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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 31.01.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 31.01.2017

Wide shoe size
Tweak, say
TV's 'The Practice,' e.g
Traps in an attic?
Submitted tax returns with a click
Somali-born supermodel
Sock that covers the joint it's named for
Second actress to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony
Sch. near the U.S.-Mexico border
S.O.S shelfmate
Ref's ring decision
Red Sox ballpark
Rapper with a title
Raise a big stink?
Provides staff for
Procter & Gamble laundry detergent
Pops a question
Poolside shade
Pet store enclosures
Pecans and cashews
Part of Congress
Pans for potstickers
Outlaw chasers
Nerdy type
MLB Cardinal's cap letters
Margarine that shares its name with Texas' state flower
Maple extract
Maker of the Genesis game system
Make certain of
Lousy grade
Like many Shakespeare plays
Lear's youngest daughter
JFK's successor
In full view
Hours next to flight nos
Horse feed
High-card-wins game
Helps with the laundry
Happy gatherings
Happily __ after
Hair coloring
Green citrus fruit
Greek sandwich
GM system with an AtYourService app
Genius Bar pro
Frat. counterpart
Ford fiasco
Fish-eating eagle
Fictional Hawaiian police nickname
Door holder's witticism
Deborah of 'The King and I'
Control for an equestrian
Cocktail makers
Champagne stopper or popper
Buckeye State
Branch out
Binged (on), as snacks
Biblical queendom
Ballet leaps
Baby horse
Baby cow
Australia's 'Sunshine State' … or where you might find the ends of 18-, 20-, 38- and 55-Across?
Ambulance fig
Aid in a felony
37-Down containers
'That makes sense'
'Sadly … '
'Now, where __ I?'
'I get it' cries
'Go back' computer command
'Bummer!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017#sthash.mcrXa1MD.dpuf

Work on a loom
Words that can follow the ends of the answers to the starred clues
Word before air, fire or water
Woman who sings 'Burn' in 'Hamilton'
Willing to do
What you might use when you say 'Giddyup!'
Was a passenger
Start of an idea
So-called 'house wine of the South'
Singer Scaggs with the 1976 hit 'Lowdown'
Sign of life
Sean who played Mikey in 'The Goonies'
Scout's shelter
Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May,' e.g
Puzzlemaker Rubik
Put together, as a team
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat, e.g
President after Grant
Prefix with planet
Predecessor of the CW
Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther
Plush fabric
Peanut, for one
Partridge's tree, in a Christmas song
One side of the Pacific
One of the A's in N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr
Mauna ___
Maki, temaki or uramaki
Kazakhstan's ___ Sea
Item that might be fervently wanted by a prisoner
It's always getting stepped on
Hilarity, in Internet-speak
Help at the entrance to a mall
Hearty drink
Hawk's hook
Ham on ___
Had title to
Give a lickin'
Garden of ___
Front of a boat
First winner of horse racing's Triple Crown, 1919
Eyebrow's shape, roughly
Everyone, in Dixie
Encroach on someone's land
Elbow, maybe
Disguised, briefly
Devon cathedral city
Criticize severely
Courage in battle
Computer company with the slogan 'Explore beyond limits'
Competitor of Secret
Color TV pioneer
Camera part
Black, in poetry
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Dan
Band with the hit 'Whip It'
Back on a boat
Aladdin's monkey
Affix again, as a badge
6'11' Channing of the N.B.A
*What a family spends together at the dinner table
*Vessel with a large hold
*Its arrival may be signaled by a ding
*Branches in a storm?
'___ your lip!'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'That's a fine ___ of fish!'
'Seinfeld' stock character?
'Now ___ seen it all!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017#sthash.QeoTwLBk.dpuf

