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crosswords puzzle answers 04/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 04/02/2017

___ Bill Weedles (Land of Oz character)
You'll see things in them you can't handle
What bugs are found in
Tops of the Mounties
They're known as 'Viennese bread' in Scandinavia
Stood for
Stock market events
Statistical calculations
Spica's constellation
Something work-related
Slip away
Sitcom set in Lanford, Ill
Repair shop amenity
Post box's contents
Plumeria creation
Physicist who formulated the two laws of electrolysis
Permanent magnet metal
Parson's residence
Parlor fixture
Over-the-counter product?
Onetime White House family
One rolling dough
Old Roman coins
Noted writer who married his first cousin when she was 13
Nissan model discontinued in 2015
National Grandparents' Day mo
Name on a bottle of Pleasures perfume
More south of the border?
Medieval invader of Spain
Makes up (for)
Item worn by the Count on 'Sesame Street'
Inseparable duo
Inflexible, as rules
Helped someone move into an office, say
Hebrew letter on a dreidel
Gradually become noticeable
Gas in an ion thruster
Fish ladder site
Final car built in Buick City before its shutdown
Estadio cheer
Eminent scholar
Edited for television, maybe
Concert venues
Completes the purchase of
Company that bought (and later sold) Skype
Common baby food
City near Turin
Changes back
Cannonball's path
Best-selling celebrity tell-all book of 1978
Ben-___ (N.F.L. cheerleading squad)
Back-to-back moves
Answer rudely
Along with
A little cleaner
'___ vobiscum' ('the Lord be with you')
'Bacchus and ___' (Titian painting) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017#sthash.DUu5Fvs7.dpuf

WWII entertainment centers
Wrap up by
Wilson of 'The Office'
Will of 'Blue Bloods'
Very best wurst?
Took the trophy
Title for a synopsis of pie and brittle recipes?
Tired mover?
Tied the knot
They're open daily
They're hit on their heads
They may be dressed in pads
The U.S.'s first multimillionaire
The least bit
Targets for crackers
Sugar Loaf Mountain location
Suffix with Manhattan or Brooklyn
Subpoena, e.g
Subject of Keats's 'O Attic shape!'
Sty cry
Strove to achieve
Stock exchange?
States firmly
Starfleet's base
Sound on entering the Jacuzzi
Something to ruminate on
Some have built-in teleprompters
Some body problems
Solitude seeker
Skin soother
Six-pack makeup
Shake insert
Setting for some fishy jokes?
Served as
Second-hand items?
Sapporo sashes
River through Aragon
Revealed to the world
Renaissance artist Albrecht
Ranchero sobriquet
Queen's attendant
Play-Doh company
Pieman's wares
Paul McCartney, e.g
Pancake served with applesauce
Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic
One bound for the pound
NRG Stadium, for Super Bowl LI
Non-alcoholic beer brand
Michael of 'Juno'
Maureen of 'Miracle on 34th Street'
Like commuter towns
Less gregarious
Language from which 'Alaska' comes
Knock down ___
Kindle download
Keep for later
Jones of 'Angie Tribeca'
Its first line went from City Hall to 145th St
It follows the Super Bowl
Impress, as an idea
Hopped up
Hindu dietary guideline?
Having a slight lead
Have in mind
Halftime spots
Half of a 1990s cartoon duo
Haberdasher's inventory
Gridiron gains
Greenskeeper's charity?
Greedy desire
Gloria Estefan, by birth
Gillette Stadium player, for short
Get-together on a ladder?
Get a touchdown, say
Fruit sampler
Forrest in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Flying Cloud and Speed Wagon, e.g
Field workers
Far from ruddy
Far from ruddy
Falcons' home
Dull finishes
Dressy affair
Doc Brown's first name in the 'Back to the Future' movies
Dip, as stock prices
Didn't take the trophy
Didn't play
Didn't bother
Depends on
Denver omelet ingredient
Declare void
DDE's rival in 1952 and 1956
DDE's 1940s command
Curses directed at a happy couple?
CPR pros
Country sound
Control center for the heart and lungs
Choice, as a job
Chickadee's kin
Chef's herb
Center of a trampoline?
Call's companion
Boxers' letters?
Bond portrayer before Craig
Big name in jets
Belgium-to-Switzerland dir
Beams up, e.g
Battle of Normandy city
Balance sheet entry
Avril Lavigne's 'Sk8er ___'
Author Welty
Andre in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Anchor's stretch
Anarchic event
Amgen's industry
Alvin and the Chipmunks, e.g
Affected by the moon, in a way
1994 pact in English, French and Spanish
'The Red Badge of Courage' author
'Take a Chance on Me' group
'Metropolis' director Fritz
'Love's shadows ___ rich in joy': Romeo
'I give!'
'Doctor Who' genre – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017—Missing-the-Big-Game#sthash.olty4XLc.dpuf

