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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 30.04.2017

WWII spy gp
Word with link or letter
Word of origin
Word in a Marines slogan
Word heard in Bedrock
West Point letters
Vacation choice
Treacherous type
Travelocity enticement
Tough test
They're often about nothing
They catch a lot of shrimp
The Silver St
Texter's 'Just a thought … '
Tampico trio
St. Peter's Basilica sight
Sport with double touches
Spike for Hillary
Smith grad
Slices of history
Slangy sib
Sitcom pioneer, familiarly
Self-titled 1974 pop album
Scott who wrote 'Island of the Blue Dolphins'
Scale starting words
Satiric magazine founded in 1952
Sam seen in bars
Salon supply
Salem-to-Portland dir
Room at the Louvre
Rodeo goad
Reservations can help avoid one
Register a preference
Rain-__ bubble gum
Puppeteer Tony
Primer layer
Pooh, to Roo
Player in a loft
Play set on an island, with 'The'
Play area
Pirate's syllables
Paganini's birthplace
Otto I's realm: Abbr
Orch. section
Office holders?
Novelist Jaffe
Nautical pole
Motion carriers
Mirror image?
Minnesota's '10,000'
Military setting
Mask wearers
Marathon practice run
Many a techie
Make, as butter
Made on a wheel
Ma non __: not too much, in music
Loud speakers
Longship crew
London's 'Ye Olde Mitre,' e.g
Lincoln Center attraction, familiarly
Like some focus groups
Latin being
Knighted McKellen
Kid-to-kid retort
Kid in a '60s sitcom
Katahdin is its highest peak
K-12, in brief
José's half-dozen
Its flag features a six-pointed star
Improve, in some cases
Hurdle for Hannibal
Homeland of tennis star Novak Djokovic
High hairdo
Hide from an animal
Haunted house sounds
Half a track?
H.S. hurdles
Grow pale
Greets the villain
Graphic start
Gilbert who created TV's 'The Talk'
Freudian conscience
French article
Freetown currency
FedEx rival
Feature of haiku, and of the answers to starred clues
Face cream additive
Eye opener?
Exile isle
Enter noisily
Elegant trimmings
Eighth-century pope
Eastern faith
Doesn't give up
Did a few laps
Defensive ditch
Dark horses
Cub great Sandberg
Cries after fútbol goals
Cold War initials
Chop __
Chihuahua or Maltese, in dog shows
Cap'n's aide
Candy aisle choice
Cabinet department
Bubbly source
Broadway restaurant founder
Bother a lot
Big mouths
Beatrix Potter's real first name
Barbecue supply
Ancient region of Asia Minor
Aleppo native
Adds to the pool
A golf green may be shaped like one
911 responder
48-Across player
*What it often is on a summer day
*Scuba divers' bash
*Sale indicator
*One-to-one conversation
*Iconic suburban symbol
*Highly sought-after charter captain
*Awkward TV silence
'Wayward __': Shyamalan TV series
'The X-Files' extra
'The Way __': 2007 Timbaland hit – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-30-2017#sthash.HMkiIXDw.dpuf

