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crosswords puzzle answers 06/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 06/12/2016

What make suits three-pieces
What drivers hit on purpose
Water channel
Voluminous type of bag
Two-person lift
The zoo is full of them
Take as a bride
Sneakily clever
Simple, informal restaurant
Rural pasture
Rough-surfaced file
Rise ominously
Ready to get picked
Rating that brings a smile
Rambo rescuees
Provide kindness that kills
Provide a slight hint, to a calligrapher?
Places to relax and luxuriate
Place celebrating red, white and blue
Partner for 'skip' and 'jump'
Pantry creature
Organization for lawyers
Opposite of blessing
Not as hard to accomplish
Nevada hotspot
Month known for rain
Member of a suit you play with
Meaner than mean
Male moguls
Major Indian city
Made cotton or cotton candy
M, on a form
Lingering sound effect
Letter-shaped extensions
Legendary Torme
Largest Latvian city
Itsy-bitsy smashable things
It's just not right
It may be involved in a calligrapher's hanging?
Island of southern Indonesia
In need of mending
In a way fraught with trouble
Hunk of concrete
How angry people contest things?
Hectic parts of hospitals, briefly
Good toy for March
Features of proper nouns
Email address ending, for some
Electrify or stun
Eight musical intervals, collectively
Eat like a rat
Desktop symbol
Denver-to-Telluride dir
Dangerous WWII sub
Cold cut emporium
Catch one's breath and then some
Cameron of films
Calligrapher's favorite part of a soccer match?
Bounces out of an apartment
Big butte
Big and clumsy ones
Bar item
Baggins in 'The Hobbit'
Available to receive customers
Asian sash
Activity center, to an airline
Accumulated years
A Polynesian island, if doubled
'___ objections?'
'Out of the question!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016#sthash.Z2yOG1nC.dpuf

___ Paulo
___ monde (high society)
TV friend of Rachel and Phoebe
Turner on a roof
Traditional job for a kid with a bike
Topic for Kant
Sweet dessert
Store in a cask, say
Some hosp. workers
Socioeconomic region including Singapore and Japan
Snoopy sorts
Singer Irene
Sieve makeup
Shorten a sentence, say
Semicircular space
Sails' staffs
Reunion greeting
Rented space in a restaurant
Reached, as a shameful level
Profs.' aides
Pass on, in a way
Paris pal
Paella base
One might have designs on your floor
One after another
Now, in Nicaragua
Nonkosher entrees
Nashville's Grand Ole ___
Mass-per-volume measure
Marbles, so to speak
Maker of Hot Wheels
LPs, informally
Love, to Lucretius
Like Buffalo wings and barbecued ribs
Lacking rainfall
It can put on a coat
Inner Hebrides island
Home to about two-thirds of Hawaiians
Gullible fellow
Goddess of wisdom
Ginger ale or soda, at a bar
Ghana's capital
Former Wisconsin senator Feingold
Fish also called a sharksucker
Eye color supplier
Elisabeth of 'CSI'
Electrical network
Diving seabird
Dep.'s counterpart on timetables
Dean's list fig
Date with the dr
Crumb carrier
Consumerist Ralph
Charged particle
Cancun coin
Bring in
Bond, e.g
Boggy ground
Birthplace of Benicio del Toro
Bikini wearer's giveaway
Became suddenly attentive
Bear in the air
Auto ad letters
Apple's Final Cut and Aperture, e.g
Ancient market
'Who am ___ say?'
'No Scrubs' group
'Bye for now' in a text – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016—P.R.-Department#sthash.stQLmsjq.dpuf

