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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.07.2017

Word with steel or square
Ward for heart patients, briefly
Voice of Magoo
Tuscan treat
Took the trouble
Tolkien character
The better part
Spam source
Skim along, as clouds
Shows one's hand, in a way
Shade-tolerant foliage
River in Rwanda
React to dizziness
Pressing agent
Pitcher Hershiser
Pindar works
Pierce portrayer
Peach __
PC connection
Pasta commonly served with Bolognese sauce
Not taken
Model Cheryl
Middle of a classical trio
Lover of Geraint
Kazantzakis title character
Jaw-dropping courtroom admission
Its point is often boring
It might be tapped
HR dept. concern
Hard pill to swallow
German count
George Washington in New York, e.g
Film with few costumes?
Fashion designer Jacobs
ESPN journalist Kenny
Does lawn work
Director Lee
Cylindrical stuffed pasta
Cowardly Lion's farmhand alter ego
Completes an installation, perhaps
California Raisins ads production technique
Busts, e.g
Built like models
Baseball statistic
Attention in a 50-Down
Arctic coast explorer
Alpha __: Bull constellation star
Abruzzi bell town
2013 Nelson Mandela portrayer
2,000-year-old portrayal for Eden
'Semper Fidelis' group
'My turn'
'It wasn't me!'
'Is anyone else here?'
'Frozen' queen
'Enough already!'
'Danke __'
'Buenas __'

___-Carthage International Airport
When Supreme Court sessions start: Abbr
Verizon purchase of 2006
Trap during a ski trip, say
Through bribery
Sunset, e.g
Stuff 'tested' in the 1960s' Acid Tests
Setting after resetting
Selena Gomez or Eva Longoria, e.g
Roberts of romance
Recess rhyme starter
Rapper with a role in the 2015 film 'Dope'
Pond juveniles
Political century: Abbr
Players rush for them: Abbr
Parted with
Pair on a table at a nice restaurant
Orange side
One lighting up the dance floor
Octavia's 'others'
Not backed up
Most affectedly dainty, to a Brit
Measurement in a celestial coordinate system
Like some religious laws
Least happening
Its first cover, in 1970, said 'Dynamite Afros'
It passes Luxor Temple
It can crawl or fly, but not walk
In a darling way
Hyatt hotel line
How you might feel after finishing this puzzle
Hole near a tongue
Heating system network
Haunted house sights
Hackers' helpers
Grammy category
Gain with little effort
Fuzzy food
Fragrant biblical gift
Fitness legend Jack
First name on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'
Firebird alternative
Family planning options, briefly
European capital
Eschews overnight shipping?
Eli Manning's team, on scoreboards
Dinar spenders
Crashes into, in a way
Class of fliers?
Certain congregation leader
C. S. Lewis piece?
Basketball tactic
Ayn Rand hero
Adds to the pot
2015 N.F.L. M.V.P
1984 Summer Olympics star
'Rests one's eyes'
'Jeez, why don't you just mind your own business?!'
'Don't worry about it,' slangily
'Close one!'

___ y ciencias
Zaragoza's river
Writ against a debtor's property
Wine barrel sediment
Vitamin A
Verso's counterpart
Verdi title bandit
Valentine edging
Total drubbing
Tinseltown terrier
They're often seated behind the violas
Sugar suffix
Suffix for ethyl or methyl
Substantial fruit dessert captivating a baseball player?
Start of a Beatles title
Stage platform
Sport whose competitors are wired
Sour side including another actor?
Sort of
Sonnet closes
Son of Adam
Some Monopoly properties: Abbr
Some HDTVs
Some chair workers
Site of the Atlas Mtns
Site of Gannon Univ
Shot in the arm
Serving as a symbol
See 74-Across
Scored in the 80s
Sail's staff
Rhett Butler's last words
Remains unsettled
Red leader?
Raiders' assn
Rack serving
Plant where videotapes were made admitting a cosmetician?
Place for a pink flamingo
Persona non grata
Pauper's wear
Path of a pass
Oscar-winning song from 2014's 'Selma'
Ornate and then some
One found in a lot of laps?
Not worth ___ of beans
Not some imitation waterproof fabric covering an environmental activist?
Neopagan practice
Neighbor of Belarus
Name on Canadian stations
More pungent vegetables surrounding a novelist?
Miles of film
Mideast bigwig
Maritime danger
Man of steel
Maker of Glide floss
Major vessel
Mag. edition
Madonna's 'Take ___'
Losing score in many a football match
Loan letters
Life force, in feng shui
Letters after a list
Lawless character
Latte option
Knox of Joe Palooka movies
Kind of ballerina
Kin of geom. and trig
Kaplan of 'Welcome Back, Kotter'
Jerry's partner
Jack, say
It runs the LIRR
Indian wrap
Hazmat-monitoring org
Hardly demanding
Grand Prix driver Lauda
Goldman's partner
Gives no stars to
Ghost ship carrying an actor?
George Jetson's dog
Gaggle group
For the fleet
Fertility goddess
Famed Israeli defense minister
Egyptian's sun disk
Drew on a TV screen
Dress top
Distinctive feature of a CSNY concert holding an actor in thrall?
Detection devices
Depth charges, in military slang
Defamatory sorts
Country club club
Come back
Co. that offers access
Classic 26-Across brand
Channel changers?
Cedar and pine as a sanctuary for a painter?
Castro of Cuba
Bumbling worker?
Bratty attitude
Black-tie affair
Beach toy
Be overly sweet
Bank statement no
Assigns fairly
Arid area of Asia
Arafat's successor
Apply sparingly
Angle symbol, in math
Ami of Aramis
Airline with a Clipper Club
Acquire stock, perhaps
A Council of Fashion Designers of America award is named for him
1986 World Series champs
'Were you running around nonstop?'
'We're not talking about this anymore!'
'Voice of Israel' author
'Sounds like ___!'
'Show Me Love' singer
'Not ___ know of'
'Nay' sayer
'I've Got ___ in Kalamazoo'
'Gigi' star
'Dancing With the Stars' highlight featuring another novelist?
'Angie Tribeca' network

