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crosswords puzzle answers 04/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 04/01/2017

___ ant
Young sea lion
Word in some French restaurant names
Word after carrot or muffin
Where fashions debut
When it was time for the filling, the dentist asked for, well, ..
What's got the upper hand?
The new dentist wanted to make a good ..
The dentist sorted all the bristled instruments into ..
The dentist helped the patient afford the visit with a ..
Target of crunches
Surveyor's map
Super 8 alternative
Some luxury bags
Singer Tennille
Short amount of time?
Shape of the world
Secret group in 'The Da Vinci Code'
Sarcastic 'Amazing!'
Rogen of 'Sausage Party'
Previously, previously
Prefix with cultural
Plum used to flavor gin
Pentagon V.I.P.s
Parceling (out)
Org. that prohibits traveling
Numero after due
Night light up north
Mystical character
Loose change 'collector'
Like much of Arizona
Like Mother Hubbard's cupboard
Kind of cross or yogurt
Janis's spouse in the comics
It'll open many doors
Insurance giant
Info on a wine label
Important contacts
Historian's focus
Hedonistic sort
Heads for the bar?
Gymnast's asset
Good name for a plaintiff?
Friskies rival
Franklin's flier
Fillmore's party
Dispatched, as a dragon
Decline again
Congo ape
Capone's nemesis
Cannon on screen
Call in court
By ___ (alone)
Burst out laughing
Buffalo pro
Big laughs
Big D.C. lobby
Best of the best
Belarussian money
Bee ball?
Barack Obama, astrologically
Atlas extra
All plane attendants in attendance
Albanian currency
A workout works one up
'Too rich for my blood'
'Diana' singer Paul – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017#sthash.T4fJqsO6.dpuf
___ Valley (Ventura County city)
With 65-Across, 'Shoot!'
Wild plum with a tart flavor
Waiting with bated breath
Waiting with bated breath
Twice tetra-
Toro's target
Topic of little concern
Timetable abbr
Ten bucks that your opponent loses his grip on the bar, say?
Summit meetings?
Stylish spirit
She retired from golf in 2016
See 29-Across
Scrub in the tub
River through Magnitogorsk
Reach across
Race goal, perhaps
Purported inheritors of the earth
Pulitzer Prize category
Pro ___
Private dinner
Pop group from Stockholm
Politician Phil
Party illuminator
Palindromic name
Painful rebuke
Ottawa-based broadcaster
Narrow opening
Member of the USS Enterprise bridge crew
Many a Moroccan
Make cornrows
Mail carriers' assignments
Like a prima ballerina
Like 'The Outer Limits,' often
Language of Pakistan
King or queen
Into bits
In a tangled state
How fast your truck goes?
Houston sch
Hangs out
Grouchy fellow
Glimmer, in brand names
Florida governor since 2011
Exercise practice that aims to harmonize yin and yang
Evening repasts
Dish alternative
Curry spice mixture
Crumpet chaser
Crumb carrier
Crannies' counterparts
Convention center event
Colorful perennial
Character who conversed with Wilbur Post
Camera store that only sells zoom lenses?
Came down in buckets
Boot out
Bit of feedback for a screenwriter
Author Nin
Assigner of PG and R ratings
Approximating suffix
Ale ingredient
'___ live and breathe!'
'WHAT is the DEAL with cargo shorts? Are you a freighter?' and the like?
'No idea!'
'Nature' network
'Have it your way' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017—Change-Ups#sthash.pel389rj.dpuf

