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crosswords puzzle answers 01/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 01/12/2016

Word with stick or gun
Winter respite
White out
Welcomed at the doorstep
Valedictorian's pride, for short
Trick out
Trapshooting targets, informally
Tear violently
Tamed, as a bronco
Swiss tourist destination
Surprised exclamations
Supershort skirts
Supermodel Lima
Suffix with klepto-
Subject of the 2011 book 'These Guys Have All the Fun'
Stringed instrument usually played sitting down
South American territory in the game Risk
Sonoran Desert river
Soldier's assignment
Smooth over
Sloppy smooch
Skimobiler's wear
Seussian environmentalist
Quetzalcoatl, e.g
Pulls down
Pitiful bunch
One filling out personnel forms, say
One blowing off steam?
Of the open sea
Not dive in, say
Neighbor of Burkina Faso
Nacho accompaniment … or a feature of 17-, 35- and 52-Across?
Museum piece
Make a sudden turn
Low-pitched part of a song
Like the rotation of the earth
Lay on thick
Labor day class?
Kentucky's Fort ___
How some bonds are sold
Home to a famous mausoleum
Growth along a ski run
Go slower
Gillette razors
Football Hall-of-Famer Newsome
Fight stopper, for short
Field of Jean-Luc Godard
Fictional character who says 'I'd strike the sun if it insulted me'
Ending with fan
Edutainment cartoon featuring a teacher named Ms. Frizzle
Drains (from)
Dominates, informally
Dish topped with bacon, cheese and sour cream
Cry feebly
Classic novel about an orphan girl mistakenly sent to Prince Edward Island
Cardinals' home
Beam bent at 90°
Bask (in)
Audiophiles' purchases
Airport monitor datum
About 45 miles of it touch Canada
2004 film about artificial intelligence

'___ goes the neighborhood'
'On the double!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016#sthash.2gjWuUWL.dpuf

Wine sold 'as is'?
Will of 'Blue Bloods'
While the sun shines
Urgent appeal
Tpk. kin
Strong competitor
Storage for Bolshevik brooms?
Some signs
Slicer setting
Rude address for a man
Rosemary Murphy's love in a 1922 play
Raquel's 'Fantastic Voyage' role
Producer's nightmare
Previously called
Potato preparation choice
Polite address for a man
Poet Dove
Play without a break
Pie chart dividers
Park in NYC
Palate projection
Org. established by the Manila Pact
Ones going after wedding rings dropped down the drain?
Not get enough
New USNA grad
Musician whose real middle name is Melville
Motion defeaters
Mint creation
Message from Mao?
Marcel Tabuteau, e.g
Make fast
Like some bakery aromas
Land in l'eau
Lamb pseudonym
Ladybugs' prey
Joust competitor
Instruction to a boxer
In that case
Image Awards org
His 'Around the Fish' is in MoMA
Hill's hubby
HHS subdivision
He dropped out of the Republican race in March 2016
Have a go
Geometer's expanse
Gently pull
Frozen treats
Fredric's 'Anna Karenina' co-star
Fired up
Fan of feathers?
Family division
Donald's portrayer in 'SNL' skits
Complained about a shearing, perhaps
Cleopatra's Needles, e.g
Cause of a shootout
Brown, then simmer
Break off
Bounce playfully
Boehner's successor
Author Seton
Aussie lass
Assorted collection
Ancient divination manual
Alberta hrs
'I am at once captain, builder and engineer' speaker
'Can I have a go?'
'Calcium Light Night' composer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016—Moving-In#sthash.ewF0CGvH.dpuf

