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crosswords puzzle answers 03/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 03/10/2016

___ jacket (denim top)
___ Doodles (snack brand)
___ and outs
What a sun visor reduces
Unit of work in physics
Twisted, as a wet towel
Tree whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet
Tool for laying cement
Took care of, mob-style
Stefan ___, influential Austrian writer of the 1920s-'30s
Start of four TV drama titles of the 2000s
Stares (at)
Sporty Pontiac
Sporty Jaguars
Speakers' platforms
Something bid on on 'The Price Is Right'
Some A.L. sluggers
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen
Server overseer, informally
Sch. on Manhattan's Washington Square Park
Romulus or Remus
Rocky outcropping
Put (together), as a jigsaw puzzle
Pull to a pound
Prepared for planting, as a field
Pie ___ mode
Perform an inverted feat
One of the Kennedys
Nabokov novel
N.F.L. team that plays in Jersey, strangely enough
Minuscule, informally
Military entertainment grp
Marquis ___ (French writer)
Makes eyes at
Lt.'s superior
Lost one's sanity
Locale for mobile campers
Like the contents of this puzzle's circled squares, in a nursery rhyme
Like some wineglasses and roses
Like some verbs: Abbr
Language of Yemen and Oman
Jazz group
In addition
Hunter of myth
Health resort
Gun, in old mob slang
Furry 'Star Wars' creatures
From ___ to riches
Entry in the Rose Parade
Emmy or Espy
Drunk motorist's infraction, for short
Didn't give a definitive answer
Course you hardly have to study for
Conan O'Brien's network
Cathedral recess
Caramel-filled candies
California's says 'Eureka'
Brand of orange or grape soda
Alcohol, per its effect at a party
Actress Foster
'Winnie-the-Pooh' baby
'Stumblin' In' singer Quatro
'Miss' of TV's 'Dallas'
'Little' folk tale character with lazy friends
'It is the ___, and Juliet is the sun': Romeo – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Oct-3-2016#sthash.RRe8DSyf.dpuf

Vivacious quality
Unforeseen problem
TV's 'Science Guy' Bill
TV character whose armchair is in the Smithsonian
Traditional tales
Supply for some eating contests
Spoken exams
Small print measures
Shepherdess of rhyme
Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet
Setting filler
Sandwich with corned beef and sauerkraut
Puff piece associated with this puzzle's four long answers
Pooh's pessimistic pal
Plug part
Place for a wrap
Pirate's plunder
Palace address
Opposed to
Mitt Romney's wife
Miserly Marner
Miniature brand-name nonpareil
Maize unit
Low-quality newspaper
Little laborer
Like painter's tape
Like more perilous cacti
Lennon's love
Irish exclamation
In the past
Have a grasp of
Hartford-based insurance giant
Harmon of 'Rizzoli & Isles'
Former Florida governor Charlie
Flip out
Fleet makeup
Fishing line holder
Farfalle, fusilli or fettuccine
Falcon's home
Emergency delivery, of a sort
Early bird?
Disk of cartilage in the knee
Disconnect, as two Bluetooth devices
Daytona event
Comedian born Nathan Birnbaum
Chatter away
Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane ___'
Cause to explode, say
Casino employee
Casino employee
Canopus or Capella
Bygone Pontiac muscle car
Business school subj
Brain sections
Beatles descriptor
Arguments for doing something
Arguments against doing something
Acts the pack rat
43,560 square feet
26th of July Movement head
'Vincent' singer Don
'The Interpretation of Dreams' author
'My Dinner With Andre' director Louis
'Hold on…' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Oct-3-2016—Puff-Piece#sthash.lkS5Agdl.dpuf

Way, way off
Vietnam's capital
Ultimate heights
Turn in coupons
Telephone sound
T, in Athens
Swiss Army knife's array
Squid squirt
Square-jawed detective
Some handy homeowners
Sitcom legend Dick Van ___
Selling point
Scottish Gaelic
Respectful address to a lady
Reasoning ability
Rank, in tournaments
Public speakers' places
Presidential contender of 2004
Preface, essentially
Pet with green 'hair'
Oar fulcrum
Not behind?
More melancholy
Mind-altering drug
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Margarine substitute
Line from the heart
Like sweater weather
Like a billiard table and some hats
Keanu in 'The Matrix'
Italy's volcano
Interlock, as gears
How many bills are paid
Having little fat
Have a sudden inspiration?
Harrelson on 'Cheers'
Grassy grazing expanses
Eyelid unit
Express disapproval of
Emulated a hungry lion
Emulate a skunk
Eden-to-Nod direction
Dog's 'dogs'
Desert descriptor
Damon of Hollywood
Cuddly warm
Cuckoo clock feature
Common Market inits., once
Coat for frigid weather
Clinton daughter
Causing the willies
Carpenter or lumberjack, at times
Buck fanciers
Broccoli bit
Brinker with the skates
Between ocean shores
Be wrong
Approx. for a landing
Andean civilization
Alter a skirt, in a way
Adolescent's outbreak
Academy newbie
'___ together, now!'
'What ___ can I say?'
'Up, up and away' defunct airline
'Silas Marner' novelist George
'Sesame Street' resident
'Mayday!' cousin
'I knew it all ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Oct-3-2016#sthash.fs8F39uV.dpuf

