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crosswords puzzle answers 06/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 06/01/2017

[That was bad of you!]
Without regard for privacy
Whoopi's 'Ghost' role
What the Wicked Witch of the West called Dorothy
Weekly magazine publisher since 1896: Abbr
Venomous swimmer
Targets of snuffers
Synagogue holding
Suitable for printing
Singer Womack with the 2000 hit 'I Hope You Dance'
Shows respect, in a way
Quicken Loans Arena athlete, for short
Place of rest
Place in battle formation
Period following the Renaissance
Peaceful protests
Ovary's place
One of the Wayans brothers
One eighth
Numero su un orologio
Numbers game?
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific locale
More prideful
Mead holder
Maintain, in a way, as a lawn
Line on a bill
Lifeguard's concern, in brief
Lead-in to one or time
Kind of lab
Kind of calendar
Key on a keyboard
In this world
Hydroxides, e.g
Home of a Big 12 school
Hit Fox drama starting in 2015
Group that grows every May
Get 10 from two?
Get 10 from one?
Frosted ___ Flakes (breakfast cereal)
Flash source
Fish ___
Fig. in annual reports
Elisabeth of 'CSI'
Depot info, for short
Cry after a score, maybe
Critic's place, so to speak
Close to the bottom
Browsing inits
Brainiac, stereotypically
'___: Legacy' (2010 film sequel)
'___ shut me up in Prose' (Emily Dickinson poem)
'Thanks in old age – thanks ___ I go': Walt Whitman
'No way' man
'Birds in an Aquarium' artist
'Aladdin' character who's transformed into an elephant – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017#sthash.szWkid4O.dpuf

WSJ or NYT section
Wise lawgivers
Toward shelter
Toughest stroke
Tigers catch them
The ___ Brothers ('Wake Up Little Susie' singers)
Symbol on a staff
Stock some more
Sofa part
Smeltery waste
Should it occur that
Seeking, in personal ads
Score with an 'all' in it
School since 1440
Sap-sucking insect
Rebellious period
Prepare to remove, as a sneaker
Pouched punchers, briefly
Point at the table
Paris-born playwright
Oroville, Three Gorges or Aswan
Op art pioneer Victor
More than a role model
Meadow wetters
May 31
Masked assistant
Main vein
Low card in a 'wheel'
Limited cartel
King, in Castile
Keep away from the law?
K.T. who sang '80's Ladies'
Its capital is Libreville
House of cards?
Head bug
Hank's catchphrase on 'The Larry Sanders Show'
Golfer whose first name is actually Theodore
Goes the distance
Get high?
Fails to
Failed miserably
English garden feature
Ending for sooth or nay
Edit menu choice
Dublin-born playwright
Drew in
Crowdsourced review site
Course requirement
Compass pt
Color between blue and green
Butte cousins
Bring in
Be the champ
Avoid capture by
Ask politely
Any of five Norwegian kings
Airborne mammal
A snap
2600 maker
1999 prequel, casually
'Let's take a chance!'
'I've been thinkin'…'
'I'm impressed!'
'Check it out!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017—The-Sixthly-Sense#sthash.Erjt83TA.dpuf

___ Guinea
Worldly representation in class
Work in a cutting room
Water walker
Vehicle for moving
Things at birthday parties
Thing to do from the rooftop
Therefore or consequently
The mighty Mississippi, for one
Taxi payment
Swings about
Surgery reminder
Stat for a pitcher
Squash, as a crawling insect
Sound that comes back
Smoky chimney deposits
Sleep sound
See 54-Across
Rickman of Hollywood
Restart from scratch
Replenishes inventory
Puts by itself
Place for 'two gentlemen'
Pack in a footlocker, e.g
Old-style 'before'
Office VIP
Ninth day before the ides
Mishmash or medley
Measure of evidence?
Make eat
Legendary comic Williams
King's Christine, e.g
Jockey's handful
Inferior of a gen
Inclined part of the road
Home baker?
Henry's sixth wife, Catherine
Halloween mo
Go on a spree
Ferris wheel, for one
Fearful fate
Fabray or Talese
Entertainer Falana
Enjoyed immensely
Dublin's home
Dr that's effervescent
Diacritical mark
Cowboys Hall-of-Famer Michael
Contributed to a poker pot
Congenial Jenny's second in command?
Congenial Jenny's entree? (with 66-Across)
Congenial Jenny's agreement put in writing?
Body trunk
Bear's den
Be mistaken
Baseball Hall of Famer Rizzuto
Baby hippo
Author Morrison
Atlantic eagle
Andrea ___ (infamous shipwreck)
Alphabetic run
Adam's garden
Abbreviation on silver
53 of old Rome
'Lend ___' ('Pay attention')
'It's a sin to tell ___'
'Do you want to hear a secret?'
'Can I give you ___?' (driver's invitation) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017#sthash.U8sxCqwi.dpuf