Word with 'while,' old-style
What a landlord expects
What a hiker hikes
Typical method of operation for dry cleaners
Tiny bits
Taro root
Sub in a tub
Steals, old-style
Sounded the whistle?
Some are inflatable
Slight amount
Seeks answers
Round gasket on a space shuttle
Reach effectively
Raze (with 'down')
Rap sheet entry
Racetrack gait, sometimes
Quite trite and familiar
Proofreader's reversal
Printing goof
Princess in a sari
Poet's inspiration
Poet T.S
Place to grab lunch
Place for those being roasted
Piece for a diva
Pass off as authentic
Parts of skirts
Parkas and windbreakers, e.g
One way to sway
Nighttime visions
Muddy, as waters
Man's best friend
Make one's disdain quite plain
Make like a king
Luxurious sheet material
Longish dress length
Lollobrigida or Gershon
Light violet
Lao-Tze's 'way'
Italian seaport
It's often heaved
It's more than an irritating tingle
It's far from a Cuban
Individual unit on an agenda
Hobby not connected to one's work
Heading on a busy person's list
Give an engine some gas
Galley tool
Further from danger
For a lady
Dirty rotten scoundrels
Dad's retreat, often
Crop holders on a farm
Cooks clams
Common type of trick
City north of Carson City
Churchill Downs entrant
Char a steak
Cape ___ (westernmost point in Africa)
Building locales
Bread with hummus
Boris Godunov was one
Black-and-white cookie
Beer variety
Amateur sports org
7:1, e.g
56, to Brutus
'Wow, that's exciting!'
'This Magic Moment' is one
'None of ___ business!'
'For goodness' ___!'
'Feed ___, starve …'
'Believe it or ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017#sthash.UScN4D1t.dpuf

Worked well together
Word before wire or bait
Winter Olympics venue
Went brunette, perhaps
Volts and Teslas
Vegetable-based dessert
Use, as advice
Use an e-cig
Turkish currency
Track coaches may analyze these
Towel word
Tiny squeakers
Thin coin
Surveyors' calculations
Stressless condition
Street ___ (urban rep)
Stone skipper's wrist motion
Stats for MLB sluggers
Slim, like many models
Showed fear
Show signs of life
Seward Peninsula port
Self-centered celebrity
Replacements for francs
Rapunzel, for one
Pulitzer winner for 'Picnic'
Precede the headliner
Ponder silently
Poetic pattern
Passport feature
Pain-relieving pills
Nixon kept a list of these
Neatnik's nemesis
Mount St. Helens spew
Mishap on an icy road
Mare's mouthful
Maintain a nest egg
Lose one's marbles
Long-eared leaper
Liposuction target
Like many envelope flaps
Jellystone Park bear
Its motto is 'Hope'
It may be wireless or strapless
Irene of 'Cimarron'
Instructional book genre
Ill-fated Ford model
Homer's 'rosy-fingered' time
Hit the + key
Head for the exit
Hangs up one's cleats
Hand out hands
Gridiron pass option
Goose's call
Fritter away
Freight measure
Engages in haggling
Diploma word meaning 'great'
Clad like Judge Judy
Caterer's container
Casaba's cover
Cannon sound
Bow to pressure
Boutonniere spot
Bouquet feature
Bonn is on its banks
Bobby Fischer play
Board defect
Baptism or initiation
B.A. or Ph.D. holder
Arthritis symptom
According to
'___ you for real?'
'Do ___ others . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017#sthash.Sj8h3Spc.dpuf

Woodwind musician
Widely known
Was nosy
Urgent request
Train components
Traditional spring rains
Traditional result of 27 Across
Trade fair, for short
Totally spoil
Toddler's scrape
To boot
Talk like Daffy Duck
Swarm members
Surrounded by
Suffix for nectar
Streep or Kidman
Spy outfit, for short
Sport played on ponies
Sources of sugar
Skunk's defense
Skinny battery
Run in neutral
Rather safe, as investments
Range feature
Quarterback Manning
Professional org
Prefix meaning "straight"
Popped, as a question
Poetic tributes
Pianist's targets
Parisian gal pal
Open, but just
Not very much
North Pole aide
NCAA tourney nickname
Maytag alternative
Many wedding VIPs
Look high and low
Leafy veggie
Lacking illumination
Is situated
Interpersonal finesse
Internet service letters
Inhale in shock
Hourly pay
Highly agitated
High rating
Habit wearers
Green land of poetry
Govt. collection agency
Got there
Giant-screen film format
Fishing line holders
Empty completely
Elite rosters
Dr. Phil's mentor
Despotic Amin
Delivery truck assignment
Corn harvest
Coffee shop dessert
Chile neighbor
Capital of 64 Across
Buffalo's lake
Blueprint detail
Be sore
Be deserving of
Battling factions
Bath bubbles
Bank account addition
Ballpark helper
"Z __ zebra" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017#sthash.k6tUImyt.dpuf

