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crosswords puzzle answers 03/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 03/12/2016

___ Little, stickup man on 'The Wire'
You may give it when you are running late for a meeting, informally
Where many saw action in the '40s
What you've been waiting for, you might think
True artisan
Time machine on 'Doctor Who'
They can be helpful after retiring
Swiss chocolate brand
Suffix with transit
Start up, in a way
Start of a news story, in journalism lingo
Something a server can give you
Some STEM jobs
Some library offerings
Skin Bracer alternative
Sixth: It
See 34-Down
Refined nutritional ingredient in many cereals and meat products
Place to take stock?
Personal stakes
Perfectly, after 'to'
Part of the conjugation of the Spanish 'to be'
Pablo ___, 2012 World Series M.V.P. nicknamed 'The 44-Down'
Orthodox group
Oil production site
Noted Volstead Act enforcer
Nickelodeon's '___ Declassified School Survival Guide'
Message that might be spelled with rocks
Many a map of Hawaii
London tourist destination, with 'the'
Lily of the opera
John or Christine of Fleetwood Mac
Giverny backdrop for Monet
Gets things on time?
Get the picture
Foreign agreement
Followers: Suffix
Fall back
Drops a line, maybe
Distinctive part of a bison
Currency replaced by the euro
Crashed and burned
Comic Rita
Child actress Jones of 'Family Affair'
Bit of blogorrhea
Bill of the 1960s-'70s Weather Underground
Asking too many questions
Agatha Christie's 'N ___?'
'___ you coming?'
'Them!' or 'The Fly'
'It is silent,' musically – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016#sthash.z08VVMTi.dpuf

___ Aviv
Works in a Barcelona museum
Where engines take a trial run
Whence babies
When to see the landlord for an extension?
What a flexing forefinger means
Virgin ___ Records
Victor at Manassas
UFO drivers
Trendy watering hole
Total snoozefest
Torque symbol
Tongue, formally
To be, to Bolivians
TNT starter
Takes hold of
Take a hike
Swift, e.g
Stays en pointe?
Spring thing
Spirit from the desert
Spirit from the desert
Spiny, egg-laying mammals
Spiker's vessel
Source of a cold draft in the house
Sounds from the flock
Sound from the flock
Soothing succulent
Small scrap
Small inlet
Sleeper sofa user
Sites of many street pickups
Scuba spots
Savvy second edit?
Revival technique, briefly
Revealing exclamation
Result of tossing and turning, perhaps
Resistance checker
Put a limit on
Polite telemarketer's mantra?
Pic on a pec
Physicist Curie
Pester vocally
Persian weapons
Pear, for one
Pass path
Pajama panels
Pad kee mao cuisine
Only state whose seal shows a seal
Number of weeks in a Roman year
Noted Nashville show
Notable spans
Nose tackle's place, for short
NATO member
Nasdaq overseer
Muscular condition
Mountain legend
Mob pursuers
Mileage gauge, for short
Medieval assassin's weapon
McGruff, most notably
Marine nymph of myth
Manager with four World Series championships
Lysol victims
Lizard's cost to grow another appendage?
Like the toves in 'Jabberwocky'
Like an excited person's breath
Levi's Stadium pro
Letters on an APB
Letter that rhymes with the ones before and after it
Le Roi ___ (Louis XIV)
Lay waste to
Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 4
Jim Brown and Franco Harris, e.g.: Abbr.
Jamaican genre
Its last commercial flight was in Oct. 2003
It may be rouge or blanc
Info on un certificat de naissance
Hydrogen atom's lack
How the model sat the second time?
Hoppy quaffs
Honeyed quaff
Hoity-toity attitude
High, in Heidelberg
Head shots, for short?
Head for the terminal
Halibut habitat
GI's furlough
Geppetto, by trade
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Frozen treat with a Sir Isaac Lime flavor
Freezer aisle surname
Freak out about getting the hose wound up just right this time?
Four-sided dice, for example
Formal order
Finnish phone brand
Feminine force
Fawning flattery
Fashion's Anna
Eccentric wheels
Drugmaker Lilly
Drive-in servers
DJ's collection
DDE's arena
Dashing quality?
Dancer driver
Crooner Damone
Common default password for a router
Chiding sound
Chest protector
Catalan muralist
Burj Khalifa's country: Abbr
Brand on many an auto racer's jacket
Brain surgeon's offer?
Books for marriage therapists?
Big MoMA supporter
Big do
Being human?
Be decisive
Bands with agents?
Bad name for a chauffeur
Avenue shader
Aust. state
According to
A little fishy
2014 event for Alibaba: Abbr
1999 documentary about Detroit hair salons
1992 debater with Bush and Clinton
'You messed with the wrong person!'
'The Brothers Karamazov' brother
'Sweet Home Alabama' band, to fans
'Je t'___' (French valentine)
'I see what you did there' sound
'Exodus' protagonist
'Exodus' actor Sal – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016—Here-We-Go-Again#sthash.N9byhXjK.dpuf

