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crosswords puzzle answers 01/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 01/05/2017

___ Le Pew (cartoon skunk)
___ de corps (fellowship)
Wyatt of the Old West
Words attributed to 41-Across
Wood for many a mountain cabin
Wind that might blow one's hat off
Tristan's beloved
Throat-clearing sounds
The Bruins of the Pac-12
Symbol of busyness
Something committed by 41-Across … or by this puzzle's creator?
Short race spec
Shade of color
Roast hosts, for short
Put into piles, say
Prefix relating to sleep
Point where lines meet
Pick-me-up drinks
Persian tongue
Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme
Of the flock
Not taxable, e.g
Not giving up on an argument, say
North Carolina's Cape ___
Moving day rental
Monopoly space with the words 'Just Visiting'
Money that needs to be repaid
Minor fights
Merchandise location
Many Americans whose names end in -ez
Long, hard journeys
Krispy Kreme product
Keepsake in a cabinet, perhaps
Jane Austen heroine
It's nothing new
Highway sign next to an off-ramp
Hi-___ monitor
Grammy-winning James
Grain used in making Alpha-Bits
Fly high
Fizzy headache remedy, informally
First among men
Feudal workers
Fellow film critic of Siskel
Famous queen, depicted literally
Extend, as a subscription
Early Beatle ___ Sutcliffe
Eagle's home
Dresses in Delhi
Czar called 'the Great'
Cries of pain
Cosmologist Sagan
Competitor of Wisk
Certain bank policy for A.T.M. withdrawals and wire transfers
Cards sometimes hidden up sleeves
Brilliant move
Bra size smaller than a 'B'
Bouts, as of crying
Blood components
Bit of viral web content
Big laughs, slangily
Belles of the ball
Attend a funeral, say
Atheist Madalyn Murray ___
Article thrown over the shoulders
Apt cry for 41-Across
Ambient quality
'The Thin Man' canine – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-1-2017#sthash.mUVzDRzz.dpuf

___ Lingus
___ doble (ballroom dance)
Zero, in British scores
TV's '___ Haw'
Trendily self-referential
Take to court
Syria's president
Sweeping tale
Summer, in Saint-Tropez
Stretch of history
State east of Tenn
Squirrel's stash
Smuttily offensive
Skimpy swimsuits
Scruff of the neck
School on the Thames
Roaster's rod
River port of Illinois
Redford's co-star in 'The Sting'
Put through the paces
Power unit
Plopped down
Peter, Matthew, John and nine more
People to keep up with
Opposed to
October birthstone
Mexican money
Mayday call found in the starred answers
Martini garnish
Many dreadlocks wearers
Makes amends
Lawyers' org
Journalist Bly
Jack's partner
Inning sextet
Have debts
Fill to excess
Farm-related study: Abbr
Dismisses derisively
Derringer, for example
Demonstrate unity
Cruel rulers
Coll. dorm figures
Cheer for the matador
Chattered, informally
Cain's mother
Cain's brother
By the unit
Bovine bellow
Because of
As soon as this
As a whole
Analogy words
Afternoon refresher
1997 U.S. Open champ Ernie
1957 Gene Kelly musical
*Longtime host of 'CBS News Sunday Morning'
*Japanese bowlful
*Diversions for GIs
*Children's collection by Rudyard Kipling
*1966 novel by Jean Rhys
'The Celtic Twilight' poet
'For sure!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-1-2017—Mayday!#sthash.kSnHIXJE.dpuf

World war sub
What you are when caught off base
What a ticket permits, often
Weird, irregular stain
Vanilli's lip-synching partner
Toupee, in slang
Things people play
Thick fruit skins
Taps in the kitchen
Suffix meaning 'approximately'
Succeed with a pitch
Student assignments?
Street lighter of old
Standing straight
Source of a neighbor's child's envy?
Sorvino who won an Oscar
Something tested with a little hammer
Some blown instruments
Small amount of sun
Signals to those waiting in the wings
Shortstop's wild throw, e.g
Puts a picture on a wall
Put in prison, in law
Positioned correctly
Plaything that gets blamed for everything?
Place for a pin
Participants in a play war?
Palindromic name among artists
Ones known for wisdom
One way to write 1,002
Old burner used in labs
Not in the same place
Necessity for a rock guitarist
Mischievous little rascals
Mild ones are not obscene
Mexican Mrs
Members of nobility
Like the virgin in 'Silent Night'
Like many basements in the '80s
Lad in a revolving door?
It may take a bow
Hound about trivial things
High school galas
Grade A thing
Grab (with 'onto')
Good relations
George W.'s first lady
Geisha's waist tie
Gaping pie-hole
Flummoxes or baffles
Fizzy drinks
Extremely gaunt one
Elder statesman
Earlier in time, a long time ago
Ear- or hearing-related
Company with Wile E. Coyote's address
Common street-lining tree
Coffee go-with, sometimes
Clusters or bunches
Clingy seed shell (var.)
Cleverly crafty
Chinese or Filipino
Chinese chairman, once
Causes of bad air days
Car's rate of speed
Car with plenty of room
Brings into harmony
Boston's Bobby, the hockey legend
Bitterly regret
Any ball-shaped object
Ambulance letters
Almost sing
33-Across minus 950
'___ Antonio Rose' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-1-2017#sthash.6x1NpilX.dpuf

