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crosswords puzzle answers 01/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 01/11/2016

Where Theseus slew the Minotaur
When repeated, child's term for supper
What kindness and graceful aging reveal
What a cyclops has in common with a cyclone
Total jerk
Tone deafness
Tolkien terror
To be, in Toulouse
The 'Y' of TTYL
Tailor's unit
Suffix with hazard
Speaking up?
Source of indigo
Sondheim's 'It Takes Two,' e.g
Skins' opponent in a pickup game
Rolling stones lack it
River in Stephen Foster's 'Old Folks at Home'
Reptile at the top of the Jurassic food chain
Providers of low notes for rumbas?
Pres. Jefferson
Prefix with dexterity
One of the Seven Dwarfs
Obama's signature health measure, for short
No longer an octogenarian
Metonym for Middle America
Leader of a group of elves
Lead-in to land for Willy Wonka's workers
Indian ___
Her face launched a thousand ships
Have supper
Greek H's
Gavotte, minuet and cancan?
First U.S. color TV maker
Far Eastern mimics?
Events in Bonnie and Clyde's biography
Ethan Frome's wife
Emphatically zero
Downton Abbey headgear
David ___, comic with a famous Richard Nixon impression
Cry from Juliet
Cry after 'Psst!'
Cries of dismay
Court recorder
Country completely surrounded by South Africa
Commercial symbols in Lomé?
Chomped down on
Chill in the air
Cartoon frame
Cabinet dept
C.E.O.'s deg
Burn superficially
Broke off
Blond now, say
Begins to wake
Basis of a refreshing Mideast beverage?
Arbitrary non-explanation, after 'because'
Ancient Central American
Alternative to cake
African virus
Actress Turner
4.0, e.g
'___ mañana'
'___ aside …'
'Your majesty'
'Wheel of Fortune' buy

Water nymph
Watch spots
Useful skill
Type of filter in most air purifiers
Trojan War hero
Torah holders
Thicket of trees
They may be changed on shoulders
They have their own sense of justice
Tangelo type
Strait separating Europe from Asia
Starts the bidding
Star vehicles?
Sound of derision
Sizzling Mexican dish
Series of unfortunate events
Science fiction classic of 1965
Richard of 'Chicago'
Request made in French initials
Poultry purchase
Petty commotion
Patronize, as a motel
Pacific island nation
Org. minimizing flight risks
NFL player
Newfoundland greeting, perhaps
Native by the Bering Sea
Nabokov's longest novel
Model builder's need
Milk, in Marseille
Mexican president Enrique ___ Nieto
Malaprop or Miniver
Luxury hotel amenity
k.d. of song
Jeans part
It's under locks
In the wee hours
In itself
Gloria who co-founded the Women's Media Center
Explosive initials
Europe's largest volcano
Drag race activity
Directive to director John's agent?
Directive to a Parliament booster?
Directive to a Geritol salesman?
Directive to a campaign supplier?
Diner entree
De Mille of dance
Day divider
Dances in 3/4 time
Cry from Speedy Gonzales
Cricket or crew
Colorado-based brewery
Colleague of Placido and Luciano
Cause of a bad hair day, perhaps
Call at home
Bus map indications
Bump hard
Brain wave type
Bends the truth
Aretha's specialty
Alimony recipients
'___ Fly Now' ('Rocky' song)
'Came up short…'
'Bring it on,' e.g

___ and aahs
Zany ones
Without question
White-topped mountains
Web address
Violent dance pit
Villain's adversary
Vegetative state
Three-step dance
Thing said before bedtime
Ten C-notes
Suffix for the extreme
Sound heard before 'Pardon me'
Small amount
Slight amount
Single-celled organisms
Seemingly bottomless chasm
Schindler kept one
Russian country house
Reaches a conclusion
Raised rug surface
Quite a bit to carry
Presidents' Day mo
Place for a crowning glory
One sex
One of 100 in D.C
Neighbor of Libya
Name names
Like shoes
Khan's title
It may be highly decorated in December
Hypnotic state
Hill in San Francisco
Headcount units?
Hard knocks cosmetics company?
Future fishes
Frosty's mouthpiece?
Frau's beloved
Former French coins
Follow everywhere
Flightless flock
Did a lawn chore
Dickens' Pecksniff
Currently possess
Corrupt morally
Corp. VIP
Chocolate-yielding plants
Certain sorority member
Cause of much head-scratching
Can of worms?
Buzzing pest
Butter ___ (ice cream flavor)
Bungle (with 'up')
Breezed through
Borrow with no thought of repaying
Bloodsucking creature
Ben Cartwright, for one
Before, of yore
Be courageous in spite of one's fears
Be a strict disciplinarian
Bake-off requirements
Anon's partner
Adult insect
Acted as king
Absorbed, as a cost
A word with you nuts?
A head
19th U.S. president
'No ___ thing'
'Green Gables' focus

