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crosswords puzzle answers 01/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 01/01/2017

___ Paulo
Zig or zag
Yemeni capital
Wrap up around
Worked as a stockbroker
With 25-Down, financial regulator's requirement
Winter fall?
What might cost you an arm and a leg?
West Coast city known as the Track and Field Capital of the World
Weapon in some Call of Duty games
Washroom feature
Volunteer State sch
Vitamin Shoppe competitor
Vital lines
Venice-to-Trieste dir
Vegan sandwich filler
University associated with the Carter Center
Totally captivates
Tort basis
Tolkien meanie
Things always underfoot
They're found in veins
They may be sealed or broken
Takes from page to screen, say
Straight man
Something to tear into, informally?
Slogs away
Sin of those in Dante's fifth circle
Show anxiety, in a way
She, in Spanish
Sénégal summers
See 19-Down
Samberg and Serkis
Rural postal abbr
Running figure
Results of treaties
Resolutely supported
Rap group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016
Quinze + quinze
Quarters followers
Pulled off
Post-op program
Pope with the longest reign between St. Peter and Pius VI (A.D. 67-1799)
Players last produced in July 2016
Place for bows and strings
Passenger jet
One who knows all the shortcuts, maybe
One end of Paris's Champs-Élysées
On the down-low
Not stay on topic
Nautical sealer
Nag to death
Muss up
Mrs., in Montreux
Mischievous sort
Miles away
Meteorological lead-in to stratus
Marquee locale
Marching band?
Main stem
Magic Johnson, for one
Made peak calls?
Like some salsa
Like an unswept hearth
Left speechless
Kind of fiber
Kicks back
Judge's seat
John Glenn player in 'The Right Stuff'
Japanese 'thanks'
It lays out the lines of authority
It comes in tubes
Instruments played close to the chest, informally
Indra, to Hindus
Immense spans
Imitates Sylvester the Cat
Home of the Triple-A Mud Hens
Hitching post?
Hedge fund pro
Hawaiian 'thanks'
H.O.V. ___
Go-to choice, slangily
Glue trap brand
Giraffe-like beast
Gets bogged down
George Eliot title surname
Game box specification
Fog might push it back, briefly
Flaky minerals
Fits snugly
Fill in for
Fighting tooth and nail
Fawn's mother
Farmer's market alternative
Exclusive event before public availability
Exam with a section known as 'Logic Games,' for short
Epic singers
Elephant pluckers of myth
Early explosive device
Drone regulator, for short
Developer's purchase
Designer Saarinen
Degree in math
Corporation's head tech expert, for short
Companion of Han in 'The Force Awakens'
Card game cry
Capitol group
Capital of Belarus
Candy known for its orange wrapping
Calrissian of 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Build up, as interest
Brazilian supermodel Bündchen
Boy's name that's an Indiana city
Beverage with a floral bouquet
Attacks from above
Attach, as a patch
Apothecary's container
Actor with the line 'Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!'
'That Latin Beat!' bandleader
'Swan Lake' role
'Still, after all this time …'
'Pretty please?'
'Mind … blown!'
'I didn't know that!'
'Antigone' antagonist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-1-2017#sthash.A53iO34C.dpuf

You might find the captain at it
Work hard
Word of division
Withdraw from office
What the football team drank at practice?
What every good pilot must do
Thompson of 'Howards End'
Teapot tempests
State of the Corn Belt
Start a game of gin
Some turkey parts
Solo at the opera
Smell that entices
Slowly, in music scores
Skip past
Ship of Columbus
Send word
Savvy about
Road sign offering a caution
Really spooky
Pro ___ (in proportion)
Preminger of movie fame
Patriot Hale
Orange leftover
One who won't keep off the grass?
No matter what happens, to Porky Pig?
Mountain that Moses climbed
Military scouting mission
Makers of big heads
Lost color
Like seven, but not eight
Light, delicate and airy
Large dark-red oval organs
Landlord, often
Italian city where Columbus was born
It's all uphill from here
It was terrific in the '90s
Inquisition victim
Inexperienced one
In a vertical direction, nautically
Huge hunk of bacon
Homer's bartender
Handbag handles
Gibson of Hollywood
Get some shut-eye
From the mouth
From square one
Formally hand over, as property
Feeling blue
Feature of a putting green
Faux butter
Family origins
Eve's grandson who lived 905 years
Ermine in its brown summer coat
Entree feature, often
End, in Cannes
Domestic beer?
Didn't play an instrument?
Designer Anne
Decidedly wicked
Burg relative
Bullish times
Brief time spans, briefly
Boots out of office
Big-time public speaker
Big goof
Before, in poetry of old
Baseball infield covers
Baby's time-out
As good a time as any, if tipsy?
'Mater' lead-in
'Joie de vivre' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-1-2017#sthash.wwqeMjsg.dpuf

