Catches a wave
Capek play about robots
Cake with a kick
Bing Crosby's label
Beach formation
Bancroft of 'The Graduate'
Auto parts giant
1992 Masters winner
1960 Olympics track star
'___ been had!'
'The Well-Built Swede' car company
'The Haj' novelist
'The Feminine Mystique' author
'Land ___ alive!'
'Batman' sound effect
'Asteroids' game maker
'Aladdin' prince
'Absolutely!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017#sthash.Rp5FWEOK.dpuf

__ water
Young Agent K in "Men in Black 3"
Whom Robert Frost was named for
Whom Renée Zellweger impersonated for "Vanity Fair"
Ultimate trailers
Traditional parka maker
They wear Star of Life patches
The writer and director of "Hamilton" got them for 2015
Tank space sharer
Subject of the 1996 biography "Fever!"
Stand __
Something the TSA won't let you get away with
Smartphone conveniences
SmartKey and SuperKey were early ones
Silver mining data
Shell stations?
Second of the Hebrew alphabet
Result of uncontrolled fusion
Refuse to let go of
President after Aquino
Port vessel, perhaps
Plant's pistil part
Oklahoma native
Obfuscation, so to speak
Nativity figure
Name with a shared etymology with "aim"
Morning charity events
Marriage, per some ceremonies
Major FedEx hub
Line used on a stage
Lexicographers' collection
Keyboarding by-products
Join irreversibly
Jamie Lee, in "Freaky Friday"
Icon of social estrangement
Graphic design specialty
Gone from the stacks, say
Gone from the lot, say
For the baseline
Fliers may be part of it
Finn, for one
Expression of concern
Drought dangers
Destination for a short cruise from Los Angeles
Currently chilling
Contraction candidate
Contest with fencing
Common year-end stamp illustration
Carnival music
Candide, to Pangloss
Brit's informal eatery
Began shooting
Be out in the 90s, say
Alkaline battery developer
A little more than 0
1099-__ (IRS form)
"__ explained . . ."
"Truly" alternative
"Dressed all in fur" guy of rhyme
"Chocolat" specification – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017#sthash.wAuiCsBq.dpuf

Written supply orders, briefly
Work periodically?
Word spoken with amore
Women's History Mo
Where to find screwdrivers?
Uses needle and thread
That guy, to Guy
Tee or blouse
Takes weapons from
Stat for Clayton Kershaw
Star that sometimes outshines Venus?
Sleep-inducing drug
Shapiro of NPR
Shade of green
Seismometer detection
Scopes Trial attorney
San ___, California
Rx items
Push and shove
Prohibition advocates
Prez between Harry and Jack
Plenty, in slang
Paraffin-wrapped cheese
Origami supply
Not at all sharp
Navel variety
Mount Olympus figure
Minute building block
Mideast's ___ Strip
Melville novel set on Tahiti
Matter of course?
Macy's department
Little laugh
Like shelves in need of restocking
Like much early history
Like an extra sock
Like a ___ of bricks
Like a basket-spoiling apple
Just okay
Intense anger
Ice-preparing machine
Hooded jacket
Hockey fake
H.S. proficiency test
Granite formation in Yosemite, or what can literally be found on either end of the answers to the starred clues
Got past the ticket taker, say
Freud's 'The Interpretation of ___'
Florida's 'Blue Monster' golf course
Florentine family name of three popes
Egyptian president during the Suez Crisis
Dollar divs
Do an electrician's job
Diva's time to shine
Div. for Jays and Rays
Composer featured in 'Amadeus'
Code breaking org
Chemical suffix
Born near the River Shannon
Bacony pasta dish
Ancient invader of Rome
Actress Larter of TV's 'Pitch'
Acropolis metropolis
A majority
35-Across's '___ fan tutte'
2006 role for Whitaker
2005 Oscar-winning Hoffman role
*Stretch of inactivity
*Lines of poetry that end with two or more same-sounding syllables
*'You didn't hear it here!'
'___ girl!'
'We the Living' novelist
'Lawrence of Arabia' Oscar nominee
'Just like that' sound effect
'Dependability at Work' appliance brand
'Darn tootin'!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-7-2017#sthash.3rvdmvbP.dpuf

__ health
Wite-Out maker
Wine drink
Wheels of justice?
Wally who played himself in the 'Taxi' episode 'Latka's Cookies'
Waitress in the comic strip 'Shoe'
They hold water
Story featuring Paris
Stem (from)
Start to fall?
Spread out
Some trial evidence
Social group
Soccer blunder
Site of many '60s tours
Scary high
Removed for a rules violation, briefly
Rebus animal
Real estate measures
Real estate measure
Reaction to a treat, maybe
Raisin brand
Quiche shunner, in an '80s best-seller
Pacific island overrun by wild chickens
Original 'SNL' cast member
One-named 'American Boy' singer
One way to cope
Old Roman adviser
Obsessive young devotee
MPG-estimating org
Lover of Psyche
Longtime morning host
Lets out
Kiddie lit count
Investor's concern, familiarly
Inexpensive vodka
Greenland currency
Govt. agency with domestic field divisions in 15 states
Godfather cocktail ingredient
Get gray gracefully
Forest weapon
First name in dognapping
Facebook co-founder Saverin
Eponymous 18th-century wine trader Claude
Emphatic words
Early arrivals
Draft letters
Doctors' org
Do away with
Day of the wk
Currently playing
Come by
Colorful holiday candy
Club attention-getter
CIA nickname
Certain jazzman
Benching targets, briefly
Baton holder
Arabian matchmaker
Acid test supply
A filter may be used to produce it
2008 Poehler/Fey comedy
'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' genre
'100% juice smoothie' brand

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