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crosswords puzzle answers 05/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 05/01/2017

___ Tesfaye a.k.a. R&B's the Weeknd
___ Coyote (toon)
___ above
Wyoming's ___ Range
Write and send quickly, as a letter
William ___, physician who championed bedside training
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
TKOs, e.g
Throw a hissy fit
They're good at drawing kids
Tablecloths and napkins
Stop at
Stock figure
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
Stand-up comic Sykes
Sporty two-seater
Speed skater Ohno
Small enterprise?
She played Annie Lee in 'Selma'
Shade of blue
Scallop-edged cracker
Robbed of the spotlight
Roasted, in a way
Prefix with conscious
Part of a Yiddish phrase of dismay
One working on hands and knees
No longer at anchor
Nixon in 1995 or Lincoln in 2012
Nickname for Tony
Nick at ___
N.Y.C.'s Third or Fifth
Musical set in France, informally
Mizrahi of fashion
Mine, to Mimi
Mended, as rugs
Like Vlad the Impaler
It may be pulled on a road
Irish red ___
Ineffectual exec
In public
Ice cream maker Joseph
How fish is shipped, often
Half of a Wall Street firm since 1882
Govt. org. that gets tips from whistleblowers
Gaping mouth
Fruit that's sometimes poached
Former Maine senator Olympia
Financial guru Suze
Figure on a rate sheet
Fat ___ pig
Eye-level sensor
Ending with fly and drive
Cut covering
Copyright year for 'Shrek' and 'Monsters, Inc.'
Company for which about one in eight U.S. workers has worked
Comics artist
Brewing agents
Bosox slugger a.k.a. Big Papi
Bean used to make tempeh
Bases of nightmares
1994 Brandon Lee action film
*Versatile worker
*Trunk item
*Tool for removing heavy footwear
*Slender tree of northern North America
*Quesadilla cheese
*Put-down to an ignorant person
*Headless Horseman's prop
*Comic actor / *Card game … or a hint to the answers to the starred clues
'___ Mio'
'Longtime companion' for 'same-sex partner,' once

Wrapped up
Work on figures, say
Warner Bros. collectible
Undulating dances
They're just for openers
Supporter's response
Superman, essentially
Summer hangout, for many
Stock holder
Square of itself
Spot for a monitor, perhaps
Spillway spot
Spikes used to reach the high notes?
Single, e.g
She beat Nellie and Ludmilla at the Montreal Games
Score for 45-Across
Says seductively
Satori school
Rules from the Sanitation Department Handbook?
Ring quartet
Private places
Plea before sentencing
Play alone
Patriots' org
Patient watcher
Passes out
Overseer of ATCs
Never, to Nietzsche
Muddled state
Mountain top?
Mojito ingredient
Masters of the Universe?
Left on deck
Leaves for the afternoon?
Jockey's handful
Its HQ is named for George Bush
It may be made of koa wood
Intangible qualities
Household whistler
Homemade doll's peepers, perhaps?
Hip-hop cover
Flight unit
Flicked bit
Fan cry
Fan cry
Dogpatch type
Dismiss derisively
Disappear from the sky
Daisy variety
Course figure
Coastal inlet
Carrying cargo
Cake courses
Bundle of bills
Boxes of tees, maybe?
Bottleneck sights
Blue Moon, e.g
Big name in talks
Before today
Balance sheet item
Arabian meal
Ab workout target
2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
1936 Alfred Hitchcock film
18th-largest country in the world
'The Avengers' villain

Yogi's language
Word with op or pop
Word before pointer or printer
Wished undone
Wild things
Watering hole on wheels
Trendy fleece-lined boots
To the point
They may be hawked
The Beatles' label
The 'fat lady' in a phrase
Team that became the Nationals
Sushi staple
Spore-producing plant
Show the ropes to
Sgt., e.g
Sent packing
Result of the fall of man
Politico Quayle
Poetic laments
Nutty breakfast fare
Most abundant inert gas
Montana city
Memory slip
Make zigzags, maybe
Make things up
Make a great fielding play on
Made public
Lower in rank
Lab safety solution
Keep safe
It may be wild or educated
It doesn't hold water
Indiana native
Ill temper
Humpback's habitat
Homer's toon neighbor
Homecoming event
Holy ___ (Last Supper cup)
Hits the hay
Hill's opposite
Heredity factors
Has a yen
Good quality
Get snoopy
Gershon of 'P.S. I Love You'
Frequently, in verse
Fort attacked in 'Goldfinger'
Find, as artifacts
Felled with an axe
Duel distance unit
Diva ___ Te Kanawa
Dental implant pro
Converges on
Competes like Joey Chestnut
Common trash can site
Coffee allure
Cheek reddener
Chart shape
Buddha's delight condiment, perhaps
Boot a grounder, say
Bold Ruler, to Secretariat
Beyond belief
Asian palm, or its nut
Angst-ridden music genre
Accompanier of a promotion, usually
A, in Morse code
1954 Patti Page hit
'___ Got a Secret'
'Wait a ___!'
'Many moons ___'
'Bummer' of old

