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crosswords puzzle answers 02/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 02/10/2016

___ Diego
Word before strike or ball
What may go to your head around Christmas?
Weymouth of Talking Heads
West Coast gas brand
Weigh down
Water whirls
Waste generator?
U.P.S. delivery: Abbr
Two-time N.L. batting champ Willie
Tuna variety
Tribe under attack in 'Hotel Rwanda'
Trees used for making wands
Trees used for making furniture
Trees associated with the underworld in Celtic myth
Topping station at a Mexican restaurant
Took courses
Tip of Cambodia?
Time capsule ceremony
Three before seven?
Things to settle
The so-called 'path of virtue'
Talks a big game
Surfboard stabilizer
Summertime coffee order
Start over
Solo in space
Short rest
Shocked cry
She betrayed Samson
Send into space
Rural power org
Rowdy revelry
Rhimes who created 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal'
Rest spots for camels
Rear end
Pulls a yard prank on, briefly
Plot turner
Pinch-hit (for)
Physicist who said 'Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it'
PBS's '___ the Science Kid'
Part of LIFO, to an accountant
Orthodontist's recommendation
One writing about 'hare loss'?
OB/GYNs, e.g
Now and then
Not just imply
No longer in the closet
Much organic matter
Most music radio stations
Mmes., to Don Juan
Miss in court?
Little batteries
Line part: Abbr
Like some chances
Like Sir Ben Kingsley
Like most 23-Across chips
Like flip phones, now
Like Comic-Con attendees vis-à-vis the general public
Like a simple-majority voting system
Lawn game that's in the Special Olympics
Last shot, often
Key next to A
It's not used in miniature golf
It'll never reach its destination
It'll give you a lift
It may be full of bugs
Islet in the Thames
International commerce assn
In need of an ice bath, say
How Chinese brides are often dressed
Hit band heard on the soundtrack of 'Back to the Future'
Hit 1990s computer game
Grilling site
Golf resort known for its Blue Monster course
Give it a go
Give for a bit
Fruity drink
French topper
French pastry
Fontana di Trevi locale
Flat need?
First Amendment guarantee
Final performance
Extends, in a way
Ending with Jumbo
Elec., e.g
Duluth-to-St. Paul dir
Dropbox competitor
Director of the 'Hostel' films
Digital technology that provides higher-quality sound
Darts about
Dancer's boss
D.D.E.'s two-time presidential rival
Comedy Central host Daniel
Classic lie
Canadian hockey team
Business reply encl
Bow tie topper
Bookkeeper's stamp
Black mark uncovered in a background check
Big name in medical scales
Big name in chips
Biblical landing site
Beatles girl who 'made a fool of everyone'
Basilica recesses
Banks that are too important to fail?
Attach, as a seat belt
App image
Another, in Aragón
Amount ___
Alternatives to Twinkies
Aleve shelfmate
Agreement preceding a kiss
'Yeah, right!'
'What are the chances of seeing you here?!'
'Vous ___ ici'
'To be clear …'
'The ___ the limit!'
'Sure thing!'
'If memory serves …'
'Hold on there!'
'Gigi' author, 1944
'Bad' cholesterol, for short
'Am not!' rebuttal – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Oct-2-2016#sthash.lZJMlMGT.dpuf

___ mortals
___ Khan
___ & Span (household cleanser)
Works on wrinkles
Wordplay-based jokes
What bodybuilders count
Way of carrying oneself
Visual pair
Unit of pressure
Unattractive pond feature
Three smart things
Three smart things
Three smart things
Sound rebound
Soon, to a bard
Sometimes consumed bacteria
Some House votes
Some farm beasts
Singer and actor Burl
Persia, now
Performing threesomes
Performance for one
Morning drops on blades
Mental keenness
Menial laborer
Med school grad
Lt.'s subordinate
Little amount
Large sea ducks
Land of presidents
Husk relative
Human's first home?
Hotel posting
Highland head warmers
Have a decisive chess win
Fairly large-sized musical group
Everglades bird
Enter a pool
Easy victory
Duplicate a duplicate, e.g
Do-___ (replays)
Didn't offer for sale
Deprive of weaponry
Composes or authors
Colored part of the eye
Certain sorority woman
Censored material
Catchall abbr
Capital in the Baltics
Biology lab gel substance
Big event for a senior
Between 0 and 90 degrees, as an angle
Battery terminal
Batman's Bruce
Ballerina's garb
Bad names?
Aviary sounds
Almond or eggshell relative
All there mentally
Address a convention
Absorbed, as a cost
7-Up alternative
45s and 78s (abbr.)
'___ of the d'Urbervilles'
'When You ___ Upon a Star'
'Hold on a ___!'
'Hello, sailor!'
'For ___ a jolly …'
'Back in the ___' (Beatles hit) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Oct-2-2016#sthash.FD3eA950.dpuf

