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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.08.2017

__-baked potatoes
__ salts
__ Navy: discount retailer
__ fringe: fanatical extremists
__ fit: tantrum
__ cheese
Trek on a trail
Touch gently
Tie-ending qtrs
Tequila source
Student's all-nighter
Sports figures
Solitary sort
Sneezing sound
Sketchbook, e.g
Significant stretch
Signal of distress
Seal the deal
Red billiard ball
Rank between marquis and viscount
Praises highly
Polo maker that's a Polo rival
Philanthropist Broad
Passes over
Nutritional abbr
Necklace globule
Moisten while roasting
Martini garnish
Make emphatically, as a point
Macao Science Center designer
Links figure
Like noble gases
Like aggressive investments
Like a mid-17th century English government
Letter after upsilon
Latin clarifier
Keats' '__ on Indolence'
Je t'__: French 'I love you'
IV units
Italian wine region
It's just over a foot
Issuer of bulls
Heavy reading?
Grade for exceptional work
Former 'Inside the NFL' host Dawson
Film critic Pauline
Electronic music's Daft Punk, e.g
Ed.'s acquisitions
Dress named for a letter
Dilation target
Dessert with a caramelized top
Course of study that may include forensics
Cookware material
Comic/writer/activist Izzard
Comfy lounging wear
Colombian city
Car's impact-absorbing structural feature
Bygone U.K. record label
Brigantine's pair
Bridge support
Body part with a bridge
Bitterly pungent
Angel dust, for short
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' actress Marisa
'Listen up!'

Workout unit
With 45-Down, some drawing rooms
Winner of 46 gold medals at the Rio Olympics
What comes in waves?
Top defenseman of all time, per The Hockey News
The Rebels of the S.E.C
The 'se' in per se
The 'L' in this store's logo hints at the store's name
Temper, as metal
Teed off
Stuff oneself
Smooth cotton thread
Skip over
She, in Portuguese
Set (down)
See 19-Across
Sea creature with eight arms
Rep. or Dem., e.g
Ranted (at)
Popular Jazz Age instrument
Perez who was nominated for an Oscar for 'Fearless'
Pentathlon needs
Part of a water park
Not getting along (with)
No longer in bed?
N.F.L. QB Carr
Milk source
Mayella ___, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' character
Marsupial without a tail
Landfill emanation
Kind of renewal
Kauai keepsake
Jong who wrote 'Fear of Flying'
Item with a 39-Across
Item with a 39-Across
It may be coddled
Ice pad?
He said 'What Washington needs is adult supervision'
Grandpa Walton, for short
Govt. loan backer
Going to experience
Fortunetelling aid
Forgo the teleprompter, say
Follower of 'me' as a statement and 'you' as a question
Flight attendant
Filled again, in a way
Eye woes
End of ___
Earth tone
Dirt movers
Cyber Monday business
Cake finishers
Cabbage or kale
Book slips
Blind side?
Bit of cream
Big ___
Ballet support
Ancient barbarians
Aid after a neck or ankle injury
*Throwing ___ (dissing someone publicly)
*Say impetuously
*Rock band with six #1 British hits in the 1970s
*Pointed … and the end of the word ladder
*Not pointed … and the start of an eight-step word ladder
*Not be a pig
*Feature of a 24- and 36-Down
*Announce with great fanfare
*'Paul ___: Mall Cop' (2009 comedy)
'My man'
'Guy's Big Bite' Food Network host

Zealanders, e.g
Work group
Words to a betrayer
Winona's role in 'Beetlejuice'
West Coast NFLer
Watts of 'The Impossible'
Trump, for one
They may reveal one's true colors
Theatrical pieces
Take in, take on or take up
Syrupy sentiment
Successor of Claudius
Strategy in a difficult situation
Squeaks from Pekes
Sorting through data
Soft shoe, casually
Shucking unit
Shoot the breeze
Shipwright of old
Shell, apple or target, e.g
Set out
Self-conscious question
Sch. support group
Scanners at JFK
Presidential promise
Prairie dwelling
Plural possessive
Plea from eager beavers
Pasteurize, in a way
One that inspires?
Next-to-last letter
Naturalist nicknamed 'John of the Mountains'
Mississippi or Missouri
Microscope part
Mexicali and Calexico, and a hint to this puzzle's perimeter answers
Mama moose
Lures into bad behavior
Lord of the rings?
Like a lamb
Just fine
Islam's holiest city
Impediment to romance, perhaps
Holiday trimmings
Holiday centerpiece
Heading up?
He might make himself clear
Hardly swanky
Gym routine popular in the 1990s
Future fish
Evil spell
Ebenezer's utterance
Drink order
Daytime refreshers
Crude abode
Coverage by the press
Cloud addition?
City known for its beef
Check for messages, perhaps
Casual greeting
Care provider, briefly
Budget rental
Brunch beverage
Broadway statuette
Bookie busters
Bit of code?
Be a real poser?
Audition rejects
Athlete's optimal effort
Add to, as a bill
2017 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Rodriguez
'To Kill a Mockingbird' author
'Fargo' affirmative
'Cool' amount of cash
'Bull' carrier

