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crosswords puzzle answers 01/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 01/02/2017

Where hogs go hog-wild?
When repeated, zealous
What doctors recommend that sick people get a lot of
Walked heavily
Vehicle in a drag race
Shakespearean entreaty appropriate for 19-, 25- and 43-Across?
Seneca Falls orator Lucretia
See 33-Across
Scout's route
Sapphic works
Rooney ___, 2016 Oscar nominee for 'Carol'
Romans who protected the emperor
Prayer wheel turner
Police dispatcher's 'A'
Places where spirits flow freely
Passionate, outgoing sort, astrologically
Page in a Hollywood film
One who's slow to pick things up?
Number of emails sent by Warren Buffett in his entire life
Noted gatekeeper
Not really enforcing the rules
No longer on one's plate, say
Nivea rival
Mug shot subjects
Mosque of ___ (Jerusalem shrine)
Main squeeze, in modern lingo
Luxury brand with a crown logo
Leader of the Smurfs
Lady of 'My Fair Lady'
Kind of I.R.A
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
Janis's partner in the comics
James who voiced Ultron in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
Jam session highlight
Jacques who played Monsieur Hulot
Its diameter is roughly twice that of a basketball
It's mostly nitrogen
Hit a home run, in baseball lingo
Headwear for some rockers
Gym bag attachment
Great Plains tribe
Go to bed, informally
Friends who go to White Castle in a 2004 film
Follower of Hosea in the 31-Across
Exoskeleton, e.g
Dickens's '___ Mutual Friend'
Dallas sch
Countrymen who met in Philadelphia in 1787
Clever comeback
Class teaching about DNA
Clairol product
Cheese choice
Certain high heel
Carry-on concern
Campbell of 'House of Cards'
Cake coating
Brightest star in the Eagle constellation
Brazilian-themed Vegas hotel
Billiards cushion
Beer blast purchases
Bedtime for a vampire
Basic lunch sandwich, informally
Automated floor cleaner
And another thing, on a letter
Ambulance letters
'You can say that again!'
'Western' or 'Spanish' dish
'Ri-i-i-ight …'
'Not for self but for country' sloganeer
'Didn't I tell you?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017#sthash.msG8bJXx.dpuf

___-ray disc
Way too weighty
Warhol work
Wall and the like: Abbr
Vodka cocktail, for short
Uncanny ability
Took in
Tiny criticism
Targets, as with spam
Symbols of life
Summertime hrs
Site for a house martin nest
Simple survey choice
Salon selections
Safe haven
Reed that's often black
Really ought to
Rangers' ruses
Publicity ploy
Prepares a mummy
Perpendicular to the keel
Pendulum path
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Pageant prize
One of two adjoining the hypotenuse
Offer addresses
Notre Dame's Parseghian
Nepal bearer
Muhammad's flight
Marsh growth
Marked with furrows
Like Death's wing, to Shelley
Lean and muscular
Labor byproduct
Knight's ride
How losses are traditionally entered
Homer's honey
Hinny's mom
GPS recommendation
Got wind of
Goes off
Goes down
GM's push-button service
Give the cook the day off
Genuine article
Flat hat
Equivalent of two fins
Chipped in
Cheap smoke
Charmingly innocent
Catches one's breath
Carafe capacity
Butter unit
Bow's husband on 'Black-ish'
Blow away
Big deal
Be behind
Author Zola
Attorney's org
Applies to
Affirmative action
Able to see right through
2016 Games host
'Our Man in Havana' author
'My Fair Lady' racecourse – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017—Turn-Signals#sthash.zKDZPfqZ.dpuf

