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crosswords puzzle answers 02/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 02/12/2016

When Banquo dies in 'Macbeth'
What a needle may indicate: Abbr
Verb that can combine with its past tense
Veiled promise?
Universal Studios, formerly
Syllables in a children's refrain
Suffix with lip-
Southern California's ___ Point
Something an athlete puts on
Some hospital readings
Scottish 'John'
Sat in a dugout?
Rolls with the punches
Reward for acting well?
Picture frame?
Phaëthon's father, in myth
Paul of 'There Will Be Blood'
Parting words
Pakistan's ___ Khan University
Oz. sextet
Only creature besides humans to farm other creatures
One may open an issue
Not as much
Montessori and Sharapova
Monkey with a repetitive name
Like some inspections
Lasting impression
Jerry's partner
It comes with a dish
It borders Hudson Bay: Abbr
Heraldic wreath
Hairstyle that's very big
Grumpy state
Genteel establishment
Front ends?
First name in foundations
Female in the woods
Emulate a popinjay
Downloaded, say
Dinosaur in Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur'
Dictionary's end
Decade when ZIP codes were introduced
Dallas-to-Houston dir
Cracker Jack come-on
Claims, with 'on'
Ceremonial basin
Card initials
Ball game
Athletic wear named for an anagram of what it does
Article of personal property
'You ___ worry'
'The best or nothing' sloganeer, informally
'Odyssey' peak
'M*A*S*H' co-star
'If things don't change …'
'Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand' (1983 pop lyric)
'Fingers crossed!'
'Dr. Strangelove' or 'Borat'
'Can you break ___?'
'Annie Hall' or 'Notting Hill' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016#sthash.fKpQybN6.dpuf

What are you looking at?
Uncouth fellow
The Yellow Sea is west of it
The Storting convenes there
The Hoyas' conference
The Arabian Sea is south of it
Take in
Supporting answer
Substance from 8-Across
Stubbs of the Four Tops
Streamlined, in brand names
Stock holder
Start of the chain
Socially inept
Seaplane part
Romantic sign-off
Riotous comedies
Resort north of Milan
Potter's supply
Played slowly
Persian, now
Pauper attire
Org. that gives the James E. Sullivan Award
Muay Thai weapons
Morphine, e.g
Money holder
Mixed numbers?
Melvyn's 'Ninotchka' co-star
Mail carriers at Hogwarts
Mail carrier's beat
Los Angeles's Rancho ___
Kyoto currency
Kon-Tiki makeup
Keystone Studios character
Into the night
Inexperienced with
High return
Help desk staffer
Hardly natural-sounding
Hangman segment
Great American Ball Park player
Give permission to
Fighter letters
Fertile patch
Extra offering
Expert at spinning
End of the chain
Do some diner work
Do as the litigious do
Dark antelope
Crafty site
Continuation of the chain
Continuation of the chain
Continuation of the chain
Continuation of the chain
Clayton Kershaw's pride
Class in which students saw things
Chopper part
Cannon in movies
Boxer's warning
Bikini and the like
Bar room?
Attic vowels
Archaeologist's find
Agitated state
A fugitive may be on it
'___ vincit amor'
'You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive' addressee
'Happy Motoring!' brand – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016—Chain-Letters#sthash.EXwnzL6n.dpuf

Where one hopes to find an empty room
What the melodious caveman would do?
What the designer engaged in for twin girls?
What the bird doctor had to make casts do
Web address
Waiting for its first owner
Use, as dinner plates
Type of whiskey
Tonic complement
Three-note musical interval
Three harmonizing as one
Thing to do with a coupon
The prayer of a jeweler?
Tennis great Chris
Strangling device
Slippery aquatic critter
Seven, on a sundial
Send, as a patient to a specialist
Score that's 4.0 or below
Provo's state
Prefix that means 'new'
Prefix for 'violet'
Planter's needs
Person handling bugs?
Parts of a drum set
Old pro
Noted gift-giver
Not even once
Non-jingling change
Make void
Made into strings, in the kitchen
Lose rigidity
Looks over
Lithium-battery link
Like taller models
Lacking in manners
Keep an online business happy
Kathy Gifford's middle name
Jamaican music genre
It has a supporting role
Inducing the creeps
In-flight info
Home of the 20s?
Helper of 73-Across
Grating, voicewise
Give a keynote address
Feudal subject
Features of winter jackets
Fearsome Tolkien creature
Faux butter
Even the score once more
Enjoys a book again and again
Eat dinner quaintly
Drumroll sound
Drill insert
Common savings-plan feature
Cocked, as a hat
Church authority
Chinese philosophical principle
Cellphone transmitter
Carries with great difficulty
Calvin of fashion
Bring forward for inspection, informally
Ax wielder, often
Atlanta suburb or city of ancient Ionia
Amphibious young'un
Add punch to, as an engine
'This ___' (crate words)
'Death Be ___ Proud'
'Cycle' beginning – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016#sthash.tIqL3Nvp.dpuf

