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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 31.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 31.08.2017

__ Trinket, 'The Hunger Games' chaperone played by Elizabeth Banks
Wrapped up
Word with carrier or passenger
Witty tweet, e.g
Wite-Out maker
White House signing ceremony memento
What a shark strikes with
Wedding reception sight
Volleyball players in Dublin?
Travel aimlessly
Sturgeon delicacy
Start to skid?
Spring 2008 'Dancing with the Stars' champion Yamaguchi
Small ticks?
Served seconds, say
SALT subject
Salsa singer Cruz
Quechua speakers
Potpourri pouch
Port arrivals
Pockets for falafel
Phillies' div
Partner of abet
One of Franklin's two certainties
Number cruncher in New Delhi?
Novelist O'Brien
Novelist Harper
Nos. averaging 100
New York's __ Island
Musée d'Orsay city
Most of Ariz. doesn't observe it
More melancholy
Mazda MX-5, familiarly
Many a Mideast native
Lute-like instrument
Loses it
Like some dental floss
Like peacocks
Kendrick of 'Pitch Perfect'
Jr. and sr
Jai __
In-tents experience?
In other words, in other words
Hit the ground
Hindu incantation
He served as A.G. under his brother
French spa
Figure skating event
Euros in Rome?
Engineering sch. on the Hudson River
End of __
Drivers' org
Draft day announcements
Deadly snake
Dance lessons in Madrid?
Crossed (out)
Crab Key villain
Cosmonaut Vladimir
CIA predecessor
Bunsen burner kin
Bob, for one
Board member?
Appliance maker since 1934
Airport inspectors in Beijing?
Abbr. in many addresses
'Syntactic Structures' author Chomsky
'Don't __ innocent'

___ Tomb
Without modification
With 44-Across, V.I.P. area represented four times in this puzzle
What a Möbius strip lacks
Transporter with sliding doors
Taking the place (of)
Soccer star Chastain with two Olympic gold medals
Sneakily advance from third
Situation with equal losses and gains
Shift+5 on a keyboard
Shelter staffer
See 31-Across
School founded by Henry VI
Saddle accessories
Rehm of public radio
Rapper who famously feuded with Jay-Z
Quick break
Pilot's surroundings
Parabolic, e.g
Palm ___
Odd group of musicians?
Not a good example
Need for drugs
Mitt Romney's wife
Microsoft offering
Material used in mummification
Material for Icarus' wings
Make out
Luxuries for theatergoers
Locale of hostile criticism, metaphorically
Like most of Maine
Kylo ___ of 'The Force Awakens'
King in 'The Tempest'
Kicker's target
Jobs once in California
Japanese style of chicken
Jack who was quick with a quip
Holder of the Obama cabinet
High-quality cotton
Gavin of 'The Love Boat'
Fish ___
First lady with a popular recipe for 'million-dollar fudge'
F.D.R.-created program with the slogan 'We Do Our Part'
F.B.I. agent, informally
Extra cost for an airline passenger
Consumer's boon
Conjunction in a rebus puzzle
Common email attachment
City with a famous bell tower
Certain whistle blower
Capital on an Asian peninsula
Cannabis, e.g
Business add-on?
Base fig
Automaker whose current models all end in 'X'
Author who did part of his work on Friday
Artist LeRoy
Alternative to a gun
Alternative to '…'
'This puzzle is relatively easy,' say
'The Lord of the Rings' figure
'The King of Football'
'Music for Airports' composer
'How ___ Your Mother'

___ Music (Brian Eno's old band)
Worked on a sub
White sale goods
Wee speck
Wall St. bigwig
Uppermost limit
Tournament Cyberball 2072 maker
Tesla creation
Temporarily inactive
Stipulation that things are on the house at an old drugstore?
Stars sometimes have big ones
Spa treatment
Sounds from the pros
Singer of a complex song
Sex ed subj
Serb or Sorb
Sequoia, e.g
Seacoast flyer
Salad spheroid
Role Nigel Farage played in a 2016 vote?
Region beyond the ozone
Put to rest
Pizzeria sights
Personal number
Personal nature
Patch things up?
One who has a lot of screwdrivers?
One in the upper class
Observe closely
NYSE listing
No longer lying
Narrow point of land
Mexican treat at a Philadelphia university?
Mason's creation
Mailroom tape?
Lift variety
Item flattened in a souvenir machine
Incense ingredient
Huddle in fear
Home of Presque Isle State Park, briefly
Higher than
He had a beef with Biggie
Hammerhead's end
Grp. that confiscates water bottles
Graduation time
Give the Bronx cheer
First name in the Solidarity movement
Fight for 15 concern
Fictional warrior from Amphipolis
Eschew modesty
Dalton's predecessor
Constant nag
Composer Webern
Circumference segment
Chorus line syllable
Capital on the Balkan peninsula
Big bank, of a sort
Be on the fast track?
Amulet for Amenhotep
Allowing eavesdropping, perhaps
Absence of challenge
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof
'The truth is I never left you' singer
'The Shining' prop
'Gangnam Style' rapper
'Doesn't sound familiar'
'Count me as well'
'Claws' network
'Abort, Retry, Fail?' software

