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crosswords puzzle answers 04/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 04/05/2017

___-Caps (Nestlé brand)
___ a soul
WWW programming code
Wise ___
Winter driving hazard … or a literal hint to four squares in this puzzle
What a dowsing rod or a slingshot has
Weasel word?
Wardrobe malfunction
Very low-risk investment, familiarly
Up to the task
Time's partner, informally
Ticked off
They're pushed on planes
They might come in packs
Spreads outward
Spicy cuisine style
Something to clear up?
Snacks served with cerveza
Shouted casual greeting
She, in Salerno
Seacrest of 'American Top 40'
Salon shade
Russian river to the Arctic Ocean
Quirky sort
Playhouse locale, perhaps
Pianist Cliburn
Patrol wagon
One collecting money on the sidewalk?
Novel writing
Meddlesome sort
Many a Mormon
Make shipshape, as a ship
Lots of disputin' from Rasputin?
Like natural gas and carbon monoxide
Like albinism
Jumper cable connection points
Jell-O pudding flavor
It's passed on
It's out of this world
It might precede a pickup line
Involve unwillingly
Incur cellphone charges, maybe
Hit 2002 animated film
Helping hound
Harsh cries
Group effort
Generous, affable sort
Footnote word
Film composer Morricone
Extorting from
Dormant volcano near the Turkish/Iranian border
Doorway components
Crunch time helper, maybe
Counts (on)
Cone producer
Comics character who was perpetually 19
Cobra fighter
Close, in a guessing game
Biblical verb
Beersheba's region
Béarnaise ingredient
Audio equipment brand
Arctic plain
Ancient pyramid builders
Ancient Greek market
Actor who won comedy and drama Emmys for the same role
Accountant's stamp
A snifter has a short one
'___ Mio'
'Que Sera Sera' singer, 1956
'Miss Manners,' for one
'Mad Men' femme fatale
'Curiously strong' mint
'Aye,' e.g
'Ain't gonna happen!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-4-2017#sthash.qnhdbZrx.dpuf

Winged archer
Where the Helmand River flows
Violent video game
Utmost degree
Tooth part
Ten billion angstroms
Tarzana neighbor
Targets of pulldowns
Sunburn soother
Sudan president al-Bashir
Spring spots
Sicily's highest point
Sequence of nucleotides
Round numbers?
Rack setting, perhaps
Put away
Protester's position
Pool cry
Politically powerful group
Physicist for whom an induction unit is named
Perfect place
Owl's grasper
Over toast, at the diner
One of 640 in a square mile
Modify legally
Model maker's need
Mischievous sort
Ltd. kin
Lord Protector during England's Interregnum
Listeria bacterium, for one
Like Turkish coffee
Like the nerve we call the 'funny bone'
Like many double entendres
Light bulb units
It reaches speeds of 150 miles per hour
It may be offered for off-peak travel
Is wild about
Hungry, perhaps
Gravy Cravers brand
Giver of Starbuck's orders
Get rid of
Gap buy
French battle site of WWI
Fondue favorite
Flight part
Film editor's technique
Fee for hand delivery?
Fanciful aspiration
Diner dessert
Did laps
Criminal charge
Crayon color
Crayon color
Crayon color
Crayon color
Cold and damp
Christie creations
Capone chaser
Call from the nursery
Bring together
Brawler's weapons
Big name in TV talk
Ballpark buy
Amazon device that answers to 'Alexa'
Agitated states
After-dinner request
Active bunch
1927's Flying Cloud, e.g
1 for photons and 2 for gravitons
'Death in Venice' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-4-2017—Color-Separations#sthash.Fg5s80To.dpuf

___-Lorraine of France
Visible air
Venture a thought
Various colors
This Christian's clothing is in my mansion's closets
The type of jet in my mansion's hangar
The latest to hit store shelves
Suffix for the best
Starter for 'improvement' or ’employed'
Sing-song syllables
Silk measurement
Shares in, as a meal
Scottish lake
Schussed, e.g
Ring-tailed critter similar to a raccoon
Relating to 6-Down
Prefix with 'natal'
Poetic tribute
Places of experimentation
Partner in war
One standing before a judge, sometimes
Once around the sun for us
Occasional high roller in a casino
Narrow mountain ridge
My mansion shelves are fully stocked so that I never ..
More fraught with danger
Misery resulting from affliction
Measure that is 1/4 of 62-Across
Mansion 'rooms' for sipping, freshening up and feasting
Mansion 'rooms' for showering, plotting, pingpong and basking
Made angry
Liveliness, zip or pep
Land measure on my mansion grounds
Land mass with the most masses?
Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great
It's the furthest thing from hardship
It's Olympic-sized at my mansion
It warms the pheasant in my mansion
Industry talk
In a severely waterless way
High school track shape
Having left already
Gulf War missile
Greek letter or tiny quantity
Grand ___ (words on some wine bottles)
Garden dirt
Flower part
Feminine pronoun
Dodge, as one's duty
Cream color
Crazy people, south of the border
Cowboy's roper
Common cosmetics ingredient
City land map
Caterer's coffee server
Carvey of 'Wayne's World'
Bound maps
Bone near the elbow
Boat in 'Jaws'
Between warm and cold
Be incorrect
Be a beat cop
Back of a boat
Audio complement
Audibly or vocally
Atomic no. 16
A thousand million years
252-gallon wine holders
'The magic word' for a kid
'So long' relative
'Rooms' in my mansion for heat, sleep and education
'King' of snakes
'Cola' lead-in – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-4-2017#sthash.sBOolRqF.dpuf

