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crosswords puzzle answers 05/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 05/12/2016

___ Khan (Islamic title)
Words exchanged at the altar
Suffix with narc-
Successor to F.D.R
Spanish 'other'
Source of Peruvian wool
Sounds like a dog
Something scary
Something it's not mannerly to put on a dinner table
Some Maidenform products
Soccer official, for short
Sault ___ Marie, Mich
Rug rat
Rock genre
Rock band fronted by Michael Stipe
Really good joke
Program file suffix
Positions higher, as a camera angle
Playwright Edward
One-named R&B singer who won a Grammy for his 2014 album 'Black Messiah'
One of tennis's Williams sisters
Native Israelis
Muhammad Ali, for the 1996 Olympics
Mormon Church, for short
Makes a boo-boo
Make ___ (set things right)
Like some short-lived committees
Like a standard highway
Knob next to 'bass'
Kind of port on a computer
Keyboard, monitor, mouse and other devices
It grabs one's attention
Invitation to a questioner
Honest ___ (presidential moniker)
Get ready for a golf drive
Game with straights and flushes
Food, shelter or clothing
File folder projection
Feudal worker
Exchange, as an older model
Electrical unit
Deborah of 'The King and I'
Days of old
Czar called 'the Great'
Cry with 'humbug!'
Complete, as a crossword grid
Chicken ___ king
Candy that's 'two mints in one'
Boastful sort
Bitcoins, for example
Baseball hitter's stat
Are able, biblically
Aloe ___
After Karachi, the most populous city in Pakistan
After a fashion
2006 Winter Olympics city
1940s British guns
'What have you been ___?'
'Welcome' thing at the front door
'Vive le ___!' (old French cry)
'The Real World' cable channel
'Ready, ___, go!'
'No worries'
'Miss ___' (2016 thriller)
'Li'l' guy of old comics
'Jeopardy!' host Trebek
'As you ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-5-2016#sthash.vHzQJu4P.dpuf

Years ago
Word on a red octagon
Without ___ (totally baffled)
With 59-Across, abroad, perhaps
What some backstage passes permit
Went after
Unauthenticated story
Two features of changing a tire in winter?
Turkmenistan neighbor
Trident-shaped letters
Traveler's document
Timetable, informally
Swimmer's count
Super Bowl broadcast highlights
Store door sign
States to be the case
Soph enlightener
Some urban pollution
Skating spot
See 20-Across
Sales agent, for short
Running back Dickerson
Refrain syllable
Race starter's need
President between Tyler and Taylor
Parade honoree, perhaps
One shoveling out the driveway?
Old gas brand
Not so many
Newsman Walter
New York tribe
Mental grasp
Like luxury suites
Like beer at the bar
Late night's O'Brien
Kim of 'Vertigo'
Kia minivans
Jason's ship
Intense observation
Hopkins of 'Westworld'
Hammer end
Had aspirations
Gumbo vegetable
Folded food
Explanation of a sled's purpose?
Eighth of a mile
Displeased expression
Dessert with a crust
Coffee, in slang
Coffee, in slang
Climb (up)
City on Hawaii Island
Chocolate-and-vanilla treat
Chinese gooseberry
Catch sight of
Bus. sch. subject
Bulls and Bears
Bosom buddy
Board, as a bus
Big jewelry chain
Big car rental chain
Bent over
Belonging to thee
Banana waste
Baldwin of '30 Rock'
Advice to one just finished fishing on a frozen lake?
Add fuel to
A real fan of
'Gladiator' star – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-5-2016—Brrrr!#sthash.yb7fMh0v.dpuf

When Obama was too tired to jog, Athletic Ann ..
When laundry detergent was washed out to sea, Athletic Ann ..
When Athletic Ann felt like a kleptomaniac, she ..
Warnings from an angry dog
Utilize a keyboard
Type of diving duck
Tricky card game?
Traction aid on the gridiron
Took a turn
Time of minimal lunar pull, at the beach
Target for the Clean Air Act
Stylish, right now
Sty sound
Strike with an open hand
Stare open-mouthed
Square of glass
Spoon's bigger relative
Speak like a drunk
Sorvino of films
Shakespeare's river
Runaway victory
Responded to 'Down in front!'
Porcelain piece in a painting
Place with lots of shade
Part of 'the works' on burgers
One way to 'sit by'
Old-style lab gas burner
Obedience school hand out?
Not found
Nickname for a sibling, sometimes
Nest for a squirrel
Nags persistently
Musician's prop
Mountain range that divides two continents
Moral beliefs of an era
Money maker
Mauna ___
Matured, as wine
Making waves, really
Like a blue-ribbon rating
Knight mare?
Italian auto make
It's used to make tequila
It's been called a virtue
Installation for new luxury hotel
Insincere flattery
Hits the links
Have the throne
Getaway times for many
Get a good look at
Fruit tree with three-petaled flowers
Former British P.M. Benjamin
Flanders of cartoons
Fancy-schmancy broad tie
Fancy car, briefly
Exceedingly dry, as land
Dovetailing piece
Disney film, '___ and the Detectives'
Deviated erratically, as a ship
Danson of sitcoms
Covert ___ (spy shenanigans)
Country whose flag features two swords
Color shade
Chilling and creepy
Certain voice range
Cease to exist
Caucus state
Buckeye state
Bodybuilder's sixpack
Band that circles a sleeve
Any large reference book
'… ___ my parlor, said the spider to the fly' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-5-2016#sthash.20uEaAIT.dpuf