Zellweger of 'Bridget Jones's Baby'
Worse than fair
Win four of four games, say
What the fourth little piggy had
Very steep, as a cliff
Torah holders
Tollbooth barrier
Sudden outpouring
Subway rider's handful
Stunt pilot's maneuver
State with assurance
State called the 'Mother of Presidents'
Spot for carved initials
SpongeBob's home
Speed unit on the 39-Across
Sound from Sneezy
Site with restaurant ratings
Sighters of pink elephants
Sighed words
Showed mercy
Screen window displaying prompts (var.)
Satanic doings
Rock candy, essentially
Rent payer
Reflex hammer targets
Red, Black and Yellow
Quick flash of light
Put into alignment
Pugsley, to Morticia Addams
PowerPoint output
Popular sans-serif typeface
Pocket protector inserts
Parts of drum kits
Pained looks
Org. with Titans and Giants
On a caffeine buzz
Oklahoma city on the Chisholm Trail
Markka's replacement
Marathoner's woe, perhaps
Like a wasp's nest
Like a snake's skin
Lacking a mate
Kimono or cassock
Keep tabs on
Judas' act
It's closed for the night
It sells, in the ad business
Home to most of Turkey
Hellenic H
Gregory of 'Tap'
Goalie's protectors
Fan's sound
Epps of 'House'
Docket entry
Discounted by
Did in, mob-style
Decathlon event
Cuisine with lemongrass and peanut sauce
Cries like a kitten
Cream-filled treat
Cornell of Cornell University
Classic kid-vid clown
Carpet feature
Business bigwig
Bolt, the world's fastest man
Bjorn Borg, for one
Befitting a monarch
Bean in much chili
Basis of a whodunit
Backer on Broadway
51-Down collegians
'It's on the level!'
'I'm innocent!'
'Fantasia' unit
'Casablanca' pianist
'Boola Boola' school – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-1-2017#sthash.wEZhSKJF.dpuf

__-day (vitamin dose, often)
__ in handy (be useful)
__ Canaveral, FL
Wistful sound
Winfrey of TV
Weighing device
Very hard to find
University sports org
Uncle Sam's country
Take care of
Spot in the audience
Sleep in a tent
Show to a 72 Across, informally
Shopping binge
Ship captain's spot
Sci-fi characters: Abbr
Roll-call response
Religion of the Koran
Pub serving
Point opposite WNW
Poetic daybreak
Piano practice piece
Perched on
Pear variety
Oregon or Florida
Orders of pancakes
Opera solo
Open up, as toothpaste
One who chooses a film's actors
On, as a machine
On __ and needles
Nevada city
Most confident
Makes very happy
Kingly address
Keogh plan relatives: Abbr
In addition
Human beings
Honeydew or cantaloupe
Honeybee's home
Highways: Abbr
Give off
Give a reprimand to
From then
Free tickets
Football officials, for short
Film's gown creator
Film's camera-crew chief
Female choir voices
Felony or misdemeanor
Family room
Espresso with milk
Elm or maple
Dug for gold
Dry as a desert
Courteous fellow
Contract's details
Clothes-pressing appliance
Capable of
Born earlier
Black-and-white cookie
Biblical garden
Be deserving of
Allude (to)
Ages and ages
Actor Spacey or Costner
"Come in!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-1-2017#sthash.IVTNDFBx.dpuf

Yule song
Works with a needle
Word with bar or torch
Wide-spouted pitcher
Weekend-starting letters
Unit seized by a narc
Twinge of hunger
Tupperware covers
Take the wheel
Symbol of sanctity
Some toy dogs, for short
Some surrealist paintings
Soft French cheese
Slam dunk or lay-up
Scrubbed, as a NASA mission
Schuss or slalom
Sacrificial __
Read electronically
Puccini opera
Position behind the steering wheel
Phoenix suburb
Patriot Allen
Pass, as a law
Part of a relay race
Paintball impact sound
Nuremberg no
Notes to staff
Not just a talker
North Pole worker
Mop, as decks
Mocking remark
Mexican 'Hi!'
Make cryptic
Llama habitat
Line up
Licorice-flavored seed
Largest city in North Africa
Landlocked African republic
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H'
Home for mil. jets
Grand-scale film
Geometry calculation
Forgetful moment
Electric car brand
Designed to minimize junk email
Composer Stravinsky
Coffee lightener
Cinnamon roll lure
Bygone airplane area
Bird's nest component
Big name in pineapples
Big gulp
Bed size
Be concerned
Band with a voltage symbol in its logo
Back of a hit 45 record
Apple music players
'__ of Green Gables'
'__ idiot!': 'Doh!'
'Rubber Duckie' singer on Sesame Street
'No need to tell me'
'Green Acres' co-star
'Fingers crossed'
'Exactly!' … and a hint to where 20-, 36- and 43-Across' ending words may be found
'Drinks are __!'
'Cut corners' or 'slash prices'
'Beware the __ of March' 

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