Wrap brand
Witherspoon of 'Four Christmases'
What's your beef?
Thus, to Gaius
Thurman of 'Kill Bill'
Things seen on many state license plates
Teen blemish
Street of film fame
Sales tax fig
Rapid tempo
Pop singer ___ Del Rey
Playing marble
Pedicurist's stone
Pedicurist's stick
Parts of a crab that grab
Not, to a Scot
Not completely shut
New York City cultural venue, with 'the'
Mr. ___ of 'The Karate Kid'
Morning hrs
Mood-enhancing drug
Milne's 'Mr. ___ Passes By'
MGM lion
Maple leaf, for Canada
Make messy, as a blanket
Like some boarding schools
Keg contents
It'll take you to another level
Invaders of ancient Rome
Indian prince
In a piercing voice
Home of Wright State University
Hither's opposite
Historically safe investment, informally
Hi in HI
Heart, essentially
Hair over the forehead
H.I.V. drug
Goose liver spread
Game show hire
Following the circled squares, the end to a seasonal song
Final syllable of a word
Filmdom's Flynn
Fig. on an auto sticker
Fashion look with long 6-Down and eye liner
Exercise segment
End of a heated exchange, perhaps
Drive ahead
Dorm monitors, for short
Display of bad temper
Diner on TV's 'Alice'
Dessert that jiggles
Criminal evidence, with 'the'
Cartridge filler
Car in a tow lot, perhaps
Car in a showroom
Capitol Hill sort, for short
Broadcasting sign
Boxer Patterson
Big pharma company
Beat the stuffing out of
Away from the office
Assemble in a makeshift way
Archie Bunker, notably
Always, in verse
Alfred who was a follower of Freud
Alfalfa or buckwheat
Admission of defeat
Addams Family member
'The Bells' poet
'Hold on a sec!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016#sthash.SNNbiQRi.dpuf

Yeoman's 'yes'
White-knuckle emotion
West Wing worker
VIP with an MBA, perhaps
Track legend Moses
Toss around
Took one's leave
Temporary halt
Talk up
Take a shot at
Suggestive glances
Snowman in 'Frozen'
Skipper of scripture
Shade of Dorothy's slippers
Seen by movie viewers
Searches exhaustively
Put to rest, as fears
Prefix with athlete or angle
Pre-Easter period
Place with rainy plains, in song
Photographer of the American West
Pewter component
Persian Gulf monarchy
Over-the-hill horse
Organ with a bridge
Number-picking game
Nothing more than
Nest noise
Neatnik's opposite
Massive landmass
Makes a jack-o'-lantern
Make a pandowdy, say
Lucy, to Ethel
Load of baloney
Linguine or lasagna
Like some Buffalo wings
Like many a filing error
Lester Siegel player in 'Argo'
Less ordinary
Jennifer Lopez or Selena
Jane Goodall's subjects
Intensely passionate
Greek column style
Go backpacking
Ginger-flavored cookies
Gemology units
Former flames
First word in 'Jabberwocky'
Equestrians' competition
Equestrians' competition
EMT's skill
Discover competitor, briefly
Didn't discard
Did an axel, say
Dark-tongued dog breed
Dainty drinks
Cruise stopover
Common sans-serif typeface
Come to attention
Cleansed (of)
Casino or racetrack area
Cap'n Crunch and others
Bother incessantly
Blessing-inducing sound
Barbershop signal
Arranges by kind
Anthony Hopkins role in 'Thor'
Ancient Greek physician
1999 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee
'This can't be!'
'The Mummy' setting
'That's all ___ wrote'
'Mars Attacks!' director Burton
'How hilarious!' in chat rooms
'Goody Two Shoes' singer
'Friends' character Geller
'Fatal Attraction' Oscar nominee – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016#sthash.nmFZGg1d.dpuf

Worry (about)
Wise person
US soldiers
Unknown auth
U-turn from NNW
Toys on strings
Theater seat finder
Start of a counting rhyme
Sneaker closer
Slightly open
Sink, as the sun
Simple __ (not difficult)
Sheriff's group
School class that's simple
Ripped apart
Prime-time hour
Prefix for violet
Prefix for freeze
Port on Hawaii
Poet's "before"
Pizzeria orders
Pigs' dinner
People glued to the tube
Overly quick
Overly agreeable guy
Norwegian capital
Newborn baby
Money in Spain
Metallic rocks
Marionette, e.g
Marathon entrant
Mall tenant
Make a duplicate of
Letters before tees
Latish lunch hr
Landslide victory
Infamous Roman emperor
In addition
Identical pair
How sprinters move
Hollywood headliner
High poker pair
Herringlike fish
Hawaiian instruments
Greek cheese
Geographical reference
Football team director
Fond wishes
Enjoy doing
Doorframe part
Dish that holds dinner
Cowboy's rope
Corporate symbols
College officials
Calm and composed
Bookcase part
Black-and-white cookie
Bartlett or Bosc
Barbecue servings
Back muscles, briefly
Apple's tablet
Apartment payment
Act as a substitute
"__ upon a time . . ."
"Wait a little longer"
"If you say so"
"I'll do that for you" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016#sthash.6rAb01zs.dpuf

