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crosswords puzzle answers 02/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 02/01/2017

___ talks (lecture series)
___ Paese (variety of cheese)
World's fair, e.g
White ___ sheet
When a plane is due in, for short
Web-filled room, often
Web crawler, e.g
Versatile bean
Vegetarianism or bohemianism
To be, to Tacitus
Three on a grandfather clock
Things split in fission
Texas site of a 1993 siege
Take a chair
Swiss mount
Standards by which things are measured
Spot for a food fight
Spinning toy
Source of faraway X-rays
Some DVD players
Scissor cut
Sauce often used in a Bloody Mary
Really revel … or a hint to the words formed by the circled letters
Ready, willing and ___
Port-au-Prince resident
Part bitten by a vampire
Pantry containers
Orchestra reed
Onion relative used in soups
Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree
Nay voter
Mournful cry
Monterrey Mrs
Moment, informally
Message that might end 'R.I.P.'
Mayberry boy
Many online banners
Make into 41-Across
M.R.I. orderers
Loses one's hair
Long, long ___
Little troublemakers
Little things that say 'To' and 'From'
Like the water in a baptism
Like beer that's not in a bottle
Leatherworker's tool
Kurtz's rank in 'Apocalypse Now': Abbr
Japan's largest company by revenue
Jackie of 'Shanghai Knights'
Itsy-bitsy branch
It's made up of DNA
Invaded in large numbers
Indiana/Illinois separator
Hound's warning
Honey Bunches of ___
Hold back, as a yawn
Get ___ of (grasp)
Get bent out of shape
Follows, as a schedule
Crops used in making cigarettes
Communion tidbit
Classic Eric Clapton song about unrequited love
Charged particles
Caustic agent
Call from a football referee
Busy time at the drive-thru
Bit of butter
17-year insects
'Um-hmm, O.K.'
'Please! Anything but!'
'I understand,' facetiously – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-2-2017#sthash.z33osu1l.dpuf

Yodeling spot
Words of estimation
Word with 'opportunity' or 'sign'
What washing machines use to wash
Tutu-clad heavyweight in 'Fantasia'
Toxic stuff
Took part in mob violence
Tips off
Taken ___ (surprised)
Some sporty sunroofs
Some baseball cancellations
Single, as a Ranger?
Sailing vessel with a single mast
Rock with a cavity of crystals
Remote activators?
Prefix for 'styrene'
Poker player's entrance fee
Periods of euphoria
Part of A.D
Part of a bookcase
One-third of six?
One's first time performing
North end?
Nestling's noise, sometimes
Muse of love poetry
More fervent or more impassioned
Mongol foe
Match sound to action
Many provide DOBs
Magnum ___
Like melting snow
Like many streets or traffic
Like champion boxer Ali
Like a too-high bid on 37-Across
Lendl of tennis fame
Large sea fish with a flat body
It smells
In an artful, clever way (Var.)
Hole card, often
Historical period
Hawaii, on many maps
Harrelson, on 'Cheers'
Grade-school fundamentals, initially
Glove, jacket or shoe material
French farewell
Four Corners place
Floral wreaths
Flavorer for candy and medicines (Var.)
Exercise for Chopin
Etcher's application
Eisenhower's nickname
Downey of 'Touched by an Angel'
Country south of Algeria
City in the middle of New York
Certain Scandinavian
Bug to distraction
Branch offshoot
Boston hoopster, informally
Bob Barker's old show
Bitter, ranting outburst
Bird that hunts at night
Big name in wireless speakers
Beast of burden
Altar utterance
Alien's vehicle
Abbr. for a police investigator
4-Down, for one
'70s sitcom '___ Sharkey'
'Steady as ___ goes'
'Plus …'
'Impression'-able creature?
'Beetle Bailey' hound – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-2-2017#sthash.dFLkhJEO.dpuf

___ ghanoush (eggplant dish)
Ziering of 'Sharknado' movies
You might take one lying down
Woman in an order
Without company
Win the affection of
Weather vane's spot
Washington state's Sea-___ Airport
Wading-in-a-puddle sound
Turkey meat option
Tribute in verse
Three of TV's Brady Bunch
Thomas Hardy's 'Pure Woman'
The Tin Woodman's tool
Teakettle's place
Synagogue cabinets
Supermarket sections
Streaker in the night sky
Step dancer's dance
Squids' squirts
Spy novelist Deighton
Spots for gutters
Sports item made of granite
Some jar deposits
Soc. Sec. supplements for many
Snooty sort
Sneaker feature introduced by Nike
Sizable, like a fine
Shot, for short
Send, as to a second doctor
Scale topper, often
Saw through childhood
Repurposed T-shirt, maybe
Recyclables holder
PxP, for one
Purple gem
Pro-___ (some tourneys)
Pre-med college course
Play for a patsy
Notable period
Not quite a whopper
Not kidding around
Nancy of the comics, to Fritzi Ritz
Low man at the opera
Legal tender
Lays waste to
Koala bear, guinea pig or prairie dog
Kind of bear in Coke commercials
Keep in a warehouse
Iridescent stone
In the past
In flight
Grape soda seen on 'M*A*S*H'
Good luck charm
Get decked out
Get a kick out of
Following closely behind
Finger on directional signs
Feeling in many Woody Allen movies
Fatalist's fate
Eye wolfishly
Donald Duck's nephews, e.g
Do origami
Days before holidays
Cinematic segment
Caterer's appliance
California's Santa ___ Park
Bench-clearing brawl
Being chilled
Beet with edible leaves
Be short, in a way
Barge's back
Arrange in tight braids
Any 'Seinfeld' episode, now
5-Across, colloquially
'Free Willy' creature
'Bend It Like Beckham' game – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-2-2017#sthash.d67Y4pJi.dpuf