Walk unsteadily
Voicemail signal
Twice-monthly tide
TV hillbilly ___ May Clampett
Tupperware set pieces
Took strides
They're shown to trainees
They're seen on foliage tours
The works
The Hulk's alter ego
Telemarketing goals
Tax cheat's nightmare
Taiwanese computer company
Sword with a three-sided blade
Swooping predator
Swing wildly
Spill, as a secret
Sound of the surf
Solo at La Scala
Simpson with eight hair spikes
Sheet in the Arctic
Seat that becomes a sleeper
Response from the pews
Regal domains
Rat Pack pal of Dean and Sammy
Quite unlike Felix Ungar
Potter's potions professor
Political pariah's punishment
Physiques, informally
Pegboard game
Pass along
Partners' pronoun
Pairs in boathouses
Oval tomato
One more time
No longer pining for
News org. since 1958
Moonwalker with Buzz
Molotov cocktail ingredient
Many a Tom Clancy character
Made a landing
Loads and loads
Left ventricle's outlet
Krusty or Bozo
Knotty hobby
Katharine Hepburn's foursome
Harness racer's gait
Hammered instrument
Had regrets about
Guy, informally
Found a purpose for
Football filler
Flat changer's tool
FBI personnel
Drive-thru sign
Doe's mate
Distiller Joseph
Display, as charm
Dessert also called creme caramel
Cry out loud
Come unglued
Coffee, slangily
Classic song
Circus routines
Brush-___ (dismissals)
Bothered big-time
Beaver Cleaver interjection
Be caretaker to
Any 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur
Anti-mob acronym
Act the nomad
'The Wolf of Wall Street' extra
'The War of the Worlds' world
'Permission granted'
'Peachy keen!'
'Great Leap Forward' leader – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Oct-3-2016#sthash.uumAARht.dpuf

__ Major (bear constellation)
Venetian blind strip
Tug-of-war cord
Trees with acorns
Treatment to deter dandelions
Think alike
They hold MD degrees
Take advantage of
Stare awkwardly
Standard golf scores
Snake's sound
Smartphone preceders: Abbr
Russian liquor
Resist openly
Really impressed
Rain boot
Radio-studio sign
Quick swim
Prepares to move, as a houseplant
Porky Pig and Popeye
Pants-pressing appliance
Oscar or Emmy
One of Columbus' ships
Not worth __ cent
Not submerged
Not as many
Musical drama
Moral principle
Military reservists
Magazine edition
Luau dance
Knight's iron suit
Karenina of fiction
Inexact figures: Abbr
Impolite look
How animals entered the Ark
Hedge plant
Golf peg
Gold measurement
Gives the go-ahead
Ghost's greeting
Gardener's dirt
Football officials, for short
Floor-model car
Fire-hydrant attachment
Female choir voice
Farmer's corn or wheat
Each, informally
Don clothing
Difficult journey
Desirable quality
Deceptive plan
Cries tears of happiness
Coyote's cries
Cowboy contest
Coral formations
Color of overcast skies
City near Fort Worth
Change for a $5 bill
Cast a ballot
Calculates a total
Bluegrass instrument
Bike's wheel
Atlas pages
Athlete who is paid
As much as one can see
Angelic instrument
Actor Hawke
"__! The Herald Angels Sing"
"Ready __, here I come!"
"Ditto!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Oct-3-2016#sthash.iuiO9OiL.dpuf

Wok cook's flavoring
With the breeze at your back, in sailing
Wine storage area
White terrier, familiarly
Where the driver sits
Whenever you want to
What it takes to tango
What an unruly courtroom lacks
Until now
Ugly duckling, as we learn later
Texas city
Take a break
Superman lover Lane
Specialized language
Soup serving
Small dam
S-shaped molding
Roll of bills
RoboCop is one
Princely letters
Peddler's merchandise
Part of NCAA: Abbr
Out-of-use anesthetic
MBA hopeful's test
Maple syrup rating
Many pride parade participants
Lunchbox alternative
Long-range nuke
Like a 45-10 football game
Like 'Supergirl,' ratings-wise
Lead singer's part
Last in a sequence
Is obliged to pay
Irrational fear sufferer's suffix
Instructions component
Inferior cigar
Incidentally, in texting … and a hint to three long puzzle answers
Hot chocolate drinks
Hospital IV amts
Gymnast Korbut
Genetics lab subj
Expose wrongdoing
Evil film computer
Decimated Asian sea
Day, in Durango
Dashing style
Ctrl-__-Del: PC reboot combo
Creative fields
Compliment 'on the back'
Choose by majority vote
Chase off
Carve in stone
Budget prefix
Bucks and does
Braz. neighbor
Berry rich in antioxidants
Baseball card stat
Bank acct. earnings
Attacked by surprise
Astounded state
And so forth
Admonition to a sinner
Actor Morales
Act that suppresses free speech
'__ is me!'
'You're getting too excited'
'Superman,' e.g
'No need to explain the joke'
'In that case … '
'-ly' word, usually

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