Words with 'goal' or 'table'
With the least delay
Where many eggs are at home
Wheel shaft
What waiters want
Wed on the sly
Way out of style
Watermelon part
Travel-section listings
To the degree that
Text error
Suspend permanently
Start of a Christmas poem
Some party decorations
Slightly open
Rodeo rope
Rock genre
Reptile with quite a squeeze
Relax (with 'up')
Recipe meas
Ranger's boot add-on
Quite a few
Psycho Norman
Pig's food
Persia, now
One-time Attorney General Janet
One of seven
No longer still
NFL center's responsibility
Moving object?
Make amends
Jazz cornetist Adderley
Japanese wrestling
Inexplicably scary
How some are minded?
Hobbled from a very long walk
Hard, dark wood
Greeting on a boat
Go down the runway
Gloating cry
Geisha's waist band
Firebug's crime
Feminine pronoun
Evening in Naples
Eve's second child
Enormous coffee server
Energizes (with 'up')
Domestic task
Dinner with a crust
Cubs supporter?
Court cry (var.)
Certainly avid about
Bumbler's cry
Beverages made by steeping
Before the present time
Baylor's city
Battery measure
Available for immediate use
Angel of the first order
3 dogs: Oz, basketball player and a golden mutt
3 dogs: Disney, Peanuts, Milo's friend
2 dogs: 'Rokay, Raggy' and Aniston's film pet
'___ Lake' (ballet)
'Vera' lead-in
'Over there, Shakespeare'

Worth a D, say
Word before guard or roll
Whiny sort
What an energy drink might give you
Was in charge of
Verdi debut of 1871
Tunneling pest
Thumbs-up votes
Supporters of the arts
Subject of a presidential address
Strings at luaus
Stock exchange membership
Springfield and AK-47
Something to do in 28-Across
Some interest-bearing issues
Societal 'square peg'
Sherman's 'hell'
Rome's ___ Veneto
Right Guard competitor
Put on YouTube, say
Preserves, as pork
Pre-deal payment
Place for an angioplasty
Pee Wee in Cooperstown
Part of a jazz combo
Paisley of country music
One of the Gandhis
One of AA's 12
No longer hung up on
Mineral abundant in spinach
Mike and ___ (candy brand)
Memo-starting phrase
Makes off with
Maker of cars and generators
London area where cockney is spoken
Liqueur similar to sambuca
Left-leaning GOPer, informally
Kreskin's gift, supposedly
King vs. Riggs game
It may be inflated or bruised
Homer Simpson outburst
Hasenpfeffer or burgoo
Garb for Galba
Fronted, as cash
Foolish sorts
Fish-catching raptors
Expected in
Easy marks
Doll's word
Divulged, as a secret
Defeated a la Usain Bolt
Cropped up
Crime lab evidence, briefly
Cork's land (Abbr.)
Committee head, briefly
Command after 'Sit!'
Coming-out party honoree, for short
Clarke of 'Game of Thrones'
City on the Aire
Chisholm Trail vehicles
Cheers on
Charlotte of 'The Facts of Life'
Chapel vow
Canal of song
Bottom-line figure
Boggy area
Bit of hair gel
Big name in skin care
Big chunk of the U.S. budget
Baseball's live-ball ___
Babbling waterway
Ayes and 26-Down
Aphid-milking bug
Alpine resort area
1773 Boston Harbor jetsam
'___ when!' (pourer's request)
'My Michael' author Oz

Yelled and stamped one's feet, maybe
Word from the Dutch for "elk"
Where a guard might be positioned
Water chestnut's family
Very slick
Veils or vets
Trees used for matches
They're transported by blood plasma
Teddy Roosevelt's lawman pal
Tangible results of promotions
Take early steps
Swimmers + divers + music
Storage label of a sort
Stops for browsing
Stop on the Delhi-Mumbai train
Spurn spontaneity
Something held by spectators
Service group
Run circles around
Researchers scrutinize its spikes
Recurring-theme movement
Recurring musical subject for Picasso
Ready for development, perhaps
Priest/plotter of French fiction
Practicer of throwing and catching
Poetic turndown
Pickpocket player in the "Ocean's" films
Petroleum refining byproduct
Patriots' progress
Patriarch called a "Prophet" in the Koran
Option for e-filing
Opposite of "emotive"
One tops in ops
One admitted
Navigational projection
Must-learn term for a foreign visitor
Milieu for sunning
Medicare advocate
Lets go of
Latter-day breakfast grain
Language devised in 1990
Lactose-free orders
Journalist praised by President Truman
It's rarely called upon now
Humbled and horizontal
Home-entertainment trailblazer
Home of the Bundeshaus parliament
Has wings, say
Greek salad sprinkle
GPS reading
Going in
Faith propounding unity
Exhibiting onomatopoeia
Evidence of goodness
Ersatz trumpet
Emulate some rockhounds
Descriptor for deliveries
Crying __
Colorful delicacy for a groundhog
Chose over nobler ideals
Business suit
Burro mascot of "Boys' Life"
Beady-eyed armored menace
. . . Frank, Jimmy, __, Sir Veto, . .
'70s Renault with a pseudo-French name
"I'm outta here"

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