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crosswords puzzle answers 02/03/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 02/03/2017

Zero, in soccer scores
Yugoslav dictator
Youngest Gabor sister
Words of enlightenment
Winger of 'Shadowlands'
Wife in 'The Godfather'
Troubadour offering
Total for scorekeepers
Tool for a lumberjack
Thomas the clockmaker
Starter of limericks
Start of a question is ..
Speak indecisively
Sound from a meadowland
SoHo's metropolis
Really quite taken with
Rainy day rarity
Quarrel or fight about
Pungently odorous
Proven as accurate
Pose in an interview
Place to play Centipede
Place known for pampering
Physics class eponym
Payment for tenancy
Part of a tennis match
Org. for the Pelicans
Oompah-pah instrument
One in a jury box
Notice the absence of
Nervous and fidgety
Muslim minority
Muscle maneuverer
Mug in a rathskeller
More of the question is ..
Medical sorcerer
Make, in arithmetic
Letters for Out readers
Issa of comedy
Island with Diamond Head
In the posterior
Idaho motto word
Ice hockey's Robitaille
Here's what the answer is ..
Having more clumpiness
Having a benefit
Handle adversity
Garbage disposal site
Footwear with lozenges
Feel some repentance for
Fastest Olympian
End of the question is ..
Emulates Nicholson
Effortless quality
Dwellings for castaways
Doesn't do anything
Deck with a Justice card
Country with voodooists
Cornering challenges
Conquered insomnia
Color like indigo
Checkup imperative
Caucasus capital
Brash and belligerent
Blends or conglomerates
Blasting material
Bad-smelling animal
Argentine footballer
Andalucía's land
Ancient Iranian
A, in Iberia
'Toodles,' in Twickenham
'How'm I doin'?' pol – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-2-2017#sthash.SpGsapa7.dpuf

___ Aviv, Israel
Your current clue direction
Young French ladies
Wrinkly faced pooches
What having contacts can improve
Wear away through erosion
Walk inside
Volcano in Sicily
Vaguely suggest
Type of sword
Type of exam or hygiene
Turns, as on an axis
Telltale sign for a hound
Surgery reminder
Start of a depressing Monopoly phrase
Sit down
Shock and amaze
Season of gift-giving
Sci-fi figure
Scales of 'astronomical' proportions?
Reduce in value
Properly sticking to one's training
Powerful equines
Post-U.S.S.R. bloc
Place where hair may accumulate
Pinot ___ (red wine)
Partially rotted, as wood
One using a crib sheet?
Notable rhyming London street
Not taped
Milky gemstone
Material for a pool table surface
Little bit of land in the sea
Like tires needing replacement
Like some signers
Like many roller coaster drops
Like many lockets
Like luxury car interiors
Like good foes?
Knee stiffener
Join metals
Jiffy ___ of autocare
Jail-avoiding cover
It's even worse when it's organized
Infectious bacteria, briefly
In great shape
Hedge trimmer's tool
Hard to see in the brush
Great Lake name
Furrow fields
Freighter's load
Former Italian coin
First prime number
Fife's drum
Feudal vassal or lord
Fencing attack
Evening repast
Easy to lift
Does a laundry chore
Did one's part?
Completely closed
Cause to topple over
Cattails and such
Carry-all in a cafeteria
Capitol Hill VIP
Cabaret show
Bishop topper
Beige relative
Bart's neighbor
Aromatic neckwear
'T,' on a test
'The ___ of Solomon'
'Brown' deliverers – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-2-2017#sthash.8pFTg8GS.dpuf

