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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.05.2017

__ rasa: clean slate
__ Major
__ jar
Willem of 'American Psycho'
Where to learn to crawl?
Where season ticket holders sit
Upper limb
UFO crew, supposedly
Twistable cookie
Triangular road sign
Tickle Me Elmo toy company
Texter's 'Yikes!'
Tag sale tag words
Sticks (to)
Steak-lobster combo, on menus
Start of some email subj. lines
Stage performer
Skewered Indonesian dish
Single-masted ships
Share parts with
Season ticket holder, probably
Say openly
Risqué message
Remove respectfully, as a hat
Prepare (oneself), as for a shock
Pod veggies
Oral health org
Off the wall
Musical group with conga drums
Minded the kids
Military day's march
Mike and Carol's blended TV family
Margery of kids' rhyme
Lost it all
Like some hunting jackets
Like medieval Europe's social structure
Lather on lattes
Kitty Hawk locale … and what the circled letters graphically represent
Japanese noodle
In any case
Hungry, probably
Hitchhiker's digit
Heckler's cry
HBO's 'Game of __'
Had a religious awakening
Grow old
Gridiron strategy
Grand __: wine label words
Folk singer Seeger
Fish-and-chips fish
Drug cop
Dream letters
Discuss to death
Dinner holder
Couple's possessive
Country singer Tucker
Combat vet's affliction, briefly
Cincinnati NFL team
Chinese currency
Chimney receptacle
Catch sight of
Around 10:00 a.m
Apple computers
Alumna bio word
Adjective for a British Invasion foursome
A6 automaker
'The Simpsons' shop owner
'Star Wars' princess
'Oh, of course!'
'Mamma __!': 5-Down musical
'Kid Tested' cereal
'Got it, man'
'For __ a jolly … '
'Dancing Queen' pop group – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-30-2017#sthash.d0znFIcr.dpuf

___ exam
___ 360 (game console)
Zoo collection
Wine quality
Where Nepal is
Waterproof fabric
Upset stomach remedy [Brontë governess]
Took advantage of
The end
The decimal system
Text message button
Tell all
Tasseled Turkish topper
Surface for chalk writing
Sprint competitor
Sondheim's '___ the Woods'
Ska relative
Shakespeare, for one
Rogen of 'Neighbors'
Religion with the Five Pillars
Really made the point [TV surgeon played by Ellen Pompeo]
Raggedy ___
Public transit option
Pronoun for two or more
Prize you don't want on 'Let's Make a Deal'
Pre-service announcement?
Praising poem
Peruvian of long ago
Open ___ (start at the bar, maybe)
One starting a story 'Back in my day …,' say
One side of a Stevenson character
Olympic symbol
Modern bookmark
Mexican moolah
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles'
List component
Liquid hospital supply
Like a silhouette [19th-century U.K. prime minister]
Justice Gorsuch
Its logo consists of four interlocking circles
It helps you see plays in replays
Island wrap
Horse breed known for dressage [western writer]
Highest figure in sudoku
Guitarist's key-changing aid
Genesis garden
Fearsome dino
Event with 48-Down dancing
Dwight's opponent in 1952 and '56
Dropped a bit
Debussy's sea
Dance at a 52-Down
Collection of textbook chapters
Clarinet piece
Chrysler truck
Catholic service
Brains … or this puzzle's four circled names?
Boxer Drago of 'Rocky IV'
Bolt go-with
Bogged down
Bend to one side
Beach hill
An ex of Donald Trump
20 dispensers
'Storage Wars' network
'My goodness!'
'Let's go!' to sled dogs
'Finding Dory' fish
'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' musical – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-30-2017#sthash.JtON21Wl.dpuf___ mater
Zen garden grains
Youngster in Winnie-the-Pooh stories
Without exception
Within earshot
Weight room unit
Vertical graph line
Toddler's training site
To whom a despot answers
Titled lady
Tip in a Russian restaurant
Tabby's treat
Sun-baked houses
Style of the Chrysler Building
Some summer babies
Show disrespect for
Seize by force
Riyadh resident
Ragu rival
Question for a blood donor
Queen's realm
Public speaker's asset, and a phonetic hint to a feature of the starred answers
Prerequisite to glory
Power poker pair
Org. for Lexi Thompson
Obsolete PC monitor
Not contrary to law
Nick's relative
Money of music
Mob leader
Like the Chrysler Building
Lens solution brand
Lena of 'Havana'
Large water pipes
Kilmer of 'The Doors'
Item from Santa's sack
In the way of
Hydrochloric, e.g
Gulf States VIP
GI's mail drop
GI support group
Fox sidelines reporter Andrews
Foreman foe
Fitting name for a mechanic
Fast period
Easy targets
Device available with a Fusion Drive
Despot played by Forest
Deeply engrossed
Cocktails served with an onion garnish
Coal or gas, e.g
Capitol capper
Camping tent fabric
Butcher's scraps
Bug exterminator?
Beltway environs
*Like many 2016 election votes
*Knowledgeable mogul navigator
*Kachina doll maker
*Figure on a major case
'Yes and no'
'Twittering Machine' artist
'Star Wars' creator
'Sounds like a plan!'
'Not guilty,' often
'Night and Day' songwriter
'How stupid of me!'
'Do ___ say!'
'American Gods' author – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-30-2017—Aye-Aye,-Sir!#sthash.r4Wlx9Ty.dpufYoung conger
WSW opposite
Word with 'tooth' or 'head'
Web ending for some
Virginia's nickname
Vietnamese capital
Top-notch, in ratings
Time machine's destination
Things to be paid
The Mississippi, in song
Tai ___ (martial art)
Strip a sailing vessel
Stately horse
Started, as a fire
Spanish diacritical mark
Source of a tirade
Some tides
Some Latin dances
Small parts of circles
Short introduction
Scrooge, i.e
Ridiculously meaningless
Quill-dipping locale
Prison pokers
Prepared introduction?
Physique, in slang
Photo ___ (media events)
Pestered for payment
Persistently annoying pest
Part of a hurricane
Oft-donated stuff
Merry soul of nursery rhymes
Like some ritzy communities
Light on one's feet
Lao-Tze's 'way'
Laid-out, organized arrangement
King's land in a Broadway hit
It lays on a farm
Horse feed
Hidden hoard
Hawaiian guitar
Glacier part
Gigantic extinct mammal
Feverish condition
Far from feminine
Evidence in an FBI lab
Every day has one
Escort through a door
Elephant eater of myth
Eastern nanny
Dadaist Max
Concert gear
Common conjunction
Color of Chairman Mao's little book
Chocolate factory fixture
Chased away, as a bug
Cause of chest pains
Catch a criminal red-handed
Car with plenty of legroom
Burgundy grape
Brownish-yellow color
Bounding or springing
Bone in the leg
Baltic, Aegean or Bering
Author Jules
Any merchant, essentially
Angler's tool
After-school drink of the '50s
Active, rapid commotions
'___ circumstances beyond our control …'
'Merrily we roll ___'
'First off …'
'Eat up!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-30-2017#sthash.Rr5De507.dpuf