You can sweat through it
Without charge
Winter fall
Weeding implement
Was a horrible night watchman
Vertical pole
Various functions
Up to the time that
Unknown individual
Try to make up for an offense
Trees used for archery bows
Tower that's a linguist's nightmare
They're read after downloading
The state of being open to other's opinions
Tel Aviv airline
State of western India
Some valuable marbles
Small spot of land
Small deer
Ski lift
Sitarist's tune
Shoo-___ (heavy favorites)
Shampoo ingredient, often
Several handfuls
See 63-Across
Prime, in ratings
Places for those in the gutters
More than mere enthusiasm
Mat for a teahouse floor
Manhattan neighborhood
Maglie of the Majors
Luxuriate in
Long geological stretch
Lobbed bomb
Lions' locks
Like the ZIP code system
Life scientists
Large, round hairdo
Kind of table or run
Japanese soybean
It may be stained in church
It can be a real downer
Israeli submachine gun
In need of extinguishing
Highest level for a Boy Scout
Hawaiian picnic
Gumbo essential
Green Gables female
Grand view
Exact repro
Egg, to a biologist
Eccentric one
Disorderly condition
Day many save for
Common air freshener scent
Commercial genetic manipulation techniques
Brown loaves
Blue ox of literature
Black thrush
Bird long extinct
Be litigious
At least six tennis games
Accumulated by the pope?
Abbr. that's a list shortener
A movement upward
'___ That Tune'
'The King and I' schoolteacher
'It ___ Very Good Year'
'Hey you, c'mere!'
'Fantastic Mr Fox' author
'Easy as falling off ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017#sthash.C1dmfdSn.dpuf

___ Park (Edison lab site)
___ nut (stimulant source)
___ Four (The Beatles)
Worker with petroleum or sugar
Work of homage
Windsor's prov
Variety of licorice candies
TV alien from Ork
Trample underfoot
Snack with a hard or soft shell
Signs up to serve
Restaurant rater's unit
Prehistoric paintings
Politician son of Ron Paul
Place for a stud
Pee Wee of Ebbets Field
One opposed to immigration
One is parked at the starts of 17- and 38-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Neck of the woods
Neatened, as a lawn
Name in bathroom scales
Mountain climber's goal
More, on a score
More than enough
Moe's, on 'The Simpsons'
Mercury ___ (old U.S. coin)
Market research panel
Many a GED earner
Lucy Lawless TV heroine
Long basket, in basketball lingo
Lo-cal salad dressing phrase
List-ending abbr
Like an eagle's vision
Let up, as a storm
Hot drink at a ski lodge
Having the know-how
Grand ___ Opry
Gen-___ (boomers' kids)
Former name of Ben Gurion airport
Fashion magazine since 1892
Faberge collectible
Exactas or perfectas
Eulogist of Julius
Emphasized type (Abbr.)
Electrical power unit
Eight-ball or nine-ball need
Drop a brick
DNA part
Didn't sit by
Delivered viva voce
Dastardly sort
Curiosity victim, in a saying
Crude cartel
Cricket rival of Harrow
Creator of Yertle the Turtle
Common salad ingredient
Classic Jaguar
Chaucerian pilgrim
Call off, at Canaveral
Bed choice
Become one
Become narrower
Ballet bend
1990s victims of the Hutu
1984 Yankovic parody of a Jackson hit
1967 Sam & Dave hit
'To' on a memo
'Ran' director Kurosawa
'On the shelf' Christmas figure
'Oh, dear!'
'Lenore' poet
'Iron Man' Ripken Jr
'Goosebumps' author R.L
'Gone With the Wind' studio
'Beetle Bailey' dog
'At Wit's End' author Bombeck
'Aqualung' band Jethro ___
'A Bug's Life' bug – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017#sthash.9fWay8Bm.dpuf