___ moment
___ friends
Yoga teacher's invitation?
Yankee Sparky who wrote 'The Bronx Zoo'
Worn things
Word before green or after deep blue
Where I-15 meets I-70
Where Einstein was born
Where 'ho' and 'hoina' mean 'yes' and 'no'
What allowed one physician to get through flu season?
Weather forecaster in Phoenix?
Violators of the Second Commandment
Unctuous flattery
Two-time U.S. Open champ
Turkish honorific
Tries to mediate
Toddler's cry upon entering the bathroom?
Title for Helen Mirren
Tired (out)
Things that allow for jumping ahead in line?
They can throw you off
Tear apart
Takes the first step
Swing site
Support for a fringe candidate, maybe
Suffix with beat
Studio warning
Strict Sabbath observer of old
Star of CBS's 'Madam Secretary'
Standing directly in front of one another
Spring for a vacation?
Speck of dust
Special Agent Gibbs's beat
Spanish chess piece
Space saver in a taxi or bus
Something 'kicked up'
Sister of Erato
Sinatra, for one
Short-lived things
Shire of 'Rocky'
Shere who wrote 'Women and Love'
Serpent's tail?
Scopes Trial org
Roster shortener
Ridicule shouted out of a moving car?
Removed expeditiously
Remain fresh
Regimen with limited intake of corn?
Quickly added bit of punctuation?
Quick and detached, musically: Abbr
Puts out
Progressive alternative
Prefix with -partite
Pasta picks
Part of a crossword
Pan Am rival
Number two
Naval agreement
Nasty cut
Narrow passage: Abbr
Music genre for Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly
Munich missus
Mother of Helios
Most in-shape person at a cosmetics company?
Measure, as a runner
Make no bones about
Like some transfers
Kind of chance
Kenan's former Nickelodeon pal
Just manages
J.Crew competitor
In the mood
High points of a European vacation?
Heads for a bar?
Head bands?
Hangs loose
Gulf War allies
Gorsuch replaced him
Go out for a while?
Gifford's successor on TV
Game with drawings
Flower arrangement
First daughter of the 1960s
Extinct cousin of the kiwi
Energetic one
Elaine ___, cabinet member for both Bush and Trump
Eighth of a cup
Egyptian ___ (spotted cat breed)
Discontinued Toyota line
Didn't give way
Da's opposite
Cross to bear
Cross condition
Cookin', after 'on'
Condiment for pommes frites
Completely convinced about
Commercials for a 'Star Trek' movie?
Come together
Christmas Day exhortation
Chrissie in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Child's play
Certain Consumer Reports employee
Casino draw
Cartwright who played one of the von Trapp children in 'The Sound of Music'
Can't stand
Call wrongly
Caffeine source
Burned a bit
Buffet centerpiece?
Bris official
Big mouth
Big game
Beatles song, album or movie
Backspace over
Back biter, maybe
Auto frame
Attachment letters
Assist with the dishes
Articles of faith
Activity in a dohyo
Abruzzi bell town
A quarter of M
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit
1920s anarchist in a prominent trial
'No ___!'
'I hate the Moor' speaker
'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper
'Eww!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-30-2017#sthash.uAcJ6geX.dpuf

Zygote half
Word with 'ear' or 'Panama'
Wild male pig
Wax's opposite
Total World Series wins for the Seattle Mariners
They're caught at the beach
Sword used in sporting events
Sweet French liqueur
Sustain, as losses
Summa ___ laude
Something Superman wears
Something a waiter balances
Smile and then some
Run-down, seedy hotel rooms, in slang
Relaxin', slangily
Quick look-over
Punctures lightly
Public opinion barometer
Principal's domain
Passengers, to cabbies
Org. once headed by Leon Panetta
One nicknamed 'The Greatest'
Old sound system
Obit part
Not permitted
Natural stone installers
Musician Lofgren
Mountain climber's spikes
Liked a dazed boxer
Like one end of a pool
Like an uncleaned fireplace
Like all coins
Kalamata or black
Its business is booming
Huge amounts of resistance?
Hayes of 'Shaft' fame
Grist producer
German mister
From a great distance
Foolish and then some
Fish-loving eagle
Fat cat in the business sense
Family, as a group
Eyelid annoyances
Eel-like creatures
Edmonton hockey team
Earners of cheaper tickets
Drunken states
Drawn-out substance
Deep-bend link
Crowds of people
Contract payment conditions
Civil War uniform color
Changes direction abruptly
Celebrate Thanksgiving
Cash register mfr
Cain's brother
Building regulation
Bugs that bring 'ughs'
Beige kin
Beg, old-style
Becomes active, as a volcano
Bat mitzvahs and marriages, e.g
Back-rub reason, sometimes
Baby or giant move
'Psych' ending
'OK class, singing that meshes well is …'
'Class, music that is consistent between all instruments is ..
'Class, music that has a timed regularity is …'
'Class, if music is fit for the Boston Pops, it's …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-30-2017#sthash.WdCMu9jE.dpuf