___ Gras
Wight, for one
Verdi opera
Type of salt
TV award
Tried to slim down
Translucent gems
Supper, e.g
Stuff on palettes
Spewed forth
Small part for a star
Small clothing size
Shapely fruit
Robert of 'Jaws' or Tommy of Styx
Republicans' foes
Quick barbershop service
Prison weapon
Pool tool
Place for Jazz players
Picnic pests
Ocean liner's rear
Objects of devotion
Mars unit
Make a new blueprint for
Low dam across a stream
Loose-fitting Indian wrap
Like Zeno
Like some battles
Large continent
Kelly on TV
Join together
It may be ironclad
It forms in beads
Infamous emperor
Indian lentil dish (var.)
In any way
Helper on the Hill
Heart chambers
Grow together
Give-whirl link
Gilbert of 'The Talk'
Fist bumps
Fifth Ave. emporium
Eve's home
Common pet
Clock innards
Change prices for a sale, e.g
Chancellor Willy
Certain venomous snake
Certain office worker
CD-___ (PC inserts)
Brainstorming product
Borneo sultanate
Body designs, informally
Blast a fly or baseball
Bard's bedtime?
Atmospheric pressure unit
Artist's plaster surface
Air traffic control devices
Actress Miles
Actor Estrada
Activist Brockovich
Acquire a new tenant
A trio of tools
A team in Chicago
A solo tool
A river in Missouri
A couple of tools
'To ___ is human …'
'Silas Marner' author

___ out (barely managed)
Word before space or limits
Wine and dine
Vengeful feeling
Update the decor of
Unit in the game of Risk
Two-masted sailboats
Trench maker's tool
Tetley offering
Supplied a spread for
Starting lineup
Stark naked
Something to scratch
Softens, with 'down'
Showy spring bloom
Runs about playfully
Ripken Jr. in Cooperstown
Relative of a 1-Across
Ready for a nap
Pub order
Psychic's purported gift, briefly
Propelled, as a dinghy
Proofreader's 'leave it in'
Prepackaged, single-serving meal
Practically cloudless
Poet Pound
Place for a rocking chair
Period when few home runs were hit
Paw's spouse
Orbison who sang 'Oh, Pretty Woman'
Orange seed
On the 15-Across
Now-then connection
New York City tourist attraction, and a hint to this puzzle's theme
Movie about Dr. King's march
Manhattan or London neighborhood
Like yoked oxen
Like the scent of many air fresheners
Like 'Paree,' in song
Letter before theta
Lend a hand
Lay into
Kitchen sink accessory
Kate Middleton, for one
Isle of Scotland's Inner Hebrides
IRA, e.g
In pursuit of
Having a bug
Had a nosh
Grant-awarding org
Gibson ___ Paul guitars
Fraternity kegger, e.g
Forty nickels or 50 pennies
Football ref, slangily
Fez or fedora
Eases off
Dorothy's transport to Oz
Dog-summoner's word
Divvy up
Discs on turntables
Dark clouds, to some
Daiquiri flavor
Cop's ID
Colon, in an emoticon
Cleveland hoopster, for short
Chef who says 'Bam!'
Card game played at many online casinos
Broadway backers
Become swollen
Beachfront view
At hand
Asia's ___ Sea
Antioxidant-rich berry
Airliner maintenance site
'Relax, soldier!'
'Norma ___' (Sally Field movie)
'Green' science
'Fifty Shades of Grey' heroine, briefly

Wrapped up
What triggers some alarms
What nobodies haven't
What CPOs call captains
Weepy rock music
Urban rec centers
Up in the air
Talked long
Take one's leave
Surfing venue
Strong pulls
Specialized slang
Source of silver
She had a "First Wives Club" cameo
Royalty recipient
Rowdy disorder
River above Kentucky
Resistance measures
Reebok rival
Put to the test
Pup squeak
Poetic time
Piece of some roofs
Phoebe on "Friends"
Period in geology
Other than this
Organic elevator
Oral outburst
Network junction
Neo-impressionism pioneer
National League East team
Looped cross
Look angry
Lined up
Less experienced
Legal filing
Julius Caesar opponent
Japanese conductor
It's most likely to succeed
Hot-rod rod
HBO alternative
Goes astray
Get __ on (learn about)
Game extenders: Abbr
Friend from Martinique
Follow closely
Fearful feline portrayer
Earliest-joining member
E-tailer event
Dominate in competition
Dicing candidates
Contrived cough
Classroom with mice
Certain something
Bronco or Cowboy
Boston hockey great
Beleaguered insurance giant
Be abrasive
Backpacking burden
Austen novel
About 8% of 24
About 38% of 24
10-cent portrait
"You said it!"
"The Magic Mountain" author Thomas
"Ransom of Red Chief" writer

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