___ Claire, Wisc
Washed oneself
Unchivalrous man
Turns from white to gray
Things on an agenda
Thing pulled in an old voting booth
The 521 in a decade
Staples of many offices
Soap opera fodder
Sleeper's woe
Shows appreciation for good service
Severe pain spasm
Sandra of 'Gidget'
Remove, as chalk
Puts the kibosh on
Put away for storage
Possessive often written incorrectly
Plant with yellow flower clusters
Perfume with a lit stick
One with a beat
On the 30-Down
Old Mercury
Norse goddess of love
Nineteenth of a well-known 26
Newt-born babe?
Much more than chubby
Mom of 10-Down
Mo. when 'Boo' is heard
Mama on the farm
Lyric verses
It's often the last movement of a sonata
It causes delirium in cattle
Ice fisherman's hole-maker
Gridiron fake
Green start?
Government procurement org
Go free, in prison-lingo
Former communist state
First murder victim
Fergie's real name
Fencing weapon
Fashion hair into a bun, e.g
Exaggerating Henry stays calm when he ..
Exaggerating Henry reminisces about ..
Exaggerating Henry nearly fainted from ..
Drug-approving org
Down the hatch
Difficult position
Detail map, often
Country lodgings
Companion of silks, sometimes
Close by
Church official in charge of sacred objects
Chain of Hawaiian islands?
Calculator feature
Burgundy's black
Broad range of related objects
Blood feuds
Blink of an eye
Begrudger's feeling
Attempting to locate
Artist's subject
Any landlord with turnover
Announcement from the cockpit
Almanac contents, briefly
Ain't written properly?
Adriatic, for one
Adept one
A long time ago
'La Bamba' actor Esai
'Come to think of it …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016#sthash.3o36AOom.dpuf

Wrestler Hulk
Wanted-poster letters
Urban front steps
Unwrap impatiently
Turf's menu partner
They help you stand tall
The yoke's on them
Take a chance
SpaceX CEO Musk
Sits precariously
Shaving stuff
Shakespeare-based Verdi opera
Salary limit
Runs on TV
Route-suggesting iPhone app
Renovation of a sort
Reason to drink
Promontory Point's state
Poolside footwear
Pillager's take
Opposite of 'to'
Online shopping center
None-of-the-above choice
Musical break
Many Rx writers
Many a summer worker
Linen source
Likely to mouth off
Like well-worn jeans
Like Tabasco sauce
Like die-hard rooters
Like 8-Down
Ivory or Coast
Instruments for Parker and Coltrane
Initial stage
In play
In charge of
In a tough spot
House member (Abbr.)
High point
Hay unit
Girl Scouts unit
Get the point of
Get the goat of
Fruit used to flavor gin
Four-star review
Fountain of Youth site, in legend
First lady before Michelle
Fabulous shape
Explorer girl of kids' TV
Erie Canal mule
Equestrian's handful
Epeeist's score
Dustin in 'Midnight Cowboy'
Dr. Dre and Kanye West, for two
Doesn't exist
Director Kurosawa
Dead-end job
Cut of beef or pork
Current unit, for short
Craigslist posts
Coral formation
Compulsive gambler's woe, often
Come down with
Cheese in spinach pie
Checkroom item
Cavern effect
Canadian tribesman
Bug planter
Bratty kid in 'Blondie'
Bother to no end
Bar mitzvah figure
Amorphous mass
Adjective for Methuselah
'___ or plastic?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016#sthash.fMLmgzpl.dpuf

Where the Cavs reigned last season
What may finish a fight
TV twins' surname
Turn topsy-turvy
Tries to get sold at
Trait carrier
Term of endearment
Tedious task
Student no
Square-mile fraction
Some cats
Show of hands, e.g
Sci-fi captain
Scale (down)
Rushmore nickname
Rise majestically
Retweets, perhaps
Quite a while
Puts down
Pine Tree State
Oscar actress Swinton
OPEC member
Online mag
On pins and needles
Nun's superior
Novelist Murdoch
Neurology readouts
Much of a dollar sign
Most Spartan
More packed
Month before mai
Misses nothing
Makes it through adversity
Make an entrance
Like lawns at dawn
Leaves for seasoning
Leave in a galley
Lanai lady
Kate Middleton, in 2011
Javelin paths
Ill-gotten gains
High anxiety
Have fond hopes
Harasses from behind
Guy that guys admire
Grocery frozen fare
Google competitor
Gentle prods
Full of enthusiasm
Firmly established
Edible tubes
DNA match
Devonshire dessert
Criticism, so to speak
Container weight
Civil War-era photo tint
Civil rights leader Medgar
Brightness measures
Brazil borderer
Ben in "The Big Short"
Be immoderate with
Be contingent
At one with
Angry outburst
Angry outburst
Add on
Absent oneself
"Rubber Duckie" singer
"Nixon in China," for example
"M*A*S*H" role – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016#sthash.rERY1Fth.dpuf

