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crosswords puzzle answers 05/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 05/02/2017

___ rally
___ Gay (W.W. II plane)
Zac of 'Neighbors'
Yapping dog, for short
White who is the oldest person ever to host 'S.N.L.'
When soap operas first flourished
What boats shouldn't do
West Coast air hub
Two-___ (smallish car)
Took care of
They're measured by pluviometers
Texting while driving, e.g
Superfluous part of an essay
Spanish she-bear
Slice for a hearty appetite
Sidney Poitier's 1980 autobiography
Sheena who sang 'U Got the Look' with Prince
Send elsewhere for the night, as a roommate, in modern lingo
Scrape (out)
Running a bit behind
Rule by governing board
Rip off, informally
Reply to 'No offense'
Remove fat from, as a soup
Reading material for a Hollywood agent
Ranger's station
Question after a photo finish
Puts forward, as effort
Pub vessel
Professors answer to them
Primitive timer
Pokey's pal on TV
Poetic preposition
Performs, biblically
Pennsylvania vacation locale, with 'the'
Participate in deciding
Part of a stock exchange?
Overcome a certain career barrier … or what the answers to the starred clues do?
Org. with a travel ban?
Opposite of standing
Move hastily
Most-wanted invitees
Mosaic pieces
Moretz of 'Carrie'
Miner's strike
Mexican president Enrique Peña ___
Material commonly used during cathedral construction
Loo, for short
Like over four billion people
Like lettuce
Letters of 'pride'
Less safe for a plane landing, in a way
Lake catch
Kennedy who was the mother of Maria Shriver
It helps you achieve balance
Hurriedly showed oneself out?
Hit record?
Hillary Clinton in 1969 or Bill Clinton in 1970
Highlighter shades
Heavy weight
Guido who painted 'Massacre of the Innocents'
Gray squirrel, in slang
Go online
Gift shop item
Getting ready to swing
Geometric toy whose sides change depending on how it's folded
Geneticist's study
Fix, as an election
Fictional spacecraft created by the Time Lords
Factor in area calculation
Enter, as data
Ending with teen
Emphatic refusal
Emphatic agreement
Easy-to-carry telescope
Drop a bit
Desert NE of the Sinai Peninsula
Cubs' home
Cousin of 'OMG!'
Clown (around)
Click 'Going' on a Facebook event, e.g
Classical musician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
Che Guevara's real first name
Change from black-and-white
Certain conservative skirt
Catches off base
Caramel candies from Hershey
Cab destination?
Bills, e.g
Best Foreign Film of 2005 set in South Africa
Arthurian princess
Apologia pro vita ___
Anchor's place
Alternative to a pound
Altar constellation
Also-ran in 2000
Aid for the handy, informally
Aid after a computer crash, say
After deductions
60 minuti
2013 best seller by Sheryl Sandberg
1941 chart-topper 'Maria ___'
16-ounce container
*One who 64-Acrossed for Supreme Court justices ..
*… for secretaries of state
*… for Nobel laureates
*… for British prime ministers
*… for Best Directors
*… for astronauts
'___ little silhouetto of a man' (Queen lyric)
'Victory is yours'
'Same with me'
'No worries'
'J to ___ L-O!' (Jennifer Lopez album)
'How's it hangin'?'
'Hmm, guess so'
'Don't be so dumb!'
%: Abbr – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-5-2017#sthash.PUedrRs9.dpuf

You can have a stroke with it
Woe for some newborns
Whiskey base, often
Weightlifting units
Warning to a passing driver
Type of dog to avoid
Thrusting fencing maneuver
Thing Santa checks
The one that blew the ballgame
Thai currency
Take out one's yacht
Source of linseed oil
Sound reflection
Some rubylike gems
Some legal business entities
Socially improper
Small outgrowths, on many plants
Seemed less important, by comparison
Scattered over earth
Say assuredly
Sailors or old salts
Safe, at sea
River nymphs
Reasons to toss hosiery
Provide with the wherewithal
Prime meridian abbr
Positive ID maker
Polar creature
Physical building location
Period of distinction
Paving stone shaped like a brick
Palindromic church dogma
Or ___ (bully's words)
One was issued at Nantes
One of Donald Duck's nephews
One in the Gulf War
Not paying proper respect to, in slang
Liqueur order type
Like some post-grad exams
Like many amusement parks
LED component
Klemperer of Germany
Kiddie's coat fastener
It wears a brown coat in summer
It can cause quite a 'depression'
Island of New York
Indian nannies
Holds up
Heading for a spectacular fail
Halloween projectiles
Gold Coast port
Give the once-over, plus
Gets to the bottom line?
Generic nickname for a cowpoke
Former world power, briefly
Flier relative
Fishy breathing organ
First striped billiard ball
Common lab animals
Cautious and conscious
Bobbing on the Adriatic
Baa relative
Automatic accessories?
Application word
Additional amount
'___ O'Riley'
'___ Maria'
'Take ___ Train' (Duke Ellington)
'Step ___!'
'Blithe Spirit' author Coward – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-5-2017#sthash.ojKYn5eN.dpuf

