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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.06.2017

__-Locka, Florida
Yellow ribbon holder of song
Whitman of TV's 'Parenthood'
Traditional accounts
Tilted type: Abbr
Terrestrial newt
Sushi bar drink
Sun shade
Spot for wheels?
Sheriff's badge
Shakespeare's fairy queen
Seis doubled
Security issues?
Score silence
Real estate, gold, silver, etc
Put an end to
Punishing work
Pledge, e.g
Pheasant kin
Party hearty
Outlying area, briefly
Original Dungeons & Dragons co
Official rebuke
Note site
Not e'en once
Musical style of Anoushka Shankar's 2015 album 'Home'
Monterrey Mrs
Made do
Lyric tribute
Lowly workers
Indian bread
Identity-concealing garb, perhaps
Hockey puck material
Hockey immortal
Hammer at an angle
Gritty … and a description of this puzzle, which is also a hint to completing eight answers
Gotten with considerable effort
French course
FedEx alternative
Exploring Griffith Park, say
European volcano
Entertainer nicknamed 'The Schnoz'
Earth along the Elbe
Destructive storm
Contacts option
Completes a street
Clears a stoppage from
City near Venice
Chef's phrase
Breeze through
Breakfast cookware
Bony part of the roof of the mouth
Beat the bushes
Author Ferber
Anti-discrimination org
Angry Orchard product
Agenda opener
Administer an oath to
1988 Schwarzenegger cop film
'Not That Kind of Girl' memoirist Dunham
'Don't forget our date'
'CHiPs' actor
'Better Call Saul' network
'Be Prepared' org
'Arabian Nights' character
'Almost finished!'
'… __ lovely as … ': Kilmer

___ Thomas, entertainer with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
___ Republic, state toppled in 1933
Yes, on board
Writer ___ Rogers St. Johns
Wordless denials
Word before school or class
Who shouldn't 'let your babies grow up to be cowboys,' in a 1978 #1 country song
Virus carried by fruit bats
Uses cross hairs
Turkish title
Toothpaste ingredient
To be, to Augustus
Three-time N.H.L. M.V.P. Ovechkin
Tatami material
Supermodel Hadid
Subject of finger-pointing
Southwest sch. with an enrollment of over 70,000
Smelting residue
Slogan for a West African airline?
Shown, as teeth
Short albums, for short
Shield of Athena
Shaman, e.g
Sale tag abbr
Roadwork indicator
Resident's suffix
Request for aid in East Africa?
Queen's residence
Prefix with -logical
Poi source
Plants cultivated for their sap
Peter Falk feature
Opera singer Pinza
Ones with X-Genes, in comics
One in a million, e.g
Mess up
Light-years away
Let up
Kind of spray
It has its benefits: Abbr
Hoosier hoopsters
Having a corner piece?
Harry Potter's owl
Game played with 24 cards
Figure on the top of Paris's Notre-Dame
Entreaty for a spouse's emigration to Central America?
Email button
Door opener
Cut down
Cosmetics brand owned by Revlon
Church council
Children's ball game
Chem. unit
Call for cleanup in the Persian Gulf?
Anthropologist Fossey
Always, to Shakespeare
'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' band
'Traffic Crossing ___ Bridge' (pioneering 1888 moving picture)
'The ___ of Horace'
'St. Elsewhere' actor Ed ___ Jr
'My fault'
'I think,' in texts
'Hey there'
'Great Scott!'
'An Inconvenient Truth' narrator

Without accompaniment
Way impressive
Violently stormy
View from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Vegas performer
Try to buy
Together, to Toscanini
Summer Olympics host between London and Tokyo
Stops lying
Stir up
South Pacific islander
Solitaire, in Sussex
Slip's kin
Site of la Torre Pendente
Short-on-the-sides hairstyle
Run in place
Rum-and-whiskey-liqueur mixed drink?
Ruling party
Reading room?
Purity measure
Prune, e.g
Princess Charlotte's great-aunt
Plus-size supermodel
Plays for fun
Parisian pronoun
One may be brought to order
Nut cracker, at times
Nephew of Caligula
Microscope part
Measure for radiation between microwaves and infrared light
Makes unreadable, in a way
Luxury cashmere company
Light circlers
Jane Rochester's maiden name
James Dean's 'East of Eden' role
Its name is from the Mongolian for 'waterless place'
Irritated state
Home screen array
Greedy one's choice
Gemini neighbor
Gathering of lei people?
Garp's creator
Fund investor's charge
Flock holders
First fratricide
ELO frontman Jeff
Design info
Court area
Coolidge or Wilson
Cool, in jive talk
Contents of some cribs
Company with a spokeslizard
Cologne divider
Cologne container
Cherry-peach-flavored mixed drink?
Bubbly coffee-chocolate mixed drink?
Brother of Miriam and Moses
Brosnan's successor
Broadway's Esparza
Brewed citrus mixed drink?
Blessing prompter
Beth's predecessor
Bench-pressing target
Bass liner
Aid for those who wait
'Where ___ sign?'
'No ___ vez!' ('Not again!')
'Can you break ___?'