Word with 'stumble' or 'latch'
Vowel that's not stressed
Vast desert
Utilizes a track, in a way
Units of electrical resistance
Type of bear or cap
Thorn locale
Things sending out stuff
Things craved in the wee hours
Thing we watch in the wee hours
The end of ___ (retirement of a legend)
Swear by
Stuff that gets filtered
Strong solution of sodium
Someone we wait for in the wee hours
Some males in the forest
Sing-song syllables
Sausage purveyor Jimmy
Raines or Fitzgerald
Put task to person
Public relations or board game effort
Pride sound
One-on-one face-off
One maker of laptops
Nimble and quick
More green around the gills
Member of a Buddhist people
Measurable units of work
Little clever remarks
Lingering sound effect
Like a bad day for baseball
Jeremy's 'Entourage' character
It may participate in school fundraising
It may be passed on stage
Impressive homes and their properties
Hound and pester
Hoof-hitting-pavement sound
High-pH substance
Grade A item
Gossip-rag tidbits
Funeral tune
Frenzied way to run
For every one
Fit for royalty
Feeler on a creepy crawler
Fairy-tale beast
Drop of sadness
Done with
Director Ephron
Dark purplish-brown to dark red
Continental cash
Completes a flight
City in Utah
Certain military forces
Cedar ___, Iowa
Campbell of TV and film
Buoy one's spirits
Bugs significantly
Bruce Wayne's is stately
Bates of 'Psycho'
Bar or bakery order
Baltimore pros
Army officer, informally
Ancient calculators
Altitude baseline
Actor LaBeouf
'Neato!' relative
'Lord of the Rings' baddie
'Boom' maker – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017#sthash.zPKZ67b1.dpuf

Zellweger of 'Jerry Maguire'
Word after catch or latch
Wisdom bringer, so it's said
Way over yonder
Understand fully
Thumbs-down voter
Throw, as a shot
They include five decades of Hail Marys
Take forcibly
Tailgate party appliances
Swears falsely, with 'oneself'
Stick with a spring
Steps down
Stable baby
Some harem members
Sap-sucking bug
Rub with emery
Ross on a 3-cent stamp
Reverential work
Relatives of epees
Ranch figure
Pressed into service
Prepare, as a tuna steak
Pre-K enrollee
Pixar film set in Radiator Springs
Per unit
Pamplona runners
Olympic jersey initials
Nixon's trip to China, e.g
Night court payment
Motions controlled by rudders
Minibike relative
Medal of Honor recipient
Makes a pick
Make good on a loan
Linda of 'Dynasty'
Like many a missed field goal
Like Apu on 'The Simpsons'
Like 'CSI' evidence
Lay to rest
Jet stream direction
Industry, slangily
In days past
Hybrid equine
Hue that may be 'hot'
Harry Potter forehead feature
Hall's 'Rich Girl' partner
Gyro bread
Gold Rush baddie
Gershon of 'House of Versace'
Gain the support of
Fossil component, perhaps
Diva's chance to shine
Dental exam procedure
Cute name for a cuddly pet
Cry after an errant shot
Creamy topping for crackers
Cream of the crop
Crafts-selling website
Component of concrete
Complete confusion
Come across as
Chinese 'way'
CEO's 'Immediately!'
Carbonated quencher
Boot-licking employee
Boarded up
Bingo player's need
Atoms in electrolytes
As well
After the buzzer
2014's 'Noah,' e.g
'___ had it!'
'Jeopardy!' is one
'Buffalo Bill' surname
'Airplane!' or 'Blazing Saddles'
'10 items or less' area – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017#sthash.tUOhh0T3.dpuf

Workers' groups
Wear away
Unexpected absentee
Tropical fruit
Trendy, informally
Top left PC key
Tie the knot
That lady
Sweetie pie
Sundial numeral
Sounded hoarse
Small change
Small change
Small change
Sideshow worker
Shipped off
Raw mineral
Ran in neutral
Radio wave-emitting star
Prefix for septic
Prefix for red
Opinion survey
Nose out
Nebraska river
Name in two states
Monarch's domain
Mom's boy
Military aviators' grp
Make possible
Japan's locale
IRS form expert
Insist on
In __ (harmonious)
In the manner of
Hurricane center
Golden State sch
Go into hiding
Get out of bed
Found on these pages
Finishes up
Fill with joy
Female relative
Fake coins
Eisenhower nickname
Drink on draft
Descended gradually
Cozy spots
Closeup lens
Clever move
Cleo's snake
Capone's nemesis
Capital of Taiwan
Business workshop
Burn soother
Buddhist sect
Brush __ (review)
Box score stat
Beer barrel
Beach bucket
Be nosy
Banquet host
Bakery wares
Astronauts' org
All possible
A whole lot
"Of __ and Men" (Steinbeck novel)
# # #, on music – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017#sthash.TpnZLmrd.dpuf