X-ray blocker
Wonder Woman's headgear
William Tell's canton
Washroom door word
USA Today staffers (Abbr.)
Unrecoverable, as a computer error
Unpleasant 4-Down
Twiddling one's thumbs
Trees with catkins
Touches on
The whole shebang
Surname of 39-Across at birth
Subject of Lennon's 'Woman'
Stowe's villainous Simon
Slow on the uptake
Slip past
Skull session flashes
Sabbatical between high school and college
Rose's Irish home of song
Rod who created 'The Twilight Zone'
Psyche part
Protein-rich bean, to a Brit
Professor, after an exam
Pleasant 4-Down
Pickleball court feature
Parasite's home
One of the 'north forty'
Olfactory stimulus
Nicollette of 'Desperate Housewives'
Motorcycle add-on
Most heedless
Missionary Junipero
Madison Avenue award
Looney Tunes 'devil,' for short
Like the Beatles' Mr. Mustard
Like a stuck cat, maybe
Law firm aide, for short
Jumped the tracks
Inventor Whitney
Improves, as steak
Home state of 39-Across
Hard to grab hold of
Govt.-backed security
Goldman ___ (Mnuchin's former firm)
Fuzzy-skinned fruit
Fastens, in a way
Ephron who wrote 'Sleepless in Seattle'
Elephant king of kid-lit
Either 'Fargo' co-director
Dwelling for Nanook
Draw upon
Draw out
Diplomatic skill
Decorator's neutral shade
Coveted annual award
Comic Silverman
Circus Maximus spectators
Chews the fat
Cheese similar to Gouda
Category in which 39-Across won a 17-Across
Canon rival
Bistro window posting
Be nuts about
Be in the hole
Attacked suddenly
Architect's drawings
Andre with two U.S. Open wins
Alternative to ROTC
4-Down, for one
2016 Olympics site, for short
'___ been had!'
'The Iceman Cometh' setting
'She loves me . . .' flower
'Like a Rolling Stone' singer
'God Save the South' org
'Best in Show' org – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-5-2017#sthash.KOTPrbP5.dpuf

World Cup cheer
Wood finish
Winter wear
Wind quintet member
Wet dirt
Western Hemisphere alliance
Walks heavily
Walked (on)
Walk with a swagger
Vegetarian's avoidance
Value system
Ultimate purposes
Typical SAT takers
Try to prevent
Took a risk
Tomato variety
Tilted type: Abbr
Throw into the mix
They're worked by push-ups
Telltale sign
Syrian __ Republic
Supermarket department
Strong refusal
Stine series
Stanley Cup awarder
Square-corner shape
Spot for a soak
Sporty auto roofs
Split apart
Speckled horse
Speak excitedly
Spanish-owned archipelago
Slip away from
Show disdain for
Sharp, as vision
Sewed line
Set of eight
Serve specially
Screen legend Garbo
Sci-fi weapon
Sales pitch
Salad dressing flavor
Roller coaster feature
Rhythmic writing
Résumé, for short
Pulls apart
Pull up stakes, to Realtors
Pub serving
Prior night
Prayer wrap-up
Porthole view
PBS science series
Pac-12 team
Pac-12 team
Out of bed
Op-ed piece
Old West vehicles
Of eyesight
Odometer reading
October birthstone
Novelist Jong
Neural junction
Nautical nonsense
Myanmar neighbor
Most of a monocle
Miser's motivation
Minimal money
MetLife competitor
Meshed well
Martial-arts/fitness regimen
Mail away
Made up one's mind
Lunar features
Long-range weapon, for short
Like second-quality mdse
Lightning attractor
Launch site
Largest Caribbean island
Language that "kayak" came from
Jazz accompaniment
In a melancholy manner
Highbrow type
High-IQ club
Hard to come by
Golf shop purchase
Garden center bagful
Fit in
Fencing ploys
FedEx Cup organizer
Farewell performances
Extended family
Evil spell
Eurasian range
Equipped for battle
Elephants' org
Edison's middle name
Earth-friendly prefix
Dry Italian wine
Drink slowly
Don't disturb
Discuss, with "out"
Country singer Lovett
Construction site worker
Concessionary cry
Complain over
Comics pooch
Clumsy ones
Classified, typically
Carrier for crude
Calligraphy stroke
Burger turner
Bumps against
Brief confession
Boy with many merit badges
Born earlier
Blue flowers of rhyme
Bicyclist's challenge
Bicuspid, e.g
Be in a bee
Barbers' sharpeners
Barbecue seasoning
Baking potatoes
Author Shute
Asian cuisine
Artist Neiman
Academic hurdles
2012 Affleck film
"__ Sir or Madam . . ."
"What's more . . ."
"Night Moves" singer
"Don't think so"
"Auld Lang __" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-5-2017#sthash.sweTmaEz.dpuf