___-pants (wise guy or girl)
___ out a living (just gets by)
Words to live by
Word with 'moth' or 'half'
Word linking two dogs?
Without paddling implements
With a fresh twist
West of old Hollywood
Upped a lawn's pH level
Tall cupboardlike structure
Stylish anagram of 'lean'
Strong desires
Stellar server at Wimbledon
Steep, rugged cliff
Slimming couple?
Simple breakfast
Securing, as a door
Secretive 'Hey, buddy'
Respectful address to a king
Reparation for being disgusting?
Reddish pigments
Radio bribery scandal
Powerful Army helicopters
Plastic ___ Band
Place to test reflexes
One who is conceited and disgusting?
On the calmest side, at sea
Off-the-wall sound
Obviously embarrassed
Not exactly round
Nat or Natalie of music
MIT grad, often (abbr.)
Make money?
Like a ram
Legendary performer Horne
Lacking grace
Isle or terrier type
Instrument for Orpheus
In court
Have throbbing pain
Gray wolf
Garden pest
Foot parts
Firebug's crime
Feature of a fedora
Fanciful pitcher
Express one's thoughts
Disgusting Wings song?
Director Sergio
Czar called 'Terrible'
Continental cash
Check out, in a grocery store
Chaser of Capone
Capital of Bolivia
Calamari source
Brown co
Braying beast
Blue green 'water' color
Birch relative
Attachments to 29-Across or 'party'
And others, briefly
An orderly arrangement
Amazing success
Actress Mason
29-Across solo
'The Magic Flute,' for one
'T'aint!' opposite
'Ick!' relative
'Fargo' affirmative
'Cheers' waitress

___ Swifty (bit of wordplay)
___ Bread (bakery-cafe chain)
Zips along
Writes like the stereotypical doctor
Worked together perfectly
Word with a Homer head-slap
Word on a library bookmark
Word before elephant or flu
Whine like a weakling
Weakens, as support
Vegetable in the onion family
Use a divining rod
Underground resource
Threw in
Surface at 68-Across
Successful on one's own
State bordering British Columbia
Start of a spring thaw, perhaps
Ski resort near Montpelier
Sioux City's state
Signal of imminent danger
Shelter rescue, perhaps
Sewn border
Seller of Kallax shelves
Rule against
Roosters' homes
Rides for celebs
Raided the fridge
Quick to catch on
Pricey topping for crackers
Pork fatback product
Play for a sucker
Place for hay
Place for a cheat's ace
Perfume ritually
Pea concealer, in a con game
Part of FWIW
Opera phantom's instrument
Mythical meanie
Mixer that came in siphon bottles
Merit badge recipient
McCoy of country music
Many vacation houses
Loses a winter coat
Line in the game of hangman
Lime-grapefruit diet drink
Like some phones or cards
Like a campfire story
Letters on Forever stamps
Knocks out, in a way
Jazz trio, say
In need of Icy Hot
Hero sellers
Harp's ancestor
Gunslinger's dare
Grover's red Muppet pal
Get into character
First-string squad
Fax button
Eligible for 'The Biggest Loser'
Drop a pop-up, say
Did caricatures
Cruise itinerary listing
Comes clean, with 'up'
Coaster on 56-Down
Clan emblem
Carnac the Magnificent, e.g
Campfire stories
Barnyard brooder
Banshees' cries
Bandmate of Lennon
Animals that stood erect in 'The Far Side'
A podiatrist may analyze it
A low-flow toilet can lower it
'You're something ___!'
'Sounds good!'

__ four (small cake)
Wander about
Vietnam's capital
Unopened blossom
Ultimatum ender
Thesaurus listing: Abbr
The color of honey
Teachers' org
Takes a stab at
Swerve suddenly
Successor of the franc
Stubborn equines
Steals from
Speak hoarsely
Southernmost area of Florida
Slightest amount
Series' demo episode
Run-down in appearance
Roll-call response
Rodent pets
Prince Andrew, the Duke of __
Priests' dressing rooms
Prefix for pod or cycle
Pharmacy order, for short
Pass into law
One way to pay
On the way out
Oil cartel
O'Donnell of TV talk
Mountaineer's starting point
Marmalade bit
Large section of an atlas
Joins with a blowtorch
Increase, as a lead
Hydroelectric power agcy
Houston ball club, informally
Hold firmly
Hockey footwear
High-five sound
Frozen waffle brand
Fish eggs
Fern seed
Farm pen
Essayist's piece
Desert formation
Criticizes, so to speak
Comics punch sound
Clumsy one's remark
City's outskirts, for short
Chop down
Chop down
Chinese temple
Charged atom
Certain smart elementary-school student
Buffet meal carrier
Break sharply
Big shot, briefly
Ballpark beverage
Arroz con __ (chicken dish)
Alternative to a taxi
Adversary of U.S. Grant
Actress Longoria
Abel's dad
2012 Affleck film
"__ making myself clear?"
"__ a Grecian Urn" (Keats work)
"Quite contrary" girl of rhyme
"Good Will Hunting" actress
"Annie Hall" director

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