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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.06.2017

__ firma
__ Domani: Italian wine brand
Yale founder Yale
Woodshop tools
Up to, briefly
The teensiest bit
Tale spinner
Suckling spot
Sport whose champions are called 'yokozuna'
Small opening?
Sass from a young lion?
Roadside retreat
Resigned words
Raise a stink?
Puppet's desire to manipulate Shari Lewis for a change?
Point of view
Piano recital piece, e.g
Org. with body scanners
Ones turning in stories
One working at a base
One filling in
One bit
Non-shaving razor name?
Myopic Mr
Moll's leg
Molecular particles
Mink relative
Marine predator
Mad men?
Lou who stole 938 bases
Long Island airport town
Like a mosquito bite
Lead-in to roll or spree
Lazy lady's man?
Know-nothing swine?
Kin of gov
It's not new
Issuer of nine-digit ID nos
Hockey advantage
Graph paper design
GoPro product, briefly
Gettysburg Address feature
Friends abroad
French landmass
Former JFK lander
Formally relinquish
Fond du __, Wisconsin
Fast entry
Farm sound
Elbow one's way
Cry of fright
CoverGirl competitor
Come to light
Come off as
Co-owner of the Pequod
Chihuahua cheers
Cephalopod wizard's game?
Car rental giant
BlackBerries, e.g
Before thou know'st
Baja vacation spot
Asian citrus fruit
Aetna rival
Actress Kaczmarek or Krakowski
'To Kill A Mockingbird' setting
'Tiny Bubbles' singer
'The Razor's Edge' novelist
'Let me repeat myself … '
'Knock it off!'
'I was home alone,' perhaps
'Here, I'll do that'
'Conan' channel
'Adam Bede' novelist

___ Vogue
___ gratia
Wished could be undone
Wind sounds
Where the Shannon flows
Where Molson Coors is TAP
What many Brits don't spell 'realize' with
Trouble in the night
Trim, in a way
Tower of ___ (classic math puzzle)
Took for a fool
Titular Salinger girl
Tennis's Petrova
Tarboosh feature
Tapes, maybe
Strong connection?
Skiing great Lindsey
Really stress
Put down
Puma prey
Providers of limited coverage?
Place to pray
Place of outdoor meditation
Own (up)
Only word spoken in Mel Brooks's 'Silent Movie'
One may be straight
One involved in monkey business?
Nondairy spread
No more
Natural energy source
More than conjecture
Locale in 'Do the Right Thing'
Like a control freak
Impudence, slangily
Humorous as opposed to strange
House shower
His assassination sparked W.W. I
Harbor seal
H&M competitor
Given the short end of the stick
For the taking
Food processors, informally
Flower girl, sometimes
Feeling that everyone's having fun without you, in modern lingo
Famed Indian burial site
Excessively sentimental
Dieter's piece of cake?
Designer behind the Dolly Girl perfume
Desi Jr. of the 1960s group Dino, Desi & Billy
Coin introduced by Louis IX
Classic sitcom sign-off
Catches in the act
Campaign of flattery
Big appetite
Back again
500, e.g
1983 song that begins 'Hate New York City'
1969 Peace Prize agcy
'That's no challenge'

___ costs (by any means)
You can call it Suriname
WWW address
Woman's wear
Where to see 'The Last Supper'
Utter falsehood
Typical high school student
Type of pump in the basement
Think alike on a subject
The many in a pharmacy
Sundial number
Stuff at the bottom of the barrel
Sticky mammoth trapper
Spins around
Sounds from a pigeon coop
Some elaborate solos
Santa ___ winds
Rugged mountain ridges
Rich, custard-filled cake
Religious faction
Puts in office
Pooch identifier
Poet's Muse
Place for massages
Panache or ardor
Oktoberfest mugs
Night, in old poetry
Muscle twitches
Metal thread
Martini ingredient
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Loose cloaks
Lock of hair
Like music without a key
Like any lawn
It's traditionally burned at Christmas
It may provide a golden opportunity
It is shortened?
It dissolved on Dec. 31, 1991
In spite of, for short
Ill-gotten gains
Holing devices
Heep created by Dickens
Hands over formally
Gumbo ingredient
Group's tenets
Fox hole, e.g
Former African colony that began in Brazzaville
Female Japanese entertainer
Female Bobbsey
Fascinated by
Eye with a wink?
Extremely wise one
Extreme happiness
Estimate property values, e.g
Entrance's opposite
Engraver's tool
Easy to lift
Dos Passos trilogy
DDE's nickname
Country that lost its direction?
Cotillion star, briefly
Cause, as havoc
Bun on the head
Baby's first and second word?
Airport guesstimates
100 equal a dinar
'___ in victory' (part of an alphabet lesson)
'___ Heroes' (classic TV show)
'To conclude …'
'A Farewell to ___'