Worker with a fork
Words to stave off a disagreement
Words before 'the bud'
West Wing underling
Up to, colloquially
Union requirement
Typical New Year's resolution
Team member's cry of accomplishment
Subtle differences
Strange-sounding lake
Stirred slightly, as leaves
Stannous element
Song (Fr.)
Small singer of a sort
Small jazz combo
Sky hue
Silent intervals
Shoppe descriptor
Shoemakers' forms
Semiaquatic lizard
School mil. program
Rosa has one in 'El Paso'
Results of printing mishaps, say
Puts down
Punch line?
Podiatrists are concerned with them
Pocketful of cash
Pipe pieces
Penn & Teller, e.g
Opposite of well-done
One of the Seven Sages
Michael of tennis
Maui shindig
Many Little League coaches
Liquid measure
Like 2016, but not 2017
Leader of the 1803 Irish rebellion
Largest New Deal agcy
Kasparov's game
It hangs around the roof
Island group near Fiji
Home of the Ringling Museum of Art
His title was stripped in 1967
Girl sleuth
German for 'above'
Former Philadelphia Mayor Wilson
Distinctive emanation
Dare to offer one's thoughts
Counteractive agents
Contemptible coward
Cloverleaf feature
Circulatory blockage
Chow ___
Broadway's '___ Joey'
Brian Eno's genre
Black Flag rival
Bangkok denizens
Bagel selection
Attacked vigorously
Angelic corona
Academic address letters
1978 Nobelist's first name
'___ Town' (Wilder drama)
'East of Eden' heroine
'Aw, put ___ in it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-5-2017#sthash.1I0etms7.dpuf

__ wrench
__ Schwarz
__ cavity
Yelp contributor
Woods on a tee
With alarming suddenness
Voice of the difficult homeowner in 'Up'
Vogue rackmate
Uses Facebook Chat, briefly
Type of counter seen in kitchens?
Transitional state
The Skatalites music genre
The same
Takes in
Tab target
Swimmer's bane
Sulky-pulling horse
Suggested subtly
Stevedore's org
Starting with
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame
Spoils recipient
Sounded displeased
Some float in place with the tide
Sign of a lawn tractor problem?
Shiny craft store supply
Sherpas' language
She played Buffy
Shaq's pos
Seed used in smoothies
See eye to eye
Scout's find, ideally
Schubert's 'The __ King'
Sch. in Tempe
Ritz alternative
Return from searching?
Restless desire
Rent-a-car choice
Register, as a sale
Question in Matthew
Prefix with -lexic
Posting that periodically reposts itself?
Pool triangle
Poland neighbor
Playful crib liner?
Plant with edible leaf sheaths
Pipe smoker's gadget
Pet Shop Boys label
Part of iOS
Pampas birds
Ovine sign
Overdo the flattery
Org. that dropped 'Lawn' from its name in 1975
One with lasting merit
One way to learn
Old Fords
October Revolution figure
Obama __
Number for a pair
Moves like a monarch
Model X maker
MGM motto word
Media player command
Market before building
Make more attractive
Make a move
Longtime Wyoming senator Mike
Local branch
Like the viva voce part of some exams
Large seaweed
Landscaping mulch specialists?
Jennifer of 'Zero Dark Thirty'
It's good in Quebec
Island veranda
Irish brew
Ipecac, for one
Iowa's state tree
Inhospitable medical fraud?
Indian lentil stew
Independent African nation since 1993
Ill-advised move
I-beam relative
Hurdle for srs
How some goods are quickly sold
Held at the station
Hard golf club to swing?
Group on a mission
Govt. lawyer
Gets ready to operate
Get out of a pickle
Genesis vessel
Galaxy Note accessory
Former 'Weekend Today' co-host Hill
Flexible pronoun substitute
Farrier's tool
Excitement about the producer of the original 'Charlie's Angels'?
Every partner
Enterprise rival
Employment org. created in 1935
Ducks, on ESPN crawls
Dr. Seuss title ender
Dorm room, perhaps
Director's shout
Director DuVernay
Did pre-heist planning at
Den focal point
Day break?
Conceptual artist Yoko
Common boot feature
Clump on a lawn
Chip flavoring
Card game with tricks
Bucket list items, say
Brian who has coached two Olympic skating gold medalists
Brewery unit
Braces (oneself)
Bottled surprise
Blue __: German wine brand
Be on the disabled list, say
August birthstone
Arizona neighbor
Anti-bullying ad, e.g
2014 'Cosmos' presenter __ deGrasse Tyson
2008 bailout beneficiary
15-member sports org
'70s jazz band Spyro __
'Top Hat' studio
'The game didn't go well'
'Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat' author
'Monsters, __'
'All My Children' Emmy winner on her 19th try
'Ahooga!' producer? 

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