Worshiper in dreadlocks, informally
Worldwide lending org
With not a stitch on
Wails, as if in mourning
Vocal church group?
Using a coarse tool on
Used a hook, line and sinker
Type of lizard
Type of bar that encourages singing
Travel companion of Abraham
Transported students, in a way
Tonto's horse
Tiny skin openings
Things marched for
The two in a Brit's farewell
Take ___ (look quickly)
Tai ___ (martial art)
Stage equipment
Small, minor cut
Sleeveless fur-lined cloak
Ski trail
San ___ Padres
Safe and sound
Previously aired TV shows
Preserves fodder on a farm, e.g
Prefix with 'con' or 'classical'
Poem form
Piccolos' kin
Pertaining to birth
People prepare them daily
Peaceful bird
Oft-displayed muscle
Noted 'Cabaret' choreographer
Much more than merely emotional
Makes candied fruit
Looks for
Letters with no straight lines
Keyless, musically
It can be pulled while running
Is a helper
Involuntary muscle contraction
Hagar the Horrible's wife
Female fortune-tellers
Feeds, as hogs in a sty
Extremely painful ordeals
Estrada of TV
Drunkard's utterance
Divided country
Debris floating on the sea
Cut in two
Classic Pontiac muscle car
Cameron's smash-hit 2009 film
Brood minder
Book of maps
Biological grouping
Beat the field, in a marathon
Be unbalanced?
Bank-offered savings plan
Ballpark instrument
Absent without leave
A long way from feminine
'War and ___'
'Treasure Island' monogram
'The Purloined Letter' monogram
'That was a long time ___'

Workshop gripper
Wikipedia lacks them
Where to get a 48-Across
Upscale car with a coat-of-arms logo
Unpaid TV ad (Abbr.)
TTYL part
Triple-decker lunch
Treat with contempt
The whole enchilada
The Luftwaffe's Stuka, e.g
Target of a mail filter
Suffragette, e.g
Spins in ballet shoes
Source of organic fuel
Song of lament
Skirt often worn with go-go boots
Ski race with gates
Should have said
Secluded valley
Scullers' gear
Samaritan's offering
Rite of passage for some 13-year-olds
Rides the bench
Puts up with
Prefix with plane, to a Brit
PreCheck org
POTUS part (Abbr.)
Pass receiver's miscue
Opening-day pitcher, typically
One of Stonewall Jackson's men, for short
Off the mark
Oater brawl site, often
Nary a soul
Murderers' Row teammate of Babe
Matt who played Jason Bourne
Many lipstick shades
Many an Indians fan
Lo-cal, in ads
Lake bordering four states and a province
Kurylenko of 'Oblivion'
Ken of 'Thirtysomething'
Interrupt on the dance floor
Home to domesticated insects
Home to Alley Oop
Holey, plastic shoe
Hold ’em fee
Happen repeatedly
Hangouts, to this puzzle
Hamlet or Ophelia
Groups of orcas
Got in shape, with 'up'
Get rid of
Garnish for a deviled egg
Galena, to lead
Field of expertise
Explosive used in fracking
Ever so slightly
Employed, as dinnerware
DVR button
Door-to-door cosmetics seller
Dessert with air bubbles
Cowpoke's rope
Covert org. in 'Argo'
Couple's banking arrangement
Country album?
Common serving platter shapes
Chaotic scene
Butler who said 'And you, Miss, are no lady!'
Black Friday event
Billy, the 'Piano Man'
Baking-soda-in-the-fridge target
Backspace over, perhaps
Argue against
Apportion, with 'out'
'___ the Force, Luke'
'Nothin' doin'!'
'I warned you!'
'+' or '-' particle

__ Valley, CA
__ first-name basis
Yemeni port
What some fleets consist of
Vertebral column terminus
Trash hauler
Trait carriers
Tester's contents
Substantial, as a sum
Subcompact thing
Stock up on
Spring and run
Sponge (up)
Spirit of fulfillment
Sound shocked
Slingshot shape
Sinuous shape
Shortest chess piece
Scary Disneyland venue
Romance Languages ancestor
Raised oneself
Quotation puzzle
Put safely away
Public education advocate
Play opener
Parenthetical lines
Out of kilter
Oscars org
Of no consequence
Not ruling out
Not as congenial
Nobel Peace Center city
No longer in the USAF
Mustang rival
Monitoring device
Marcus' business partner
Make zigzags, maybe
Longtime "All My Children" star
Longest African river
It often follows you
Istanbul attraction
Intimate verbally
Hulking vehicle, probably
Horoscopic adjective
Helping hand
Guitar forerunner
Get wearisome
Gen. Pershing's heyday
Funny bit
Fountain serving
Focus of a Toronto hall of fame
Flock of quail
Fed head
Exec's energizer
Elephant's dental dozen
Denoting debits
Dakota's language family
Cooped (up)
Comics explosion sound
Cheese partner
Chart displaying sunniness
Celebrity group
Capital of Tibet
British royal residence
Bottle for tablets
Bond category, informally
Besides that
Baker the singer
Algerian port
Adjust a bit
1836 battleground
"Toy Story" brat
"Summertime," e.g
"Simpsons" beer server

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