Wintour of fashion
Wile E. Coyote's supplier
Veteran news anchor with five Emmys
Two-seat auto
Traveling trio on some Christmas cards
Traditional Oktoberfest steinful
Timely benefit
Time spent on duty
Throwing a hissy fit, say
Throaty 'beg pardon . . .'
The Ninja Turtles, e.g
Surname at Tara
State with a three-word capital
Star in Lyra
Stamps out
Slow-moving tree dweller
Slinkys, for instance
Slimy garden pest
Sings like Satchmo or Tom Waits
Runs with an easy gait
Runny white cheese
Ran like the dickens
Poems with dedicatees
Part of a Happy Meal
Org. with body scanners
Mountaineer's objective
Most desirable to collectors, as a rule
Mighty Joe Young and kin
Memory unit, for short
Maxim's target readership
Mallgoer's carryall
Make up for a misdeed
Lint-collecting navel
Librarian's gadget
Leave bankrupt
Landlocked land's lack
Kindling-maker's tool
It's struck at a photo shoot
Is out of sorts
Insect with striped wings
Hen's resting place
Health buff's haven
Give the OK
Get extra mileage from
Garments in summer storage, perhaps
Furniture maker's overlay
Foxx who played Ray Charles
Flurry of corporate acquisitions
Easter service
Each, slangily
Dunkin' Donuts beverage, slangily
Do a shepherd's annual job
Direction on a Tang container
Diamond surfaces
Credit union offering
Corporate catchphrases
Copier problem
Come-as-you-___ party
Cheer to a flamenco dancer
Cellphone notice
Cargo quantities
Canal with 35 locks
Call to the preacher
Bug 'caught' by 17- and 59-Across and 10- and 24-Down
Bird with orange plumage
Biblical smasher of tablets
Bambi's home
Avoiding a pothole, perhaps
Array in the pickle aisle
Anti-unemployment protest of sorts
Amass, as a debt
Altar assent
Alley-___ (basketball maneuver)
Agronomists' samples
55-Across employee
'Parade' composer Erik
'Don't take another step!'
'Close, but no cigar'

Zapper's targets
XXXIV tripled
What papyrus was made from
Weepy rock music
Venerable sci-fi play
Tuna salad ingredient
Top-billed "Cabaret" name
Special talent
Spanish-American War catalyst
Sound of cutting
Small bottle
Slot in a cast
Shakespearean general
Seller of many university T-shirts
School with a "Gumbo" yearbook
School cafeteria fare
Reality TV judge Goodman
Readies for testimony
Pt. of IOC
Pre-check checkpoint agcy
Plays on stage
Plank-joining devices
Pinto-bean alternative
Physician in the Senate
Patients' Bill of Rights supporter
Participate in a pastime
Oration stations
Of high standing?
Novelist Brashares
New Zealanders, so to speak
Monica Seles, by birth
Meteoric fall
Make sense
MA hopeful's hurdle
Kitty call
Joining (with) a cause
Italian crossover tenor
Isn't oneself
Interviewer's invitation
High-pH compound
Hidden theme of the puzzle
Guys who go along
Guitarist Segovia
Group of judges
Got a promotion
Fruity dessert
Foretokens of misfortune
First cloned mammal
Factual figure
Either Mr. Wright
Decision maker's list
Dans cette localité
Completely revised
Città del __ (microstate)
Chevy seen in NASCAR races
Canned wiener
Camry competitor
Brief moment
Brief metrical tribute
Bistro with bamboo
Better reasoned
Be a model for
Avenue __ Champs-Élysées
At this juncture
Asks and asks and asks
Air France hub
Afghans, for example
A qtr.'s baker's dozen
A big fan of
60+-year diarist
"__ all work out"

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