___ in November
___ Gaga
___ ball
Yemen city in the crater of an extinct volcano
Word with act or action
Wizard behind Oz?
Toondom's ___ E. Coyote
Toaster Swirlz brand
Thyme's rackmate
Thing on a ring
Tend to a pressing task?
Talk sweetly
Symbol bestowed on the first day of Lent
Suffix with adverb or proverb
Sudden fancy
Stare unsubtly
Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year for 2015
Sound of a less-than-graceful landing
Some spam senders
Sitting pretty
Show leniency toward
Seize without authority
Sales talk
Sacred flower, in Hinduism
River of Florence and Pisa
Region that includes L.A
Put on the books
Prof's URL ender
Pretentiously highbrow
Opposite of paleo-
One who goes around the block?
One of the original 'Seven Sisters' of women's magazines
Mount of Greek legend
Menotti's '___ and the Night Visitors'
Italics feature
Inches away
In plain view
Hard to get hold of
Give some space to
Geographical suffix meaning 'place of'
Gentle powder
French floor
Four-time Super Bowl-winning coach Chuck
Fitness buff's concern
Exchange good-byes
Event with lots of horsing around
Eros counterpart
Drop off
Distinguishing qualities of a region
Debate subjects
Curly-tailed Japanese dog
City with Heat and Hurricanes
Chagall who painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera
Cause to coincide
Build up
Bruschetta base
Brewing grain
Blown away
Baltic country
Baby boo-boo
Away from urban sprawl
All square
Agreeable to
Actress Milano
Actors without top billing
Academic reviewer
'The Plague' author
'Shaun of the Dead' director Wright
'I hate the Moor' speaker
'Amadeus' star Tom – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-1-2017#sthash.9KfqeFKY.dpuf

Type of film industry contract
Twitter handle word for a celeb, perhaps
They're hard to sit for
Texter's 'however'
Superlatively bad
Studio sign
Starting on
Source of awakening rays
Sounds of relief
Soft shot
Social reformer Jacob
Smelting waste
Singer k.d
Short period of time, for short
Shopper's decision
Saudi currency
Rights org. since 1909
Quite small
Providers of senior moments?
Pressure meas
Portmanteau word describing some great music … or, initially, four answers in this puzzle
Populates, as a grand jury
Poke fun at
Place for some serious me-time
Patsy of country
Overly focused on minor rules
On a cruise
Not yours, in Tours
Noir sleuth
Neighbor of Turk
Naysayer's contraction
Name on a 1945 bomber
Musician's suffix
Music-playing Apple
Mothers of Invention leader
Mission on a commemorative 1936 stamp
Memo phrase
Many a jukebox tune
Make (one's way)
M&M's choice
Long period of time
Lip balm brand derived from 'evolution of smooth'
Inventor Nikola
Improvises musically
High-occupancy vehicles?
Heart tests, briefly
Gear on slopes
Future flowers
Former justice Antonin
Fiddler's need
Early computer
Dutch city, with 'The'
Distress signal devices
Dismissive word
Dental suffix with Water
Del. summer hrs
D.C. insider
Cupcake finisher
Coral formation
Cooper's tool
Cavity filler's org
Capital south of Moscow
Break down
Back-tied sash
Academic ultimatum
'__ Lisa'
'The Fall of the House of Usher' author
'High Voltage' band
'Hi! I'm … ' badge
'Farewell, ma chère'

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