___ yesterday (naive)
___ ho (enthusiastic)
World Cup announcer's shout
Word after bar or binary
Wearying journey
Villainous glance
Toast starter, often
The flap of skin on an iguana's neck
South Pacific nation
Some pub offerings
Soda shop order
Snack for Chip 'n' Dale
Slinky's shape
Skyline obscurer
Ski lodge beverage
Sire, biblically
Showed boredom
Shaft beneath the floorboard
Sawyer's pal
Ripken Jr. in Cooperstown
Religious spinoff
Real thing
Razor feature
Prove helpful to
Pledge of Allegiance ending
Play area
Perched atop
Pearl Harbor's island
Pained cry, in comics
Opera troupe member
One of few words
One behind the next
Oater 'Halt!'
Music licensing org
Made more bearable
Loses potency, like a painkiller
Lippy language
Knight's flexible garb
Jumper cable hookup point
It may elicit a 'Whew!'
How cough syrup is taken
Hopelessly confused
Hitchhikers' hopes
Helped oneself to
Hand-wringer's word
Guesstimate phrase
Grabbed some shut-eye
Follows orders
Fly off the shelves
Favorable factor
Event with booths, for short
Elsa's frozen home, in 'Frozen'
Earth's longest mountain range
Drew the short straw, say
Disney theme park
Days gone by
Dance violently
Completed, as cupcakes
Comes down
Collection of abridged works
Clorets alternative
Church of England title
Chills out
Cello's smaller cousin
Cavemen's weapons
Castaway's home
Campground support
Boot's bottom
Blu-ray player button
Beat with a belt, say
At all times
Archie or Jughead
Approves silently
'NCIS' network
'I'm cracking up,' in a tweet
'How horrible!'
'Better Call ___' ('Breaking Bad' spinoff) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017#sthash.X2tI8S6p.dpuf

Words of worry
Will, old-style
When Earth Day is
What "It's great!!" is
Web-__ (otter-like)
Web language
Visual discernment
Vermont harvest
Two-finger sign
Truth in Lending no
Town square structure
Totally pointless
Test pilot's wear
Tailor's concern
Subject matter
Steak tartare topper
Sounding stuffy
Small official seal
Significant time
Rival of Bjorn
Queen __ furniture
Push forcefully
Places for RNs
Place for some plants
Physicians' org
Paper polishers: Abbr
One of the guys
Observation game
Nixon appointee
Much-honored architect
Miss the mark
Mideast holy city
Lloyd Webber score
Literary captain
Lincoln appointee
Keys in some chains
Isn't up to par
Impolite expression
Half of uni-
Had through a straw
Guinness and Gielgud
Grammy category
Going with regret
Full of flavor
FDR appointee
Faux pas
Falls off
Explosive sound
Exam with a Physical Sciences section
Earliest Icelanders
Dwell (on)
Dreadful deed
Does without
Do without
Commerce Dept. stat
Clock numeral
Cheerful spirit
Ceremonies in motion
Caustic cleaner
Catches on
Bout figures
Become tedious
Become rough
Banned for aircraft
Arcade regular
Apartment instrument
AL East city
Admiral assent
A bit
75-pound birds
"How about that!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017#sthash.4JxLR6H6.dpuf

Youngest of the Marx Brothers
Yarn purchase
Witch's mount
Winged talkers
Weather report feature
Wails in grief
University div
Tribute to an urn, e.g
Tiny biter
Theodore who represented Bush in Bush v. Gore
Some www gateways
Some 'Iliad' characters
Showered attention (on)
Scrutinize, with 'over'
Russian ballerina Pavlova
Rockies roamers
Returns from some investments, briefly
Ranger rival
Queens celebs
Provides temporarily
Prideful one?
Perry who gave up barbering to sing
Paperhanger's measurement
Paneling strip
Openings for furtive glances
Only North American marsupial
Noteworthy times
Nissan's alternative to the Camry
Mumbo jumbo
Moralistic type
Maker of the first countertop microwave
Make feasible
Latino's Yankee chum
Kind of at an end?
Kennel cries
It's all around us
It may redeem a split
It creates a division in the home
Invitation word
Innovative corporate activity, briefly
In dire need of a bath
Ignores a dermatologist's warning
Hamas-governed land along the Mediterranean
Great or lesser beast
Grant Wood, for one
German carmaker
Els swinging a club
Eleanor, to Theodore
Egg container
Eat away gradually
Digital information unit
Cruise ship amenities
Critters assembled in a kids' game
Convenient gambling option (abbr.)
Controversial flavor enhancer, for short
Computer nightmare
Common course for a frosh
Cheap bar or the music played there
Cast off
Campus administrators
Cab alternative
Birth certificate item
Before, for Shakespeare
Beer bash barrel
Be criminally liable, in a way
Abstemious array?
'Without a doubt!'
'Simple' fellow of rhyme
'Dreams from My Father' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-6-2017#sthash.s8zF5AHQ.dpuf

__ Friday's
__ fool
__ ejemplo
Zoom along
Young Skywalker's nickname
Way around the block?
Wafer brand
Vacation spot with horseback riding
Toon often seen in a hunting hat
Taqueria order
Take in
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque prayer
Start of a subordinate title: Abbr
Smoke passage
Slangy refusal
Shelled veggie
Secretly watch
Sci-fi navigator
Roll in the yard
Plot to plow
Place to find a flag
One often taking a bow
Number of times a horse can enter the Kentucky Derby
Net gain?
More than 70% of Earth's surface
Meatball medium
Luau band
Liked a lot, with 'up'
Like Cheerios
Le Pew's defense
Lab greeting
Kolkata cash
Jackie O's second
It starts a bit before Christmas
Is for everyone?
Inn crowd option
How many crosswords are solved
Hen holders
Hebrew prophet
HBO drama set in Baltimore
Harmful ray type
Gull relative
Geometric art style
Gen __
Flaws and all
Essen's region
Dish list
Creepy look
Copy, in a way
Common street name
Club __
Channel with a 'Congressional Chronicle' online archive
Celebrate an anniversary, say, with 'out'
Cause of some closings
Carrying, so to speak
Carnival Cruise Line headquarters
Bikini in the Pacific, e.g
Astronauts' gear
A3 or Q7
'You meant 8 p.m. not a.m.?'
'Time for me to split'
'Shirt Front and Fork' artist
'Jeopardy!' staple
'Dies __'
'At Wit's End' columnist Bombeck
'Ars gratia artis' is written in an arc around his hea

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