___ on (incited)
Womb inhabitant
West Indian native
Was a bowler
Talk on and on
Surfaces a road, in a way
Stutz classic car
Stockpile or collect
Stereotypical pocket protector wearers
States one's case
State of hate
Stare slack-jawed
Specialized shop talk
Something to lend or bend
Snoopy is one
Snitch in a police station
Smoothed, as a wooden surface
Simpson trial judge
Sign the back of a check
Select a jury
Saget or Hoskins
Roth, for one
Rodeo activity
Rite answer in a church?
Right of a government to seize property
Read bar codes
Pitching stat
Persian's sound
Pee-___ Herman
Patriot Silas of the Revolutionary War
Parts of locomotives
Neon, argon and butane
Negative answers
Mrs. Flintstone
Like tigers
Like some decorated ears
Like a haunted house
Kind of tide
Hr. fragment
Highway features
Hang in folds
Geller of mind play
Fussy cackler?
From the stars
Form a line?
Foot-in-mouth act
Fish eggs
First lady McKinley
Fire that's not accidental
Financial plan for a household
Film star Flynn
Filled to satisfaction
Filet ___
Feminine side, to Jung
Dark gray rain clouds
Cookie jar part
Check out visually
California raisin city
Built-out window type
Becomes dated
Be agreeable
Battery terminal
Any creature like Shrek
Ant-eating Australian
Alligatorlike reptiles
Accumulate, as a debt
11th graders
'___ From the Madding Crowd'
'Once more'
'Big' landmark in London

Wipe clean
White Italian wine
Wedding ushers' attire
Vote seeker
Tour in the service
Tool for striking out
Term of endearment
Symbolic image
Superbly pitched
Summer Olympics event
Snow White's beardless pal
Rooftop ornament
Rental car of a sort
Red Muppet
Puts on
Product tester
Price of admission
Pitchfork projection
Pay (up)
Overdo it
Opposite of "purify"
Opening nights
Office expense
Not a single time
NHL's "Mr. Hockey"
Neighbor of Minn
MGM movie sound effect
Mexican pastry
Medicinal amts
Medicinal amt
Ludwig __ Beethoven
Lop crop
Library patron
iPod model
In back of
Harbor fleet
Graceful pool entries
Go to
Get out of town
Fully uniform
Faint of heart
English Channel isle
Elongated fish
DNA element
Decides not to strike out
Decide to reverse
Convenience for RSVPing
College catalog listings
Collector's items
Chip away at
Chinese chairman
Chill out
Browns, as bagels
Bakery supply
Backpack part
As a result
About 2.5 centimeters
A single time
2016 GOP convention locale
"Well done!"
"The Clan of the Cave Bear" author
"It's obvious now" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-5-2017#sthash.DXxabeKA.dpuf

World view
Works in the garden
Wing ___ prayer
Wedding reception centerpiece
Web designers?
Urban haze
The second Mrs. Sinatra
Talk like Daffy
Some cell phones
Ricardo's relative
Ready to leave the airport terminal?
Prefix with cab
Polishing a pullet?
Pepsi or RC
Panza's partner
Overwhelmed by certain phone transmissions?
Not so crazy
Night light
Mock, in a way
Last name of three baseball brothers
Jail door opener
Had ___ in the matter
Guadalajara gold
Furnish with funds
Full of energy
Froot Loops alternative
French state
French sea
Dresden portable CD player?
Donald portrayer on 'Saturday Night Live'
Diner's card
Dig in
Dangerous strain
Coral formation
Collected works
Colleague of Thomas and Roberts
Close in on
Certain tide
Cellist with many Grammys
Casting choices?
Bucky Beaver's favorite toothpaste
Broadway brightener
Bite-the-bullet type
Beer bust essential
Bean products?
Battery part
Bathroom dispenser contents
Babysitter's handful
Average guy?
Aussie hopper, for short
Article of faith
Ancient Andean
Alliance of the W. Hemisphere
All alternative
After the hour
2004 battleground
1973 Supreme Court decision name
'Rule Britannia' composer
'Roots' writer
'Lovergirl' singer ___ Marie
'Ich bin ___ Berliner'
'Giant' author Ferber
'Beyond the Sea' singer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-5-2017#sthash.PoT1pfDK.dpuf

__-plié: ballet movement with knees half-bent
__ shooter
Work with needles
Where many aces can be seen
Well-used crayons
Virus named for a Congolese river
Veiny cheese
Trains above the road
Tarzan creator's monogram
Swarming (with)
Straight man
Sprang up
Some NCOs
Slow Churned ice cream
Sharp flavor
Scholar's deg
Salon service
Sacred songs
Remove wooden pins from
Reached, as expenses
Razzie Award adjective
Raptor's weapon
Puts on the internet, e.g
Poivre companion
Part of NEA: Abbr
Near-failing grade
Mushroom in Asian cuisine
Minute, e.g
Menial worker
Med. specialty
Mass consumption?
Many an Albee play
Manual reader
Manhattan part
Make up for skipping classes, perhaps
Long drive?
Like some academic walls
Like marbled steak
Like links-style golf courses
Houston pro, locally
Günter Grass novel, with 'The'
Gucci of fashion
Grammatical unit
Go out with __
Gillette brand
Gazpacho ingredient
Frigid end?
Eco-friendly spa brand
Easy to prepare, as desserts
Dutch banknotes
Dined at a table for one
Diamond complement
Demolish, in Devon
Creator of Perry and Della
Couture line
Certain highlands musician
Carpooling calc
Captain who says, 'For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee'
Came to rest
Cabinet dept. with an Office of Science
Brown digs?
Applicants with low credit scores, to loan officers
Allows to attack
'The Jazz Singer' singer
'Smack That' rapper 

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