West of 'Batman' and 'Family Guy'
Undesirable buildup, of a sort
Unagi, in sushi bars
TV choice for cinephiles
Toy dog breed, for short
Take care of loose ends?
Sweet treat from Southeast Asia
Supporter for many a runner
Subject of study for Niels Bohr
Subj. in 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'
Striped official
Source of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum
Some venomous snakes
Some Italian cars, for short
Slithering biter
Showed up without a date
Serious stage work
Secured with a needle
Saldana of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Rugged rides, for short
Ridge on an axman's instrument
Q, W, E, R, T, and Y
Place for knickknacks
Pioneer in mobile phones
Picnic punch
Penultimate word in some fairy tales
Pasta cook's tool
Org. that makes busts
One enjoying when people go around in circles?
Mythological reveler
Move, in real estate slang
Mist, e.g
Microsoft browser
Many a smartphone download
Like some college walls
Large cache
IDs on some IRS forms
Hole punch, of a sort
Has one's head in the clouds
Hard eight, e.g
Had more than a few drinks
Had a bite
Get onto the same page
Fronts of ships
Fort ___, North Carolina
Footnote notation, for short
First name in scat singing
Diacritical mark
Command to a canine that's obeyed in 17-, 24-, 53-, and 63-Across
Calculus computation
Brilliant astronomical event
Bikini, e.g
Big name in little candies
Belles of the ball
Bar mitzvah reading
Affectionate touch
1986 Peace Nobelist Wiesel
'You Shook Me All Night Long' rockers
'Whole ___ Love' (Led Zeppelin song)
'Science Guy' Bill
'Love it!'
'Houston, we have a problem …'
'Caveman' food regimen
'Animal House' celebration
'Ain't that the truth!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-1-2016#sthash.6KV1qJRx.dpuf

What can help you avoid getting stuck changing diapers?
Veers suddenly
Two-checker piece
Tried to make it on one's own
Toronto Argonauts' org
Times in ads
Stuffed shirt
Storied loch
Snooped (around)
Shakespearean barmaid
Set-for-life set
Rare blood type, briefly
Prefix with -gram
Places for seeing stars?
Picky details
Personalized collection of love songs, say
Part of the pelvis
Pack animal
Ones following the nus?
Nonsense talk, whose circled letter is the start of what might be done with items in the four longest puzzle answers
New Orleans' __ Street
Neutral tone
NASA vehicles
Masonry-reinforcing rod
LPGA great Lopez
Like many a stray dog
Like angel food cake
Inland Asian sea
Incredulous dying words
In essence
Important period
Hustle or shuffle
How it's always done, initially
Heat meas
Groups with a piece-keeping strategy?
Green shade
Green shade
Golden __
Former Mideast ruler
Form a coalition
Fish with vermilion fins
First name in folk
Enjoy Orbit
Elaborate costume parties
Eclipse shadow
Eat into
Distance runners
Daydreamed, with 'out'
D.C. player
Curry favor with, with 'to'
CSA soldier
Crude smelting product
Court promise
Brutish one
Bay sound
Asset for Sherlock
Additional information?
'Zip it!'
'You there!'
'Once upon a midnight dreary' poet
'I used to be Snow White, but I __': Mae West
'Hurry!' letters
'But __ got high hopes … ': song lyric
'Blah, blah, blah,' for short
'… bug in __' 

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