Windy City rail inits
Whodunit clues found in a mansion?
Wearers of clerical collars
Use a straw
Timbuktu's land
They can be inflated or bruised
There's no accounting for it
Stands at wakes
Stand behind
Spiral-sliced entree
Specialized market
Socials with queens
Short time, for short
Repair, as a sock
Render harmless
Removed typos from, say
Red ___ (wieners)
Psychiatrist, perhaps?
Promising minor leaguers
Pokes fun at
Plot division
Pirates' quaffs
Pigeonhole filler
Piece of cake
Part of Ringo's kit
Not working, as a battery
Mr. Hulot's creator
Mend with thread
McCartney and Jagger, for two
Mani-pedi spots
Made more bearable
Leak stopper?
LAX guesstimate
Lasagna strip
Land of Lincoln
James Watt's power source
iPad symbol
Hi-___ graphics
Help in a heist
Has a hankering
Grafton's '___ for Malice'
Goes limp
Glee club section
Gibbon, e.g
Gem State capital
From the thrift shop
Fraternal fellows
Feudal workers
Felix, to Oscar
English class assignment, maybe
Enabled a parental night out
Dallas Cowboys logo
Crockpot concoction
Creche trio
Cosmopolitan competitor
Container weight
Coffee shop vessel
Clumsy sort
Centers of activity
Cause of a hiccup
Catches some Z's
Catch some Z's
Blows a horn
Be a smug winner
Bates of 'Misery'
Ballpark official, briefly
Anti-DUI org
Altar vow
Allow in
A heavy metal
'Que ___?' (slangy greeting)
'La Boheme' heroine
'All ___!' (bailiff's order) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-5-2016#sthash.KGpiRTUg.dpuf

__ Canaveral, FL
Woodwind instruments
Windowsill, for one
Where a driver takes a break
When planes are expected: Abbr
Weight loss plan
Vote into office
Venetian-blind strip
Uncle's spouse
Toothpaste holder
The one here
Talked back to
Take a bus or train
Sweltering weather
Spins in circles
Skin-soothing ingredient
Share a border with
Remove from power
Reach across
Rail-riding wanderer
Pub beverage
Pretzel topping
Portrait painter's surface
Popular college guy, briefly
Poet's "before"
Pecan or cashew
Opera solos
Off the leash
Null and __ (not valid)
Note from the boss
Not doing anything
Newspaper essays, for short
National song
Mythological figures
More adorable
Molecule part
Make simpler
Make eyes at
Loud racket
Look without blinking
Letter before tee
Joke around with
Joggers' paces
Italian port
Greek pocket bread
Goatee's location
Feeling nervous
Feature of engraved invitations
Farmer's place of song
Dropped-egg sound
Drag from behind
Des Moines' state
Day before a holiday
Court plaintiff
Corrosion of iron
Con game
Color of Santa's suit
Clumsy person
Clipped wool from
Chop down with an ax
Centers of apples
Boot bottoms
Bird's tree home
Barely defeated
Backyard swimming spot
Awaken rudely
Arrests, slangily
Appear to be
2,000 pounds
"We gotta get going!"
"I don't know" gesture – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-5-2016#sthash.Z19nere8.dpuf

Word after Leyden or Mason
Woody Allen's 'Hannah and ___ Sisters'
Without delay
With a clean slate
White Russian component
Western Colorado feature
Walked on
Uncle of Barbara and Jenna
Turndown from Putin
Tiny weight unit
They go with guys
Tatum of 'Paper Moon'
Tahoe gateway
Superman's foe Luthor
Super-secret government group (abbr.)
Stimpy's cartoon bud
Some bank ad statistics (abbr.)
Saxophone variety
Sauce brand
San Francisco Bay's ___ Buena Island
Restaurante request
Printer cartridge filler
Poker player's phrase
People whose 'help' may actually be hurtful
Part of a crater
Parking garage allotments
Osso ___
Nairn negative
Mischievous caper
Marine from Mayberry
Managed care assns
Make haste, quaintly
Machine that can think, to some degree
Loretta of country music
Like some boas
Kitt who sang 'Santa Baby'
Iroquoian tribe
Investment vehicle
Inventor Whitney
Innocent sorts
Indicator on a vehicle
Indian spiced tea
Hopelessly kaput
Hambletonian, e.g
Grazing grounds
Gate feature
Former Red Sox star Garciaparra
Fliers' mil. post
Financial backer
Feed and protect
Famous last words?
Fails to exist
Facts, say
Extreme factions
Divine revelation
Disclaimer of a sort
Contrary to convention or norms
Contented sighs
Consider, judicially
Class that's a snap
Chuck Todd's network
Cheap magazine material
Business agent, for short
Birthplace of Columbus
Beale Street blues legend
Anticounterfeiting agents
Alternative to a local
African serpent
Actor Reeves of 'Speed'
Accident investigation gp
'___ your pardon!'
'Time ___' (1990s sci-fi TV series)

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