Wool cloth for overcoats
Woodworking angle
When doubled, a prop for a cheerleader
Vintner's barrel
Unhappy in love
Underground workers
Times to remember
Thief on the water
There's something fishy about it
Student-focused org
State of anger
Slowly, to a conductor
Sky blue shades
Seeks information
Seeds, scientifically
Sea in France?
Purebred evidence
Pupil-washing aid
Proud guys?
Poet Edgar Allan
Pedometer activators
Office PC-to-PC acronym
Not guilty, often
Nice Monopoly holding
New pet owner, often
Musburger calling games
Mount where Noah found land
Mini revelation?
Many car contracts
Make lighter or brighter (var.)
Make bootees
Little rascals
Layer of a tissue
Land formations with flat tops
Joyce's Leopold
Jazzy woodwind, briefly
Item of hand luggage
It's the core of cores
Icy temp
Hand-waver's scream
Gun, Indy-style
Go over again with a needle
Foe of 47-Down
First word to a new knight, perhaps
Finally be something
Eyelid malady
Early South American
Dump frequenter
Does a dairy duty
Director Preminger
Diminutive, in rural stereotypes
Detrimental or awful
Degree candidate's challenge
Debate topic
Control ___ (obsessive one)
Composition or literary work
Compensation for injuries sustained
Collars, as a perp
Cause strain to
Caterer's coffee dispenser
Bro's female relative
Brief times of relaxation
Bit of a whirl
Be the person at the helm
Attention-getting whisper
Angora's fleece
A theater district
'Nearer My ___ to Thee'
'Hail, old Roman!'
'Got it,' to a sailor
'Ben-Hur' and 'High Noon,' for two – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016#sthash.HCA2GTaE.dpuf

Zoo swingers
Yastrzemski in Cooperstown
Yankees great Jeter
Words of concern
Witherspoon of 'Wild'
Vaulter's need
UNLV part
Unfit for farming
Toledo's lake
Stone, Bronze and Iron
Stave off
Stave off
Sporting clogs, say
Sound of a wooden shoe
Some all-you-can-eat fare
Smith Corona-generated duplicate
Slop-py eaters?
Slim margin
Ship's petty officer, informally
Saws wood, so to speak
Salt lick visitor
Roman god of wine and revelry
Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Potting need
Overemoting actors
One to hang with
Not good, but not bad
Natural emollient
Na+ or Cl-
Miss Muffet's visitor
Mecca native
Manhattan's Third Ave. Line et al
Like an owl's call
Laugh gleefully
Lacoste of tennis
Knife cut
Kebab holder
Junior Olympics org
Jenna Bush, to sister Barbara
High and outside pitch, say
Gumball machine input, once
Gives the cold shoulder to
Give a whipping to
Get an F
Genealogist's diagram
Forfeited auto, for short
Feed lines to
Fauna partner
Fatback product
Erato's instrument
Eight-line verse
Dummy's perch
Drives on the links
Disqualify, as a juror
Devilish one
Cup edge
Cunning move
Compaq Portable, notably
Claim on property
Charmer's snake
CD or LP segment
Came to mind
Calculus pioneer Leonhard
Board game randomizer
Black with the country hit 'Killin' Time'
Arizona city on the Colorado
Aired again
Aiken of 'American Idol'
Actor's stand-in for dangerous scenes
40-Across, e.g
2008 rival of Clinton
100-eyed giant of myth
1/500 ream
'___ we forget . . . '
'Waterloo' pop group
'Sir' in colonial India
'Back to you' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016#sthash.Gg6197OE.dpuf