Works the soil
Web portal with a butterfly logo
Wallet bill
Wallet bill
Trellis climbers
The Pont Neuf crosses it
Tangential remark
Sundial numeral
Sound of derision
Sound engineer's subject
Skimpy swimwear
Six-pack muscles
Single once more
Sewing machine part
Robert Burns's 'Comin' ___ the Rye'
Recipe amt
Prolonged attack
Product of VII, VIII and IX
POTUS between HST and JFK
Pie pans
Pastel hue
Oz. and lb
Old salts
Old oath
Old MacDonald had an orbit's closest point..
Not oblivious
Not nude
Negative conjunction
Mob gone wild
Missing, military-style
Massachusetts college town
Marks with small dots
Make a sudden course correction
Lennon's love
Kyles, better known as 'the Entertainer'
It might be on the line
Is ominous
Hurt badly
Halve, say
Gin-flavoring fruit
Gdansk natives
Furry shoulder warmer
Exhibited fright
Et ___ (and others)
Ending for racket or rocket
Drink chiller
Diets successfully
Diamonds, e.g
Demonstrating determination
Countertenor's counterpart
Character sought in children's books
Cantaloupe's cousin
Boldly innovative
Bloodsucking fly
Blight on the landscape
Badminton barrier
Air traffic controller's place
1972 Winter Olympics site
…with a World War I leader here..
…everywhere a Canadian singer..
…and on his farm he had a fondness for something..
…and a Norse explorer there..
'___ Dinah' (Frankie Avalon hit)
'The Party's Over' composer Jule
'Old MacDonald' refrain, and a feature of the five longest Across answers
'Lou Grant' star
'Ivanhoe' author
'Indeed!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017—Farm-Team#sthash.RDqTEJw5.dpuf

___ boom (jet sound)
Wraparound garment in India
What the heavy-footed motorist had exiting the highway?
What the foggy weatherman had when daydreaming?
Wharton degree
Used a firehouse pole
Use a surgical beam on
Trains that rattle
Things to appease diner patrons whose tables are not ready?
Tennis match makeup
Strong smell
Stew of various ingredients
Standardized thing
Spiral-horned antelope
Small arm of the sea
Slow-moving creature
Set of beliefs
Score symbol
Run without urgency
Reddish-brown dye
Purse part
Purple hue
Principles of good conduct
Pike's discovery
Packaged hay?
Outrigger paddle
Org. for doctors
Operatic highlight
NYC attraction for the cultured
Number on a baseball card
Not his or hers?
Mountain chains
Modern navigation tool
Mob investigators
Massage muscles
Makes a wrong turn or guess
Long, monotonous speech
Little Havana's locale
Like Satan and his minions
Leftover food scraps
Knockout punch, sometimes
Kitty sounds
Historic periods
Hard puzzle to figure out
Good thing to have in your eye
Go with great haste
Gets with the times
Gets a decisive chess win
Five-armed sea creature
Favre who threw bombs
Englishman in colonial India
Duck in a tale?
Diminutive ending
Dickinson or Harmon
Deteriorates and then some
Deeply attentive
Deep divide
Dashing revolution monitor?
Dash of panache
Crop grown by George Washington
Consist of, as a plan
Circuit breakers eliminate them
Cafeteria server for liquids
Cafe order, sometimes
Brownish songbird
Branches, to birds
Big name in computers
Beige relative
Be optimistic
Aphrodite's child
'The Magic Mountain' author Thomas
'Remington ___' (old TV show)
'Into ___ life …'
'Heat of the Moment' band – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017#sthash.2VpKYtI5.dpuf