___ mater (brain covering)
Without a warranty
Whom Delilah duped
Whence came the Magi
Trevi cash, once
Tot's taboo
Teller mate
Surfboard application
Super deal
Some 'English,' in billiards
Society of Friends pronoun
Sign of decay
Sighed words
Sets, as a price
Rotten kid
Roll call votes
River Thames race
Racks up
Prime Ministers May and Thatcher
Prefix with metric or bar
Portraitists' stands
Place to doodle
Penn of 'Milk'
Peach ___ (dessert)
Passenger-wanding org
One of the Three Bears
One of the 'north forty'
Not jagged
Mosque leader
Mischievous sort
Many fake ID carriers
Loser to Clinton in 1996
Like Mork
Lends support to
Keep watch on
Innie buildup
Imperfection (and what's at the start of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 28-Down)
Honors with ridicule
Home to much of Russia
Hi-tech data collector
Haggis eater, most likely
Greedy king of myth
Go from ___ (advance slightly)
Georgia home of the Allman Brothers
Geoffrey of fashion
General under Julius Caesar
Gen. Lee's side
Gawain and Lancelot
Gasoline additive
Former lead singer of 98 Degrees
Fearsome dinosaurs, for short
Escaped a loss, maybe
Elicit a grin from
Drinks like a dog
Daunting task
Condiment that may be 'held'
Condiment from the deep
Collins of Genesis
Coal source
Clarence at the 'Monkey Trial'
Centipede game maker
Celestial bear
Canon camera model
Can't do without
Brownie camera insert
Brooklyn hoopsters
Billing unit
Biden's 2008 counterpart
Bar mitzvah dances
Auto registration fig
Austin Powers' neckwear
Anthem contraction
Alexander Hamilton's undoing
Adam of Maroon 5
1980 Dom DeLuise movie
'___ vincit amor'
'___ away we go!'
'Goodnight' girl of song – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-1-2017#sthash.7td5CyGM.dpuf

Wee fellow
Watergate special prosecutor
Watch the birdie?
Vanilla-flavored beverage
Utopian state
TV Guide listings
Tupperware purchase
Trump's second ex
Tout's hangout
Tokay's bouquet
They know how to handle bills
Subject to shame
Spin or rinse
Spa offering
Spa offering
Slangy laugh
Shiny varnishes
Shed ___
San Francisco district
Rigorous evaluations
Reports prejudicially
Realtor-hosted occasion
Raw silk color
Quiche lorraine ingredient
Psychics' detections
Pound sound
Pool enlargers
Pithy plea for permission
Personal welfare
Per item
Parlor picture, colloquially
Nuts, in Nogales
Not alfresco
North-of-the-border gas brand
Monopolize the mirror
Mariner's milieu
Linear or lateral prefix
Latin 101 conjugation
Knocks to the ground
Jet-setter's getaway
James 'Sully' Sullivan's pal in 'Monsters, Inc.'
Hiker created by Martin Handford
Hail damage evidence
Go (for)
Fugue finale
Experiencing an energy crisis?
Euro fraction
Estimation qualifier
Elsa's home in 'Frozen'
Early adders
Digital currency
Devoid of typos
Cube contemporary
Complete the installments on
CNBC topic, on occasion
Cloud in a summer sky?
Cloister kingpin
City near the Florida Trail
Cauldron stirrer
Cartography detail
Bo in the third 'Sharknado' film
Be a benefactor to
Barber's obstacle
Amphitheater sections
Allan-a-Dale, for one
Accounting factor
'What a Wonderful World' starter
'Jews and Words' coauthor Oz
'Great' detective of kiddie lit
'Boston Legal' event – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-1-2017#sthash.uYFzBXs8.dpuf