Zero, in soccer
Withdraw, as from a habit
Witchy women
Utah ski resort
Usual tic-tac-toe outcome
Triad, e.g
Trail mix morsels
Titan bearing the world
Tanning lotion letters
Swelled head
Supply a spread for
Still undecided
Springsteen, to fans
Sock away
Sign for many April births
Shortening brand since 1911
Shirts' opponents, in a pickup game
Shepherd's pie spheroids
Seemingly forever
Search for, as one's ancestry
Samba and mambo
Saloon selections
Ruler toppled in 1979
Roo's mother
River of Leeds
Ritz cracker lookalike
Reply to 'Shall we?'
Reduce to mush
Precursors to migraines
Pothook shape
Place for a BLT
Pitchblende, to uranium
Peace Prize winner with Arafat
Part of a Lionel set
Parcel out
Orchestra locales
NYC hrs
Muhammad or Laila
Metalworker's avian sculpture?
Marine ___ (presidential helicopter)
Leslie Caron title role
LAX or JFK guess
Laborious effort
Jessica of 'Total Recall'
Horse waiting?
Hogs' homes
Hippie's two-finger sign
Hawke of 'Sinister'
Guitarist Segovia
Exotic dancer's wear
Excessive detail, to texters
Exaggerate onstage
Exacta alternative
Did the job
Did a smith's job
Did a salon job
Dentist's order after 'open'
Chick's sound
Catch red-handed
Catch 40 winks
Business suit go-with
Ben Gurion Airport carrier
Basilica recess
Baseball great-turned-politico Bunning
Banjo ridge
Ballet leap
Auth. unknown
Attempts to win a tea-making contest?
As easy as ___
Artful to the max
Accused's defense
30 minutes of football
'___, except after c'
'Walk-___ welcome'
'The Lion King' lioness – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Oct-2-2016#sthash.TaGIYsyW.dpuf

Yoga accessory
WWII subs
Word on Irish stamps
Wistful word
Waters down
Vietnamese holiday
Very light dessert
Ultimatum ender
U.S.-Canada defense system
Trim, as bushes
Touch base via phone
Toon mermaid
Timeline slice
Tibia's place
This, in Tijuana
Team leader
Take to task
Support bars
Strong point
Star-shaped flower
Speed demons
Spanish gold
Snowman accessory
Smokestack buildup
Small memento
Slangy suffix
Skateboarding stunt
Six-pt. plays
Shows compassion for
Shortly, to Shelley
Sentence segment
Send payment
Scoff at
Safari sighting
Rooster or stallion
Road branches
Raptor's grabber
Quick message
Put a stop to
Prefix meaning "recent"
Prayer wrap-up
Pothook shape
Pop's pop
Pop singer Tori
Poor treatment
Pokes fun at
Poetic preposition
Plant in Road Runner cartoons
Part of a flight
Paid players
Opulent residence
Once more
No longer happening
Natural drier
NASCAR sponsor
Name derived from Dolores
Music genre
Mrs. Smith's competitor
Most flexible
Morn's opposite
More adorable
Money-managing exec
Media mogul Turner
Marine, slangily
Make revisions to
Make amends (for)
Lose energy
Least distant
Leaf blower brand
Invitation abbreviation
Informal refusal
In this way
Hunter's garb, for short
Hardwood tree
Hard to come by
Go places
Gets ready
Gentle-but-firm persuasion
Gaggle sounds
Fruit skins
Frond-bearing plant
From Havana
Frigidaire rival
Flows forth
Flout the rules
Flour producer
Flat-topped hill
Flat-topped hill
Fixture in some basements
Fill with love
Fabricated statement
Etching compound
Entertains lavishly
Empty space
Economist Smith
Easel, for example
Duke Ellington tune
Direct (to)
Currently popular baby girl name
Comics Viking
Colorful tabby
Collar insert
Champagne holder
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Carnival confection
Caravan stop
Cantina fare
Can't do without
British nobleman
Bring under control
Bridle attachment
Brake sound
Bradbury of sci-fi
Bookcase fastener
Be under the weather
Battery pole
Base-clearing hits
Baroque instrument
Avid aficionados
Antioxidant berry
Airport shuttle
Actor Nick
'50s Fords
"Steady as __ goes"
"Not so!" reply
"In what way?"
"Have some!"
"Funny Girl" composer
"Beauty and the Beast" girl – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Oct-2-2016#sthash.MWUKgwQt.dpuf