Work with dough, perhaps
Word from the Latin for "let it be done"
What will be done
What Bankrate.com offers advice on
US audio syndicator
Under attack
Thanksgiving Day Parade regular
Tarleton twins hangout
Sunflower cousin
Sports website with an Eligibility Center
Snacks "To Be Eaten. Not Thrown."
Shakespearean septet
Scam Alert emailer
Rugged wheels
Robbie's farmer
Red state
Product of river erosion
Poetic initials
Peak-performance state
PC switching short-cut
Order from the boss
Norway's patron saint
Nickname of Tiberius' successor
Naturally deep-rooted
Nation named for a tree
Name on Turtle Crème Pie boxes
Musical with "Find Your Grail"
Major influence for Shaw and Wilde
Landscapist's mishap
Ladder alternatives for ceiling painters
Job interview, sort of
Ion of a sort
Indy Speedway's Turn 2 Suite, e.g
How horoscopes are cast
His home is the setting for "The Mikado"
Henna product
Hear clearly
Golfer's nervousness
Finals preceders
Far from scintillating
End of many British businesses' URLs
Dolls at the Bedrock City gift shop
Disorganization declaration
Diner favorites
Dance best known by half its name
Continue unimpeded
Concierge in "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Comics foster family
City near Gulfport
Caterpillar product
Cars in some secure lots
Bit of Hawaiian pizza
Big bucks
Banff Nat'l Park setting, at the moment
Attacks for
Akihito affirmative
About 40% of insect species
"__: Duets" (2007 country album)
"Wizard of Oz" sound effect
"That's so wrong!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017#sthash.hRhd6CRS.dpuf

___ Luis Obispo, California
Whopper toppers
Warren of the Supreme Court
Two, in Tijuana
Took the train
Throw from Tom Brady
Take five
Stunning trio?
Stump the audience?
Story spanning millennia
Spur-of-the-moment decision
Small scratches
Saudi Arabia neighbor
Roman wrap
Roll call response
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect
Richard Nixon's running mate in 1960
Reception problem
Prepare for a marathon, with 'up'
Pimiento holder
Pie ___ mode
Personal involvement
Pack away
Online discussion
Not much
New York or New Jersey, but not New England
NATO member
Military command
Melville's megalomaniacal mariner
Mel who was the voice of Bugs Bunny
Managing, with 'out'
Like a boxer's hands
Iwo ___
iPod model
ICU hookups
Housewife Vanderpump of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
Hourly charge
Holly's role in 'The Piano'
Hill of 'Hail, Caesar!'
Hematite or galena
Have a sneaking suspicion
Havana highballs
Halloween goody
Gujarat garb
Greenish blue
Grabs a bite
Garbage barge
Former PayPal owner
Feed bag fill
Exam for a future atty
Engage in political damage control
Display at the Getty
Diamond flaw
Detox locale
Casino game
British Open, for one
Borat Sagdiyev portrayer
Blanket material
Bahrain resident
Attempts to curb expansion?
Any of the theme entries in this puzzle
Antioxidant berry
5-Down x 5-Down x 5-Down
160 square rods
'The ___ of Man' (opening sequence in '2001: A Space Odyssey')
'Not in a million years!'
'McMillan & Wife' actress
'Look what I found!'
'Land sakes alive!'
'Blonde' novelist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-4-2017#sthash.8jRBZ3nB.dpuf

__ time
__ Kids: 'Sesame Street' brand
What suspects may be charged with
Water color
War-torn Sudanese region
Voice of Master Viper in 'Kung Fu Panda' films
Street performer
Squeezed (out)
Source of sweet-scented spice
Something else
Some talk show personalities
Social worker?
Runway covering
Police may look for one
Pan Am competitor
One of the March sisters
Not yet on the shelves
Not a good look
No. 2
Minor players
Mellow, with 'down'
Manage poorly
Made possible
Like some horses
Light head?
Library feature
Letter-shaped fastener
Leftover bit
Kid's cry
Kicked to the curb
Join for a drink, say
Hunting dogs
Hardly fresh
Hand or foot
Gucci or Rossi
Groovy things
Grease, often
Got stuffed
Good yield
Gentle quality
Force user
Flipper, for one
Flat-panel TV component
Flamenco guitarist Carlos
First name in legal fiction
Fictional Soviet sub
Depict artistically
Darken, in a way
Code-breaking game with colored pegs
Close behind
Chorus line?
Certain game extensions, briefly
Car alarm
Business opening
Big top, e.g
Am or Fm
A little of this, a little of that
1956 rockabilly hit
'What's the rush?'
'Constant Craving' singer

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