___ Dhabi
___ Canyon (Utah attraction)
Zap with a stun gun
Yin/yang principle
Yale products
Worked like Rumpelstiltskin
Words at the watercooler, maybe
Word before bull or cross
Word before 'Liftoff!'
Wayne of Wayne Manor
Wardrobe ruiner
Think tank product
Stupefy, slangily
Standing O, say
Source of clean energy
Some JFK guesses
Solemn assent
Singer with a five-octave-plus range
Shrine Game side
Serving with sauerkraut
Salt's 'Halt!'
Right out of the box
Results of most pop flies
Really enjoys
Rail-riding wanderer
Pueblo bricks
Poetic palindrome
Particles with + or – symbols
Orange juice component
One side in sports negotiations
Oktoberfest quaff
Not very many
Nest egg letters
Mrs. Mitt Romney
Mind-numbing routine
Military bigwig
Medically induced condition, maybe
Mars rover org
Make weaker
Lomond and others
Leave speechless
Least stringent
Key underling
Jersey utterance
Huff and puff
Home to all but one MLB team
Hero's bestowal
Helps with a heist
Handle crudely
Gun designer ___ Gal
Grammarian's concern
Fence pickets
Do penance
Do a slow burn
Didn't keep mum
Dapper dude?
Cut back, as expenses
Come down in sheets
Channel that airs B&W films
Carry the pigskin
Bynes of 'Hairspray'
Bush 41 and 43, to Yale
Bread with falafel
Between ports
Ballerina's wear
Bagel filler, perhaps
At the zenith of
Apple introduction of 2001
Appetite-whetting allures
Annoying pop-ups
Add fertilizer to
'Well, duh!'
'The Taming of the Shrew' city
'I'm ___ mood to argue' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017#sthash.wYqFXDAd.dpuf

__ Grey tea
Worry (about)
Wood for a model plane
Without a warranty
Where sailors go
When a coffee break might start
Went to a lot of trouble
Walk inside
Up to the task
Try to convince
Tricky tactics
Tough riddle
That fellow's
Starting poker stake
Start of a play
Start of a "crowd" maxim
Sport on horseback
Spew forth
Song from the past
Somewhat, slangily
Sneeze sound
Smartphone download
Smartly dressed
Slugger's stat
Sixth sense, for short
Shuts tightly
Shopper's sheet
Scottish girl
Sail support
Restraining rope
Refusing to budge
Read bar codes
Prince William's mother
Point on a comb
Poetic sphere
Pea holders
Opposite of fem
Opera solo
On the summit of
Old-style "Sweet!"
More reasonable
Makes a blunder
Lose one's footing
Lie in the sun
Large parrot
Historical period
Hand in
Grocery vehicle
Garden digging tool
From the city
Even score
Emotional support
Doe or stag
Cry of disbelief
Computer screen symbols
Coloring experts
Break sharply
Black eye
Any liquid
Alternatives to hot showers
Academy Award
"You're being too nosy!"
"To recap . . ."
"Time for me to go!"
"I wish it could be!"
"Gimme a break!"
"Don't look __ like that!"
"Are you __ out?"
"And so on, and so on" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-31-2017#sthash.tF8x8RCS.dpuf

Word with Carolina or Dakota
Torero's plaudit
This exam's max. score is 180
They're usually seen with sandals
Text qualifier
Tailor's fold
Some like them hot
Solemn assent
Slip away, as time
Slightly sour candy
Site for dirty dishes, perhaps
Serf of ancient Sparta
Selling point
Scott Turow memoir
Savers' options, for short
Run longer than expected
Rescue mission, briefly
Reading to a spoiled brat?
Put into words
Poisonous plant
Point ___ return
Platter shape, perhaps
Pinellas Peninsula city, familiarly
Oregon city located along the Willamette River
Often-repeated phrase
New parents' selection
Neighborhood spot for some brewskis
Nautical speed unit
Narcissistic preoccupation
Movie terrier
Molten matter
Military storage site
Makes a choice
Legendary toymakers
Legendary archer
Lasting impression, of a sort
Lab eggs
Kindle rival
Julia's 'Ocean's Eleven' role
Island nation near Sicily
Have the courage
Have debts
Hannah of 'Blade Runner'
Get hitched in a hurry
German autos
From India or Japan
Fez feature
Exchange words, perhaps?
Evil spirit
European peak
Essen's country (abbr.)
Email address feature
Does some ground work
Do an impression of
Detroit squad member
Deep cut
Couldn't abide
Chicks to hang with
Chewed out
Certain Caltech grad (abbr.)
Cat with a dappled coat
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Bring up the rear
Birthstone before topaz
Beginning of Juliet's balcony speech
Barnyard abode
Bakery offering
Archipelago part
Alpha's opposite
Acadia National Park locale
1970 Kinks hit
'Street Without Joy' Vietnam War journalist
'So long, amigo'
'Not interested'
'Field of Dreams' setting

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