__ beverage
Yale nickname
World Series winner in 1917
Words of concern
Website with detailed instructions
Volcanic flows
Valencian rice dish
UPS Store customer
Tree squirrel's drey, e.g
Treats inspired by a coal miner in 1917
Traps during a storm, perhaps
They may be checked at the door
Teleprompter's job
Tantrum-prone one
Tagged before reaching, as home
Table scrap
Surgical knife
Subject of an act passed in 1917
String of engagements
Stern with strings
Starting on
Star of David displayer
Spice amts
Sources of pliable wood
Sore spot
Some microbrews
Software glitch
Slow period
Slalom curve
Site with a Pill Identification Tool
Short shot?
Shells from stands
She plays Watson in 'Elementary'
Serving two purposes
Seriously injures
Scottish pirate
Restless folk?
Relative challenge for some
Ready for publication
Rail stop
Prefix with fiction
Pile on
Philosopher Descartes
Pays attention (to)
Orphanage founded in 1917
Only child, maybe
Online admins
Onetime Bahamian pirate base
Olympian queen
Of __ : somewhat
Numerical prefix
Musical with the song 'The Gods Love Nubia'
More than help with
Moo __ pork
Modern problem solver
Middle __
Member of a small ruling class
Many antique radios
Looped in, briefly
Like some ducks?
Like some ale
Like noble gases
Like Beethoven's Ninth
Letters in early dates
Lethal snake
Large group
Kristoff's pet reindeer in 'Frozen'
Key & Peele, e.g
Joey Votto's team
Hoppy brew, for short
Holiday sides
Have choice words for
Handles skillfully
Grandma Moses subject
Gp. once led by Charles Mayo
Goddess who saved infant Zeus from Cronus
Fundraising items first sold in 1917
Full of chutzpah
Frame of Elmer, e.g
Flinch, say
Flight parts
Fielding error
Fairy tale heavies
Fabled toy makers
Fabled thorn victim
El Cantar de mío __: Castilian epic poem
Dunkin' Donuts order
Dry runs
Diva's reward
Desk accessory
David Bowie's love
Dallas-to-Memphis dir
Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor
Crumbly English cheese
Cpls., e.g
Common meal for a tight budget
Column width unit
Column that's beside the point?
Collectors' goals
Code of conduct
Clearasil competitor
Circles of light
Change the price of
Brit. medal
Book with entries
Blue Bird vehicle
Black box, e.g
Bishop's agent
Big name in romance novels
Big name in beauty
Big do
Baker/literacy advocate Wally who hosted 'Learn to Read'
Bad attention-getter in a crowded bar
Bach's east
Athlete's refreshment?
American citizenship grantee in 1917
America bought it from Denmark in 1917
African capital
Additional decision-making factors
2016 Conn Smythe Trophy recipient Sidney
'__ in this together!'
'What __?'
'That's terrible!'
'O Come, __ Faithful'
'Nice job!' reply
'I'm starving!'
'I get it now!'
'Fantastic Mr. Fox' director Anderson
'Don't move'
'Ah … okay'
'À votre __!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-1-2017#sthash.siCblITb.dpuf

__ de plume
WWII foes
Write down, as music
Wine vintage
Window inserts
Vacuum hookups
Urban-curb fixtures
Unnatural, as a photo
Unlucky one
Two-continent country
Trifles (with)
Tip off
Three-card con
Teen faves
Takes five
Swahili word for "freedom"
Store up
Stops for a 44 Down
Stick together
SpaceX head
South Vietnam's last president
Something in the air
Smoke detectors of a sort
Slim to __ (poor odds)
Sits alongside
Set free, in a way
Serengeti scavenger
Sacred chests
Rotating-ball product
Ringed planet
Resells for too much
Repair-bill detail
Rainbow curves
Put up with
Put up with
Put on hold
Protein source
Propelled, as a raft
Propane or butane
Programs in phones
Producer Oscar film for Affleck
Presley's birthplace
Prehistoric predator
Pastor's home
Part of Hawaii
Part of 63 Across' meaning
Parcels out
Out of bounds
Opera habitués
Of armadas
Numero __ (first-rate)
Natural gifts
Nation near Fiji
Mud concoction
Motto on money
More reliable
Mix together
Miniseries starter
MDs' org
Marina __ Rey, CA
Lizard pet for many
Litter's littlest
Less than smooth
Jared of "Dallas Buyers Club"
Jai alai basket
Invitation to fight
In __ straits (desperate)
Hybrid equine
How skinny jeans fit
Hotel lobby
Heavy load
Harder to find
Grammy category
Godzilla's hangout
Go wrong
Give the right
Give birth to
Genesis locale
Garage job, for short
Game-show group
Formal declaration
Fluffy sky sight
Feedbag fodder
End of UNLV's URL
Eighth Amendment phrase
Edible wrapped rolls
Dandy dressers
Curaçao neighbor
Crime lab evidence
Consider, as a case
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Ned
Complains, so to speak
Commerce Dept. arm
Coffeehouse worker
Clothing mishaps
Clothing mishaps
Choir range
Cavalry sword
Casting assignments
Caravan beast
Car-ride company
Came next
Caesarean salutation
Caesarean conquest
Box-office buy, slangily
Bonding agents
Birch family trees
Big bundle
Big brand in bonding
Batting-practice areas
Baseball great Gehrig
Ballerina's wear
Bake-sale orgs
Author Bradbury
Auditor designation
Arthurian paradise
Art Deco artist
Apple cousin
All-stops train
All Saints' Day mo
Aesopian ending
Address label abbr
Actress Tyler
100 Down, for one
) or (, briefly
"__ Miz"
"Your mileage __ vary"
"What a bummer"
"This can't be!"
"The Tempest" sprite
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
"Spirit of '76" instrument
"See ya!"
"Omnia vincit __"
"Oh, dear!"
"Hey, you!"
"Graphic" group
"By the way . . ."

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