___ out (withdraws)
Works of Sappho
Word after common or horse
Wing it on stage
Unexpected setback
Turkish bigwig of old
Treats on sticks
To-do list item
To the rear, to a salt
Tight-fisted sort
The queen is one, in chess
Stinging rebuke
Source of pumice or basalt
Soup server
Scatter, as confetti
Quark's home
Prop for Mr. Peanut
Printer's proof, briefly
Prepare a spread for
Prefix with freeze or knock
Pre-employment prerequisite, perhaps
Pool table material
Places to get pampered
Physics and chemistry, for two
Penguin's perch
Parasol's offering
Palm yield
One of Kimble's many, on 'The Fugitive'
No. 1 hit
Mudville complement
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Most trifling
Modern pentathlon weapon
Minute Maid alternative
MFA part
Machine gun placement
Long, hard journeys
Like Ken Kesey's Pranksters
Lacoste of the courts
Kermit et al
Kennedy Library architect
Kagan of the Supreme Court
John who played Gomez Addams
Inside info, slangily
In slapdash manner
Idaho, the ___ State
Hummingbirds can do it
Home to a small part of Egypt
Hold in abomination
Hauler of heavy equipment, perhaps
Hardly gregarious
Fifteen-season CBS crime drama
Fateful day in the Roman Senate
Established, as a business
Epoxy or amber
Epic of Troy
Entree go-with
Enter without paying, maybe
Easily split mineral
Delphic shrine
Decked out
Days of ___ (olden times)
Carbo-loader's fare
Brewer's grain
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773
Bleak, as an outlook
Be nostalgic
Basted, maybe
Barron, to Donald Trump
Barely manage, with 'out'
At the peak of
Arabian Peninsula land
Alan of 'The Aviator'
22-Down's alma mater
'Going ___ . . .' (auction phrase) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-30-2017#sthash.0MP7mjbS.dpuf

Yucatán resort
Wonderland pastries
Winter favorites of many Red Sox fans
Went wrong
Weightlifter's sound
Weeps audibly
Underlying cause
UK lexicon
TURTLE BERTH (debuted 1936)
Truncated wds
TROPHY RATER (debuted 1997)
Trims a lawn
Timely benefits
Thunderstorm sounds
They buy and sell
Tended, with "for"
Telephone trio
Take along
Sure success
Steady leadership
State one's views
Spots to perch
Soup selection
Sorcerer's activity
Some US missiles
Some sandwiches' exteriors
Slow cooker
Slightly wet
Shoemaker's supply
Sharpened, as skills
Sched. listing
Rip out
REAL ANCHORS (debuted 1933)
Readies produce for shipment, perhaps
Rather heavy British coin
Put up, as a painting
Put a hex on
Puck's Beverly Hills eatery
PSYCHE BARK (debuted 1847)
Prefix for scope
Predatory dolphin
Post-office stamp
Pet pests
Performed superbly
Partially mine
One-episode series star
Okra portions
Not very nice
NL East player
Nary a soul
Narrowly bests
Name on "Speed" posters
Mythical weeper
Mythical hunter
Mysterious glow
Moved on ice
More uncommon
More adorable
MOPY PARSNIP (debuted 1934)
Middle of the third century
Make hard to read
Limited-choice question
Less than reputable
Leave yawning
Latino lover's sentiment
Keep bothering
Karate offshoot
It means "billion"
Indian Ocean nation
In the leading role
Icelanders' ancestors
Hoedown seating
Hoarse voice
Hawthorne house feature
Hawthorne heroine
Have the nerve
Has bought
Had a tantrum
Guy designing billboards
GOODLY HEART (debuted 1900)
Gem from Australia
Garden annoyance
Galileo's hometown
Frequent hangout
For one, informally
FLORAL NEWS (debuted 1904)
FLAGSHIP EGO (debuted 1873)
Fire-breathing bosses
Far East temple
Emphatic denial
Dress fussily
Dreamed (up)
Deserve to get
Defensive ditches
December songs
Dairy sound
Covert complication
Composer Bacharach
CIA headquarters
Checks with the office
Certain long-term investments
Cavalry ride
Camera lens setting
Bygone birds
Buy or sell
Bring charges against
Bowling center assignments
Blanc of cartoon fame
Black waterbirds
Big-eyed baby bird
Biblical excerpts
Baseball card letters
Aquatic lung
American soccer great
AIRY DRAGON (debuted 1890)
Actor __ Patrick Harris
ABOVE MY ARM (debuted 1856)
72 Across celebration
2016 Olympics locale
"Hurry it up!"
"Darn it!"
"Brady Bunch" trio

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