__ Paulo, Brazil
Yuletide door decoration
Window ledge
What to call a king
Waiting line
Vacation facility
Totals up
The slightest opportunity
Square footage
Small place of worship
Sign of fire
Shipping box
Shipped off
Sharpshooter Oakley
Sharp reprimand
Scrapes by, with "out"
Sandwich cookies
Room for a broom
Reversal of direction
Realistic portrayal
Price stickers
Places for laces
Photo of the photographer
Overly insistent
Operatic solo
One aspirin
Odor detector
Northwestern potatoes
Net fabric
NASA's "Totally fine"
Mystical glows
Mouse's sound
Most evil
Most current
Modify, as the Constitution
Minor quarrel
Mama's mate
Makes level
Long tooth
Largest continent
Kid around with
Jamaican liquor
Hasn't yet paid
Fuss over one's attire
Forget-__ (flower)
Football coach's crew
Food, informally
Fishing pole
Find a new purpose for
Dutch cheese
Deep black
Copier powder
Continue until
Churn up
Chickens' home
Caribbean or Aegean
Bushy hairdo
Bundle of wheat
Be successful
Bangkok resident
Atlas contents
A party to
A Great Lake
A Great Lake
911 responders: Abbr
"__ Lisa"
"Pay __ mind"
"Get lost!"
"Better late __ never"
"Am not!" response – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-30-2017#sthash.cFwkOvQY.dpuf

___-eared rabbit
Young Scots
Word in French surnames
Treater's phrase
The majority of Greenlanders
Talking head's delivery
Sundae topping
Sunburn aftermath
Stuck at a dead-end job, say
Starting-date phrase
Staples Center, e.g
Sports team on the Thames
Source of most moonlight
Solve, as a geometry problem
Showed contempt for
Show contempt for
Self-indulgent acts
Seek cover
Run at a red light
Rain jackets and such
Pursuer of Nitti
Pundit's piece
Profs' aides, for short
Pool members of yore
Places for some office-building cafes
Peter who cartooned for the New Yorker
Passionate about
Pass along, as gossip
On the same page, so to speak
Not all that young
No. 2 exec in most states
Nick of 'Lorenzo's Oil'
Musical with the song 'Buenos Aires'
March 17 slogan word
Mane locale
Little Havana's city
Like no-longer-used words, in a dict
Like Avila, Spain
Like a roomy garage
Letter-shaped gripper
Less of a risk
Left-winger, for short
Lady Liberty's green coat
In-the-way item
In the know about
In love with oneself
Hitches, as a ride
Heaven on earth
Gunslinger's dare
Group that got bin Laden
Groucho Marx's role in 'The Big Store'
Goon squad member
Game with Draw Two cards
Food product depicting a bow tie-clad gentleman
Flexible, like a ballerina's body
Fleischer of the Bush 43 White House
Extra NBA periods
Emoticon element, for short
Drive in Freudian theory
Drag to court
Deposed ruler granted asylum by Carter
Currency in Red Square
Brunei's island
Brian who composed the Windows 95 startup sound
Board game turn, perhaps
Blanchett of 'Elizabeth'
Be successful in
Barbershop sound
Attack from all sides
Angst-ridden music genre
Abrasive stuff
'Well done!'
'Runaway' singer Shannon
'Incidentally,' to a texter

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