Word of demurral
What Billie Holiday often wore
Vermouth/Campari cocktail
Univ. recruiter
Traditional Tyrolean fabric
Titular Brooklynite of '70s TV
Tableside preparation, maybe
Some outdoor deliveries
Small addition to the staff
Sideburn tamer
Shuffle, for short
Security camera checker
Salvage mission aid
Rod at commencements
Roasting candidate
Rice quantities
Regional geographic term
Purveyors of street food
Psion's Organizer was the first one
Promotional product
Possible dumpling filling
Popular bonsai choice
Player at Dodger Stadium
Out of stock
No longer rigid
Name on the Chancellor list
Many bank employees
Many a Monopoly purchase: Abbr
Leftmost-column number
Leave with a bad memory
Leave home to work
Language once written in Cyrillic
Knoxville power broker
Justice VIPs
Friend of Chopin
Force acceptance of
Foot-powered noisemaker
Fill in sporadically
Early bloomer, unsurprisingly
Do-it-yourselfer server
Do some pressing
Dimple concealer
Cocky challenge
Cinematographer subordinate
Bridges, to Bartolomeo
Bona fide and proud
Blazer details
Beats by __ (headphone brand)
Be less than vigilant
Auto part called "wing" by Brits
Archaeological focus
Abbey adjunct
A no-fly zone enforcer
A as in Andalusia
1936 headline nickname
"Sunshine City"
"She never __ her greedy will": Dante
"City" stat of a sort – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016#sthash.r0FvAyQc.dpuf

Word after dead or deep
Tot's beach container
Tenant's expense
South Korean automaker
Small swig
Shortly, in verse
Sermon interrupter, maybe
Seller of Web access, briefly
Science leader?
Rip off forcefully
Rip into
Repeatedly demand payment from
Police move, at times
Part of a freight train
Outback rhea relative
Onetime 'Buffalo' coin
One sure to take the straight path
Oklahoma city named for a Tennyson character
Noted glue marketer
Name in a casual restaurant chain
MRI orderers
Motherless calf
Most text
Monolithic statue of Giza
Maui memento
Madison Avenue worker
Look after
Little desktop image
Like acorn producers
Like a well-trained dog
Large performance venue
Keep moist during cooking
Jr. naval officer
Ivana and Marla, to The Donald
Italian novelist Umberto
It's right on TV
It does a bang-up job
Inside space
Indicator of a name change
Helps to rise, in a way
Heeds a Humane Society directive
Have yet to pay
Hardly strict
Greatly impressed
Get really excited
Genus of agricultural pests
Frank who won an Oscar for 'It Happened One Night'
For all to see
Fills to excess
Fail to stifle one's boredom
Epic relating the siege of Troy
Edited version of a film before its release
Early invader of England
Dressmaker's meas
Creamsicle flavoring
Clunky attire
CIA spy Aldrich
Cave entrance
Athlete's first-round break
At great speed
Astronomer Sagan
Asian soup noodles
Asian city renowned for a tomb
Achieve success
1990s cartoon chihuahua
'Cimarron' actress Irene – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-3-2016#sthash.WQiy9cwW.dpuf

Where Martin Scorsese taught Oliver Stone: Abbr
Unspecific threat
U.N. ambassador appointed by JFK
Tufted tweeter
Total assets?
Tom Joad, e.g
They involve insult comedy
Texter's appreciation
Tach readings
Sweet sign-off
Superior, vis-? -vis Michigan
Stir up
Stand for 45-Down
Sincere sign-off
Shady Records co-founder
Serial sequence
Sci-fi staples
Rhein tributary
Revival figs
Recess rejoinder
Quality control process with an alphanumeric symbol
Pringles alternative
Player of Kent
One way to connect nowadays
Norwegian king during the Cold War
Mickey Rooney septet
Metaphors, e.g
Major clothing chain
Last Supper query
Language that gave us 'plaid'
King Ahab's father
Katy of 'High Noon'
Initial encounter in a romcom
I, perhaps
Hybrid cuisine
Free speech inhibitor?
Frat letters
Former Nissan SUV
Flare producer
First name in architecture
Fiction's Lord Greystoke
Event associated with warm climates and big midday meals
Driving instructor's reminder
Door opener?
Disdained, with 'at'
Different exercises performed consecutively
Completely overhauled
Capital of Kazakhstan
Boxer Rebellion setting
Blue on screen
Archaeologist, at times
2008 Best New Artist Grammy winner
16th-century rulers
'Women and Love' author Shere
'Star Trek: Voyager' actress
'Right you are!'
'Nos __': 2000s French-Canadian drama set in a summer home
'Bullets Over Broadway' Oscar winner
'Big four' record company

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