___ Doone cookies
Works of Sappho
Worker or drone
Trifecta or superfecta
Toward the stern
Tongue or tail motion
Texas headquarters of Frito-Lay
Subway buy
Stairwell sign
Sour ball flavor
Sitter's headache
Sign of sorrow
Showtime crime series, 2006-13
Shows derision
Shoe that clops
Shakespearean stage direction
Sacked out
Rock band featuring knickers-clad Angus Young
Rich bakery buy
Reproduces like sardines
Reacts to yeast
Rapper's entourage
Ran on TV
Rain delay rollout
Quicklime or rust, chemically
Puggles and cockapoos
Puck target
Program listing, for short
Plow-pulling pair
Pickler's herb
Packing a piece
On the fritz
Oliver Twist's request
Number of one-syllable U.S. state names
North Pole explorer Robert
Niagara Falls phenomenon
Negotiators' weapons
Mutton source
Mr., in India
Mortar mate
Mongol leaders
McCarthy's dummy pal
Mark Twain, for one
Make leg warmers
Long-winded speech
Listen in on, in a way
Line to Tel Aviv
Like a neglected lawn
Left Coast state, informally
KP tool
Headed up
Have the nerve
Hard or soft bakery buy
Gem for many Libras
Gambler's loss, figuratively
Fit to serve
Fight off
Elite invitees
Dreamcast company
Dorothy Gale's state
Deposed Iranian leader
Cubicle item
Corp. VIP
Circular gasket
Choir member's wear
Cereal in party mix
Bowling alley button
Big Apple tennis stadium
Baseball's Durocher
Baseball card tidbit
Barber played by Depp
1958 Leslie Caron title role
'___ la Douce'
'Twilight' heroine Swan
'Trick' joint
'That heavenly coffee'
'Atlas Shrugged' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016#sthash.uqDcny9J.dpuf

Where blowouts are bought
What some stadiums are called
Wellness grp
Unique beginning
Undergo a snack attack
Tropical Storm Bonnie, e.g
Top crew
They're found in regattas
Text source for the end of Beethoven's Ninth
Text of gratitude
Swimmers with spearlike snouts
Suffix for some creeds
Sub officer
Specialized discipline
Special attention, for short
Southeast Italian city
Something to take shopping
Some personal papers
Some carolers
School lunch staple
Sandy hue
Safe places
Pin something on
Patron saint of Catholic schools
Parisian possessive
Painter in Haarlem
Org. offering Top Baby Names lists
On the horizon
Northwest Italian city
Ne plus ultra
Natives met by Lewis & Clark
Name on Silicon Valley maps
MRI regulator
MLB stat trio
Merest hint
Mass quantities: Abbr
Many cabs
Logician's conclusion
Lays out
Jazzes (up)
Its quarter honors Helen Keller
Hub of Bolivia
Hispanic bro code
Hamburger guy
Guitar clamp
GPS grid
Go ahead of
Get in the game
Fortune-teller's title, often: Abbr
Entered rapidly
Declines as enthusiasm
Court with a number
Comptrollers, often: Abbr
Comics pet sound
Close contest
City near Tesla's battery factory
Caribbean music
Candy Crush __ (puzzle app)
Campus getting a Stephen King Chair
Boccaccio's love
Bit of headway
Attorney General before Loretta
Arbitrary order
"The Classic Game of India"
"Of all the luck!"
"Hollywood's Biggest Night" presentations
"Get someone else" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016#sthash.ffsrZjO3.dpuf

Waterproof cover
Track specialist
To be, in Paree
The ___ Four
Suffix with Arab or Roman
Stereo knob
Stamp of approval?
Space invaders, for short
Song from the Beatles' 'White Album'
Sign on for another tour
Showed up
Short pans
Seafood dish
Rubik who invented a colorful cube
Round trip?
Puts up
Pull an inside straight, say
Poppy product
Pierce player on 'M*A*S*H'
Pay for political favors
Pago Pago's place
One on the lam
North Dakota, to Pierre
Move with stealth
Medical advice, often
Mathematician Descartes
Many a homecoming attendee
Long in the tooth
Lace tip
Kind of motive
Jet-setters' jets, once
Ivan and Nicholas
It may be high in the afternoon
It comes to mind
How tuna may be packed
Home of the brave
Have because of
Hard to find
Gulp from a flask
Garage sale warning
For one
European erupter
Elder or alder
Duel tool
Cold dessert
Cashless deal
Cantina cooker
C.S. Lewis land
Breakfast cereal
BP merger partner
Billing abbr
Big name in newspaper publishing
Baylor's home
Auction action
Angler's baskets
'___ She Sweet?'
'Who's in charge here?,' e.g
'I'm going to invest money in a new business,' e.g
'I make a lot of money,' e.g
'Honor Thy Father' author Gay
'Come Back, Little Sheba' playwright
'Beat it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-2-2016#sthash.riZlmFeD.dpuf

Whistle blower?
While-__: repair shop sign words
Whale of a guy?
Valuable team member
U.S. govt. broadcaster
Tumbles out of control, literally
They're often numbered
Theme park near Dallas, literally
Still breast-feeding
Sports fig
Some jennies
Send out
Run at the end
Ration (out)
Part of a skipping refrain
Pamplona's municipality
Not sharp
NBA's Jackson et al
Most constant
More ticked
Matrix, e.g
Loss of speech
Longtime Dodger manager
Like some heads
Like non-oyster months, traditionally
Law degs
Kite aid
King anointed by Samuel
Key for Fauré?
Israeli border lake
Ignored the alarm
Highland lid
Half of MCDX
Giants manager before Bochy
Field unit
Even, in Évian
E. African land
Dulcimer kin
Doo-wop syllable
Dayan of Israel
Crushes an altar ego?
Closing sequence
Civil war site since 2011: Abbr
Changes one's ways, literally
Calendar pg
Bottom line
Big tees
Big stain
Bench warmers?
Before, in Brest
Art critic's phrase, literally
Ancient Germanic invader
Acker of 'Person of Interest'

'Toy Story' dinosaur
'The Deep' director Peter
'Surprise Symphony' composer
'In the Bedroom' Oscar nominee
'For shame!'
'Doubt it'
'Conan' channel
'10' co-star 

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