Weave __ of lies (be untruthful)
Very small
Trade show, for short
Toward sunrise
Three-tier cookie
Terra __ (pottery material)
Tenants' dwellings: Abbr
Tax deadline month
Tampa neighbor, for short
Take a break
Storybook monster
Storage rentals
Stopwatch or hourglass
Starting hr. for many jobs
Start a new paragraph
Snakelike swimmers
Slender stinging insects
Sidewalk edge
Short skirt
Ship's tracking device
Sgts. and cpls
Radiate, as charm
Prestigious "Peace" award
Plumbing tube
Pays out
Part of Congress
Numerical fact, for short
Not as expensive
Nome's state
Mouse-catching device
Mexican food in a shell
Makes a knot in
LP player
Liquid collected by bees
Like __ of bricks
Inquire again
If not
Hunter's wooden duck
Hotel's deluxe booking
Have a meal
Give off
General vicinities
Garfield's pooch pal
Football throw
Fancy tie
Eastern Canadian province
Do some snooping
Dish-drying cloth
Detective's assignments
Cutlet meat
Cowboy-boot attachment
Counterfeit coin
Couch or bench
Cone-bearing tree
College official
Coke or Pepsi
Chess corner pieces
Chauffeured car, for short
Bar graph, for example
Ballpoint liquid
Author unknown: Abbr
Antidrug cop
"We gotta get going!"
"The Wizard __"
"How are you?" reply
"Guilty" and "not guilty" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-2-2017#sthash.I3K8oU7j.dpuf

Went to pieces
Weather-resistant wood
Vodka brand made in Austin, Texas
Vinaigrette component
Uptight, informally
Till bill
Swear words
Surgical tube
Some Islamic rulers
Snorkeling site
Small, orange Nabisco cracker
Saintly glows
Robin Williams TV character
Rickman role in the Harry Potter series
Public square
Prime-time hour
Pound piece?
Pine product
O'Neal, to fans
Nyong'o who won an Academy Award for '12 Years a Slave'
Not quite right
Niger neighbor
Neighbor of Pakistan
Nails the exam
Mrs., in Madrid
Lose color
Little troublemaker
Jousting matches
It's a wrap
Insurance giant
Imaginative genre
Hard or soft things in Mexican cuisine
H.S. juniors' exams
Goes off
Go one better than
Glance at the worst part of a tantrum?
Genre for Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath
Funny Fey
Fraternity letter
Feel sorry for
Erase a Tampa player's salary bump?
Epic tale
Enthusiastic about
English prep school
Encouraging sign in a shoe repairman's shop?
Email address ending
Em, to Dorothy
Dole out cold cuts at a track event?
Disco ___ (character on 'The Simpsons')
Development places?
Desktop feature
D.C. player
Cracker spread
Comcast and EarthLink, in brief
Coffee, colloquially
Circle segment
Chinese principle
Chicken finger cooker
Braves, on a scoreboard
Branch of Islam
Bold poker declaration
Big blows
Apple product
Anderson Cooper's network
Analogy words
Ali's former name
Admin. aide
A-line designer
'Who, me?'
'How obvious!'
'Baseball Tonight' airer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-2-2017#sthash.FcR0fMX7.dpuf

__ a soul
Word with panel or power
What judges wear
What a two-fingered 'L' represents
Tries to be heard in a noisy room
Toy sold in eggs
Spring break destination, perhaps
So, so small
Small battery
Sings like Ella
Retail outlets with many loafers?
Reeves who played 'Ted' in 'Bill & Ted' films
Rabbit's foot, perhaps
Puts a tight lid on
Poke around
Plow-pulling animals
Picnic area
Parenthetical remark
Oil-exporting org
New York university city
Nevada gambling city
Merged Dutch airline
Med. condition with repetitive behavior
Maui party
Longtime navigation method
List of mistakes
Limited-time retail offer
Like thickets
Like 2, 4, 6, and so on
Kids' game hinted at by the starts of 20-, 36-, and 42-Across
Kick out of the country
Kernel-less picnic discards
Inch or mile, e.g
In a little while
I-95, e.g.: Abbr
Hit on the head
High spirits
Golfer Ernie
Golf scorecard figure
Geometry calculations
Forward, as mail
Forearm bone
First to stab Caesar
First st., alphabetically
Fair-hiring letters
Evil spirit
Evil legacy
Et __
Dollar fraction
Devereux's earldom
Clark's exploring partner
Church game handout
Charlie Brown's 'Phooey!'
Calculator function
Body part often sculpted
Bit of deception
Baseball's Bronx Bombers
Award named for Poe
Author Rice
Animated film mermaid
1973 #1 hit for Helen Reddy
'__ you serious?'
'__ Lost That Lovin' Feelin"
'The Count of __ Cristo'
'Once __ a midnight dreary … '
'Kiss Me __'
'Hold on a second'

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