___ fixe menu
Wrote 'mispell,' say
Wrap for leftovers
Working diligently
Word before fries or front
Went kaput
Walked confidently
Upscale watch brand
Unlike fake news
Toss into a dumpster
Tavern mugful
Symbol on a secure website
Subj. with a lab, often
Stridex target
Sticking points?
State emphatically
Spice's shelfmate
Son of Li'l Abner?
Some eligible receivers
Site with a 'Shop by category' option
Sides in an age-old battle
Scriptural pronoun
Scraped together, with 'out'
Sank, as a putt
Rolls with the punches
Reply to 'Speak, boy!'
Prosperous time
Poetry's 'ominous bird of yore'
Particle in a smasher
Pantry raider
Packaging strings
Offers as an example
Never to be repeated
Monologue bits
Mixes up
Men's fragrance by Faberge
Marriott rival
MapQuest lines
Many pledge drive gifts
Managed to annoy
Like cobs and toms
Las Vegas wedding site
Keats composed one on indolence
It rests on a violin
Inedible orange
Hole-driller's pattern, e.g
Having the right stuff
Hash house sign
Hairstyle stiffener
Gumbo pod
Groovy cluster of flowers on a birch?
Grand ___ (Caribbean vacation spot)
Goes beyond
Go like Hans Brinker
George's lyricist brother
Flying Halloween buy?
Exhibit wanderlust
Essential point
Electric serviette?
Dump at the altar
Dudley's 'Arthur' costar
Discovered treasure
Dark, like a starless sky
Dance's cost, in a classic song
Country club figure
College near Windsor
Clobber with snowballs
Classic clown
Circulation blocker
Brenner Pass range
Barn dance seat
Aquacade performer
Any second now
Acton Bell and Ellis Bell, for two
'High School Musical' extra
'Free Willy' creature – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-2-2017#sthash.KAIvD2sw.dpuf

__ Marbles (British Museum attraction)
__ Kong
Worry, so to speak
What OSHA is part of
Unlikely story
United (with)
Unfinished project
Undercover operations
Trainee basics, so to speak
Together (with)
Take a siesta
Sweep's removal
Space-saving abbr
Some long-term investments
Slip sideways
Sean Lennon's mom
Sea trip
React to sourness
Progressive spokesperson
Prefix meaning "automated"
One-man army of filmdom
Novelist Patchett
Not as genteel
Negative agreement
Moving-van accessories
More accurate
Monsieur Monet
Micronesia, essentially
Micronesia garment
Man from Mindanao
Make oneself scarce
Long ago
Liner elevator stop
Lift one's blindfold
Knight's attendant
Jacques-__ Cousteau
Ice-bucket partner
Homogenize, maybe
High degrees
Heavy load
Half of "cuatro"
French fashion designer
First songwriter to win a Nobel
Fess (up)
Ever since
Eponymous swindler
End of a quotable boast
Earth's most abundant noble gas
DVD player part
Depict unfairly
Crunchy ice-cream flavor
Cottage cheese morsel
Cherry red
Chain of hills
Castle on a board
Cancels out
Burger venue
Became frayed
Battle site of 1836
Baby elephant
Assembled like baseballs
Artist pal of Rockwell
Ancient enemy of Athens
"__ all been there"
"Père __" (France's Santa)
"Macbeth" witches' phrase
"Common sense __"
"Arroz" partner – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-2-2017#sthash.exixerfP.dpuf

__-? -porter: ready-to-wear
__ boom
Yellow __
Writer who inspired the Raven Award
With false modesty
White way
West __: high-end furniture retailer
Weighted down
Versailles monarch
USCG rank
Uncouth types, in Canadian slang
Took out
Tom Jones' '__ a Lady'
Tailor's measure
Soufflé need
Slyly disparaging
Shed door attachments
Severe anxiety
Santa portrayer in 'Elf'
Runs amok
Relative of bongos
Recipe amt
Queen's domain
Queen's domain
Queen's domain
Queen's domain
Queen's domain
Pineal or pituitary
Picked up
Payroll service co
One in favor
Once-over giver
Of yesteryear
Odyssey on the road
Nos. that are beside the point
New York suburb bordering New Rochelle
Met delivery
Marginally ahead
Machine part
Like iceberg lettuce
Left in the dust
Keep from happening
Keep down
Join the club
It's across the Pyrenees from France
High standards
Hide from a hunter
Guide for a chair
Freudian topic
De Matteo of 'Sons of Anarchy'
Critter on the Australian 50-cent coin
Covers stealer
Corporate big shots
Coppertone's 30, e.g
Chem class suffix
Chef's creation
Cavs, on a scoreboard
Cause of a skid, perhaps
Bubbly opener?
Bleach container
Bit of IM mirth
Beer source
Baseball analyst Hershiser
Back of a single
Auction spiel
Alguna __: something, in Spain
Adidas rival
Actress Arthur
Actor Fiennes
39th pres
'Then what happened?'
'Game of Thrones' patriarch Stark

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