___ Domini
Window treatments usually found between jabots
Way past the expiration date
Unfortunate place for your balls to fall
Typical kaffiyeh wearer
Took too much, briefly
The ___ State (Idaho's nickname)
Test, familiarly, that can determine whether to name Junior George or Georgia
TD replay speed, often
Supervillain Luthor
Splinter group
Source of Popeye's strength
Seeps like slime
Scratches (out)
Sacred plant of the Incas
Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist
Recipe direction
Puebla pal
Pub provisions
Primary feature of a TripTik
Pot scrubber's tool
Perpetual 3 1/2-year-old on Sesame Street
One of five on a big rig
Not shiny
Nose-in-the-air type
Naughty performance of a sort
Muchos centavos
Moved like a frog
Luncheon's sometime conclusion?
Like months when oysters are out of season
Lexicographer's concern
Last letter of the alphabet, to a Brit
Just yonder
Interstellar clouds
Interest-generating transaction
Intensifies, in a way
Henry VIII's second or fourth wife
Harrow, e.g
Gator tail?
Former Fords
Empanada's Indian relative
Elegant branched centerpieces
Drug kingpin
Diet plan for primitive types?
Cranny's partner
Costly expense for most New Orleans homeowners
Common 35mm camera type
Colorfully named mathematical relationship also known as the 'divine proportion'
Clark's squeeze, on 'Smallville'
Civil rights org. headed by Roy Innis
Christmas carol
Chore list entry between 'Sow' and 'Glean'
Bygone carrier that claimed to make the going great
Bungee jumper's need
Bonk on the noggin
Big oxes
Alt-rock genre
12 o'clock high
'Strange' prefix
'Passages' author Sheehy
'Hold your horses!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-4-2017#sthash.qtIiwKJK.dpuf

__ polloi
Yale Blue wearer
What 20-, 38- and 58-Across have in common
Waffle maker
Took cover
Tighten, as laces
They may be gray
Takeout packet
Suddenly became attentive
Stir to action
Siouan tribe
Singer Carly __ Jepsen
Seven-__ cake
Second of three O's
Sch. near the Rio Grande
Sainted fifth-century pope
Publication sales fig
Pianist Watts
Perfumery that created Tabu
Operate using a beam
One with a sickle
One of the fam
Occasions that usually elicit big smiles
Novelist Deighton
Nectar eater
Mythical hero with a labor force?
Miler Sebastian
Marriage acquisition
Make one of many
LG rival
Letter addition letters
Leather punch
Lead-in for jet or prop
Job rights agcy
Irish lullaby syllables
Iris part
Houston pro
Heavenly protectors
Gritty genre
Grass coating
George Washington never slept there
Gathering for February's big game
From the beginning
French season
French 'Wowza!'
Follow too closely
Flooring choice
Fleeting affair
Files in a recycle bin
Fair activity for kids
Electrified particle
Easy-to-read font
Early steam engine fuel
Dough drawer
Director Anderson
Daily paper logic puzzle
Colorful card game
Colombia neighbor
Coastal fuel extractor
Charlize of 'Monster'
Bubbling hot
Brown bread
Big aluminum producer
Baker's units
Asian desert
Adobe file format
43,560 square feet
4 x 4, briefly
200-lap race, briefly
1983 60-Down winner Tom
1950s disasters
'Walk me!'
'The Maltese Falcon' actor Peter
'Scrubs' nurse married to Dr. Turk

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