Where the anther is
Truman's Missouri birthplace
To a degree
Time past
Tickle pink
They may have saucers for drainage
They may be knowingly broken
Tetley products
Tailor's measurement
Support for a bad break
Summers on the Seine
Squirrel on an acorn-foraging foray?
Spot to enjoy a downhill run
Speaker whose voice can be changed
Snack with a Thins variety
Sealed up, as a package
Scold, with 'down'
School supporter (abbr.)
Rob of 'Parks and Recreation'
Rip off, slangily
Reason to recalculate
Reason for raised glasses
Really revealing book
R-rated, perhaps
Protective embankment
Primary tableware for special occasions?
Pressing letters
Pointed tool
One way to run
One of the staff
Music source
Many of his tales have speaking animals
Lost one's cool
Kimono accessory
Just slightly
Jai ___
It's worn
Inclined surface
High-altitude home
Greek vowel
Grandfathers, e.g
GPS offering
Furry sci-fi creature
Enjoy an elegant homemade meal
Ended up on top
Eleniak of 'Baywatch'
Disagreeable Dickensian outburst
Diamond weight
Demographic datum
Decorative pond dweller
Crimp-haired critters
Country's credit score given by Standard & Poor's?
Corrida charger
Contemporary of Ella and Sarah
Completely perplexed
Comics pooch
Chicago-to-Indianapolis dir
Cellar stock
Campaign figs
Called it a day
Bygone phone feature
British noble who rarely visits the manor?
Breakfast pastry typically containing jam or preserves
Blurted out
Auction auto, perhaps
Admit openly
Activist Medgar
Acknowledges applause
A sixth of a dozen
'___ Mio'
'Won't work'
'I'll do that!'
'Bridge of Spies' actor – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-6-2016#sthash.cwh2z9zm.dpuf

Work site supervisors
Words on a volunteer's badge
Wireless networking protocol
Vanity cases?
Vacation site you might sail to
Tic-toe filler
Therapeutic plant
Suisse capital
Substance used for chemical analysis
Still sleeping
SSW's opposite
Soon-to-be grads
Shine-minimizing makeup layer
Rodent Templeton in 'Charlotte's Web,' for one
Realm of influence
Provide with more than enough
Prince Siegfried's beloved, in 'Swan Lake'
Pop's pop
Personalize at the jeweler's
Performing in a theater
Peace symbol
Part of APR
Painter Magritte
One who plays without pay
Obtains via coercion, as money
Newspaper page with views
Miner's target
Mil. academy
Memorable Greek shipping magnate
Managed care gp
Man who 'wore a diamond,' in 'Copacabana'
Like the flame at Arlington National Cemetery
Like pool tables
Late in arriving
Knee-deep (in)
Holmes' creator
Highway headache
Half a figure eight
Follow, as advice
Flightless bird
Finish off
Finds new players for
Father of Jacob and Esau
Driver's alert about an infant, and a hint to what can precede both words of 17-, 24-, 34- and 46-Across
Dieter's unit
Degenerate, like Agnew's snobs
Cut at an angle
Cornstarch brand in a yellow-and-blue container
Colony insect
Chimney residue
Chemical suffix with benz-
Chance for a hit
Chair or bench
Central Texas city
Black, in Bordeaux
Bestow, to Burns
Bake sale confections made with root veggies
Bach work
Ave. crossers
Asia's __ Darya river
Apt name for a Dalmatian
Always, to Poe
Abu __
'__ the land of the free … '
'Fear the Walking Dead' network

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