Words that may precede the first words of 18-, 40- and 62-Across and 3- and 32-Down
Word preceding hygiene or testimony
Where a hard hat is worn
Vegas casino, familiarly
Vampire hunter's weapon
User of French chalk
Trident part
The pyramids, essentially
Tend to the batter
Take a stab at
Story that's 'spun'
Start of a play
Sonic the Hedgehog's company
Schiller ode subject
Scatters, as seed
Safety item also called a Mae West
Regency and Victorian, for two
Raise the hackles of
Put back to 000
Purveyors of fine watches
Prefix with gram or graph
Prefix meaning 'outer'
Playgoer's memento
Play for a sap
Patsy who sang 'Sweet Dreams'
On the briny
Occur afterward
Name on a tractor
Name in kitchen utensils
Miracle-___ (garden products brand)
Marco Polo's heading
Many a John Wayne movie
Lout, in Canada
Long-jawed fish
Litter from paper ballots
Like a zeppelin, as opposed to a blimp
Like a wimp's spouse, often
Kon-Tiki Museum city
Just For Men covers it
It goes through eyelets
It buried Pompeii
Inserted coins in, as a meter
Helen who sang 'I Am Woman'
Hammer-throwing deity
Hacienda drudges of old
Gridder who may record sacks
Grand ___ (wine label words)
Graham, TV's 'Galloping Gourmet'
Got a gander of
Good, in street lingo
Garden product sometimes sold in cubic yards
Furtively 67-Across
Frosty coating
Food service company on the Fortune 500
Flop on stage
Fleece-lined boots
Flat-topped formation
Final curtain
Feature of some skirts
Done over, as a photo
Cut sharply, as prices
Creme-filled treat
Conks on the noggin
Choir's place
Chicago Cubs president Epstein
Cheryl who appeared on three Swimsuit Issue covers
Celestial bear
Butler's invitation
Butler at Tara
Bridge bid, briefly
Book after Jonah
Bedouin chief
Armstrong's fourth word from the moon's surface
49 percent owner of Virgin Atlantic
'___ So Shy' (Pointer Sisters hit)
'Nightmare' street
'Is it soup ___?'
'Disgusting!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-4-2017#sthash.q5U3oR5W.dpuf

Wooden rod
Window framework
Wells race of the future
Tree surgeon procedure
Tempe Pac-12 team
Talk-radio format
Sushi selection
Spring singer
South Pacific nation
Sinatra's hometown
Showy scarf
Shoot the breeze
Shoe spec
Sharp turn
Scientific study
Salon sweepings
Ruin, as fun
Reheats quickly
Reality TV judge DioGuardi
Racetrack bet
Poky, for short
Place for a coin
Pickling candidate
Person from Perth
Pâté de foie __
Organizer of Opens
Opposite of "ashore"
One-pot meal
Olive center
Not bright
Northwest Territories capital
Nonliteral phrase
Movie ticket category
Loose robe
Lhasa __
Kick back
Kick back
Kazakhstan's locale
Itemization limiter
Horse-show gear
Hoodie cousin
Hit like a hen
Go gaga (over)
Gaucho's gadget
Garlicky sauce
Furniture movers
Friend of Emerson
François' farewell
Dashboard abbr
Creditor's takeback
Crater Lake loc
Comparison stat
Childish comeback
Carpet feature
By __ (alone)
Brightness measure
Bond film antagonist
Bag-checking agcy
Auto brand
At least once
Air Force Academy student
Aim to discover
A long time
22 Down character
"Walk the Line" Oscar winner
"Star Trek" role
"I wish!"
"As __ saying . . ."
"American Gothic" implement – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-4-2017#sthash.LuWAJCgA.dpuf

__ Alamos
Word with freeze or fry
Wee ones
Was of __: helped
Vital circulation component
University officials
Ticked off
Tick off
Tappable image
Talk with style
Tag line?
Swiss luxury brand
Somber notice
Serious downturns
Quite heavy
Put into words
Poetic adverb
Pit gunk
Period in ads
Performer with 20 Oscar nominations
One without
One in a cheering crowd
Moving wheels
Monte Mario's city
Mine output
Many a black-clad teen
Make lovable
Leader of the animated Pussycats
Lackawanna's lake
In conflict, seriously
Gravy, on menus
German direction
First queen of Carthage
First name at Woodstock
Endless, poetically
Electrical unit
Dutch Golden Age artist
Dermatologist's concern
Defensive retort
Cosmonaut Gagarin
Collectors' event, and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to starred clues
Classic 'You as well?'
Candy heart word
Canadian coin
Bread machine?
Bladed tool
Baker's protection
At anchor
Aspic-coated French chicken dish
Army crawler
Ancient Greek theater
Ancient Dead Sea kingdom
Actress Hatcher
Actor Stephen
*They may be crowned
*Shakespeare play set on an enchanted island
*Proven longterm
*Busker's performance, perhaps
*'Thinking … '
'Thought I should share,' briefly
'Proceed as planned'
'Forgot About __': Grammy-winning duet featuring Eminem
'Casino' co-star
'… love hath made thee __ snake': 'As You Like It' 

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