YouTube clip, for short
Young hooter
WWII female
Work with a writer of its ilk contained in it
Work for a captain
Words from the brokenhearted?
Word in most Commandments
When a ball may be dropped
War metaphor
Volvo competitor
Vehicle for hire
Van __, Calif
Traveler's aid
Transfer, in a way
They're no longer together
The Habanera from 'Carmen,' e.g
Storied abduction craft
Sports drink suffix
South American native
Some bargains
Skateboarding leap
Sign of a hit
Shelf-filling bks
Self-defense method
School for some princes
Savanna heavyweight
Sandra's 'Speed' co-star
Salon supply
Red Wings' org
Really silly
Qatari chieftain
Protective finish
Promise to the IRS?
Price of hand delivery?
Pommes frites sprinkling
Platform for Apple mobile devices
Pizza Quick sauce brand
Physicist Mach
Panama-born MLB Hall of Famer
Not worth __: valueless
Netizen's guffaw
Needing a chill pill
Nashville awards org
Moussaka meat
Mount Olympus VIP
Most of the RMS Queen Mary, now
Meter writer
Meeting illustration
McGregor of 'Trainspotting'
Mata __
Many a folk song writer: Abbr
Looie's underling
Longship language
Loaf, with 'off'
Like some pasta
Light brown
Letters at Camp Lejeune
Leave in, to an editor
Leans (on)
Layer of ore
Japanese sash
IRS auditor's requests
Internet __: viral item
In-flight info
In tribute to
In a crowd of
ICU caregivers
Human-powered 87-Across
Hospital fluids
Holiday evergreen
Highway postings
Head, for short
He played Yuri in 'Doctor Zhivago'
Gravel alternative
Garbage barge
Freezer maker
Formerly, formerly
Forget about
Fax predecessor
Facetious way to vote
Eye problem
Entomologist's tool
Dutch brewery
Dublin-born rocker/activist
Druid, for one
Día de San Valentín sentiment
Deli sight
Decorative pitcher
Creator of a cocky hare
Cover up
Condo, say
Computer image
Composer Bruckner
Colorful salamander
Cold War defector's observation?
Chows down
Childish comeback
Caller ID?
Brazilian airline
Braves' All-Star pitcher Julio
Big name in corn syrup
Beehive, e.g
Barely make, with 'out'
Attorney general after William Barr
Assume as fact
Aspiring atty.'s exam
Aptly named Vt. ski resort
Antique auto
Annie of 'Ghostbusters'
All-__: high-end cookware
Agreement with a Scandinavian furniture maker?
Agnus __
Agents of Uncle Sam
Accident initials
2015 National League champs
1961 Pulitzer-winning novelist
'__ Frome'
'You got that right!'
'When pigs fly!'
'The Rachel Papers' novelist
'The King __'
'The Jetsons' boy
'Stop right there!'
'Put a tiger in your tank' brand
'Please take the van, dear'?
'If all __ fails … '
'How __ Your Mother': CBS sitcom
'Gladiator' setting
'Challenge What's Possible' skin care brand
'A Spy in the House of Love' novelist
'… roasting __ open fire'


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