Word before call or season
Wise off to
Variety show segments
Union-forming phrase
Traffic court penalty
Tough run for a gambler
Symphony conductor Seiji
Successful, in Variety-speak
Subtracted by
Subjected to a gag order
Subatomic particle that comes in 'flavors'
Street ___ (urban acceptance)
Stand at a wake
Seismograph detection
Salesperson's quote
Sailor's call
Roll along the tarmac
Revival meeting shout
Recurring role for Keanu
Reason for a patch
Powerful engine type
Pour vinaigrette on, say
Plow-pulling team
Phone bk. entries
Peter who played Mr. Moto
Part of Fred Flintstone's outfit
Paramount production
Parakeet fare
One of Carl Perkins' 'blue suede' pair
New Orleans cooking style
Muslim rulers
Mineral abundant in oysters
Midwestern hub
Mental flash
Mario's racer, in video games
Magma, after cooling
Lion's den
Kick out of the country
Judicial order
Intense excitement
Inspires reverence in
In the loop
Holds dear
Forwards to one's followers
Fleecy females
Feeling stressed
Elevator rider's selection
Decides to participate
Day care attendee
Dastardly sort
Cry out for
Creator of patterns on cold windows, it's said
Cineplex features
Caucus state
Catches a few Z's
Can't stomach
Caboose's spot
Bungling sort
Blu-ray version of a movie, perhaps
Be shy, in a way
Balsam or Douglas
Argue against
Antibody target
An aunt of Bart Simpson
Alias letters
Algae-killing chemical
'Yeah, right!'
'What ___ can I say?'
'The Forgotten' novelist Wiesel
'Sweeney Todd' prop
'Star Wars' furball
'Peanuts' epithet
'Not in this lifetime!'
'Let It Go' singer in 'Frozen'
'Family Matters' geek

Weekly pay
Washerful of laundry
Was a secret agent
Wartime partner
Toledo's lake
Teheran's land
Store events
Sports squad
Snow glider
Show concern
Rainbow shapes
Raggedy doll
Prefix for final
Place to dock
Place to bowl
Pesky little fliers
Person used as a dupe
Pen fluid
Painter Salvador
Opposite of fem
On the peak of
Odds and ends: Abbr
Need to scratch
Nary a soul
Model's stance
Minor argument
Mark on an exam
Main point
Made logs into boards
Log splitters' tools
Little troublemaker
Letter after rho
Last Supper attendees
In any way
Hot-spring resort
Hill-building insect
Heavenly beings
Great Wall country
Good-__ (useless ones)
Good-__ (fun-loving guy)
Good __ (magical trinket)
Good __ (helpful stranger)
Golfer's pegs
Gather together
G sharp equivalent
Friend from France
Flag down, as a cab
Fix, as a manuscript
Epic tales
Drive too fast
Dried plum
Disapproving sound
Croc cousin
Circle of light
Carpenter's materials
Caravan beast
Capital of Spain
Burger King rival
Bowl of greens
Blocking progress
Bank records: Abbr
Backyard cookout area
All by oneself
"That's the truth!"
"Mona __"
"Let me see . . ."
"It seems to me . . ."
". . . or __ just me?"

__ facto
Yukon automaker
Working stiff
Word in a thesaurus: Abbr
Western treaty org
Wellness gp
Waste not
Vintage photo hue
Urged (on)
Trojan __
Towel holder
Times to call, in ads
Temporary Oktoberfest structure
Switches for mood lighting
Sugary brewed drink
Strokes on greens
Street eatery
Stout mug
Singer Haggard
Richly adorn
Ready to be kicked off
Rap fan
Racing venue near Windsor Castle
Property claim
Poker bet that's not optional
Perp's prey, in copspeak
Painter's stand
Order from on high
Old AT&T rival
Of the ears
Norwegian capital
Metric prefix
Ltrs. in an unfilled TV time slot
Little child, in Cannes
Like the lama, but not the llama, in a Nash poem
Lesser of two __
Leave hurriedly … and, literally, what the first words of the answers to starred clues can do
Kid in a military family
K, to a jeweler
Joint commonly sprained
Inch or foot
Hornet, e.g
Highland garb
High hair style
Greet from a distance
Gangster Frank in 'Road to Perdition'
French floor
Foot warmer
Florida's Miami-__ County
Farmland measure
Drink pourer's words
Decanter relatives
Debt-heavy corp. deals
Carne __: Mexican dish
Brief timetable
Boardroom illustrations
Bird's home
Biblical garden
Apartment payment
Actor Stephen
Actor Bana of 'Closed Circuit'
Active European volcano
52, in old Rome
*Shake off one's daydreams
*Ingratiate oneself (with)
*Cause of chubby cheeks, perhaps
*Bargain hunter's venue
'__ a heart!'
'The Untouchables' gangster
'Born Free' lioness
'Beetle Bailey' dog
'A __ of Two Cities'

Worrisome subject of some school letters to parents
Worldwide (abbr.)
Vacation destination
TurboTax option
Took off
Teacher accused of malfeasance?
Taylor of 'Six Feet Under'
Tabriz native
Swiss watch brand
Surrealist Magritte
Stun, in a way
Stop legally
State's second-in-command (abbr.)
Starbuck's boss
Sprawling property
Salad maker, at times
Reebok rival
Queue before Q
Put in
Put away, in a way
Preliminary race
Own up to
Outback runner
Musicians who could use a hand?
Mountaineering aid
More idiosyncratic
Many a dance club tune
Like some potatoes
Like many taxis
Like a pvt. peeling potatoes
Lexicographer Webster
Leftover bit
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi'
Latin clarifier
Israeli port
Insertion symbol
Ingrid's 'Casablanca' role
Honkers without horns
High vantage point
Helps with the dishes
He broke Ruth's career home run record on 4/8/74
Good listener?
Go after
Flip out
First name in objectivism
Entertain, as a child at bedtime
Disneyland conveyance
Dedicatee of Lennon's 'Woman'
Cultural Revolution leader
Cousteau's milieu
Cooling-off period
Colony member
Caustic criticism
Campus rep?
Came out with
Biblical queendom
Best Picture of 2012
Aware of
Apollo 13 commander Jim
Angler's hairdo?
Al Jolson standard
'I know! I know! Pick me!'
'How ___ Your Mother' (CBS sitcom)
'David Copperfield' baddie

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